Sunday, November 16, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@im ready to go right now.

5th wk!. dramatic in both ways :D

horrible day!. i cried in sch. so embarrasing!.
felt bad after that so decided to stop.

aftrsch sessioned with HottIes Nisa n Liyana.
today someone made my day in a non-crush way.
also, my throat hurts!. like theres a cut or somein.
very annoying. can feel a sharp pain when swallowing,
even if it's just saliva!. dammit.

for e 1st time in my ITElife, i skipped SW. had to!.
body was aching n throat was just not working.
today Hot Yayi gave me 5 $2 notes out of e pink.
decided to give back so i bought him a
Delifrance Choc Muffin n gift-wrapped it :D

someone made my day agn in a non-crush way.
arrived early for CAH coz there was a talk.
then Ms Ema let us out early, so we had
1hr 45mins of break!. went to LJS, bought my
new pink earpiece, dropped by Bishan CC lol.

firedrill!. was kinda fun!. haha "concert at e padang".

at EPL HottIes Raynard, Stanley n Amrit came up
with laserfighting as a class activity. damn cool!. lol
found this at e SBSC Board otw to dancestudio!. :D

double cool!. LD did Rumba. then revised Chacha :D
nice way to end e day n spark my excitement for
tml's auditons!. :D your hot rockchick!. Lol... Lol... :D

410[W]ed to sch n saw a girl wearing a familiar
pink robot hoodie [inside fashion] so decided to
strike up a conversation. EPL was quite fun,
Ms Nair announced e ppl who made e list. she
also gave me n HottIes Fiqah this:

i still hv no clue what i shld do with it!. e rest of e
day was just excited abt e auditions. at pre-auditions
everytime i sang Ms Nair entered e auditorium. Lol... Lol...

was quite happy at e crowd turnout!. :D
soooo gotta thank those who indirect helpers!.
wld definitely be different without you.

there was a pt when there was no crowd,
so we [or mostly me] decided to exploit e
microphone n stage!. E'zzati the Rockstar!. :D

1: MCR's I Dont Love You.
voice was kinda rocky at first, in e middle
lost e beat, but e ending was fun!!!!!!! :D

2: Ronan Keating's If You Say Nothing At All.
HottIes Resi started playing n Liyana sang, i did e
oohoohooh part n everyone laughed n lost track!. Lol... Lol...

3: Secondhand Serenade's Fall For You
he tried to play but he cldnt catch it so he
switched roles n somehow i ended up singing it!. :D

after that i was high so i sang bobd -1.

5: Westlife's If I Let You Go
was bored. then everyone else joined so i just stopped e
music from my hp n we just sang tgt was nice n fun.

some food for laughs. some secret stuff.
haha okay a lil lame.
but it kinda motivate me to up my game!. :D

Lol... Lol... e day ended off with a great closing by
HottIes Liyana. *semangat-ly sings*
lucky im in love with ur best friend~

day passed by quite fast!. today i did somein
not cool in class on e basis that i panicked.
felt really awful after that :( also got errr...
debriefed[?] after that by some ppl who were
honest enough to say e truth in person :) THANKS!. :D

R1: at MD we used up e vouchers received from
Xtreme Fiesta :D then decided to help e new
members with e steps. i miss MD session!.
L: me still alive at 1st slice :)
R2: sleepy at seconds!. -_-zZ

after that went to HottIes Liyana's castle coz
she had some stuff to do. quite gd timing!.
they were showing some nice rock music vids
on cable i had to switch back n forth betw
channels to maximise my viewership!. Lol... Lol...
laptopped a bit. then left for ITE Simei. at
Tampines bus took ~forever~ to come!.

