Thursday, March 18, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


MIDNIGHT, 18 MARCH 2010!. :D i sat in my living rm to read e npaper [yeah i always read npapers at night, and in reverse order, backpage to cover] and guess what i saw!~ :D haha okay ignore my bad cropping, mly npaper is big so i had to scan 1 side at a time and paste all tgt -_-" i've seen BB and 2NE1 been featured on msia's entertainment mags and BB on a local entertainment mag, nothing much this time, but to see em appear on e local's main [and only] mly npaper, it must've meant somein ;)

btw, ST12 is coming to Singapore and im wondering if i wna go coz im so bored. i heard they suck at live performances so i wna check it out for myself, and it's at Rock Auditorium, which i hv nv heard of before, so i wna see e place!~ haha i wont lie to you, i only know one song from em XP tickets r quite ex tho. might as well just keep my $ for a concert that i actually like e artiste. YG, when you come to Singapore, pls dont sell tickets thru Sistic. they rip our pocket $ :( and you cant decorate your tickets :( e only gd pt is, they hv an online system where you can see e floorplan and book your seat :) but i trust BB!. that if they hv a concert here, they'd hv an awesome stage set that no matter where you sit, you'll still get a gd view no matter where you sit. therefore, e last and only gd pt of Sistic proves meaningless. sorry Sistics, but bcoz of you i didnt catch 3 of my all-time fav bands play, and i mostly blame you for it :D

that doesnt incld many other concerts that i'd love to support, but due to your bad pricing, i had to give em a pass. anw!. back to e article!. translating it was funny, i should've paid attention in mly class~ :) so now i know why Hot Dad's rtone is Fire!. HAHAHAHA XD

[PHOTO CAPTION] ENTER INTERNATIONAL MARKET: This girl group 2NE1 from South Korea music video was published on America's popular blogger website, Perez Hilton.
[ARTICLE] Looks like the heat and greatness of K-Pop or Korean Pop groups now begin to get a place in the West, especially in America.
Popular blogger, Perez Hilton, had uploaded the latest music video clip of K-Pop group Big Bang, Lollipop 2, and latest song from group 2NE1 (pronounced: twenty-one), Try To Follow Me, on his blogsite.
But this is not the first time Perez Hilton featured a music video from both groups.
Before this, song Lollipop sang by Big Bang and 2NE1 had also been featured in his blog,, that is commonly visited by millions of citizens from different countries.
A few month ago, Hilton's blogsite, whis is usually filled with recent gossip about popular artists in America had also featured music video from group The Wonder Girls, that is popular with the song Nobody, SNSD, and female actress Uhm Junghwa.

Jatuh by Adam :) CHEERS!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Friday, March 12, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.



many kpop artistes r coming to Singapore these days, or ard e area [msia, thai,...] i feel like crashing some of their events to gain exposure so that Big Bang will take notice XP but i dont think im ready yet for em to come. i think i hv another new dream now. 121212, BIG BANG, NO BRAIN, 2NE1, AND ME IN SINGAPORE INDOOR STADIUM!. :D i hope, wish, pray. till then, wait for me okay?. i promise i'll work harder :)

oh btw!. i read somewhere that Backstreet Boys know of Big Bang and think that they're gd stuff :) HAHA!. now i feel guilty for laughing at em when i accidentally bumped into em when they were in town. i dno, it's just funny to see ppl you like when you least expect it. it made me think, you know. like... FORREAL?!. X) anw, 9MAR!. Wondergirls, Singapore, Bugis, Illuma. XD if im not wrong, i think 1 of em twitted "I love the weather here and the views..!!“ HAHAHA XD dammit i should stop complaining. also!. i think BEG went to Spize?. seems like there's much east side action. okay that doesnt make much diff, since i live in a somewhat middle?. but cool per... UNNIES OI!~ :D

Lol... Lol... 3days ago, 6MAR!. super inspirational day. haha. will update more abt it in like, i dno. 10mths later?. haha jk. i went to an event in e heartlands, learnt alot. like how i missed being in an event ald. and even more stuff. i've been thinking abt sounds lately, and i randomly recalled how AMKPS back then had quite a number of bells for diff reasons, and some r well... kinda catchy. so i laughed to myself thinking how much i've been tryna avoid, but keep being exposed and naturally inclining to arts. so now im pretty much raring to go for my next phase of life... after 13hours of gd sleep!. :D anw, a taste of what happened earlier that day. image courtesy of Hottie Zrn. pretty awesome!. ^^ \m/

phwoar~ karma is so cute. papers were pretty neat, i guess it's e tcher's way of retribution for my lack of attendance?. haha XP well exams arent everything, but i hope everything's all gd yeah~ :) okay i know i mentioned i'll continue updating abt life, it's coming okay haha :) another live feed from brain!.

*12MAR!. :D
finally it's "brk" time. i dont know what to feel anymore at this pt. lately, my heart has been beating quite fast [figuratively :)] and i dont even know whyth for. not that im in love or what [at least i dont think so?. haha] hmmm i hope to find some awesome stuff in Msia, coz i desperately need to kickstart my next stage of life with somein. i ald know what i wna buy tho haha X) and... I HATE PACKING LUGGAGE!.

i love to pack goodiebags and e likes, but i dno why i seem to just dislike luggage packing. a guyfriend once told me that packing should be done ard a wk before leaving, so that in case anything is forgotten there's still time. how sensible. my style?, just enough clothes to get thru!~ as long as it match with e rest of e family [so e pHOTos will turn out like a family lookbook HAHA] :D most impt, i just gotta bring my survival kit [Sone'zzati, spare mp3, hphink, earpieces, batteries, charger, pen] in some sort of purse. :D also inclds stuff like... accessories, mini-sze'chbk n some color pens in case i feeling2 wna graffiti :D

The Saids Mger!. :D haha btw, i realized that Good Charlotte's Benji Madden is also born on e same day!. HAHAHAHA omglah, imagine if he was my dad!~ "THIS IS E ANTHEM THROW ALL YOUR HANDS UP!~" see, discoveries all ald happening ROFL XD anw, i've come to realize and be thankful that Hot Dad's still alive. yeah he annoys me someimes, but some of you might not even hv your dad ard anymore. thanks Hot Dad, for not smoking/drinking/clubbing++. it seems that every other [esp mly dads] does so n isnt alive. so yeah, ROCK ON HOT DAD!~ ^^ \m/

The Saids Tour Mger!. :D haha. march is 1 of e mths i get broke easily, bcoz i hv to buy many presents haha. hmm, congrats for surviving 19y3m of me!~ ROCK ON HOT MUM!~ ^^ \m/

what else. SOMEONE ASKED ME GOOD QUESTIONS LATELY!. :D "HOW COME YOUR SCREAM SO HIGH PITCH BUT YOUR VOICE LOW?." haha, it's always been that way?. i just naturally talk in a lower raspier voice, but i can scream with much ease. even previously i've received some comments like "you can be a professional screamer" and "ni mesti screamo"!~ HAHA :D usually e following questions will be "doesnt it hurt when you scream at sucha note?." but to be honest, HELL NO!~ :) Alhamdulillah, i am blessed with powerhouse vocals HAHAHA XD seriously, it feels natural. i suppose part of it comes from my natural grit?. :) and e last question will be "if you can scream at sucha high note, why can you sing in a higher/normal girl's key?." this, i dno. think it has somein to do with technicality?. like when i scream, i use my highest chest voice for e basic sound, and e whole of my head voice for a range of highpitch notes control?. haha. in other words, my singing voice [voice mix or wtv], is something i hvnt mastered. so i can do low stuff like rapping, and high stuff like screaming. anything in betw, someimes i get it and someimes i dont. will work on it tho. THANKS!~ :D

10MAR, my fbk's fortune cookie: Plan for many pleasures ahead.
wldnt it be nice?. ;) heehee~ hmmm does anyone actually reads my blog anymore?. esp till here ROFL XD

in this mmt, i am emo. okay im always liddat HAHA XP -_-" but i find some comfort in knowing that it's a small world and we'll fosho bump into each other someimes, esp since we're in e same industry :) coz above it all, there r things i wna keep and know. heh. i will blog betta when im feeling betta. okay, let me leave you with somein to discreetly headbang to. ONLY THIS SONG SUITS!~ ^^ \m/

by Josh Miller X) CHEERS!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Friday, March 5, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


haha omg im sucha simple crier, altho i've hvnt
cried in quite a while. like, CRY LIKE RABAK!~ T.T

out of boredom in class, i created my acct. many things were shared there, and i dont hv anyone else to thank :)

i rmb during my early ITE days, HottIes wanted to see me perform, but i wasnt ready enough to do anything. HottIes Stanley suggested that i record somein and put it on ytb, "who knows, skali you bcome popular bcoz of your video!~" ;) it wasnt until my BOBD cover when i had a vid, so i decided to upload it for memories purposes. there were a few views, but soon it died and i just posted more videos for fun's sake, thinking no one wld watch such stuff. imagine my shock when i returned and saw the increase in number of views!. what i know is, that you watch my videos and laugh at them. what i want you to know is, this channel was made for you. and thank you. if it wasnt for you, i wldnt hv made friends and gotten feedback from all over the world, and discovered so many things abt myself. i know im not the best singer/dancer/designer/writer/person in the school/class/club, but i hope that what i've done gave you an excuse to smile :)

THE MAIN REASON WHY I CRIED WAS THAT... i lost my feel of blogging, so i went to see my archives. this screen of words you're reading, is the very evidence of what a blessed life i had. i rmb creating this bcoz i wanted to keep all my memories since i entered ITE, n i damnwelldid. reading back, i rmb all the stuff that happened. inclding scrambling tgt to blog, bloghopping during classes,++ ;)

"WHAT IS ONE MINUTE OF CRAZYNESS COMPARED TO A LIFETIME OF MEANINGLESS?." -The Waterboys. somein liddat. that was my philosophy when i entered. i tried things, failed some, aced some. all i wanted was a few solid minutes of awesomeness, and now i got a lifetime more to live with. thank you :)

i know some ppl say ITElife sucks, waste time, blah3. i think that it all depends, i mean, i got into ITE and had quite an awesome time!. seriously, someimes i compare myself with my other friends who "made it", and i thank God for what i got. someimes i did wish i was as lucky as some others, but all in all, i know i was just asking for too much. so yeah you may hv tot you had a meaningless life in ite, maybe you just didnt use your minute. coz i said i'd do it and i diddit. yeah there were times when it was mendak, but everytime it happens, the only way life went is up :) in fact, i even kinda got complacent here and there, to the extend that moving forward seemed impossible. hell yeah, i am ready to progress. now i leave with much attachment of the heart [and gathered all my guts] for future life. obviously i wont be able to retain everything, but you know that i had a part of my life with you and that that's somein in itself ;)

NICE RIGHT THE PHOTO!~ HAHAHA ROFL XD my take on the comm/course card. anw!. alot of ppl prefer Vitamin C's Graduation [Friends Forever] song, but to me the perfect song is the one below. a 'lil bit romantic blah3, but it has everything, from where we're from, to where we're at, and where should we go. we'll meet agn, when both our cars collide!~ [MCR's Helena, emo a bit uh as always haha X)]

Run. Running all the time.
Running to the future. With you right by my side.

Me. I'm the one you chose.
Out of all the people. You wanted me the most.
I'm so sorry that I've fallen.
Help me up lets keep on running.
Don't let me fall out of love.

Running, running. As fast as we can.
Do you think we'll make it? (Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running. Keep holding my hand.
It's so we don't get separated.

Be. Be the one I need.
Be the one I trust most. Don't stop inspiring me.
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running.
We work so much to keep it going.
Don't make me want to give up.

[Chorus x2] (The future) [Chorus]
-Running [No Doubt]

ROCK N... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ ^^ \m/
[altho i bet we're gna camwhore otw, maybe
drop by e refreshments table, check out hot ppl, ++]

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


i find it so cute when ppl try to speak mly n instd of saying "apa khabar" they say things like "appay carebear" n "aper kebab" HAHAHA XD ALL I WANTED WAS YOOOU!~
so far i think Jared Leto spoke e best mly woohoo MAJULAH TIGAPULUH SAAT KE MARIKH!. ^^ \m/

okay lotsa major events coming up on my side, should start updating abt life soon if i wna get anywhere haha :) in this mmt, i am feeling super excited, i hope you r too :D examination, graduation, progression. expectations, infatuations, decisions. i dont know how i can summarize my life any further. if you're not willing to put some tot to what i write, then it's your choice. dont miss out!~ ;) live feed from brain agn~ :D

*8-11 MAR!.
Final Year Exams!. End of HottIte BishanIesta life. THANKS A BILLION!. :D i've prepared somein, wait for it, hope you like it :)

The Saids++ [inclding me] in Msia!. i hope SonE'zzati's battery will last, usb charged is inconvenient :( SonE'zzati = my life support system!. i dont know how i'd last more than 12hrs without my fav music. talking abt music... i checked my ytb, n recently i realize that e vid that is most constantly viewed is my nbd cover. which also means, most of my viewerships r from Msia. haha so im wondering if i'll bump into any msia kpoppanistas who'll recognize me. e world can be quite small someimes :) [from MICE module] as an Eventanista, i've realized that Singapore is the most convenient country in terms of amenities and standard of living. hving almost everything in such a small location, there r simply no contenders [except for the Internet i suppose haha]. altho i take for granted n find it "boring" usually, i still love Singapore life. MAJULAH!~
i dont really believe in gg into another country to enjoy another island life -_-" i, e'zzati said, is craving for urban development. i wna check out Resorts World at Sentosa!. :D HotParents claim that "bcoz everyday in Singapore it's urban so when we go holiday we go to msia, enjoy e beaches~" blah3. i find that i am less relaxed there tho. somein abt being hm is just comforting enough for me to relax. altho!. i cant wait to check out e kacak lelaki there. also, i hope to use more mly while im at it. haha. jalan jalan tengok jantan~ XD [lol am i that desperate?. -_-" but hey if guys put in effort we must notice what~ it's public domestic happiness] haha :) worst to worst, i hope to find some yummy Air Sirap Limau + Goreng Pisang ;D

HottIte Apr Int 2010!. i hope i can be there to see what's up since e remains of my batch. also to say majimak insa to e rest of my college-but-not-campusmates :)

Asian Fashion Exchange 2010!. [AFX] :D firstly, i like e name coz it sounds like A7X HAHA ;) anw, line-up's pretty awesome. cant wait~ ^^
Audi Fashion Festival: 27APR-2MAY. Blueprint Fashion Trade: 28APR-1MAY. Asia Fashion Summit: 28-30APR.

Singapore Night Festival!. rehearsals n everything start earlier, not sure if i can make it but we'll see :)

LASALLE Orientation Week!. :D

there're still more events to mention, but i'll keep it to this for now :)
seems that 2010's gna be bigger n betta, hope things work out :D
i hope i dont lose momentum, e only way now is up!~ ^^ \m/
fosho there'll be sacrifices to be made, bridges to slowly fall,
decisions to be made, but i hope that we'll find it in our
hearts to go on n live with mad happiness. fighting!~ :D

you should know it's hard to just forget the past so fast.
it was gd it was bad but it was real and that's all you hv.
in the end all that matter.
-Enrique Iglesias [Escape]

ROCK N... ROLL FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ ^^ \m/

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


[means: gxfc big bang come here~ in case you dont understand :)]

i know, what a big orange right~ i tried some but it tasted kinda pomelo-ish?. haha oh well. xing nian guai le wo de ai!~
Singapore, as "multi-cultured" as we claim, is pretty much mainly Chinese country. or maybe it's just that i've always been approached by aunties n uncles who will just talk to me in chi?. not that i mind tho :) so yeah, LNY is always a gd time to just get in e spirit [mcm faham], like say... every mall's blasting chi LNY songs, n for some unknown reasons, i will find myself dancing/singing/headbanging along. n chi ppl will give me e confused look n ask if im an overtanned chi -_-" then they'll think im cute n gimme hongbao/oranges :D negatively, due to e Kwave, Ch8 n ChU aired some kmovies during e holidays. they had both Korean n Chi subtitles. there was even one which had Jap, Chi n K talking at e same time. haha seriously had to separate my brain. it's funny how Asian countries r trying too much to be Caucasian, or r even trying too much to be each other. i myself am guilty of being one someimes. in fact, im probably contradicting myself ald :)

e main reason im blogging abt this is bcoz i [somewhat] cleaned up my rm. found a lot more stuff than what i hoped for. evidences of my life's crimes. example 1: Murdock, 1 of my very first dsticks. example 2: oldpurse containing $19.90, now i wonder what cd i saved up for but nv got to buy. example 3: BUSTED'S A TICKET FOR EVERYONE CD ALBUM!~ :D

along with MCR's TBP n Blink 182's inlets, Westlife cds, n [surprise!~] Nsync cd!. :O i dont even recall hving anything Nsync. i was Westlife's smallest fan, but Nsync!. listening back, it's really funny. esp now knowing how Big Bang is like Nsync n other kpop guygrp as Westlife... well you get e drift :) i still prefer Westlife over Nsync, altho Big Bang over other kpop guygrps. maybe when Nsync does somein with say... Blink 182 n show me somein like a Big Bang+No Brain, which might nv happen, even if it does BBNB wld still be betta, so yeah. still!.

now that i've found the cd, i've been listening to it on repeat. it's almost like, no matter how deep i've dived into kpop or latin or any other type of music, at e end of e day i still want Busted. same goes for anything else. i can be kpoping all morning, latin dancing all afternn, hiphop rapping all evening, n thru it all i'd crave for some Busted Blink 182 MCR Green Day n e rest of my fav rock stuff. ATFE's a live concert album, n everytime i listen to it i rmb what's onstage. okay so i hv e dvd also, but i still miss em. BUSTED ROCKS!~ ^^ \m/

i did a "stocktake" n realized that all im totally missing [as in, no clue where they r] now is 2 other posters n some merchandise :D now im like, so proud of myself for finding almost everything actually. Busted's 1st self-titled cd, Busted's A Present For Everyone [copy #2, copy #1 is lost for eternity], Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live CD, Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live CD Special Version, Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live DVD [not in pHOTo] :D

haha i wonder if anyone i met recently knows that im a Busted fan. some had asked why my emails/usernames r "bustednebs", but does anyone really knows?. i doubt so. then agn, nobody really knows me anw, so what do i expect -_-" hmmm now i just feel like shouting n declaring how much i love Busted. so now you know~ ;)


Love xoxoxox Nebs