Wednesday, December 23, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. replaced e musictab at e right column
coz imeem is giving me problems :) it's now
"INTIMATE 'LIL SECRET!.", where i'll update
bits of secrets [n thus, e name "'lil secrets" -_-"]
of myself in case i cant give you a proper update :)
"intimate", coz it's inspired by Hot Didi's recent
post "Intimate Note" :) tot it's a cute idea ;) also
decided to make it rhyme, for fun as inspired by
e movie Check It Out Yo!~ XD might stay forreal,
but we'll see how it goes. chchch checkitout!~ :D

woke up n suddenly rmbed abt e unfinished
cadeau -_-" haha previously Xlm Andre suggested
putting "X" since it means collaboration n i diddit
with glitterglue :D e neongreen pen that i bought
was waterbased, so yeah cldnt do much with it XP

finished just nice in time n blahblahblah at
Amk Mrt it rained!. like hilariously rained!. yes,
theres sucha thing. L1: maybe bcoz on e hills[?.]
at AmkPark [?.], there were COCONUTS rolling
down!. seriously damn funny. e Brits hv their
Rolling Stones, we hv our own Rolling Coconuts!~
i know, lame, but quite funny if you were there in
person. anw, walking to sch met HottIes Fir, Natasha,
Zahrina, n Liyana :) L2: sat beside HottIes Liyana at
e mini bluegrandstands there n chatted n caught up
with each other :) R1: HottIes Firdaus "according to
statistics, most of our ushers r smallsized." HAHA XD
R2: HottIes Colin "runners, pls be physically fit."
HAHA XD got our roles for e days :D ended early n
saw that BishanStud is used, so we were wondering ;)

went back to B208 to get e rest, Xlm Damian came
with e key n time to session!~ :D a few days back
i was like asking him to "wear a striking polotee",
so after we sat he asked me "was it striking enough?.",
to which i said yes, n he replied "so it was up to your
expectations?." HAHAHA XD more ppl came, talk2,
recap!. :D at e scratches part was quite funny. we
[mainly HottIes Poo, Xlm Sirtong n i] were happily
listing all out until e last one which we cldnt rmb X)
suddenly e coldness of e rm got to us so we
changed seats haha :D Mr KF kept asking if anyone
wanted to go up n try e scratches on e ttables.
like duh!~ haha was really tempted but e sounds
were still loading inside my brain so yeah. talk2,
in e end Xlm Damian went 1st. HAHA XP finally
someone went :) was all up n ready to go next n
it was time for brk -_-" Xlm Juju at me "you lose
weight uh, your pants dropping." E'zzati Said: yah,
n i lost my belt too :( blahblahblah, back to e beats!. :D

okay more like e chirp scratch!. yah, i know, e one
that i totally cannot do -_-" Mr KF said he'll buy
e person who can do it a drink. Xlm Damian went
1st, no drink. Xlm Andre went, no drink. my turn!. :D
haha i kinda managed to someimes get it someimes
dont :) then HottIes Poo, then XLd Shafiq went :) while
XLd Shafiq was doing it HottIes Poo kept saying to
me "your competitor. competitor, competitor." -_-"

scratch game!. :D kinda, haha X) okay so we had to
guess what scratches Mr KF was doing. it was
chirp tear, but for some weird reason, i actually
said baby tear. as in cry tear pronounciation rofl XD
e 1st rd no one got it right, so we all had to do a
forfeit: pull ears n do 5 half squats. HAHAHA XD
rd 2!. :D HottIes Poo went 1st n got wrong, it was
tranform baby n im correct so he had to a forfeit
for me!. HAHAHA XD i had a hard time thinking of
what i want him to do. Xlm Juju asked me to kiss
him, but i didnt want so i immediately said dance!.
thru his vinyls n went "argh, no sexy music~" HAHA XD
i made him do Nobody dance, which he only did
HALF -_-" it was funny anw HAHAHAHHAHA XP
rd 3!. :D 1st person was Xlm Sir Tong, n of coz
he got right at 1st guess. chirp, crab, transform :)

talk2, somehow i think e conversation was abt
prata[?.], haha then question time :D so i asked,
n i was like scribbling his response down in hopes
that one fine day when i'll need it i'll happen to
come across it :D e rest asked questions, more
questions, n... more questions!. :D brk, then
moved on to beatjuggling :D was seperated into
2grps, n Team 2: HottIes Poo, Xlm Damian,
Amanda, n Gladys :) we were supposed to plan
what for our shot during e last 30mins of freestyle.
i wrote down some stuff for memories [haha] in
hopes that at another fine day i'll see it n be able to
recount e whole incident with the exact soundtrack
in my head XD ooh. saw Xlm Amanda's awesome
bracelet, which i totally love n camwhored with :D
doesnt really suit coz it's superchunky n heavy as
opposed to my tiny wrist, but i love it anw ;) gna
hunt for somein similar ;) R: time to beatjuggle!~ :D

before i knew it everybody else in Team 2 tried, n
Mr KF went "okay, get back to your seats." kinda
suddenly, Xlm Amanda points at me n went "she?."
HAHA i didnt notice i hvnt had my go!~ [i was
paying attention okay] so i went n everyone else
went back to their seats!. wah rabak leave me alone
there n watch as if i knew what i was doing. HAHA XD
PRESSURE, YOU KNOW!~ haha 1st try was okay, did
ard 2times. then got to know my "problem", n went
agn. did more times, until 1pt when i was like thinking
"how long more do i hv to do this?.", n i lost count n
messed up. Mr KF was like "you do many rds ald.",
then he showed us e next step to beatjuggling -_-"

dammit cld've tried it just now!~ -_-" ha i wonder
why i didnt think of it :( freestyle!. :D XLd Shafiq went
before me n he got e "UHH YEAH" so i asked for it too
["catfight" haha X)] also got e FunkShitUp record :)
after awhile Mr KF came n i ended with a high pitch
"OOOH!~" HAHAHA XD it was so funny, i hv no
idea where it came from haha XD what's even
funnier was that Xlm Juju n some of e rest actually
imitated e sound. HAHAHA XD Mr KF said if it's a
2syllable sound must alternate within e grid -_-"
ha i wonder why i didnt think of it too :( then he
switched back to "ahh" n asked those who hvnt
do to do. e battle betw XLd Shafiq n i isnt over!. XP

talk2, Mr KF gave us links, more questions, talked
abt what's next, questions agn, "summary" haha XD
a-thanka-you/bday cadeau giving time!. HAHA,
Mr KF asked who made it n e rest all pointed at me -_-"
talked2 abt e probability of ever meeting agn n
that "dont hesitate to say hi, i will rmb all your faces."
HAHAHA XP was hving a micro-conversation with
Xlm Juju n i told her that i wna take a pHOTo with
Mr KF n she immediately went "she wants to take
L: yah i even camwhore with his cap haha :D
R: last grp pHOTo, taken with my cam'ekal :D yelled
"EVERYBODY ACT DOPE!~" n everyone laughed n
didnt pose so Mr KF said "okay everyone point to
e camera~" n, TADAH!~ HAHAHA XD love it ^^ \m/

grp pHOTos, Xlm Damian's cam!. :D

when i wanted a pHOTo, e boys laughed at me, in e
end [LC:] HottIes Poo n [RC:] also took!~ HAHA XD
ELEH!~ act shy2 only, laugh at me but the also
XLM DAMIAN'S CAM!. :D i still rmb, this was during
e freestyle session when i cldnt get e sound in my
head out n was tryna do it via telepathy?. HAHA :)
n partly keeping an eye on e cap haha :D at e left
is Xlm Sir Tong inspecting my every move haha :)
i rmb, i wanted an "eheheh" sound HAHAHAHA XD

finish!. walking it out [haha] guess what i saw!. 8D
N: haha i took this pHOTo n e rest tot i was
crazy, there were like "do you hv to take pHOTos of
EVERYthing?~" HAHAHA XD LS: so this is where
they went!~ ^^ \m/ RS: i was like freaking happy!~
i mean, it's like they double self-tagged!~ :D altho,
they put it up e wrong side ard n my name appeared
as "itazz'e" instd, to which e boys said it sounds like
"italy"!. :D cant believe it's up n at e wrong way XD
and you wld think that since they're from library club,
they'd be smart?, hahaha oh e irony XD HAHA ^^ \m/

took Mrt back coz wanted to get hm quickly n
type abt e fawesome day haha :D L: camwhored with
e F1 ad along e way :) R: fastbreaker!. :D Hot Dzul n
Fadz dropped by today n they gave me a [literally]
in-my-face performance!~ damn cute!. XD then i
slept till 2200. semi-sweet dreams~ rofl ;)

THANKS HOTTITE Ms Joanna++ for e awesome
workshop opportunity!~ :D all we want [for now]
is a set of ttables n e rest of equipments :D
THANKS Mr Dj KoFlow++ for coming down n
everything!~ :D enjoy our "cadeau" haha :D

[by Dj KoFlow] Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. obviously i wont be able to blog
everything quick [n gd] enough by NYE, so
i will continue happily posting in [somewhat]
chronological order so as to not mess up
e flow. will still do a final year summary post,
only that i'll publish it later ;) feel that it's weird to
blog abt things that happened mths ago. it's like,
gg thru every single detail agn. but it kinda make
me appreciate my life more, in a strange way.
just e fact that it's fawesome, n how YOU,
reading this, makes you fawesome too!~ ;)
HAHA. but seriously. only fawesome ppl visit
this place :D okay stop it E'zzati. MWAHAHA XD

*mon 7Sep
woke up ard 1600, went sockless :( Hot Gmum was
so cute, when i asked her if she wanted bble tea, she
like kinda lighted up rofl XD at Amk Mrt there was this
Euro-Skaterboy, i think he's a popular skater in town
for e event opening of e new park. i saw him n my
shades broke :( [im not tryna imply anything tho] :)
HARBERDASHERY!. :D tot it has a nice rhythm to it :D
got hm, i fixed my shades B) R: e 'lil black circle on
e top Rcorner is not a prototype, it's an Oreo. haha :D
supposed to use it as motivation but ate it up -_-"

woken up by 2 lovely texts :) saw Hot Im n he said
"kz, today is tuesday.", so i asked why n he replied
"coffee rush." haha :D RC1: tot its cute, haha
RC2: fastbreaker for today. L1+LC: fastbreaker for
tml. R: fastreakerfor tml's tml. [i compiled all e
pHOTos tgt, they were not made/bought on e same
day haha] anw, today i realized somein impt ;)

090909!. RYANNEBS ANNIVERSARY!. ^^ \m/
how awesome. e day that started everything :D
to this date i still rmb e whole incident with vivid
visuals n all e soundtrack n more :D just thinking
abt it now even brings me back e happiness :D

haha Threadless got sale, "ALL tees are $9! Happy
9/9/09 everyone!" HAHAHA Hot Parents were
saying how now no one is truly up for sahur, to
which i said it's now like "sahur-vivor." HAHA XD
woken up by a text agn, took a long bath. took a
long time on e net also ;) chatted with Hot Didi on
fbk quite alot today rofl XD funny, haha ;)

Hot Didi: heehee
E'zzati Said: heehee you too
Hot Didi: heeheeheheheehhehee
i sms you the other day you knooow
E'zzati Said: i know|i was abt to blog abt you
hahah|nvm later2

Hot Didi: heehehehe|okay cant stop giggling
anw hari raya i got alot of UPDATESSSSSS
E'zzati Said: okay|i dont think i hv any on my side|haha
Hot Didi: wei|why you so emo today?
[*in my mind i was like "what do you mean!~
im like this everyday!~ hahahahahaha X) *]

E'zzati Said: haha dno|suddenly antisocial like that
anyone sms also i dont reply
Hot Didi: i think you are hungry!
E'zzati Said: hahaha|k gtg|see you ard|TTFN!. :D
Hot Didi: goosebye cheer up :)|i love you|hahaahah
E'zzati Said: i love you too

followed by an msn conversation, funny also ;)
Hot Didi: heheheheheehehehe|*giggly mode*
E'zzati Said: RAWR|*emorocker mode*
Hot Didi: but that IS your usual mode.|very ninja warrior
[*HAHA so NOW she knows!~ HAHAHA XD]

at Hot Nabs blog, tot it's damn funny n quite a
gd idea, put tagboard downstairs, so ppl hv to
scroll n scroll before they can tag rofl XD finished
watching The Bachelor: Rome :D i think it's e only
i actually bothered to watch till e end?. haha X)

it's 0700 n i cant sleep. think im on an emotrip.
dont think it's abt anyone/anything specific.
i was thinking very much abt somein i dont
even know abt n how to put it. fantastic.
e whole paragraph above rhymed haha XD

it's like, i gotta feeling [im not singing rofl X)]
that someone somewhere was trying to tell me
somein via gutfeel :) woke at 1600 -_-" realized
that No Doubt is coming for F1Rocks. wahlau!~
i wna meet Gwen Stefani!. harajuku baby,
hougangjookoon rofl XD btw, PR 6 next thu
10pm!. :D ANTM 12!. my favs r: Celia, "nice to be
saturated with fashion" :) n Allison "nosebleeds!~" :)
love e pHOToshoot concept abt beloved childhood
games, n how girls nowadays grow up too fast n
they bcome bad. i agree :) haha hulahoop!~ :D

was chatting with XLd Shafiq abt ytd n scratching,
when Hot Dzul suddenly came up to me n said
"can you scratch for me?." haha i didnt, he left
then came back asking "how come you dont
want to scratch for me?." HAHA so cute :D was
listening to songs on e computer n he asked
for "TU AIR-MERR-RERR" he was referring to
TU AMOR!. HAHAHA XD cute or what~ :)
Hot Fadz was also cute today. he saw me n
immediately said "i wear ben 10 shirt!~" HAHA :)

also!. realized that i've kinda indirectly [somehow]
almost completed my Hip Hop Evolution!. :D now,
i just need to master Mc-ing!. HAHA ;) seriously.
i've been bboyed [Ryan], hiphopdance [Daphne],
graffed [Mr KG], dj [Dj KF], n even e 5th element
[i think?. haha] bboxed [Jannson++], so all i need
is mcing!~ i can do it!. XD haha funny how i was
sooo sure hiphop wasnt my thing. not that i think
it is now. but i love it more than i loved it ytd :D
altho i still cant/wont/dont intend to brk away
from my 1st "true love" with punk/pop rock :D
someimes ppl think im mad coz i listen to
vastly different genres in 1 life. i agree :D

i mean, let's face it. music is music. when
words fail only e music can speak. it's somein
that you'll nv know when you need it!. :D
[rhyme agn haha ;)] which is like, always, for
me haha. dammit SonE'zzati is like my life
support system!. :D for future references [agn],
i shall list e languages: english, latin, korean,
japanese, mandarin, arabic[really!~] +++
n no e genres [to me] for future references :)
poprock, punkrock, poppunk, kpop, latin, reggae,
reggaeton, "real" hiphop [n some subgenres like
dnb, a bit of dubstep here n there], alternative
rock, pop, dance +++ n e list goes on~ :D

slept at 7am!. woke to watch WDITOT2, re-slept n
woke for SYTYCD 3!. :D clean up room a 'lil bit ;)
outside, Hot Parents were blasting e usual cheesy
Hari Raya songs -_-" there r a few gd classics,
e rest, still leaves me wondering why nobody has
remixed/cover/improv it. one semangat day,
i will disintegrate all files n do my own twist on
it. mcm seronok gitu kan!~ HAHAHA ;D

hv you ever gotten an email that made you
smile even before you open it?. today i did :)
of coz i had to feeling2 perasan a 'lil bit, but hey,
nobody knows but you, me n Hot Nabs haha XD
L: ytd's fastbreaker!. :D R: fastbreaker!. :D

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


4 SEPTEMBER 2009!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.

woke just nice :) missed train but ended up early.
only 11 HottIes souls, so we joined with IEU :)
bus leaves at ard 2. L1: HottIes Liyana n i got e
front seat!. haha -_-" L3: plant pruning at bke exit,
tot e word pruning is funny coz sounds so...
farmville?. haha XD e only nice song e bus had
was Dancing In The Moonlight. haha X)

quite a long ride. semi-sleep, camwhore a bit,
[Xlm Damian in e bckgrd haha], n enjoyed
HottIes Shima's n Farah's funny commentary XD

L: they covered the whole building with...
algae?. haha i know it isnt but nvm. n e
"gantry" was nice, very local touch haha XP

R: HottIes Genthryn has an ugly doll!. HAHA XD
queued for dno what, they played Fire Burning so
HottIes Liyana, Poo n i dance2 outside haha XD
as published online by HottIes Sufiyan, [haha]
"E'zzati wanna play with something, liyana say
biler mau game? I say let's play a love game" XD
i was getting bored!. there wasnt enough guns n
bombs to my liking X) if you know what i mean ;)

L1: i tot e balloons r cute :) R1: e 3rd Generation
Army. i think it's lame. like "REM: The Next
Generation" lame. L2: e soundtrack was quite
nice tho. R2: n e miniatures r very awesome.
kinda reminded me of Beetlejuice, haha :D

L: I LIKE THIS ONE!. then an old man told his
son "this r all e normal trucks~" -_-" like nooo~
haha it's a SIGNALS truck. for e PRECISION INFO.
how coincidental!. haha XD C: they had a
dress-up station too :D i dno what happened to
e rest of e pHOTos, but they're overdue. R: took
this pHOTo n HottIte Mr Zaidi saw me n said
"alamak, here got big helicopter you take picture
with this one!~" haha XD i like e spelling?. :)
there was a huge fan. aah, wind~ :D

L1: went to e Army not-so-Megamart :) reached n
e performance was over -_-" sat n waited a bit
in case Dharni pops out, but he didnt -_-"

R2: haha, e bus like got accelerator rofl XD
yeah, that was it. not many gd freebies, didnt
even finish half of my available hphink memory.
kinda dead, but just generally boring -_-"
L: bought at AmkHub, exactly 9bucks :)

LN: Hot Dzul!. he was actually doing e Cadbury
Eyebrow thingy haha X) NC+R: boiling took
longer then i tot n i made this :) so even if
i end up hungry, at least i hv somein to make
somein nice to wear with somein :) right.
S: okay so e flavours n everything was totally
unbalanced, altho it tasted quite yummy :)

that is, if you know what i mean.
Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. finally i've cleared Aug yay me haha :D
xmas is ard e corner [not that i celebrate it], so
currently Mr Bean [as in e shop] is selling this
Winter Wonderland drink n I AM ADDICTED!. ^^
comes with a pretty pricetag of $3.20!~ :D totally
worth it i tell you. got that Starbuck-ish feel but
without e guilt HAHA ;) really awesome, tastes like:
1. soymilk [duh -_-" altho not that strong]
2. oreo cookies+chocolate flavour [almost to e extent
of being equal to Oreo Choc Ice Blended!~]
3. CANDYCANE!. [which is actually Peppermint
flavouring, but still, it got me for a second :)]
best part, when you drink it, you'll be left with
this choc-soymilk taste in your mouth, n this
cooling minty feel down your throat :D as close to
alcohol as i can/wld get. n yes, no matter how
many times get one it still feels healthier :D
get one n make all e boring ppl in e queue behind
you jealous. it's sooo gd that i'll go out with
anyone who gets me this drink ;) you'll nv know.

