Thursday, December 4, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@we dont owe anyone a ******** explanation!.

6th wk!. look to e past n rmb a smile :D

otw to sch there was an old man n he
dressed well i m so impressed n motivated.

SW. we medballed n bdmntd, then watched e
guys play vlyball :) at break HottIes Resi
let us watched a Russell Peters show on psp.
he's sooo gd!. Lol... Lol... his jokes were still
funny days later!. Lol... Lol... so cool X)

2nd break we were lepaking at foyer thinking
that there was gna be some wind but in e end
e wind came from me when i mastered e
technique of kinetic linkage let out a
"dragon burp"!. Lol... Lol... RAWR!. :D

didnt go for LD coz had GTC rehearsal.

i woke up perfectly early!. :D met Hot Didi n
walked to sch, was funny!. X) she was "shocked"
that i sang ytd. Lol... Lol... n i didnt even go
extremely full blast!. Lol... Lol... well no one
ever died from us :D dimelo?. a lot of ppl actually
tot that i wld be dancing!. Lol... Lol...
[hot] damn i cant wait to perform agn!. :D

*HottIes enter B208 for MKTG class*
Ms Ema: i didnt know u had sucha deep voice :)

haha i had no idea what to say to that!.
i guess it was really obvious esp coz my slot was
in e middle of all e girl-ish voice singers!.

aftersch went to MD. learnt a new choreo :D
its a slow song but i love it!. can wait to do it
forreal. i really wna do more creative stuff!. :D
btw i just realized that i joined 5 CCAs!. :D
LD, MD, VDG, XLM, SAC!. Lol... Lol... :D

met HottICB Lay Har otw to Bkt Btk Mrt,
so we just talked abt sch n my performance :D
she was shocked too!. Lol... Lol... she was also
surprised that my voice was low compared to
my speaking voice. Lol... Lol... XD

at Bkt Btk met VDGhotties then 852ed.
warmed up n grped up to sing Dreaming Of You.
forgot how to spell e singer's name mwahaha :P
i was in e 1st grp to sing, n we just sang tgt
n everybody sang in a diff key n we didnt
harmonize but it turned out okay so yay :D

after that we were assigned a song each
to cover as our own solos!. YEAHHHH :D
okay frankly i hv no idea who or what it is!.
but yeah i'll see what i can do n make it work :D

i hope you all had one hellufa wk too!.
let's end this yr with big bang!. Cheers!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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