Saturday, February 28, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


left with Hot Nabs. saw my dream automobile agn :)
bumpercars!. met Hot Didi at BishanMrt, i think she
was 82% awake. e 1st thing that she mentioned was
abt somein. it was even before her "usual question"!.
e mmt i stepped into sch [pun intended], i felt happily
awkward so she said that if i dont want ppl to look at
somein, i shldnt look at it too. she "learnt that from magic"
show off only!~ au fond, WITH ITE, I SHiNE!. Lol... Lol... XD

EPL we brought up what happened ytd XD then we got
to know our grades for Project EPL. i hope that e rest of
Tran$Cent$ got what they deserved!. n i mean that in
a positive way of coz ;D MKTG discussion HottIes Poo
said that my shoes looked as if i stepped on a mirrorball!.
Lol... Lol... BZC i started feeling ill so i kinda zoned out.
lost my pen. aftersch went to Juncti8n LJS ;)

LJS!. they played Thinking Of You agn. so i tot abt lotsa
things hard n ate a lil too fast :( was a lil late so i hurriedly
walked back to sch for CnCw. okay so maybe i was just
excited rofl ;) got back last wk's piece. it was edited a lil,
then we had to paint it. after painting it, [L] i was like
"ALAMAK!~ i use red n yellow now it looks like ronald mcd!~"
e turnout today wasnt much so Instructor Dino helped me
to paint it n make it look glammer n less mcd rofl XD [R]

after that i painted e bckgrd. i wanted pink but now i
think that e pink isnt pink enough!. -_-" i also repainted
over e words so now e name is spelt correctly!. :D [L]
so i handed it in n then Instructor Dino painted betw e
character n my bckgrd so now my 'lil hero looked like it's
glowing!. Lol... Lol... i love it tons!~ RAWRRARRRARR!.
rofl well you nv shine if you dont glow!~ XD [R]

when i finally handed in e final piece e other instructor
was like "fierce sia..." Lol... Lol... ooh i realized that...
BE E LAST!. :'''''''''''( sadded!. T.T okay so it wasnt really
shocking, i mean i knew it long ago [it's on e sign -_-"]
otw back i realized that both HottIes Liyana n i were
emo today. RAWR. i dont think im ready for e holidays!.

anw, e boys at my table left early [a$$hole!.] means,
CnCw Ashita n i had to clean it up by ourselves. gosh they
wasted sooo much paint!. n still our pieces r glammer!. ;D i
feel kinda bad throwing out all e paint n there was this green
color that i liked so i put it on my nails n JPEGed!. [L] now
my nails r green!. Lol... Lol... after that i went to purchase
a secretcadeau for a secret person :) i m happy with my
decision!. :D Lol... Lol... guess what it is!. [R] RAWR ;D

missed 2 88bus!. RAWR!. was early anw so i read Today :)
then HottIes Resi found Cleo Dec 2008 at e table beside me!.
fated!. ;) Lol... Lol... so e HottIesHunks started reading it n
it was sooo funny to see their reactions!. Lol... Lol... then
MKTG Ms Ema let us go to e canteen for an informal revision
session n bfast coz today HottIes r break-free :D samosa is
yummy today i shouldve gotten less nuggets RAWRRARRRARR ;)
before leaving i exploded my nuggetbag n shocked ppl!. XD

BZC!. at D303 HottIes Sufiyan told me that i hv a fan n he asked
me to come to HottIes Qianning's table so i went n found this!.
Lol... Lol... at e top is a \m/ sign, then Izzati Said, with an arrow
pointing down n Greenday, ended with a smiley face!. Lol... Lol...
THANKS GRAFFIHOTTIE!. :D next time draw somemore, make it
glammer, n spell my name correctly okay rofl ;) it's short n sexy,
E-'-Z-Z-A-T-I S-A-I-D!. Lol... Lol... i hope you get to read this!. :D

EPTG!. EPL was switched with MKTG, at B105!. :D MEMORIES~
Lol... Lol... so camwhored a bit ;) decided to post e lessglam
pics n doodle on em haha :) was kinda looking forward to end e
day with a gd Sdo session n almost changed but i decided to
go to foyer n sit for awhile. so we were gitching n i was reading
my mag happily. dimelo?. session was cancelled!. sadded!.
means this wk i didnt hv any sessions!. RAWR!. bummer :(

so HottIeSdo Liyana n i continued to sit at e foyer for awhile
more coz she wanted to re-plan her day n i wanted to finish
reading n just enjoy e view!~ Lol... Lol... nothing much tho :(
i think they went for Friday prayers :) or maybe not haha ;)
anw e cancellation was kinda timely coz i was feeling kinda
ill so i went hm to rest n think abt lotsa things :D especially
abt tml!. RAWRRARRRARR i dno what to feel!. Lol... Lol... ;D

ooh!. did you watch AI VIII?~ i hv my fav!. ^^ Lol... Lol...
presenting... ADAM LAMBERT!. favoritefavoritefavorite!. :D
i love what Paula said abt his performance!. "i feel like im not
watching american idol, like watching e Adam Lambert concert."
Lol... Lol... was just looking ard for a favorite n when i watched
his grp performance he sealed his spot in my heart!. coz...
he cant dance rofl XD it was kinda funny to watch!. so cute
mwahaha hey at least he tried!. nvmnvm Adam you just sing
i'll dance for you hahahaahahahhaha XD Lol... Lol... i hope he
loses so i can tag him to come also like Ryan rofl XD *imagines*

ooh!~ not to forget. i also liked Nick/Norman's performance!.
sooo funny i actually think his singing is not bad :D n i also
like e fact that he used e whole stage. drama~ XD i hope he
gets chosen for e Wildcard rd!. Lol... Lol... i really wna perform
with Adam!. Eve can go for a holiday~ Adam & E'zzati!. ;D

today otw i donated to e Singapore Heart Foundation ;D
DANCE ELECTIVE!. arrived at Ite Simei at ard 0933. their
security guard sucks. met Sdottie Boon Ling n e rest. then
Mr Cho briefed us on what its gna be. excited!. 1st up is
a Latin Dance workshop session by an instructor from
Philippines!. WOOOO he's sooo gd!. Lol... Lol... it was sooo
fun i loved it i miss LD so much hahaha chachacha!~ XD

after that another instructor came n we got another
briefing before getting seperated. i was Grp 3 #12!. :D
did some contemporary dance as our audition. i didnt
get thru for e Dance Elective but i acted cool until i
reached e bstop n i was alone so i cld cried!. T.T

so i got emo in e bus.