*mon 31Aug
got to know that e next XLM session with Mr KF is
postponed coz he got e Dj finals to attend -_-"
i knew it haha. according to Xlm Damian it's e
following fri, which is 11sept. what a date :)
also got to know there's an excursion on fri :)

slept after sahur, but it's like only halfasleep
kinda sleep?. woken up, slep agn, weirdest dream,
woke at 1230 X) L1: e rest went to Causeway Pt n
Hot Mum found choc oreos!. :D 1 was at value$,
for $1.20. R1: chic tenders!. she even took
ketchup with it :D THANKS HOT MUM!. ^^
L2: fastbreaker!. refried e chic tenders :)
R2: coffeerush!. :D i like this pHOTo of Hot Im :)
found out that his fav is G Dragon :D he kept
talking abt him :) i also drank mine, it's quite
nice actually. just very light coffee :) unlike
caramel, which e coffee was quite strong n e
almost painful supersweet caramel taste. now
Hot Im n i kinda scared abt e cinnamon rofl XD
hmmm. it's rainy days like this when i wonder
how Hot Dad works :) bathed, cut my hair :)

R1: HGSGHGPG final report!. finally~ :D
gave HottIte Mr Foong his tchers day cadeau
n he was like "AH?. chocolate uh?." i actually
replied that e design is so him [Lol... Lol...] n
he was like "oh thank you thank you" HAHAHA XD
bought donuts otw back, n e Donutstaff was
like [at e other staff] "student la deh.", then she
looked at me n said "bad auntie she dont want
give your your money back." in truth, i didnt
even know there's a student special. also, e
"auntie" wasnt really that "auntie" so i kinda
felt bad. but wtv goes!. thanks anw :D

i took this pHOTos in e bus to show n
remind you that i hv my own mouth, so
to speak. for your future reference :D

N: they had this "free bumper cd" which
i didnt really understand at 1st -_-"
RS: tot it's cute?. nice to touch too!. :D

030909!. submitted everything ^^ \m/

left ard 0707, e voiddeck light was still on!. :)
bus took quite long to arrive -_-" just missed
88bus, almost got hit while jaywalking -_-"
410wbus driver uncle waited for me, thanks :)
L1: today's session was mostly boys, n most r
leftys. nice :) there was another "Izzati" too haha :)
R1: found a diamond :D blah3, went hm :) finally
reached AMQ n e song was Mas Que Nada haha :)
e person smiled at me, then point me to e office,
in e end she help me call e Ustad :) he was like
"oh, baju ya?. letak ajer di sini~ terima kasih~ :)"
HAHA wish i cld say somein nice in return, without
sounding like im "RAPPING" XP ahh. till now, it's
e only place i feel safe enough to take off my
Vans in plain sight :D haha, i didnt take off my
socks tho, so Sr was in my mosque!. HAHA XD
13bus came fast!. :) woohoo, e deed is done :D

all those times, it came to this. thanks for
not crashing on me in e middle of my work,
thanks for not lagging when i fbk as i work,
thanks for being so entertaining haha ;D

otw hm there was this blindguitarbusker dude,
he played this wicked riff so i gave him some
change, he was like "thank you", so i said
"you're welcome". almost immediately after
that he started playing some Air Supply stuff -_-"

ordered pizza online!. so cute they send email :)

R1, green arrow: Hot Dzul kept eating e
cookies i made, n then he'll give me one :)
went on for quite a few times, n he'll make
sure he gives me e greencup!. haha, cute :D
today Ch5 aired Corpse Bride agn!. :D

got to know that in e morn Hot Gmum gave
Hot Dzul some cookies to take hm but he didnt
coz he said "later finish" OMG SO CUTE!~ XD
another batch of cookies. i found a more
efficient [n faster] way to make em ;D

L: SYTYCD!. :D R: heehee ;) [if you get it.]

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA okay i took out these 2 days as they
were my "highlights" of e wk. basically they r
just e longposts haha XP DAMMIT I HV SO MUCH
BLOG WAS IN COMA?. :) awww dammmnnn,
someimes im just tired n i dont feel like telling
you anything. i just wna lay in bed n
listen to SonE'zzati n think a lot more :D
but im back now. and i miss you. HAHA XD

plan was sch, hm, lib, ld. in e end snoozed until nvm -_-"
early [before my next session] so dropped by e lib :)
L: Baybeats brochure r so cute!. e rest r just coolstuff :)
i rang e alarm otw out, so at e counter n e BishanLibMkcik
explained everything to me in MALAY, it was kinda awkward
haha so after that i just said in an amazingly [for me]
soft-spoken sweet voice "Terima Kasih ^^" HAHA XD
after that i wanted to wish her Happy Fasting, but i went
"Selamat Hari Raya!~ ^^" instd rofl XD her immediate
response was "Selamat Har", before she realized that
it's barely 5 days into being a Ramadhanista, so in
total she replied "Selamat HarHAHAHAHAHA" XD

haha!. played with XLd Sylvest's... accessories?. XP

got Ld Rachel to join in!. XD

today we spent time dissecting n cleaning e
routine :) somewhere in betw i asked em how their
OFA exam went n i had quite a laugh. we decided to
drop e upcoming Teacher's Day performance :)
didnt wna but had no choice :( no sessions during
hols coz fasting. i "YESSed!." n HottIte Mrs Foo was
like "YOU AHHH!~" oops XP Ld Rachel n Oi liked e
Kawaii bk that i borrowed!. ^^ haha. took grp photos,
n Ld Mas was like "tak equal!~" AHAHAHA XD

got 1 of e Indian Dancers to help us take a "proper"
grp photo lol. cant wait for e real cca photoshoot.
should be fun. i think. HAHAHAHAHA XD

L1: e name of e LJS person who served me is "Song!."
i tot that was pretty brill!. haha, so i made an imaginary
mat korean, n i named him RHYTHMONE ["ridhwan" but
with a twist ^^] also an imaginary bff named E'rammuh
["irama" rofl X)] any other ideas?. back to e pt, she was
rather efficient n VERY friendly in compared to my
lazy ordering today. efficient coz, she was like "wna try
e golden deal?. offer~ ^^" so i said yah okay. basically
she asked everything n i just had to give at most
3words replies. save my breath!. HAHAHA ^^ she even
separated e fries for me :) heh nice. C2: awesome bk!. ^^
L2: damn cool!. :D R: anw, got TWO REPLIES from AMQ!~ :D

LABELS R LOVE CAMPAIGN!~ i know, it's nothing much
but i suppose it's a start to my LABAOD charity ^^
tasted e Caramel Macchiato Caffe Latte today!. X)
i dont take coffee, so i swallowed e 1st gulp quick, which
was not a very gd idea coz e coffee taste stayed in my
throat -_-" at 2nd sip, i cld taste e caramel!. taste exactly
like e one in Mars chocolates :) i told Hot Im n he was like,
"oh i think we forgot to shake it so e caramel's all settled"
HAHAHAHA XD managed to get him to finish it hahaha
THANKS HOT IMAN!. ;D anw, e cup was rather distracting,
i wanted to say "Caramel Macchiato" n i kept wanted to
stumble n say "Caramel MACHOto" hahahaha XD
E'zzati Said: my 1st time drinking coffee!.
Hot Im: n it's cold. oh wait. i drank cold coffee before haha.
E'zzati Said: n it's PACKET. wah e Kopiko taste rises up
my throat seh!~
Hot Im: ni bkn kopiko lah kakza, ni coffee latte!~
E'zzati Said: HAAHHAA it's caffe latte uh not coffee!~ XD

woken up by a cockroach on my toes n horrible music
from next door -_-" reached sch n chatted a bit with
HottIes Faris abt Baybeats. not many ppl came -_-" n
no tcher also. which was rather sad, coz e main pt of
me gg for class today was just to wish em advanced
HTD n kill time before e Dj workshop later :) in class
Xlm Damian called HottIes Poo, n he told me so i left :)
reached B207, n Xlm Damian was like "E'zzati!~ im
like praying for someone to come~" "only 1 person me.
fafa tchers day event, john cabut, anita not coming"
HAHAHA sad -_-" so i got him to enter first. then
HottIte Ms Joanna came n slowly e rest appeared -_-"
waited a 'lil bit, n then Mr Koflow [haha] went
"today~, im gna give you a LECTURE on turntables :)"
HAHA!. what an opening line -_-" thankfully Xlm Juju was
there, so we asked him stuff like why his name is KoFlow,
what's his real name, how he got into Djing,... :D
HAHA he used to skateboard too. cool or what haha XP

finally XLd Sylvest n Xlm Andre came -_-" after that
one by one, we had to 4 to e floor :) talked abt rhythm n
groove n stuff like that X) then went on to samplings
n XLd Shafiq asked for Right Rd, which i asked for
Calle Ocho coz i wanted to see him put his spin on it.
in e end he chose XLd Sylvest's request, which was
Firestarter :D during beatjuggling he used Yeah -_-"
haha all my "memories" came back -_-" HAHAHA X)
talked abt e diff kinds of music n how nowadays
hiphop isnt hiphop [mwahaha so true :)] n how
local audience is like in comparison to overseas :D
then talked abt undergrd vs commercial. n finally,

baby scratch!. i wanted to be e 1st few to go but
out of embarrassment i let e enthuboys go first!. :D
so it was Xlm Damian, XLd Sylvest, Xlm Sir Tong,
then me!. :D followed by Xld Syafiq, HottIes Poo,
Xlm Andre n Juju :D after i went Juju asked me if
it was scary, to which i replied "no uh, paiseh~" X)
so yeah. scratched n talk n scratched n talk n scratch n
talked somemore :D haha anw it's like every hr he'll
give us 5min brks but none of us will go for it haha :)

combie!. freestyle, OTOT. i think he knows that
i wna go n try mwahaha XD i forgot e scratchtypes,
so i simply ignore e crossfader n made babies
[n in e scratching ones of coz] n i think some
forward ones?. managed to do 1 outta 3 combies
that i had inside my head. at switching time no
one wanted to switch, n i was running outta
material, finally HottIes Poo came on :) haha, it was
a 'lil bit more difficult coz e rm was cold beyond
control [kinda] n my fingers were pretty much
ald frozen -_-" after combie we had a hardcore
qna session, which turns out to be more Zen then
i expected!. HAHA, i think only 20% of e question were
technical based?. anw, it turned out rather lovely :)

