Friday, July 24, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 5: 22 JUNE 2009!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.
YEZZAH!. Lol... Lol... ^^ but e Gold Medal [haha lame] goes
to Hot Nabs!. she managed to blog it 1st!. CONGRATS!.
Lol... Lol... WE SAID SO!. \m/ ;P also, CONGRATS
YOU!. YOU'VE MADE IT THRU!~ *pat pat on butt* XD

went straight to e airport n had bfast at
Kenny[Na]Rogers!. Hot Nabs ate some weird
sandwich, haha XD it was really boring!. XD
Hot Nabs: i miss e JUncle!~
E'zzati Said: i miss e GreenDay ShopMat!~
Hot Nabs: haha i knew it!. X)

e counterperson actually tagged "KUL" at my stuff!.
Lol... Lol... -_-" R: they had a speaker system, so
i was like joking with Hot Nabs what wld happen if
i blasted Greenday n start singing or dno what!~
Lol... Lol... it rained so we had to wait -_-"

Project Runway!. :D

inside e plane they said they were hving some "difficulties"
coz of e turbulence n Hot Nabs n i looked at each other
like excited like that rofl XD i was sandwiched betw her n
a random "minah" -_-" on e plane Hot Im bought a
Transformers tdrive from e merch n i am beyond jealous!. :(

im still jealous!. :( L: my monkeypurse is e coolest :)
C: e buttons were cute!. tempted to push e buttons baybeh~ -_-"
R: Hot Mum's bag. cute right, i know, i chose it haha :)

arrived in Singapore at ard 1300, almost cried out of happiness!.
Lol... Lol... so we were like waiting for e biiig cab, when another
family stole ours so we had to wait for e 2nd one -_-" HAHA
i was like telling Hot Im "eh we just experienced GTA in real life!."
Lol... Lol... anw, we told e CabMger so he got us another one :)
waited n waited, when it came, i saw e driver n my 1st tot was...
"damn!, he looks like HottIes Faris 20yrs from now!." Lol... Lol...
really!. inside e cab he like switched on e 'lil tv, so i was like
wondering what's up, then,... HE PLAYED KARAOKE MVS!. XD
Lol... Lol... i said "next" n he really pressed next rofl XD

most of em were mly songs tho, some dude named Acha,
then he played back to back Ungu songs. he must've loved
Ungu!. if only it was Green Day!. Lol... Lol... XD anw!. feels gd to
be back!. :D someimes i feel like gg overseas forreal [as in,
being an expat], but i dno, i actually like Singapore!. Lol... Lol...
haha okay i'll save my patriotism for Aug haha X) so yeah,
reached hm n a few minutes later i received a text from
Ldottie Mas saying there's session tml!. haha happiness cant
wait to get back onto e groove!. XD somewhen later i got a
call from e AYG team saying that i hv a briefing tml so yeah.
was damn excited for i-dno-what!. ^^ Lol... Lol... anw!.
GUESS WHO!. YOU MISSED ME?. ;D haha it has been some
time since i listened to Eminem, now i just lose it!. haha ;) -_-"

anw!. if you really took time out to read everything,
i thank you n im really proud of you!. XD i sincerely
hope that you've enjoyed my posts even till now, coz
they're all straight from my heart[+mind+soul ^^]
i hope maybe someday i can read somein from you too!. ;)
eitherway, i love you n you know it!. ;D now, you
know how it goes, so say it with me: Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 4: 21 JUNE 2009!. :D

this morn [as in 0100 liddat], i watched this really
cool interesting tv programme!. it's called Who Wants
To Be A Superhero, which is reality show by Stan Lee ;)
after that watched America's Got Talent n realized
that Terry Fator a singing ventriloquist won. quite
cool uh!, he can sing without opening his mouth rofl X)
today at 1030, there was a Know Your Enemy special!.
didnt get to watch it tho :( -_-" HI GREENDAY :D

bfast!. gave Hot Dad a semi-hug n wished him Happy
Hot Dad's Day!. Lol... Lol... he was like happy2
coz he received a hug from me -_-" then he told us
that Hot Mum was e 1st to wish him, followed by
me "with passion", then Hot Im with NO REACTION XD
Hot Nabs was e last!. HAHAHAHHAA YOU LOSE!. X)
haha btw, i like e hotdogs they serve for bfast!. :D

L: bought ILT n got a really square straw!. haha X)
also bought Ice Kacang, totally didnt expect anything
much but e mat was pretty generous!. [he really was
pretty!. haha!. kinda uh X)] 1st, he actually put
another bowl of shaved ice over e one that he's
serving, so that's like twicee amt than usual!. ^^ :)

altho there was no corn [which he was like, sincerely
apologising for], he did compensate it for putting
lotsa syrup!. haha pink n green[day] somemore!. ^^ X)
also, their "things at e bottom of e Ice Kacang" were
really cute!. other than those boring typical ones,
they even had some mysterious unknown stuff, along with
orange n pink pearls!. [as in bubble tea pearls XD] ^^

decode ;)

after that we just drove ard looking for a bakery, n
when we found it we decided to buy it later rofl X)
to Langkawi Fair to lunchized, otw inside e car e
radio station was playing Boom Boom Pow, n suddenly
Hot Dad blasted it so Hot Nabs n i were like singing
along XD n Hot Im n him were like daaaancing!~ rofl XD
L1: e Hot Fudge Cornetto sundae was damn yummy!. X)
R1: i tot e logo was lame!. HAHA -_-"


then went to e 'lil skateshop, e GreenDay ShopMat wasnt
working today :( e other guy was quite soft!, haha
i'll start laughing whenever he starts talking rofl XD
he did play a GreenDay's 21 Guns tho, not sure if he
knows but wtv. after that he played Chris Brown's
Superhuman, n then Jason Mraz's Life Is Wonderful XD
haha, i miss e GreenDay ShopMat!. X) anw, L: bought
this today!. :D so cute right!~ like e buyer also ;)
HAHA R1: mine!. R2: after that they went swimming X)
so i had e whole 2rms to myself!. Lol... Lol... XD

was watching tv then Hot Wak K called just to say that
Hot Dad's pet plant big ald, need to pluck if not will
rot -_-" HAHA she was referring to fbk, random!.
Lol... Lol... waited for em to come back from swimming,
then celebrated Happy Hot Dad's Day!. X) \m/

someone came up with e idea of us singing "Happy
Father's Day", so i suddenly tot of expanding it into a...
vlog!. N THEY AGREED!. Lol... Lol... neither of us knew
what to say but i guess that's e fun part rofl XD
Hot Im is so weird!. Lol... Lol... n Hot Nabs looked
spastic n i look meaty!. i know, MEATY, yummy right!~
Lol... Lol.. right moving along, i came up with another
brilliant idea, which is to shout "Happy Father's Day!~"
to all e busshuttles that passed by, N THEY ALSO AGREED!.
Lol... Lol... wooo it was all recorded on video!. haha XD

after that we act e cake, which tasted kinda horrible?!.
even my hot Sarsi tasted betta!. Lol... Lol... well we
had limited choices rofl XD R: taught Hot Dad how to
pout!. XD haha, n i think my arm looks abnormal XD ^^
*somewhen during e vlog*
E'zzati Said: you just krraaaachppp [1 of my awesome sound effects]
Hot Im: kakza sound effect mahal seh!~
*everyone laughs*
Hot Im: ...mcm dolby surround sound system!.
Hot Dad: DOL-by SERAM sound system!~
*everyone laughs even louder*

L1: Hot Im n i decided to take funny pHOTos!. X)
L2: Hot Nabs anyhow joined in!. Lol... Lol... X)
R2: somein funny happened, cant rmb but was retarded X)

L: e only "decent" one XD C: i dno what Hot Nabs was
doing behind Hot Im -_-" haha joking nvm hahahah X)
R: pretending to be normal kids hahahahaa X)

L: best pHOTo of e bunch!. :D \m/ R: when taking a
grp pHOTo, ALWAYS look in different directions!. XD
[Hot Im was watching e tv -_-" hahhaahah] :D \m/

L+C: Hot Im was weird all this while!. XD R, green arrow: he
decided to "leave" e pHOToshoot n ate cup noodles rofl XD
haha, e boys dont get it!. ;) [*kinda inside story X)]

before sleeping i watched this reality show called
The Shot from Vh1!. it's a competition for photographers,
i tot it was kinda cool. esp e challenge they had for e
episode!. it was to capture an image for a hair campaign
USING 90DSLRS AT ONCE!. then e images r compiled into a
3d image, which will then be judged. :) damn cool!. X)