i camwhored with Corpse Bride-esque camera effects.

i realized that there's still a long future ahead of me. [?]

i received a text from Hot Nabs so i did her pHOTo style.

i like this pHOTo!. looks like classical emo!. [? rofl XD]

i love this pHOTo most!. :D

bowling for snow [ice] :D

this wk's MOTS: IF IT'S TO BE, IT'S UP TO ME!. :D
AOB!. i now realize that there r so many naturally talented
ppl in e world. i hv concluded that i wna be someone that
is not born of talent but through effort :D so yeah i guess
it's back to my drawing board!. ;D Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


*mon 23Feb
had to wait 21mins for 88bus!. so was 20mins late!.
EPL was funny did essay question. today i sat at e
back so HottIes Raynard sat beside me n he talked me
thru his new hairstyle rofl XD when HottIes Liyana finally
reached she immediately laughed!. then she sat behind him
n we joked n did our work at e same time [multi-task] X)
i think e early HottIes got some freebies!. Lol... Lol... :(

sidetracking, ytd while watching Ch U Shinee was on!. [L]
we had an early released so we went to e cteen i like
to eat chicken chop hahahaha ooh e newsch vmachines
now has a box ard it. its "REFRESH MENT CORNER" i think
that it's very unglam!. so much for a "bness" sch!. like...
as if we dont know e things there r refreshments!. -_-"

BZC HottIes Sufiyan gave me his spiralbindingthingy [L]
so i played with it n make it look like a star a star~ [R]

got back previous assignments. 1 of em i did e corrections
halfway so i drew an arrow n wrote "The rest as usual".
i didnt know e corrections was gna be marked!. so it was
funny when i saw that Mrs Quek wrote at e side of my paper:
Be sure you know what "usual" is!. Lol... Lol... XD [L]
class ended early so HottIes Matilda n i went to Bishan to
buy food. weird!. when we reached there we were suddenly
like superblur!. i bought another lock for my locker!. [R]

it turned out to be kinda annoying!. dimelo?, we cldnt figure
out how to lock it!. at 1pt we got sooo intrigued n annoyed
we just stood in e middle of Juncti8n n tried to solve it!. e
lock has 3numbers, so im guessing that most of you can
tell what numbers i chose!. Lol... Lol... i find it ironic coz my
previous lock cant be unlocked, n now this lock cant be
locked!. so how?. i hope someone breaks my lock combo n
help me out!. Lol... Lol...

horrible is what i feel now. i skipped dance session, n i
think there wont be any until sch reopens. kinda emo!. on
e blinger side, now quite a handful of ppl r affected by my
K-wave!. cool!. "tipping pt" Lol... Lol... i miss reading.
THANKS HOTTIES RESI!. :D if you r reading this, pls go n
blog!. after reading mine of coz!. i wna know what you
Hotstuff r up to!. Lol... Lol... if not i blog a lonely blog~ XD

no SW, so sch started at 10!. woke up at 0800 so i
took a long bath!. bumpercars!. HottIes Liyana was at
BishanInt so i smacked her butt agn!. her response
turned out holy this time!. Lol... Lol... funny!. XD n she
also experienced e same bread situation this morning!. XD

after BZC we went to a C4 toilet n it was super unglam!.
e funniest part was when HottIes Matilda pressed e tap
n it started to fill e sink n we all rushed out in panic that
e toilet might get flooded!. but i took a JPEG first of coz!. [L]
Lol... Lol... XD cteen i bought cchop coz i wanted to eat
mashedpotato. i think that my mashedpotato today looked
cute!. [R] Lol... Lol... cute right like so scooped nicely!. ;D

otw to MKTG saw Hot Didi so i scared her from e back n rapped
everything i wanted to tell her!. i think this time she's awake
ald coz her reaction was bigger this time rofl XD today i finally
accept that my gradhomeboys r graduating in like... a wk's time!.
at A3 i asked e HottIesHunks if they knew how to set my lock.
so after awhile... HottIes Resi successfully diddit!. happiness!. :D
THANKS HOTTIES RESI!. :D now i hv a lock combi of my own!. :D

MKTG Ms Ema showed us an online Stompblog abt a HottIte who
blogged abt she n her class cheating on a test!. obviously e
Stompblogger is trying to imply that HottItes r stupid n cheat on
tests!. to me, it actually shows that we r not stupid coz if we
dno we will copy n we do not act smart/arse out way thru it!.
anw, it's just a test!. like as if nonHottItes dont cheat too!. ;P

however, i do think that e HottIte should be criticized, but on
e basis that she disrespects e tcher by publicly admitting that
she n her class cheated on their tcher. it's like implying that e
tcher is not gd. so yeah. this made me feel quite blessed coz i
hv cool n glamful tchers!. ROCK ON MY HOTTITE TCHERS!. :D \m/

back to MKTG, at 1pt Ms Ema asked "if there's a predator,
then there must be..." n some HottIes yelled "ALIEN!~"
Lol... Lol... BZC halfway it seemed like e fire drill alarm was
triggered!. i find it funny coz it was raining. imagine if someone
really went to assemble at e field!. Lol... Lol... XD class ended
early so we went to cteen for awhile then me n HottIes Tj
walked outta sch tgt. i finally bought e snacks!. [L] for some
unknown reason [actually i know but dont wna tell you] my
voice got really gentle n since i m generally polite, e auntie
chitchatted with me!. i felt kinda bad coz i wanted to leave
as early as possible coz i needed to weewee!~ :(

at hm Hot Mum said that today all 3 of us complained that
we had insufficient funds!. Lol... Lol... XD so i was like
"HIGH5 SEMUA!~" n Hot Nabs, Im n i rushed to e center of
e hall n high5-eved then went back to wtv we was doing as
if nothing happened!. Lol... Lol... XD Hot Nabs decided to
bake cookies today so i helped out a lil coz she's sooo
amateur!. heehee ;) in e meantime, I MAKE GLAMMER

otw to sch i saw my dream automobile!. motivated!. XD
EPL e blogthingy was brought up agn!. HottIes Raynard
suggested "ayya now everybody should go write in a diary...
at most only your mum will read!~" Lol... Lol... XD i wonder
what will happen if someone finds my diary!. i think lotsa
ppl will be shocked!. but if they knew then i'll hv to kill em!.
but i think if they read it they will die laughing so yeah it's
more to self-destruct than murder rofl XD who has to know!. ;D

BRK II StudHub wasnt open so HottIes went to e sch lib so i
picked up e 1st fashion bk i see. e cover so funny!. XD [L] wth
ppl get to be on e cover of a Vouge bk still wna dig nose!. XD
some pages later was a pic of this babe shyiok sendiri as she
brushes her teeth!. Lol... Lol... feeling or what~ XD [R]

L: "eh i tell you secret... i like you, i really like you!~" ;) MKTG
was in e toilet n e auntie came n she started chitchatting
with me!. Lol... Lol... funny :D ytd i applied for lockerbreak
[i step prisonbreak rofl] n today it got done!. i think it will go
into my student record [they also step prisonbreak rofl] tho :(

no LD so went hm. it was raining damn heavily!. okay i wna
ask you a question. if you r a guy, wld you prefer a tiny umbrella
to share with your guyfriend or wld you prefer somein normal size
but crazy?. Lol... Lol... coz that happened!. HottIes Liyana had a
small black mini umbrella n obviously e boys cant fit innit, so they
had to use mine!. n my umbrella is LEOPARD PRINT!. Lol... Lol...
RAWR!. gosh it was sooo funny!. XD while walking out they were
like "we look sooo gay~" Lol... Lol... [L] HottIes Matilda shared
her babyPINK umbrella with HottIes Coach D so it was funnier!.
funniest is HottIes Poo!. he wore a printer paper box cover!. [R]

anw, e HottIesHunks got excited n they ran ard n suddenly
HottIes Colin slipped n fell on e rd!. he was almost hit by a car!.
it was sooo painful to watch!. n you know what he did e 1st
thing he got to a shelter?. he smoked a cigarette -_-" but i think
it was his way of cooling himself down from e incident?. so yeah
i felt kinda bad coz Hot Mum's a Senior Staff Nurse but i know no
$hit abt 1st aid!. :( but at least he's okay just some cuts :) then
he said "lucky today i wear boxers" n "my phone got spoil?", n
HottIesBabes were like "ayya you fall down still think abt phone"
i suppose it's some guything?. TAKE CARE HOTTIES COLIN!. :D

zooming on, bumpercars!. at AmkHub Hot Dad was walking ard
aimlessly rofl XD bumpercarsbumpercars!. met Hot Mum n Im at
e hm bstop so we walked hm tgt. turns out that they were in
e same bus all along :) ooh i think i got ill. hope everyone who
reads my blog isnt!. Lol... Lol... E'ZZA-TI-RAPY!. rofl XD

i've been thinking a lot lately but nvm, thats another post altgt:)
rmb to bring umbrella okay :) Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


a veryveryvery longpost. i hv come to e conclusion that
i will only blog longposts coz if it's too short that means
it's no that impt to be blogged n i can just scream it over
to your sexyears. so prepare yourself ald?. ok let's go!. just
wna blog abt somein off e top of my head [pun intended] :D

FBK FAMILY!. by now some of you might be aware that almost
all my immediate family members hv fbk accounts correct?. :)
well i've just realized how much it cld affect me!. for one, i cant
really do much naughty stuff!. Lol... Lol... but what really sunk
into me is that they cld upload files of you n tag you!. it might
seem fine at 1st, but what if they upload it without warning?!.

it's like hving a paparazzi that you happen to love. but luckily
my Hot Parents r still acceptably hip. i hv heard of a mum of
a friend who asks unknown guys in e network to go out with
her daughter [my friend]. embarrassing right?. like as if you
sooo desperate need parents to ask em to go out with you. :)

anw, e main reason on why i blog abt this is bcoz recently
Hot Mum posted an album of us celebrating Hot Nabs's bday,
n i was wearing THE TUDUNG!. :D so e i got informed almost
instantly abt it!. basically i looked funny in some of e picz coz
i was hving a BAD TUDUNG DAY. n i suppose some of em r
concerned coz they know how much i always wna look gd?.

yeahyeahyeah i m a rockstar n i dance n i wear e tudung,
so what!. just in case you're wondering,... im not a
minah tudung. i generally wear tudung when i go out. i dont
wear tudung when i m in sch uniform. i someimes dont wear it
even when i m outside sch uniform bcoz of special reasons
[sch events; performances]. n neither am i a makcik tudung
either. i dont wear cheap kebaya tops n ugly pants with crocs.
i dont wear cheap ugly tudungs that dont match. i dont stick
my hphone inside my scarf when i get a call. so this leads me
to stating some observations i made from real life situations.

so far e guys that ive met hv been kinda cool with it. usually
they'll just make harmless jokes here n there abt it or just dont
mind at all. a guyfriend once told me it's bcoz guys think that
no matter what they wear they'll still look more stupid than e
girl next to em. Lol... Lol... i actually find it endearing!. X) eg:

Guy: eh E'zzati you not coming to e chalet outing?.
E'zzati Said: haha nope why?. :)
Guy: HA!~ then if got ghost how?. you dont care abt us izzit?. :(
E'zzati Said: what does that hv to do with me!. Lol... Lol...
Guy: coz later none of us know any doas [prayers] then e ghost
will continue chasing us!. *makes a scared pitiful face*
E'zzati Said: ELEH!~ Lol... Lol... -_-"

*guy is a bermudaslover, realizes i will be attending e outing.*
*guy knows im particular abt apparels so shows up in long pants*
E'zzati Said: ooh!~ new pants?. ;D
Guy: yah E'zzati see i wear long pants... tutup aurat like you~
E'zzati Said: ELEH!~ Lol... Lol... -_-"
Unknownminah: eh u pakai long pants?. no wonder so hsome~
*i laugh at e Guy e whole day but inside i was really touched X)*

what i hate abt it is that guys will just look down on me. it's like
they will assume that i cant speak english n talk to me in mly. n
maybe i look more innocent when i wear tudung or somein coz
they always tend to "babytalk" me!. n half of e time, i know that
i m actually as [or maybe even more] intelligent!. but dimelo?, i
find comfort in knowing that if they ever go overboard n i tell em,
they wldnt do it agn. or at least they'll try not to. YAY BOYS!. :D

so far e girls that ive met hv been a-okay with it. i hv received
cadeaus before such as coolpins to wear with my tudung
[non-floral], n insider info on where i can get gdlooking tudungs!.
plus, they'll tell me if my tudung is senget [impt!.] what saddens me
tho is when nontudungnistas criticizes other tudung-nistas. you dont
want to wear then no need to say other ppl ar!. n also e same thing,
it's like they presume that tudungnistas r backward. for example,

*i youtubeing for songs*
Girl: linkin park?. that's a rock band you know?.
E'zzati Said: i heart mcr i heart blink182 i heart greenday!.
Girl: oh, so you like rock eh? like ramly sarip?.
E'zzati Said: -_-" Lol... Lol... thats like eons ago!. i tot you
were gna say ramly burger btw rofl XD

i find that girls need to stick to each other more ;) but thats
not to say that all girls r mean. i do know some loooovely girls!.
moving straight ahead, this situation basically somehow segments
e ppl i know into 3 categories. those who
1: originally saw me as a tudungnistas!. :D
2: originally saw me as not wearing it!. :D
3: hv gotten e best of both worlds!. :D

i actually find ppl's reaction to it funny!. for example!.
3: eh E'zzati today if you wear tudung use e cute pin k or if you
not then you dont tie your hair up k
E'zzati Said: wah can request eh!~ Lol... Lol...
2: E'zzati!. why you wrap?!. *with e hand actions circling e head*
E'zzati Said: eh face stunned nvm but hidung maintain ar! Lol... Lol...
*touches my hair curiously [some actually sniff it also rofl]*
E'zzati Said: RAWR RARR RARR!. Lol... Lol... XD

talking abt hair!. i was told that many ppl esp my schmates can
recognize me from a far just by noticing at my hair!. cool!.
Lol... Lol... they hear me 1st + see my hair = E'zzati!. :D
anw, by coming clean with these tudungnistas situation of mine,
i hope that this explains why i dont attend some outings
[beach parties, picnics, sports games]. so next time pls avoid
planning outdoor events!. Lol... Lol... THANKS IN ADVANCE!. :D

AOB!. i hope this blogpost isnt offensive!. this is from my personal
perspective so feel free to story if any!. :) also!. im looking for
revolutionary tudungnistas!. Lol... Lol... basically im headhunting
[a lil pun intended] for tudung-wearers who r still glam, or r even
glammer than nontudungnistas!. or even if you're not one but hv
glam tudung pHOTos or funny ones do share n we can all keep
e glamness gg. HOODSISTERS SHOULD STICK TGT!. :D \m/

add me at fbk okay!. ;D Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Sunday, February 22, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


BOO!. went by superfast!. ate candy in class. [L]
with HottIes Liyana n Sufiyan. i hope e $3.95 meal lasts
forever!. :D [R] whole day i tot of CnCw session!. :D
after eating walked ard then walked back to sch :D

okay hotties, before i continue i wld like you to meet
my 'lil hero. i love him very very super much!. ;D
introducing... SCREAMO SUPREMO!. :D

Lol... Lol... CnCw session we learnt how to draw
cartoon facial features n some basic cartoon specs,
then we had to create our own cartoon character!.
cute right Screamo Supremo!. XD before leaving we
had to hand in our drawing so it was like this

*CnCw Syasya hands in her work*
Instructor: okay Syasya~
*CnCw Yati hands in her work*
Instructor: okay Yati~
*i hand in my work*
Instructor: okay, screamo girl~
E'zzati Said: x_x" Lol... Lol...

*HottIte Zhi Hao was in e lib*
HottIte Zhi Hao: E'zzati, what were you doing?
*i showed him my drawing*
E'zzati Said: SEE!. SCREAMO SUPREMO!. cute right?.
HottIte Zhi Hao: ayya you n your screamo~

Lol... Lol... DAMMIT!. i spelt my character wrongly on
e paper tho!. so it ended as "Screamo Supemo" :( now
i feel like taking it back n redo-ing it agn!. RAWRRARRRARR.

was almost late!. :( EPL we got back our paper for e
open bk test!. i got 39 outta 40!. Ms Nair said it's e
highest in class!. awesome!. ;D i lost a mark coz my
1st ans was incomplete [R2], E'ZZATI DONT BE SHY
haha she also wrote "Well done. Keep up e great work"
hahahaha wow so encouraging~ Lol... Lol... motivated!.

classes ended at 1200 coz e tchers were meeting'd up,
so HottIes Sufiyan, Liyana n i went to Juncti8n. Sufiyan
wanted to get a cake for Sdottie Lock coz it was his bday.
bumpercars!. we met Lock at BishanInt. so we got him to
follow us to Juncti8n Kfc, then Pastamania. bought e cake.

Pastamania!. i find e mger unglam but e cashier is quite
cute!. i rmb his name heehee :D anw, we waited for
Sufiyan to finish eating n i managed to kop $3.90 from
him to buy a banana dessert pizza!. i was like ultraenthu n
superjakun!. they made fun of me coz it's my 1st time
eating there n laughed at me you know!. Lol... Lol...
[R] Sdottie Lock: u want, i take picture for you?.~

lately i hv been craving for yummy goreng pisang but
i hvnt manage to get em. i sniffed it a lil [rofl] then
when i took my 1st bite i was like damnhigh!. it beats
goreng pisang!. e bananas r immaculate, e pizza is like
e best pizza i've eaten, n theres these choc sprinkles
[according to HottIeSdo Liyana, who ate Pastamania
long ago way before i did] which is lovelylovelylovely 8D

Pre-Sdo!. [L] see e white deco ball on e cake?. we made Lock
eat it!. "eh Lock you must lick n eat e ball" Lol... Lol... XD
e cake i chose was Royal Chocolate from Polar. actually
wanted to another cake but i tot that it's best to hv somein
that's not that hard [brownie] or soft [mousse] :D anw, it's
Royal n im e one n only Princess so a lil personal biase!. XD
but wtv, it was e freshest cake shelved ;D shared half of a
piece with HottIeSdo Liyana. it's really cool coz it's made up
of cake, pudding, cake, pudding [-_-"] so it was kinda funny
when Liyana wanted to break it into two. jakun agn~ XD

Sdo session felt very short!. learnt a new routine n also
"sabo-ed" Lock. then SdottInstructor Daphney said she had
a polaroid camera n that she wanted to use some of e film so
we took 2!. in e end she let us take 1 more!. Lol... Lol...
POLAROID+STUDIO=HOT PHOTOS!. i lovelovelove!. 8D now
i also would like to hv a polaroid han kyul of my own!. ;D

Post-Sdo i asked Lock to teach me more random Thai vocab.
i think it sounds cute!. maybe it's just coz im e one who's
saying it!. Lol... Lol... XP learnt this, try saying it!.
POM LAK KUN, CHINCHING!. ;D [=i like you, really!. ;D]

VDG!. i hv decided to quit VDG. i hv given up on singing.
or at least i think so?. but what i know is i wont be
focusing on singing as much at this mmt. gotta say tho.
VDGHotties, I LOVE YOU!. you're a crazyfunlovely bunch of
ppl to be with n it been nice meeting you all n getting to
hear all your rockin' voices!. \m/ i'll miss you, do tell me if
you hv a performance or somein n i'll see if i can drop by n
show back some looove~ XD add me at youtube n fbk!. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOT NABS!. :D [1 from L] so Hot Parents,
Im n i decided to Swensens-nize. we discussed on e locations,
but end up gg to Juncti8n X) Hot Nabs n i took a lil longer to
get ready so we decided to meet em at e bstop. when we
saw them, both of us were stunned for a nanosecond n we
both said at e same time "gosh they r so unglam"!. XD
Lol... Lol... but they had put in effort so its okay :)

Juncti8n Swensens!. my ilt looks like it's in a beer mug!.
Lol... Lol... but it was heavy so i find it quite boring coz cant
camwhore with it :) [2] i ordered 2 fries!. [3] created my
own sundae!. banana split+cookiesncream icecream,
hot fudge+marshmallow toppings!. :D [4] i cldnt find any
mmallows!. n e hot fudge was under all e icecream, so it
should be called hot fudge bottomings instead!. Lol... Lol... XD

while eating i received a call from an unknown number n
when i picked it up, this happened. so random e call XD
Caller: Hello. E'zzati?.
E'zzati Said: Good afternoon!. yeahyeahyeah?. :D
Caller: Do you know what pop art is?.
E'zzati Said: uh huh!. why?. :D
Caller: How to block pop art?.
*i got confused for ard 1.3minutes*
so i was wondering why e heck wld someone wna block
pop art!. i almost said "why?, pop art is nice what!~", by
then i think e caller noticed e dead silence n my lack of
response so she went "p-o-p u-p" n i was like "ELEH!~"
Lol... Lol... XD lucky didnt start talking abt pop art!. XD

i realized that 2 of my sec sch seniors work there!. then i
wondered if there's sucha thing as a double staff discount!.
Lol... Lol... 1 of em is a mly guy. it kinda made me miss e
mly guys in my previous schs!. i hope they're doing well!. :D
i dont personally know any of em tho. so now i hv a...

shopped ard after that. saw this!. [L, green arrow] it is
spelled as "Futhur"!. just how bimbo can Singapore get?!.
there's not even a theme that justifies it to be spelled in
that way. it doesnt even make sense if there is one!.
we soooo need betta marketers!. Lol... Lol... BHG was
boring so decided to camwhore. Hot Dad secretly wanted
to join but he's too big for e mirror mwahahahaha XD [C]
bought sneakers!. [R] i like it its sparkly like my backpack!. :D

AOB!. i wld also like to apologize on e lack of my blogactivity.
exams r coming ard n i've kinda been... studying?. Lol... Lol...
n also giving my dungeon n wardrobe a makeover!. motivated!.
im kinda bummed tho coz after exams n holidays it'll be Yr II for
me n my HottIes. n some of my homeboys wld be graduating :(
i kinda grew up with em!. add me at youtube n fbk okay!. :D

on e blinger [brighter is not enough] side, i m most likely
to perform for e April CCA Roadshow!. YOU HOTTIES

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


*mon 16Feb
otw to sch i met HottIes Coach D n Vivien so we
walked tgt. saw this. pretty right!. e sun is in e sky
oh why oh why wld i wna be anywhere else~ X)

at BRK i saw Mr K!. K is for K____!. :D okay here's e
story, morning glory. i heard that he had a haircut
recently, so i was wondering how it turned out :)
Lol... Lol... i actually like it!. a lil bit more only rofl XD

BZC supposed to do a solo pst on somein Asian n some
HottIes hv taken my niche topics so i had to pst abt
somein i dont usually talk abt!. Mrs Quek previously said
that my topic is potentially boring but wtv i'll come up
with somein coz i you know i you know i ;) RAWR!.

my topic is... ANGKLUNG!. Lol... Lol... random right?.
bet you all didnt know that i play e angklung!. ;D
dimelo?. my pst day is daeumnahl!. i wasnt gna half-arse
it so ima bring it to sch n do a mini-live performance!. ;)
Lol... Lol... but i dont wna bring e whole set either!. :S
SW day somemore!. so i scrammed my brain thinking of
what to play coz i only hv 1 octave, minus e sharps!.

also!. it's quite weird to play e angklung solo. means, i
need somein with simple n repetitive chords!. RAWR!.
some HottIes recommended me to play somein like
Sway but i dno!. sorry slimey!. [my version of honey] :)
i know i can take e easy way out n play somein like
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Mary Had A Little Lamb,
but did i listen?. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ :P

of coz i wna show off my rockstar-ness!. Lol... Lol...
n what betta song to play, none other than...
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams!. Lol... Lol... XD
so i stayed up late n ran thru everything 13 times :D
i hope that HottIes will love it!. Lol... Lol... RAWR \m/

overslept!. so prepared myself n grabbed my angklung
set n left. in 88bus i kept losing my balance n stepping e
feet of e guy behind me. wanted to apologize but i was too
paiseh to turn. dimelo?, it was actually... HottIes Stanley!.
Lol... Lol... i only realized that when he alighted e bus to
meet HottIes Amrit!. Lol... Lol... bumpercars!. :D

was late for SW!. warmup was funny coz HottIes Stanley
made it so. e rest was beyond boring!. supposed to play
bdmntn but at 1pt after HottIes Liyana reached Matilda
suggested to play my angklung instead so i agreed!. XD
so we played at e side of e hall like no one's bness!. XD

before MKTG I i asked HottIes Liyana n Matilda what color
panties they were wearing, then i asked em to guess mine!.
XD n Matilda responded correctly in like 1.3seconds!. cool!.
Lol... Lol... MKTG II HottIes Tj asked a question n Ms Ema
suddenly said "MAKCIK!." n Liyana n i just GASPED. when
she started explaining we all laughed our sexy butts off!.
*inside joke* Lol... Lol... XD before BZC we went for a brk :)

BZC i was in e Grp I [with HottIes Farah, Zahrina, n Ismail].
Zahrina went 1st abt S'pore food n at e end of her pst,
Zahrina: are you hungry? Grp I girls: ya~ *pitiful tone*
Lol... Lol... after that it was my turn to rock e rm!. RAWR \m/
was a lil too loud at 1st, somewhen in e middle i lost my
momentum n stuttered abit coz i had to slow down but
my mini-live performance was lovely nonetheless!. heehee ;D

after that went back to class n let e rest try it out rofl ;)
also!. i got to know that Farah was an Angklungnista too!.
so total there's 4 HottIes Angklungnistas ald!. Lol... Lol...
sat ard at e foyer for awhile n waited for e sun to ermm...
set a lil [? lol]. decided to treat myself an Mcd icecream!. [R]
e Mcd-ress found my order weird XD yummyyummyinmybelly!.

otw to sch saw HottIes Liyana but she shyiok sendiri n so
was i!. when we reached e sch n stopped shyiok sendiri-ing
i smacked her butt!. you shouldve seen her reaction!. XD
MKTG I Ms Ema was course'd up so we got an earlier release
n went for e usual LJS bfast!. it's funny coz e moment we
reached class we asked each other if we're gg to LJS today
n just got ourselves excited!. Lol... Lol... XD also!. we r kinda
popular in e Juncti8n LJS!. e staff recognized us n she even
rmbed my order!. ROCK ON JUNCTI8N LJS!. Lol... Lol... XD
after that 410[w]ed back to sch n went for EPL!. :D

did an openbk test n then this happened!. [R] had to choose
betw gg for a talk in sch or xcountryrun at Bedok!. e thing is,
if we go for e run, some of our SWhrs can be compensated!.
however!. as a true Bishanista at heart, we decided to go for
e talk!. L: some random pic i took a few yrs back :D

in Auditori e talk was by HottIte Counsellors!. didnt know they
exist!. Lol... Lol... they played some mvs before starting so
HottIes sang along!. Lol... Lol... e intro was abt this guy called
Nick Vujicic!. he's sooo admirable go youtube him or somein!.
after that they screened Hancock!. almost cried but e ending
wasnt as dramatic as i imagined so i didnt!. Lol... Lol... movie
was funnier n more interesting than i tot!. ooh. after that we
had free lunch!. see HottIes Coach D eyeing on my burger!.

no LD session today so went hm. otw tot of a bday cadeau to
give Hot Nabs on saturday. so i got excited n bought it!. she
wanted gbears n i wanted to prank her so i came up with...
E GBEAR BOMB!. basically i just put some gbears into a small
plastic bag n tied it really tightly. i even taped it to make sure
she wont untie it!. e prank is that if she wants to eat e gbears,
she'll hv to EXPLODE e plasticBAG!. Lol... Lol... fun what~ XD

btw!. ytd was e last day for CCA Update at StudPort!. :S
i only put Sdo!. coz i cldnt enter e rest as some of e fields
were e same. DUH!. what do they expect!. RAWR!. of coz i m
multi-talented in my own element!. hee~ ;) dammit hope that
in e near future can update agn!. if not then... setan!. RAWR!.
ooh 1 last thing, we all hv teeth that can bite underneath ;D
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Friday, February 13, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


hello there~ e hotties from my nightmares!~
there's 2 more this yr!. Mar n Nov!. RAWR!. ;D

at 0000 i texted some hotties to wish em ;) some
replied so i decided to creep em up!. Lol... Lol...
prepared my PURSE OF PRANKS!. [L] Lol... Lol... at
sch it was quite funny to see e different reactions!.
anw, i was nice too so i didnt put any [in their words]
"hardcore" items ;) e pranks available r as follow
1: e purse is actually not prankful
2: sweets without e sweet [wrapper only]
3: sweets that colors your tongue

#1 was funny coz i think a lot of ppl suspected somein
crazy!. so it was hilarious to watch em squirm for
pretty much nothing actually!. Lol... Lol... #2 was not
that effective coz i cldnt keep track who got empty
wrappers!. #3 is e bomb!. made me smile to myself all day!.
imagine if ur friend/tcher ate e sweet then does a pst~
confirm ppl will freak out if they saw their tongues!. XP
Lol... Lol... received a vday gift [R]. THANKS HOTTIES TJ!. :D

aftersch HottIes Coach D warned us to walk down e foyer
properly!. "coz later friday e 13 then you all will slip"!. XD
treated myself to a full-blown KFC meal!. while eating i
said somein n he tickled-ly laughed!. so i blamed him for
e idea, n he said "i didnt expect u to be so hardcore!~" XD
then he called me a lovesick-daughter-of-a-bun!. it's e
"polite" version of son-of-a-gun!. Lol... Lol... XD oh there
was a bug at a counter it looked like a mini-scorpion!.
cute~ it walked really fast so e pHOTo's kinda blur :(
then we walked back to sch for Sdo session!. :D

pranked more ppl along e way!~ XD session was brill!.
SdoInstructor taught us some new stuff. fun, funny, funky!.
Lol... Lol... after session i borrowed Sdottie Lock's cap
[green arrow] for camwhoring purposes!. my head felt
so small!. Lol... Lol... it's nice right!. of coz, i wear what!~
Lol... Lol... but it's really nice!. sparkly2, matches my bag!.
n it's green!. Lol... Lol... I LOVE FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!.

FTT FEB 2009 is just a taste [pun intended] of what ima
do for e other FTTs!. Lol.. Lol... hope you all had a lovely
FTT too!. next time join me k!. hee ;D Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


*tue 10Feb
reached ontime for SW!. realized that HottIes Resi was
calling me from behind all along but i didnt hear so next time
if you wna call me go "E'zzati!. RAWR!~"!. Lol... Lol... XD
today HottIes Raynard asked me to change my hairstyle to
a mullet!. Lol... Lol... scored 80% for SW test!. okay what ;D

I AM NOW OFFICIALLY 150CM TALL!. finally grew 1cm :D
e sad thing is that i hv also put on 1kg!. :( RAWR!. SW was
beyond boring!. HottIesHunks played streetsoccer so we
bdmnted. at 1pt HottIes Liyana, Nat n me were playing on e
same side of e court n we pretended to be Powerpuff Girls!.
we totally meet e criterias!. Liyana was Bubbles, Nat was
Blossom, n i was Buttercup "bcoz buttercup also emo"!.

haha at BZC Mrs Quek said that today class ends at 11 for
HottIes, n she said "so u no need to run, u can walk hm slowly"
Lol... Lol... aftersch we went to Juncti8n n walked ard n
backpackhunt but dont hv :( so met Hot Mum n cabbed to
Bugis!. bummer mann coz Bugis Street was under renovation!.

in e end i managed to find a backpack!. 72% happy!. :D
haiz why r there so many floral backpacks on earth!. RAWR!.
bought 2 tees also :D at hm helped Hot Mum switch keyboards.
im sooo motivated to go to sch now with my new bag heehee ;)
gna go to sch n study hard!. wooohooo Lol... Lol... XD

went for CAH coz HottIes Liyana was performing for
Speak Gd English Mvmnt but was late. wasted!. shld've
slept pillow was comfy!. nvm at least got to bring my
new backpack :D after MKTG I we didnt go out to eat. so
boring!. oh but got nice view at cteen for ard 7mins ;D

EPL ended 1hr earlier, went with HottIes CandyCoffinistas
to StudHub to finalize MKTG project for presentation :D
total BRK II was 2damnhrs, so i was bored n i started to
play online games on HottIes Yilik's lapt [lap-tee!.] ;)
sadly StudHub was full of girls so i shyiok sendiri-ed ;P

MKTG II was psyching self up when HottIes Raynard saw
that we were presenting too so he said "come baybeh~"
i dont get it!. Lol... Lol... 13mins before our turn realized
that HottIes CCoffinistas had an example of a proposal ppt!.
Lol... Lol... got me in a spin but everything is a-okay!~ ;D
pst was fun!. we emphasized more on e mktg side than e
bness side ;) oh yah!. out of all e things that cld be asked...