i asked him [somewhat] generally, how to like,
overcome shyness n just get started into e scene
[no "specific" scene in mind tho haha] n he replied
"just know your stuff~ get used to e things."
"stay clam" [haha so true?.] "n just be composed :)"
which, at 1st heard, i tot he said "JUST DECOMPOSE"
HAHAHA ROFL XD somein to rmb down e road :D

took Mrt with Xlm Juju :) otw back somewhere in
Amktc i saw HottIte Mc Taufiq. he police!~ :) haha
damn sooo missed him n Bala, awesomeness X)
L1: Hot Nabs's blog!. haha R2: wrongly pasted haha.
R1: Fandi Ahmad!. he actually wanted to carry me but
i was scared so he carried Hot Nabs instd. haha.
this is what i hv to make all e soccermats jealous.
other then my fantastic skills of coz, HAHA ROFL XD

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. i doubt that you'll get e flow of this
coming blogposts :) gd luck with that. ;) btw.
did another Screamo Supremo at The Gorillaz
website ;) back when it was september ends :)

*mon 24Aug
skipped sw :( realized that i took e same
denguebus for all e journey to n back!. HAHA -_-"
had this as fastbreaker :)

damn late, i just realize how tea-dependent i am :)
n Hot Didi's word ["intense"] was starting to
grow on me X) DSG!. HottIes Amrit presented on
FTT Nov 09/Halloween thingy. tot it was quite a
gd idea!. ^^ sat at Bishancove. i wonder how ppl
actually study there. it's like a jungle "resort"!. -_-"
HottIes Liyana n i were talking abt incredible tales,
suddenly MJ's close up face picture came on at the
HottIte BEC screen!. shocked a bit rofl XD sat at
waterfollyer, windy!. a HottIte tcher asked us to go
into e Auditorium coz there was an event gg on so
we went :) they were playing some non-related
boring old rock songs, until suddenly Calle Ocho came
on n everyone cheered [especially HottIes Poo] XD

started at ard 1320, e host is Haziq?. Hazid?. HAHA
i dno X) TAB=Take A Break :) Sound Garden was 1 of e
guys playing a guitar solo, n HottIes Sufiyan went
"i walk a lonely rd"!~ HAHA -_-" sounded so mly altho
it wasnt, even HottIes David asked me if it was XD they
also did a Twilight Parody. gotta give em credit tho,
i mean, they "ACTED" it out emselves live!. :)
after that this girl came on n went "i am, e-za-idah~"
n some of us laughed coz we tot she was gna say
"E'zzati" too haha X) "Eh!, i know e song game" was
e next segment n HottIes David immediately said
"i will only shout eheh!~" n e HottIes rofl XD
inside joke. we managed to get HottIes Beng n Amrit to
go up XD it's just 1st verse of some familiar similar
songs. then they got a girl n a HottIte tcher n she
said "eh, whats e song" instead rofl XD winner was
decided by a "dance battle" haha X) HottIes Amrit got
Fire Burning but he said he cant dance alone n called
on HottIes Raynard haha X) they did some mini "routine",
then rayn did this 1hand chestclap pumping thingy rofl XD
in e end Amrit had to solo catwalk to power ranger's
theme song n he won rofl XD some of us[+me] left at
e 2pm interval :D nothing else happened after that ;D

dropped hpink :( it was a really cold night!. :)
i took e shorter shelter-free route. it rained.
incredibluckily, i brought my whiteskulls hoodie ^^
sun came out in a few :) 410w was rather slow -_-"
bumped into XLd Sylvest at sch gate. saw a snail at
e grd n i went "eh!, snail!~", n he *opens eyes by
a millimeter* n replies "im not scared..." haha -_-"
got to know that HottIte Mr Lendra got transferred coz
of somein, n HottIes Resi suggested that "we all go n
attack her!~" HAHA XD HottIes David asked Matilda to
help him log outta fbk, so i ask her to post somein in
his status. she put "is craving for pink donuts" rofl XD
HottIes Fir asked why pink, i wanted to type pink is
e new black but i kept typing blog instd -_-" LPD!.
showed e Baybeats brochure to HottIes Liyana,
Tj, n Faris. discussed2 :D suddenly!.
HottIes Liyana: why you...
E'zzati Said: huh?.
HottIes Liyana: just now you were staring at e table...
E'zzati Said: oh~ yah, i was tryna read e graffiti haha X)

point is, nobody really gets what i do -_-"
during attendance, HottIte Mr Zaidi said "see you
on e flipside." to someone, n i went "jengjeng jeng
jengjeng" n HottIes Liyana "du dudududududu" HAHA XD
Apollo 13!. :D e subtitles were funny. they kept
putting things like "sentimental melancholy solemn
tense suspenseful dramatic intense triumphant sweeping
instrumental music" [1 or 2 adjectives at a time] XD
somewhere in betw i asked HottIes Liyana that if
we were to fall down in space, what happens?. will
we just keep falling until we land on a planet?. HAHA XD
L1: "packages" haha XD C1: Apollo 13 reflections!. :D
R1: at foyer. it was a fun time :) L2: BRAHAHA!. XD
R2: cool!. it's like graffiti to me, but on e floor haha X)

at e foyer quite a few funny things happened XD
joked abt how if we were to go home now, i cld
boil a pasta at a time n still complete e dish for
fastbreaking -_-" then it was gna rain, so we
went to find another place to avoid e waterfall,
only to end up sitting with HottIes Poo n his
beloved friend. HAHA!. of coz Poo made fun of
me [kinda] n i had quite a laugh. after that we
[as in e rest of us] suddenly started rhyming.
winner goes to HottIes David for "a life without
hope, is like toilet without soap." HAHAHHAHA XD

after that HottIes Poo asked us if we're gg for DSG!.
haha duh, we ald stayed for eons at e foyer. then he
kept saying "why he not our classmate!~" HAHA XD
hmm. i dno how/what to refer to him as haha :) btw,
in e end HottIes Poo went hm -_-" bumpercars into
IEGs, so did e dance haha XD N: otw to D3 HottIes Fir was
like pointing this poster for e tchers day card design
comp to me, so i saw n was like "27 august?. niari kan!."
-_-" HAHA. DSG!. borrowed HottIEs Fir's earpiece.
he had 2!. oh in e end i didnt fastbreak with pasta -_-"

L: bought this otw hm!. R: HottIte Teacher's Day
present :) e one on e left is for Ms Nair, n e one on
e right is for Mr Foong. cant help it but think that
it's sooo him!. i mean, e moons n stars n everything...
if you get what i mean :) i realized that i hv a "new"
semi-routine: fastbreak, watch avatar, pray rofl X)
i love Aang!. haha X) at night Ch5 aired Emporio
Armani Red: One Night Only. an inspi(red) evening of
fashion n music. e opening by Beyonce was awesome,
but my fav part was when Razorlight came on :D

woke at 11, slept, woke at 1230. Hot Dzul dropped by
n he was being totally cute as always. Hot Mum was
like, totally tryna help me get somein to eat?. from
wrong nuggets to wrong fries to wanting to help
peel n fry potato. but nvm, it's e tot that counts rofl X)
fastbreaker!. haha e imam went on n suddenly
Hot Aidi: suara dier ni, romantic seh...
*Hot Nabs n i burst out laughing*
Hot Nabs: aperlah!. aidi ckp romantic, ituari
kakza lagi satu ckp screamo!~ HAHAHA XD
*aidi laughs out very loud*
if you dont get it then nvm. haha. funnystuff :)
L: fastbreaker!. C: all that i hv. to give. for now :)
R: Hot Mum bought this for $70 bcoz it was e only
piece i liked at that particular yr. i only wore it once.
i cant believe im giving it away. neither cld she.
i hope that whoever gets it, she cant believe that
i gave it away too!. haha. twisted minds think alike ;)

listening to Gday makes me happy :) finally did
e not-so final report while Gdaying, love :)
managed to net n blog today :) HAHA!. had a
funny wallincident on fbk with Xlm Juju XD
N: yummy. RS: feeling fe ee ee ling!~ X)

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Sunday, December 13, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


12 DECEMBER 2009!. :D


SO I AM 19!. :D Lol... Lol... where do i begin!~

HOTDAMN!. FAWESOME!~ ^^ 121290-121209!. :D
i love how my bday started 3days before, n goes on
till 3days after. or at least i consider it to be like so ;D
which i wld love to blog abt now but i hv a whole lot
to blog abt first. i am still tryna think of somein :)

as some of you know, I WNA BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BY
MY 21ST BDAY!. :D so this leaves me with... 2yrs+-?.
you might hv given up on me by now. but i dont really care.
ima still work towards it. with luck, keep moving forward :)
there are discoveries to be made!~ HAHA ;D

RAWR everything aside,
Deo keuge oechyeoboja jayu!. [=Scream louder, FREEDOM!.]
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


*.!12 DEC PLANS!.*

like 2008, 2009 is to be my cake-free bday too ;)
save your ducats darlingz!. haha but yeah...
je voudrais un cadeau s'il vous plaƮt!. :D
[i wld like a present, pls!.] Lol... Lol...
okay here's like, news feed from my mind haha XD

`i hv a whole chunk to blog abt -_-"
`i wonder how i will finish blogging everything XP
`i dont know how i will summarize everything that
happened in 2009 for e NYE post!. overload~ XD

but what i know is that, this time, there's...
you hv no idea how happy i am to be rotting in
e comfort of my own home!. RAWR RARR RARR XD
i love my bed my computer my pillows++ :)
i hv come to realize a few other things too!. :D
will blog abt it soon. bcoz i said so ;)

btw if you're wondering what i want for my bday,
gd luck with that ;) Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs