Sunday, November 16, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@im ready to go right now.

5th wk!. dramatic in both ways :D

horrible day!. i cried in sch. so embarrasing!.
felt bad after that so decided to stop.

aftrsch sessioned with HottIes Nisa n Liyana.
today someone made my day in a non-crush way.
also, my throat hurts!. like theres a cut or somein.
very annoying. can feel a sharp pain when swallowing,
even if it's just saliva!. dammit.

for e 1st time in my ITElife, i skipped SW. had to!.
body was aching n throat was just not working.
today Hot Yayi gave me 5 $2 notes out of e pink.
decided to give back so i bought him a
Delifrance Choc Muffin n gift-wrapped it :D

someone made my day agn in a non-crush way.
arrived early for CAH coz there was a talk.
then Ms Ema let us out early, so we had
1hr 45mins of break!. went to LJS, bought my
new pink earpiece, dropped by Bishan CC lol.

firedrill!. was kinda fun!. haha "concert at e padang".

at EPL HottIes Raynard, Stanley n Amrit came up
with laserfighting as a class activity. damn cool!. lol
found this at e SBSC Board otw to dancestudio!. :D

double cool!. LD did Rumba. then revised Chacha :D
nice way to end e day n spark my excitement for
tml's auditons!. :D your hot rockchick!. Lol... Lol... :D

410[W]ed to sch n saw a girl wearing a familiar
pink robot hoodie [inside fashion] so decided to
strike up a conversation. EPL was quite fun,
Ms Nair announced e ppl who made e list. she
also gave me n HottIes Fiqah this:

i still hv no clue what i shld do with it!. e rest of e
day was just excited abt e auditions. at pre-auditions
everytime i sang Ms Nair entered e auditorium. Lol... Lol...

was quite happy at e crowd turnout!. :D
soooo gotta thank those who indirect helpers!.
wld definitely be different without you.

there was a pt when there was no crowd,
so we [or mostly me] decided to exploit e
microphone n stage!. E'zzati the Rockstar!. :D

1: MCR's I Dont Love You.
voice was kinda rocky at first, in e middle
lost e beat, but e ending was fun!!!!!!! :D

2: Ronan Keating's If You Say Nothing At All.
HottIes Resi started playing n Liyana sang, i did e
oohoohooh part n everyone laughed n lost track!. Lol... Lol...

3: Secondhand Serenade's Fall For You
he tried to play but he cldnt catch it so he
switched roles n somehow i ended up singing it!. :D

after that i was high so i sang bobd -1.

5: Westlife's If I Let You Go
was bored. then everyone else joined so i just stopped e
music from my hp n we just sang tgt was nice n fun.

some food for laughs. some secret stuff.
haha okay a lil lame.
but it kinda motivate me to up my game!. :D

Lol... Lol... e day ended off with a great closing by
HottIes Liyana. *semangat-ly sings*
lucky im in love with ur best friend~

day passed by quite fast!. today i did somein
not cool in class on e basis that i panicked.
felt really awful after that :( also got errr...
debriefed[?] after that by some ppl who were
honest enough to say e truth in person :) THANKS!. :D

R1: at MD we used up e vouchers received from
Xtreme Fiesta :D then decided to help e new
members with e steps. i miss MD session!.
L: me still alive at 1st slice :)
R2: sleepy at seconds!. -_-zZ

after that went to HottIes Liyana's castle coz
she had some stuff to do. quite gd timing!.
they were showing some nice rock music vids
on cable i had to switch back n forth betw
channels to maximise my viewership!. Lol... Lol...
laptopped a bit. then left for ITE Simei. at
Tampines bus took ~forever~ to come!.

ITE Simei is such an advanced building!.
they had escalators n atms, its like a
shopping centre in itself minus all e shops!.
Lol... Lol... no echo tho. n i think i'd die if i
hv to sch there. so glad i'm a Bishanista :D

went to Bkt Btk Mrt. Lol... Lol... was really
confused whether it was Bkt Btk or Bkt Timah.
turns out that Bkt Timah is e road's name.
sheesh!. Lol... Lol... turns out that i actually
hv a bus to get there n back from AMKtc!. :D

i finally went for Vocal session!. did some
breathing n warm up training. felt abit
awkward n kinda paiseh haha :D there was this
part when e instructor asked e new ppl to
introduce emself to her. [semi-inside joke]

E'zzati: E'zzati. *tries not to laugh*
Instructor: what?.
E'zzati: E'zzati. *everybody laughs*

after that we got homework. she also
said that in e near future she'll make us
sing some Opera as a test!. hot damn!.
been wanting to learn it for some time ald.

otw hm we took a vintage bus n i got
excited n i lost my shades :"( bummer!.
why do i always lose my shades n underwear!.
RAWR everything happens for a gd reason.
so yah. e future looks busy for me!. :D
i hope i get well soon haha. Cheers!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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