Ms Ema: what do you mean by "Dental Subsidies"?
E'zzati Said: *tries not to laugh* oh, bcoz theres a
common perception that candy will spoil your teeth...
*someone says "ya, later will decay~" in a pitiful tone*

Lol... Lol... i ALMOST replied back in an innocent tone
"so we dont want it to affect our relationship..." but LUCKILY
i said somein more brainy!. Lol... Lol... "we dont want it to
prevent e public from patronising our bness" :D Lol... Lol...
was thinking of a song but nvm. okay enough dental talk!. :D

after MKTG II Ms Ema highlighted that CCoffinistas "forgot
to mention abt corporate buyers" so i was like OH YAH!~
Lol... Lol... it's not that we forgot it's we didnt even think of
it!. Lol... Lol... i hope that HottIes enjoyed our pst!. :D

camwhored a 'lil bit. i love extreme left pHOTo!. :D

while waiting for session to start camwhored agn!. ;)
L: i love my silver backpack!. :D
C: me step emo a 'lil bit!. Lol... Lol...

LD was boring also. instructor didnt come today :(
did Chacha but i dont rmb a $hit so Ld Yuan Sheng had
to teach me but i still cldnt rmb. apologies!. im just
un-chacha-rable!. Lol... Lol... oh Ld Ncklz dropped by :)
otw back with Ld Mas at foyer i saw BANDUNG BEER!. [L]
Lol... Lol... just kidding~ it's SOAP!. Lol... Lol... no idea
why it's there, maybe decoration?. but it's pretty!. :D
at hm Hot Dad passed me a packet of packets of snacks
that i've been wanting to eat!. WOO~ Lol... Lol...

made it for EPL!. :D MKTG was other grp's psts n i tot
that HottIes Blackbox's pst was really gd!. i know, i shldnt
be happy right coz theyre kinda my "competitors" but i
really liked their pst!. they even made prototypes of e
cafe. kinda ECH, but wtv. wish i tot of it!. Lol... Lol...

aftrsch we waited at e foyer a while so HottIes Resi, Tj, n
i started narrating!. yup, NARRATING!. we wld spot grps of
ppl chatting n pretend to come up with what they r saying!.
superfunny!. Lol... Lol... then we proceed to Juncti8n Ljs!. ;D
had my quick lunch before gg back to sch. bcoz...

NW: i signed up for e cartoon n caricature workshop!. :D
SW+NC: started with basics then we drew cartoon
characters :) then we learnt watercolorpainting!. so when it
was time to try i did my best n anyhow whack!. lucky didnt
create a mess ;) see e apple?. there's a story behind it!. XD

*everybody paints some basic shapes*
*i dno what to paint so i painted some unknown shape*
Instructor: CHEH!~ APPLE SEH!~
E'zzati Said: huh?. it's an apple?!.
Instructor: ya, it looks like an apple. it IS right?.
E'zzati Said: huh apple shld've used red n yellow~
*someone says "it's okay what~"*
E'zzati Said: this is like poisonous apple!. *Lol... Lol...*
*everyone at my table laughs*
*draws e stalk n leaf since e instructor said it's an apple*

Lol... Lol... then learnt to paint a tree :D [R] not bad right!.
i wanted to draw banana tree but it ended up looking like
a weird version of cherry blossoms!. Lol... Lol... i think i
used at least a color from e palettes of everyone near me!.
Lol... Lol... THANKS CARTOONISTAS!. [?] :D Lol... Lol...

friday will be blogged seperately bcoz... [say it with me!]
it's FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!. *makes creepy noises*

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Monday, February 9, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


yeahyeahyeah some ppl commented that my wklypost r
suuuuperrrr long so from now onwards ima breakitdown :)
it'll either be halved, or long days posted seperately. RAWR!.

woke up a bit late n my mp3 was semi-spoilt!. bummer!. so
i rtsm [=read e stupid manual] [[cheh got time huh!.]] i
wasnt early but still made it for EPL :) i cried abit otw n in
class T_T when i told HottIes Sim "Lim Square" Yilik, he just
laughed at me!. wna know why?. I DIDNT CHARGE MY MP3!.
Lol... Lol... im soo used to AAA-batt mp3s so i totally forgot!.
see!. Hot Mum, next time if you wna buy for me electronics,
bring me along!. Lol... Lol... *inside joke* THANKS MATILDA!. :D

e mmt i reached sch HottIes Sufiyan passed me a paper n
Ms Nair said "i want you to join this :)" dimelo?, there's an
elective Dance Module!. but only 20+- in e whole Ite can go.
wldnt be ultracool if i get in?!. REPRESENT BISHANISTAS!. ;D
Lol... Lol... im sooo gna tryout!. sessions r at Ite Simei tho :S

BZC we started on reports n i tot that this line is funny!.
act cute~ "Photocopier suddenly not working" Lol... Lol...
aftrsch went to AmkHub to find my backpack but sadded :(

went hm for awhile, then things got mendak so i decided to
go for a dance session in sch. met HottIes Matilda, Liyana n
Sufiyan. waited a bit for Mr Cho so camwhored. presenting:
Liyana "Halo" Ibrahim, Matilda "Nightlight[Moon]" Ho, n
E'zzati "Fireworks" Said!. Lol... Lol... session was funny!.
most of e time my face was like this: 8O or OoO or o_0"
Lol... Lol... n!. we didnt hv a radio/speakers agn. RAWR!.

so yeah basically i seperated this from e other days coz i
now realize how much I AM ATTACHED TO MUSIC N DANCE :D
which is weird, coz my family's not really into arts. hmmm.
i think Hot Mum used to be in e Brass Band n Hot Dad was
in Malay Dance?. so i think when i was born all their arts
dna pass to me so now they dont hv that's why they're not
interested?. Lol... Lol... if only Youtube was created long ago.
then i'd probably hv somein of em that i can laugh at heehee X)

ima leave you with 3 questions. think abt it n tell me k!. :D
now if she does it like this will you do it like that?.
now if she touches like this will you touch her right back?.
now if she moves like this will you move it like that?.

Love xoxoxox Nebs