Friday, March 5, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


i find it so cute when ppl try to speak mly n instd of saying "apa khabar" they say things like "appay carebear" n "aper kebab" HAHAHA XD ALL I WANTED WAS YOOOU!~
so far i think Jared Leto spoke e best mly woohoo MAJULAH TIGAPULUH SAAT KE MARIKH!. ^^ \m/

okay lotsa major events coming up on my side, should start updating abt life soon if i wna get anywhere haha :) in this mmt, i am feeling super excited, i hope you r too :D examination, graduation, progression. expectations, infatuations, decisions. i dont know how i can summarize my life any further. if you're not willing to put some tot to what i write, then it's your choice. dont miss out!~ ;) live feed from brain agn~ :D

*8-11 MAR!.
Final Year Exams!. End of HottIte BishanIesta life. THANKS A BILLION!. :D i've prepared somein, wait for it, hope you like it :)

The Saids++ [inclding me] in Msia!. i hope SonE'zzati's battery will last, usb charged is inconvenient :( SonE'zzati = my life support system!. i dont know how i'd last more than 12hrs without my fav music. talking abt music... i checked my ytb, n recently i realize that e vid that is most constantly viewed is my nbd cover. which also means, most of my viewerships r from Msia. haha so im wondering if i'll bump into any msia kpoppanistas who'll recognize me. e world can be quite small someimes :) [from MICE module] as an Eventanista, i've realized that Singapore is the most convenient country in terms of amenities and standard of living. hving almost everything in such a small location, there r simply no contenders [except for the Internet i suppose haha]. altho i take for granted n find it "boring" usually, i still love Singapore life. MAJULAH!~
i dont really believe in gg into another country to enjoy another island life -_-" i, e'zzati said, is craving for urban development. i wna check out Resorts World at Sentosa!. :D HotParents claim that "bcoz everyday in Singapore it's urban so when we go holiday we go to msia, enjoy e beaches~" blah3. i find that i am less relaxed there tho. somein abt being hm is just comforting enough for me to relax. altho!. i cant wait to check out e kacak lelaki there. also, i hope to use more mly while im at it. haha. jalan jalan tengok jantan~ XD [lol am i that desperate?. -_-" but hey if guys put in effort we must notice what~ it's public domestic happiness] haha :) worst to worst, i hope to find some yummy Air Sirap Limau + Goreng Pisang ;D

HottIte Apr Int 2010!. i hope i can be there to see what's up since e remains of my batch. also to say majimak insa to e rest of my college-but-not-campusmates :)

Asian Fashion Exchange 2010!. [AFX] :D firstly, i like e name coz it sounds like A7X HAHA ;) anw, line-up's pretty awesome. cant wait~ ^^
Audi Fashion Festival: 27APR-2MAY. Blueprint Fashion Trade: 28APR-1MAY. Asia Fashion Summit: 28-30APR.

Singapore Night Festival!. rehearsals n everything start earlier, not sure if i can make it but we'll see :)

LASALLE Orientation Week!. :D

there're still more events to mention, but i'll keep it to this for now :)
seems that 2010's gna be bigger n betta, hope things work out :D
i hope i dont lose momentum, e only way now is up!~ ^^ \m/
fosho there'll be sacrifices to be made, bridges to slowly fall,
decisions to be made, but i hope that we'll find it in our
hearts to go on n live with mad happiness. fighting!~ :D

you should know it's hard to just forget the past so fast.
it was gd it was bad but it was real and that's all you hv.
in the end all that matter.
-Enrique Iglesias [Escape]

ROCK N... ROLL FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ ^^ \m/

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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