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 3: 20 JUNE 2009!. :D

L: DAY 3!. R: smuggled some waffles while im at it :)

went to Agrotech Farm [agn] coz Hot Im wanted to -_-"
shared a buggee[?.] with a 3 Caucasian babes n
2 Juncles!. Lol... Lol... random racial harmony!.
1 of em was damn cute!. he was like privately craving
for Durians!. Hot Nabs even secretly took pictures of
him!. Lol... Lol... so yeah i sat with Hot Nabs n e
tourguide sat on e bench in front n immediately went
TourGuideWoman: [points Hot Nabs n i] kembar eh?!.
E'zzati Said: YAH!~
TourGuideWoman: ohh~
Hot Nabs: what e lol!~ -_-"
Lol... Lol... i know!. i look at you with those eyes,
n i hint that im capable of lies!. XP \m/

checked out em yellow rambutans, dragonfruit,
i sat 2nd row in e middle n slept thru my shades,
only to wake up when we stopped to see starfruit,
pulasan, pomelo, i think somewhen in e middle there
was papaya n pineapple, n then, JENG JENG JENG!.

MANGOSTEEN!. aka e queen of fruits!. \m/
by this pt i was actually very miserable n weather
was even more annoying, but Hot Dad tried to say
"delicious" in Jap to e Juncle n he failed miserably,
so e Juncle just continued walking n i get to
laugh at Hot Dad!. Lol... Lol... XD BUT WHAT

i was damn touched so i started to laugh n was
like "ARIGATOGOZAIMAS!~ ^^ XD" n he turned
shockly n smiled n said welcome in Jap followed by
some other stuff that i didnt know rofl!. XD

anw, i think he just diddit coz he saw me sulking!.
Lol... Lol... before leaving we saw a monkey, which
shitted, grabbed e shit, n put it aside. damn gross!.
rofl XD inside e car we passed by e Juncles so i asked
Hot Nabs to wind down her window n i started shouting
"SAYONARA!~ SAYONARA!~" hahahahahahahahaha XD he
turned n waved n was like "bahbye!~" then e rest joined
me with e shouting rofl XD haha Juncle so kawaii XD

so yeah i realized i got my period [-_-" XP] so
e moodswings began!. see im honest rofl XD -_-"
wanted to walk2 at e roadside shops, but weather
was blazing hot n judging by my "condition" i
think if we carried on with e plan not many will
come out alive n happy so yeah. we went to...
e Underwaterworld!. L: had a lunchbrk, e ILT was
a total ripoff!. tasted nice tho -_-" hahahaha

so yeah we were checking out e penguins, then i turned
n realized that Hot Nabs n i were being checked out by
e keepers -_-" maybe they mistake us for penguins rofl XD
well all i know is that i hv happy feet!. hahahahha ^^ XD
1 of em [as in e keepers] sang to get my attention, haha.
let's just say i've heard betta ;) anw, let's sidetrack
into e world of bness!. i've now realized e power of USPs!.
thanks to fbk statuses+creative photocaptions+blogtitles,
i hv been exposed to impactful[?] 1liners n unusual thing
that can be compromised into a sentence!. Lol... Lol...
Hot Nabs: why e toilet got lotsa water ar?. as in on e floor?.
E'zzati Said: coz underwater world what!~
after hours of time wasted walking under e sea
[sorry just HAD to type that rofl], all i found was
some nice patterns on seashells!. haha :) -_-"

L: i loved how this board uses exclamation pts!.
i read it out loud n was like "SHARKS! IKAN YU!" with
feeling n all rofl XD R: it said that e "TURTLE!" is e
living dinosaur. i sooo didnt know that!. hahaha X)
n yeah, squirtle is e cutest turtle i know :)

L1: also saw this ghost white eel, which i loved coz
it's beautifully haunting, just like me but im not
really very white so yeah, haha lame i know ;)
L2: then saw this 3 eels in a hole, n they were all
from different species, so yeah EHEM2!. rofl XD
R: this jellyfish reminds me of Spongebob n Patrick
jellyfishing!~ haha X) i used to hv this mat friend,
he is like... very mat!. e reason why im telling you this
is coz his hphone's theme is always JELLYFISHES!. XD
n he changes his theme EVERYWK without fail. exploring
his hpone is like watching a documentary!. rofl haha XD
i've lost contact with him, but i last heard he's in some
Marine course in ITE. haha if you read this add me at fbk!. ;)

as time passes i was feeling okay ald, so we went to e
shops. L1: ELVIS!. hahahha XD e rest of e pHOTos were
stalker pHOTos of me by Hot Nabs coz she was bored :)

after that we went to eat at Tomato. i ordered egg thosai,
which took eons to come, n everybody was like finish
eating ald. i was like, it betta be FASHIONABLY LATE,
damn delicious, or ima bitch abt it!. DIMELO?!
in e end, i got egg PRATA. so im like wtf?. so here i m,
yours truly, sincerely b!tching abt it :D \m/

e 1st guy was gave me e "sorry, no choice face", n
i was totally annoyed. e 2nd guy came n he said can
exhange but i was so hungry so i just ate. Hot Dad told
1 of e dudes n he exchanged it. i cried. it wasnt a
dramatic outburst kinda cry, just like... shed a few
lil tears?. n Hot Dad kinda scolded me n asked me to
control myself!. wth bummer much. anw, i think e dude
felt bad. they had a staff meeting, then 1 of em not
happy slammed e door on his way out. after ard 1.3mins
like that it was otw but i just asked Hot Mum asked em to
pack it sudah. e dude came back n apologized, but frankly
i didnt want him to do so coz it's not his fault!. -_-"
suckiest part is when walking outta e rstrt, e thosai
station [or wtv gayname they hv for emselves] gave me e
"sorry" smirk with this "thats e girl who was prissy n
made so much drama abt a fncking thosai" vibe. RAWR!.

i know it can get very busy in e rstrt, but we said
nicely 3times n they still didnt get it. damn em, it
was taking so long i cld just get out there n cook it
myself!. took a whole hr++ just for a damn thosai!.
what saddens me even more is that i actually personally
requested to eat there!. Hot Mum said that they'd wait
for me to finish eating, but like stupid right?!. n
somemore im a sloooow eater!. :( in addition, my public
eating phobia wont help!. :"( anw, was kinda surprised
that Hot Dad spoke up on it for me. im over it, so no
hard feelings or resentment towards anyone k?. let's
just hv a final laugh at em for their incompetency.
MWAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH!~ \m/ btw, i almost wrote a song
abt this!. well e least i cld do is a poem...

Lol... Lol... but i do hope they work things out for em
in e future!. [see, i can be sweet when i want to ;)]
anw, this reminds me of e PHutMgerdude that i "like"!. :)
i've "researched" n he's not at e Juncti8n n Cway Pt
outlet, so yeah that leaves me with what, 82 more
outlets?. maybe more maybe less but who cares ;)
anw!. well a brand new dress nv broke my heart before!.

it's amazing what retail therapy can do for you :)

L: GREENdressDAY!. ROCK ON \m/ rofl XD
R: Hot Nabs said it looked like a happy version of
"E Coffin"!. Lol... Lol... i still love Greenday :D

L: Hot Nabs said my face steam -_-"
R: wah i dno what happened mann, suddenly felt
so miang!. Lol... Lol... -_-" random ;D muuuahh!~ ;)

i dno why i uploaded this :)

chocobang!. :)

sang n danced in e toilet, got tired, slept!.
ahhhh bed is comfy :) Lol... Lol...

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 2: 19 JUNE 2009!. :D

oh yeah!. if you keep drinking alcohol, it will kill you!. :'(

today i switched to Mmc #2, n decided to REALLY SAVE
Sony for trip back :) went to e hotel's Dayang Cafe for
bfast, i tot it was DaESUng Cafe at 1st n got myself
confused why e it has a kname rofl XD L: be creative,
drink oranguava juice!. haha soon after i realized that
it's not as thirstquenching as tea. they only had ice
apple n peach tea [wth!. tea-cist!.], so i resorted to
2 HOTTEAS heehee "my lips like Equal~" Lol... Lol... X)

Langkawi Cable Car!. "wish you were here... up here"!.
Lol... Lol... that was their tagline, hahaha *sings* dontcha
wish that you were here, up here!~ rofl XD so yeah!.
decided to be sporting, which is more like accompany
Hot Dad as he overcomes his paranoia n to test
Hot Nabs's own... i dno what rofl XD -_-"
C: hey, mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you... XD

damn lame, so we faked fear XP

check out e difference!. haha L is like so village-ish,
then R is like Star Trek-ish!. Lol... Lol... how ironic :)
if e cable car went in circles it might've confused us rofl XD

L: whoever that gets this "cable car" is so sad!. rofl XD
haha n we managed to catch e same cable car to n
back!. Lol... Lol... hahahah "fated" HAHAHH -_-"

JAMBATAN GANTONG!. *inside joke* rofl XD
L1: cool huh!, they also hv a "Rock Name" haha
R1: haha!. some of e caricatures were damn funny!. XD
R2: e sign was funny also!. Lol.... Lol.... X)
L2: tried my hands on vlogging!. :D woohoo haha ;)

we were singing Linking Park's Numb in e cable car,
when i took L n tot that it looked kinda cool!. as if e
line leads to nowhere!. haha we were still singing when
i took R, n tot that it was funny coz we went from
village to Star Trek to cliff hahahhahahah X) -_-"

e whole ride was funny coz i get to laugh at em
freaking out, "za, pls dont kick eh!.", "eh you go in last k"
haha you should watch e vid yourself rofl XD warning tho,
most of e film is just Hot Im doing weird stuff without realizing
he's being recorded!. Lol... Lol... asked HotParents for some
kdrama action, which turned out more like indon!. XD -_-"

finally landed back to earth [-_-"] :D R1: bought a
'lil batik purse coz it's turquoise n not really that floral!. :D
also finally get to try Baskin Robbins ice cream!. :D

so yeah!. not only we were above it all ["Air Force"], we also
be somebody ["Navy"]!. Lol... Lol... XD L1: Tanjong Rhu River!.
taking pictures using temporary hphone [Hot Im's exhphone]
still takes some getting used to coz im so used to portrait
from my hphink!. anw!. e "Captain Mat" was cool enough with
us that he let us steer e boat!. 1st time i steered forreal ;D

L2: calling e eagles there!. fed em fried chicken skin X)
there was one big extra one it's a differrent species it
will sit on a tree before it eats, civilized rofl hahaha XD

went thru this Mangrove Swamp place thingy, saw
lotsa 'lil crabs n they were damn colorful for a crab!.
haha X) also met a pregnant monkey hahahhahah X)

L1: tot e scarf was cute!. rainbow~ hahaha XD R1: went thru this
2 rockthingys n Hot Mum was feeling2 Grand Canyon rofl XD
L2: more mangroves!. -_-" R2: DashBoat Confessional!. X)

L1: Crocodile Cave!. no buayas tho rofl XD by this time,
Hot Nabs looked like she was gna die!. -_-" n!. i lost my
favourite brooch :( went pass this villageshack n there were
some shirtless guys n they suddenly like damn high n
were like flashing their catch of e day [fishes haha] to us XD
at e other that were panicking n putting on their lifejackets n
everything!. Lol... Lol... XD so yeah!. we were all stuck in a 'lil
shack with some other ppl, n things got mendak so we
planned to leave e place n boat back to... jengjengjeng!. X)

this floating rstrt called Hole In E Wall!. i hate how my
Vans were wet :( took quite a long time for our food to
arrive but was nice to finally hv some hot food!. :)
Hot Nabs claimed that she wasnt hungry but in e end
she ate e most!. after eating we got to know that e bill was
RM200+!. damn ex uh, poor Hot Dad!. -_-" haha he was
like "Hole In The Wall?! more like Hole In My Pocket!." rofl XD

Bat Cave!. e tickets were damn cheap!. haha coincidentally,
Hot Nabs was wearing e Batman shirt n e mkcikperson saw
nabs wearing batman shirt n laughed X) C1: she even lent us
a huge torch!. L2: there were lotsa bats innit!. X) C2: we were
looking at this monkey n it looked at us back, smiled n then it
$hitted!. Lol... Lol... -_-" inside e cave Hot Dad was like
"watch your head~" so i replied "doesnt concern us!." haha,
there was 1pt where he even had to kinda crawl!. XP also,
happened to bump into this newlyweds n helped each
other take pictures n Hot Dad didnt know how rofl XD
R: when we reached e end of e cave we realized that e
Captain Mat had organised[?.] lifejackets on our seat!.
hahaha cute!. Lol... Lol... "e glaring neon signs~" ;D

dimelo?!. Captain Mat found my lost brooch just now!.
Lol... Lol... anw, since we didnt see Keluangman, i got
inspired, n did e Tiongman look!. rofl XD HAHAHAHA -_-"

L: KILIM GEOFOREST PARK!. hahah at 1st i read it as
"KILL 'EM" rofl XD -_-" we went further out to e sea but
due to e haze we cldnt see Thailand -_-" anw, saw quite
a few islands so we were like feeling2 Survivor!. Lol... Lol...
looked ard for sharks but there wasnt any, but!. ;)

L, green arrow: SHOE ISLAND!. haha like excited like that!.
e name sounds nice ald, hahaha X) C: Hot Im suggested that
i should go there n draw e line [as in e silver line] on e island
myself!. Lol... Lol... X) all e way Hot Nabs was listening to
Davaj Davaj, n i had this mental pHOTo in my mind!. ;) ^^

reached e pit [wtv it's called haha], n got to know that e
Captain Mat's name is Zazali aka A-O or somein liddat haha.
it's kinda cool that he kinda personalized e tour for us, but
they charged us quite high tho :( after that we moved on n
went to Langkawi Craft Complex!. L: "MAGIC OVENIC" haha
okay e name was so lame but i wanted to get it hahaha X)
C: so Hot Nabs's!. hahaha YAY Langcreamo Supremewi!. XD

so yeah after drawing, put it in e oven to shrink n harden it :)
e shopmkcik saw n was like "buat sendiri ke aper?." as in
ask me if i created e character myself, then she was like
"GANAS!." which kinda means like "VIOLENT!." HAHAHA
i know, very fierce right!, RAWR RARR RARR!. XD \m/

L: end product!. this means e most to me coz e shop closed
13mins later :) R: it symbolizes e whole trip n how much
i dont intend to go back to e country anymore :D after that
Hot Dad, Nabs n i went to sit outside e toilet n while waiting
we camwhored, then a security guard walked pass n we were
like paiseh coz we tot no phototaking was allowed!. haha,
in e end, only flash photography wasnt allowed!. Lol... Lol...

after that we sat outside LCC n decided where to go next.
decide to go to Langkawi Fair [i think thats e name haha] :)
L: bounce!. C: Mcd!. R: saw more Baskin Robbins!. hahaha :)
there was a Levi's sale n i wanted this lovely pair of shoes, but
e smallest size was 40 -_-" im a small girl, i need small shoes!.
:( i dont understand whats e problem, it's not that they're that
small!. i mean fellow HottIeShorty Liyana's is ard size 4!. -_-"
haha in e end Hot Nabs also didnt buy e pants -_-" RAWR!.

after that my ska8r senses kicked in, so we dropped by this
this 'lil skate shop, i think it's... cute!. ;D ^^ it's just a cute
'lil shop with a cute graffiti backdrop n a bike for display X)
i dno how to say, just cute!. HAHAHA ^^ was browsing thru
e rack of shirts [what else?. haha] n Hot Nabs pointed out to
me e one n only GreenDay shirt so i grabbed n hugged it!.
Lol... Lol... then e ShopMat incharge started playing Gday songs
back to back!. Lol... Lol... at 1st i tot it's just coincidence, but
there was 1pt where a mly song started playing n he like
quickly blasted Know Your Enemy!. i missed my poster!.
Lol... Lol... then he pitifully said to his friend that he wants e
whole Breakdown album!. haha after that he continued reading
Naruto before i came n disturb2 him ;D shirts were RM29.90 each,
but he lemme hv em for RM27 each!. :D total was RM81 n he n
kinda said it as "lappuluh satu" n i laughed n he got paiseh rofl XD
i asked if we cld get it for RM80 n he agreed!. YEZZAH!~
presenting,... another cute dude who knows me as a Greendaynista!.
Lol... Lol... others inclds this dude who i approached to ask where
he got his Green Day tee shirt, n iaccidentally said"Green Tee" instd,
so he was like... "oh, 7-11 uh!." HAHAHAHAHAH XD then i
laughed until i got hiccups n asked me if that was why i
wanted to get green tea, n if i wanted some of his rofl XD -_-"
another [basket]case was even funnier!. Lol... Lol...
i was happily walking along Orchard Rd,
when this busker ahpek with a guitar suddenly started
playing n singing Wake Me Up When September Ends!. XD
rofl so we all started laughing n i was like "ROCK ON, UNCLE!!!~ \m/"

L: Hot Nabs's!. R: i love my "Green Tee"!. XD hahaha YEZZAH!~
e words "GREEN DAY" on my tee is actually in gold glitter!. 8D
BLINGREEN DAY!. haahaha Green Day i love you rock on \m/ haha ;)

my most worthy purchases of e day!. :D
L: Langcreamo Supremewi!. :D \m/
C: Green Day tee shirt!. :D \m/
R: 4 cans of Lipton Ice Lemon Tea!. :D \m/
it's awesome what retail therapy can do!. :D

after that Hot Nabs n i trashed HotParent's rm n we watched
e vlog!. HAHAHA Hot Im's part were really damn funny!. XD
NOW we know what he's always looking at!. HAHAHAHAH XD
n of coz, my part of e vlog was clearly mine :) MOTS: ANYTHING

Love xoxoxox Nebs