ITE Simei is such an advanced building!.
they had escalators n atms, its like a
shopping centre in itself minus all e shops!.
Lol... Lol... no echo tho. n i think i'd die if i
hv to sch there. so glad i'm a Bishanista :D

went to Bkt Btk Mrt. Lol... Lol... was really
confused whether it was Bkt Btk or Bkt Timah.
turns out that Bkt Timah is e road's name.
sheesh!. Lol... Lol... turns out that i actually
hv a bus to get there n back from AMKtc!. :D

i finally went for Vocal session!. did some
breathing n warm up training. felt abit
awkward n kinda paiseh haha :D there was this
part when e instructor asked e new ppl to
introduce emself to her. [semi-inside joke]

E'zzati: E'zzati. *tries not to laugh*
Instructor: what?.
E'zzati: E'zzati. *everybody laughs*

after that we got homework. she also
said that in e near future she'll make us
sing some Opera as a test!. hot damn!.
been wanting to learn it for some time ald.

otw hm we took a vintage bus n i got
excited n i lost my shades :"( bummer!.
why do i always lose my shades n underwear!.
RAWR everything happens for a gd reason.
so yah. e future looks busy for me!. :D
i hope i get well soon haha. Cheers!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@karaoke e Gerard['s] Way!.

4th wk!. :D

aftrsch sessioned with HottIes Nisa n Liyana
for e Xmas Event Performance. felt kinda
cacat!. i m sooo not that hiphopful!.
Lol... Lol... but wtv gna do my best hope
i can pull it off!. :D

only ard 13 ppl turned up for SW!. did
some arm conditioning then badmntned with
HottIes Qianning. at break i did a teaser for
Sufiyan. also queued for Chicken Chop, then
e uncle said Chicken Chop not ready!. RAWR!.

had a talk today called Love Factually.
e hippest sch rship talk i had so far!.
Cheers to those who were innit!. :D

met HottIes Fiqah at Bishan Mrt. walked to
Bishan Int, then HottIes Matilda came so we
410[W]ed to sch. MKTG class was funny!. :D

at break i wanted to buy Chicken Chop, e
uncle replied "sorry now chicken chop cannot."
"e auntie using to make burgers. sorry."
I WAS SOOO PISSED!. what kind of bness r
they trying to do cant they use half of it to
make burgers n e other half for other stuff.

was abt to cry [told ya i was damnpissed]
when Hot Didi came n i started rapping to
her abt e situation n she just CALMLY replied
"just think of _______." Lol... Lol... n i was like
"oh, that helps!. :D" Lol... Lol... yay :D

EPL Ms Nair told us e top students from IES n
their general ranking. then she said e top students outta
whole cohort for module [ofa] in e #1 position is...
E'zzati [me] & Fiqah!. [tie] i was like... "COOL!." e hottest
ladies in e class r e geekiest of e whole cohort!.
or should i say... coHOT!. Lol... Lol... :D was really
happy mann sooo motivated i shall up myself from now :D

so far its okay im starting to get e groove :D

LD learnt on Rumba technique [esp arms].
at 1 pt i partnered LD Skye n danced incldg e
whole arm thingy n he was like "pass!"
*taps my left shoulder* -_-" Lol... Lol...
also recalled e Chacha routine. funny!. haha :D

today i finally submitted my flyer :D

i lost my bzc bk. just when class was abt to
start, i found it under my table. cool!.
MD Ms Joanna updated us abt stuff n said that
we had $50 Pizza Hut voucher from Xtreme Fiesta.
double cool!. haha took this pic coz i like e
design!. e title is just cool n e yellowblue font
combo is just so adorable n LJS/IKEA-esque!. :D

aftrsch i did a environmentally responsible act!.

rE'Zcylcle!. haha pay it forward ppl!. :D

haha also realized that my thur write-ups r
soo short!. haha okay i shall not waste my
youth from this thur onwards :D

woke up at 8am [sch spoilt my bodyclock],
then went out to prepare for e Family Bbq
at Downtown East. 1 funny thing was that i
kept buying stuff from Cheers when i was
wearing a 7 11 shirt!. Lol... Lol...

smile or swim!. :D

coincidentally e Asian Sportstack Festival
was gg on so i decided to give it another go.
my cycle timing is 53secs!. cool

I AM THE RUNWAY TITAN!. :D Lol... Lol...

BORN!~ TO BE WILD!~ Lol... Lol...

lunch n dinner :D

daddy's girl!. e hairless n e heiress!. :D Lol... Lol...


i had sucha lovely time. will do it agn :D
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@no one else here will do!.

3rd wk!. :D

jumproped for SW. so fun n silly!.
i loved it haha then badmntned but
was too tired so i kinda sucked lol -_-"

showed off my dance shoes today!. Lol... Lol...
also, during EPL HottIes Zahrina did my hair!.

LD i entered e studio n e radio was
playing "Sexbomb"!. Lol... Lol... plus, e
shoeuncle[?] gave us a discount so i got
$2.50 back!. :D n also HottIes Sufiyan gave me
Blackcurrant Sugus from Malaysia!. :D

didnt go to sch today. legs pain :(

at dance we had some newcomers :)
learnt a new routine. wasnt really
feeling it :S right knee hurts annoyingly :(
got tdrive back from Sdo IvyDragon.
not saying anything else!. Lol... Lol... :D

left for Malaysia at night. reach at 0200?!.
Lol... Lol... lack of activity=a recovered knee!.
Lol... Lol... foggy night at Msia creepy but cool!. :D
looks like its gna be an eventful Nov!. i miss MCR!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Saturday, November 15, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@it's only me, you, and the dancefloor!.

2nd wk!. crazy institute musical haha :D

left class earlier for break before dry run.
met Ms Nair at cteen. quickchatted. was kinda
cool!. Lol... Lol... cabbed to ITE Yishun with
Soul'd Out Hui Min. read our astrology otw!.
Lol... Lol... THANKS SUFIYAN!. :D

ITE Yishun is like sooo un-hip compared to
ITE Bishan!. so glad im a Bishanista!. their
cteen is really pathetic!. haha but e
names of e stalls were pretty hilarious!.
Lol... Lol... go check it out yourself!. :D

Hip Hop Dance Competition 2008.
Xtreme Fiesta @ ITE Yishun.
prepared at auditorium, went down at ard noon.

yours truly, E'zzhawti!. :D

L: Sufiyan's hat n cam rocks!. :]
R: Ready to dazzle'zzati!. :D

yours truly, e 'Lil Shawtiez!. :D

yours truly, Soul'd Out!. :D

yours truly, IESoul'd Out ft Dj Funky Poo!. :D

there was this SAF[?] accapella grp. at 1st i
tot they wld be boring, but [hot] damn!, theyre
really gd!. enjoyed their performance much!.
their beatboxer is so fantastic he belted out some
of e current famous songs so perfectly!. :D

dancing moved off by Tra'irat Seni n LD.
then e stage is ours. i hv to say, i m sooo err...
touched?. coz e crowd cheered quite loudly
when we were introduced?. really wanted to
dancedamn well. THANKS CROWD!. :D

had to wait for like 3hrs for results!.

was a lil suprised when Nu'Crew was 2nd?.
coz i tot they were quite gd?. hmmm...
most probably we got lower pts coz we
were too hot to handle. n that we didnt hv
guys to do e usual downrock n freezes?.

was also bummed!. i think they won bcoz
they had an easy routine n formatn so
can synchro. n it was mainstream hiphop.

but wtv, i think that e judges also dno
what hip hop really is!. Lol... Lol...
anw, i asked ard n most of my frieaudience
[friend+audience] enjoyed it!. n knowing that
e ppl who support you liked it kinda feels
even betta than winning!. of coz it wld be
nice to win too!. Lol... Lol... hee hee :D

went for POM II, n Ms Ema asked for a
brand that uses societal marketing.
E'zzati Said: bodyshop.
Ms Ema: yup, bodyshop.
she knows, n she wasnt even here this morning.
IES: you didnt mention bodyshop this morning!.
wrong class...
Ms Ema: ... oh maybe i mentioned it in my PR class...
*everyone looks at me*
E'zzati Said: dont look at me!, i wasnt there!. :D
[my thoughts=Lol... Lol...]
IES: eh E'zzati you wrong class ar!~
Liyana: oh, E'zzati, no wonder you were late...

Lol... Lol... aftrsch i needed n [finally] got a
long-awaited call from a Hottie which made
my day so much betta!. :D n to make it even betta,...

met Hot Didi [as usual] n walked to sch tgt.
didnt jaywalk today!. ;D Lol... Lol... quickchatted abt
e wk n more. at break i wanted to buy me a drink
[get it?. lol.] so i err... sang to e auntie!.
*waits for my turn* CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA!~ :D

Lol... Lol... guess what?!. she sang back!.
Lol... Lol... so cute!. i feel so inspirationful!. :D

EPL went for a sportstack presentatn at
auditorium. its kinda weird that they promo it as
a youthsport!. but gotta give em credit tho,
its not as easy n brainless as it looks!. :D
bet e aunties can do betta than me!. haha :D

had a dance meeting to confirm e ex-co.
then danced. after that walked hm until
Bishan Bus Interchange n realized that my
wallet wasnt with me. so had to like... walk
all e way back n back agn!. Lol... Lol... :/

hope you had one hellufa wk too!. :D
i you know i you know i!. Cheers!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@we all hv teeth that can bite underneath.

quite happy with my 1st wk of sch!. :D
started n ended with a big bang!, just like
how i wanted it to be :D Thanks to all!. :D

BANG!. realized that now sch starts at
0800 everyday. BANG!. SW is now on
tue 1st thing in e morn. BANG!. ate at
Juncti8n Pizza Hut aftrsch, also to
celebrate Ismail's bday. Lol... Lol... :D

P'ezzati Hot!. :D

my side dishes :)

didnt eat but looks gd from Sufiyan's cam!.

BANG!. cld really "feel e burn" during SW.
left warm up at e last 25% coz i needed
to shit. how random!. played badminton
after that with Liyana, Fiqah, n Poo. was
quite a gd game, both fun n funny haha :D

got 1st power nap, in betw POM lessons.
suddenly tot of e song Sleep by MCR.
argh you'll nv know when you need some MCR!.
at left is a can of coke courtesy of Ms Ema
coz she was impressed with IEStars!. :D

at night i collated my tots on e mood of
e beginning of this quarter coz i decided to
hv a mini haircut. settled for a thinner ponytail
n a shorter fringe to make things spunkier.
also to decrease my Emo Quotient in case i
get emo for hving to wake up early haha :D

morn i woke up perfectly on time, but i felt a
twinge of MCR deficiency, n i had a really strong
gut feeling that Ms Nair wasnt gna be in for CAH so
i didnt leave hm. just lied on my bed as i listen to
MCR n think murderous thoughts :D

was in a much betta condition when i
left for e 9am POM class. realized that
Ms Nair wasnt gna be in for e whole day.
Lol... Lol... so during EPL IEStars went to
Juncti8n Mcd for icecream :)

otw Matilda actually noticed that i
cut my hair. shes e 1st!. Lol... Lol...
cool. im still thinking of getting a further
stylized haircut, but im still conceptualizing.
any ideas do tell n i'll think it over!. :D

aftrsch went for LD. didnt get my
shoes after all. i missed e dance studio!.
but it was damn cold during session!.
Lol... Lol... haha oh btw we got free
Latin danchocolate!. THANKS!. :D
wed night movie Ch5 showed Corpse Bride!. :D
how anymore perfect cld it be!. i missed it so
much, was really happy to end e day watching it :D

sch ends at 1100. so lame!. 3hrs of sch only!.
so went hm, then went back agn coz had
dance at 1700. updated on stuff. i love dance :D

met Hot Didi to walk to sch tgt. 1st thing she
said when we met "za did you cut your hair?!"
Lol... Lol... i was super early n high so we
talked n joked abt a certain grp of ppl which
i cant mention [basically hunks, hee hee] :D

had 3hrs of dance!. finally it seems that i hv
enough dance session!. finalized things. i think
that it will actually turn out very damn well!. :D
cant wait to perform at ITE Yishun!. gna
dance my heart out n put my sexy ass innit :D
went to Bugis with Hot Lek Bon n Hot Kkk Yy.
bought 2 tees n was otw hm when i saw this
brill tee!. love it so much!. :D fitted perfectly.
agreed that it looks rather Ben 10-esque :D
ol... Lol... 1 of my fav tops ever!. :D

bought it immediately. haha okay i will
update betta soon. Cheers!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs