Saturday, September 27, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@i'm so happy when you're dancing there.

when ppl ask me why i dance,
or why i like fashion n design so much,
it's hard to know what to say.

when im in e studio, everything fades:
my bruised ego at everyday critics,
my irritation at mishaps,
my underdeveloped rm, everything.
e studio is cool n a tad dusty,
n im slippery n still sticky,
but im perfectly at hm :D

e problem with dance, tho, is that
it's over too soon. before im ready,
im back at e dressing rm, getting ready to
face e music. kidding, i mean to face life.
lame joke... Lol... Lol... :D

i make a pt of spending time on how i look,
applying touch-ups, n styling my hair instead of
hving an "easy-to-manage" public image.
i wear clothes, bags, n accessories. armor.
i wear lip gloss, eyeliner, n mascara. war paint.

e look is e remains of a mmt, e material of feelings n
lemon tea, n all e things i love best abt e mmt.
it's always so amazing to me that i can
re-create a time just thru clothes. i pose my
body into e camera n breathe in deep. hot!. ;D

all in all, i suppose it's somein ambiguous.
you know, "for me to know for you to find out".
it's like theres no particular reason in itself :)

so when ppl ask me why i dance,
or why i like fashion n design so much,
i m annoyed by e question.
n doubly annoyed bcoz im wondering e same thing.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Friday, September 26, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@you sexy thing, and you know it.

OMGoth!. somein awesome happened
to a geekanista!. haha yours truly,

was Yahooing n came accross it.
played e trial version. addictedlove!. :D

progressing from e 1st version,
JFS2 brings sooo much more...
fashion nutrition value!. sodamnnice :)
check out some pics i got!.
this is e mainscreen. glam much!. :D

plus, they hv like new styles such as
Bollywood [i KNOW some of u wld LOVE this!.],
Activewear [some of u wear this in real life!.],
n Foxhunt [some of u dont even know what it is!.]!.
so many styles, so little time... :D

plusplus, theres this "Photoshoot" stages where
you pick a style n frame it n they'll
automatically calculate ur pts. it's like scanning for
product prices, only more stylish!.

plusplusplus, they also hv added a
MENSWEAR division!. so for all you SNAGs
n fashionable men out there, there's
somein for you too!. as for e ladies, well
we get to choose what we want em to
wear without any resistance!. n we get to
take off their clothes haha :D

Lol... Lol... i hv a million n 1 reasons
why u gotta get this awesome game,
but i shld leave it at 3 for now.
I LOVE JFS1&2!. Cheers!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@so tie me down before i explode.

J8!. saw Joakim Gomez from SI lol.
saw some popular sale thingy.
saw this!. want so bad. :D

just when i tot all hope is gone,
SURPRISE!. prayers answered :)
Hot Wak K gave an envelHope!. :D

this is what i did with it.
$100: put inside millionaire fund!. :D
$50: invest n indulge!. :D

went back to J8 e next day to
purchase my game. had to choose
betw Go Go Gourmet n Jojo Fashion Show.
cant possibly choose fake food over
fashion!. bought Jojo Fashion Show :D

completed all e runway mode in 1.5days :D
still replaying almost all e levels heehee :)
so much fashion nutritional value!.

talking fashion, Hot Mum decided to
sponsor me a new pair of sch shoes,
on e basis that my previous pair was
"rabak enough". woohoo i feel so blessed.

still abiding to e 90% black rule, i
decided to change e laces to somein
more statement-izing. I LOVE MY SHOES!. :D

Lol... Lol... btw, i intend to touch on
more fashion, dance, n my damnfun life
in e future blogticles. till then, STAY HOT!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@music is e only thing that makes sense.

if it's too loud, you're too old!. :D


T'ANG QUARTET came to ITE Bishan for
a promo tour!. :D it was T'ang Quintet on
mon tho. haha self-proclaimed T'anganista!. :D

it's so cute that they actually just
stand there n didnt pose!. hahahahaha
they make classical music so hot!. :D
[other than my fav Maksim Mrvica of course!.] :D

here's a pic of em playing. haha i anyhow
draw e scores. dno lar!, it sounded
correct to me!. hahaha Lol... Lol... :D

last but not least, another fav of mine!.
e 1 n only superfunky psychedelic...

came late, so didnt get to support
Liyana n LD :( anw got a call from
LD Mas saying that i had to go to e
dance studio. signed tchers day card
n went for class. [was so late lah!.]


SW intro was fun, played skipping!. :D
then i guess it was time for e boys
to hv fun so we had to play
captain's ball :( boring much!. wasnt
enthu so didnt play well. decided to
conserve energy for MD later :D

then had MD practice in front of e
foyer. after that went to hall agn to
support Nisa n Sufiyan coz i wont
get to catch em perform on fri :D
we r all so talented!. hee hee :D

had FDR [full dress rehearsal] so
cldnt tag along with e class to go to e
Paya Lebar Airbase Open House.
was at ITE MCP. so close yet so far!.
finalized things n danced somemore :D

performance day!. reached ITE MCP
ontime, met some ITEnistas, then to
e bckstg dance studio to do our
hair n make up, n some last min
choreo ideas n practice :D

somehow i end up performing in
another pink outfit!. hahaha loves :D

gd things come in pairs baybeh!.
2 hotties r betta than 1 :D

also also also!.............
major cheers for all my previous
tchers, Ms Joanna, Mrs JY, Ms H,
Ms Gladys, Ms Nair, Ms Cc, Ms May,

yay us all,... we rock!. :D
here's a lil somein to show what
i'm currently studying :D

*Billion Zillionaire Fashionista!.

alright hotties all e best for
your exams n everything else!.
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs