Friday, March 5, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


[means: gxfc big bang come here~ in case you dont understand :)]

i know, what a big orange right~ i tried some but it tasted kinda pomelo-ish?. haha oh well. xing nian guai le wo de ai!~
Singapore, as "multi-cultured" as we claim, is pretty much mainly Chinese country. or maybe it's just that i've always been approached by aunties n uncles who will just talk to me in chi?. not that i mind tho :) so yeah, LNY is always a gd time to just get in e spirit [mcm faham], like say... every mall's blasting chi LNY songs, n for some unknown reasons, i will find myself dancing/singing/headbanging along. n chi ppl will give me e confused look n ask if im an overtanned chi -_-" then they'll think im cute n gimme hongbao/oranges :D negatively, due to e Kwave, Ch8 n ChU aired some kmovies during e holidays. they had both Korean n Chi subtitles. there was even one which had Jap, Chi n K talking at e same time. haha seriously had to separate my brain. it's funny how Asian countries r trying too much to be Caucasian, or r even trying too much to be each other. i myself am guilty of being one someimes. in fact, im probably contradicting myself ald :)

e main reason im blogging abt this is bcoz i [somewhat] cleaned up my rm. found a lot more stuff than what i hoped for. evidences of my life's crimes. example 1: Murdock, 1 of my very first dsticks. example 2: oldpurse containing $19.90, now i wonder what cd i saved up for but nv got to buy. example 3: BUSTED'S A TICKET FOR EVERYONE CD ALBUM!~ :D

along with MCR's TBP n Blink 182's inlets, Westlife cds, n [surprise!~] Nsync cd!. :O i dont even recall hving anything Nsync. i was Westlife's smallest fan, but Nsync!. listening back, it's really funny. esp now knowing how Big Bang is like Nsync n other kpop guygrp as Westlife... well you get e drift :) i still prefer Westlife over Nsync, altho Big Bang over other kpop guygrps. maybe when Nsync does somein with say... Blink 182 n show me somein like a Big Bang+No Brain, which might nv happen, even if it does BBNB wld still be betta, so yeah. still!.

now that i've found the cd, i've been listening to it on repeat. it's almost like, no matter how deep i've dived into kpop or latin or any other type of music, at e end of e day i still want Busted. same goes for anything else. i can be kpoping all morning, latin dancing all afternn, hiphop rapping all evening, n thru it all i'd crave for some Busted Blink 182 MCR Green Day n e rest of my fav rock stuff. ATFE's a live concert album, n everytime i listen to it i rmb what's onstage. okay so i hv e dvd also, but i still miss em. BUSTED ROCKS!~ ^^ \m/

i did a "stocktake" n realized that all im totally missing [as in, no clue where they r] now is 2 other posters n some merchandise :D now im like, so proud of myself for finding almost everything actually. Busted's 1st self-titled cd, Busted's A Present For Everyone [copy #2, copy #1 is lost for eternity], Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live CD, Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live CD Special Version, Busted's A Ticket For Everyone Live DVD [not in pHOTo] :D

haha i wonder if anyone i met recently knows that im a Busted fan. some had asked why my emails/usernames r "bustednebs", but does anyone really knows?. i doubt so. then agn, nobody really knows me anw, so what do i expect -_-" hmmm now i just feel like shouting n declaring how much i love Busted. so now you know~ ;)


Love xoxoxox Nebs

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