Sunday, May 18, 2008

E'zzati's Secret!.

@happiness in my ears.

omg!. i love this song+vid+everything!.
it's by Metro Station.
it's called Shake It.
i love it i love it i love it!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@the pants & parcel of life.

yes, i purposely put e subject as
"paNts & parcel of life" instead of e real one
[paRt & parcel]. this is my POV k, so read it
with an open mind, like how i'd read yours :)

firstly, i massively appreciate all those who
hv shared your POV in this situation.
& to those who actually gave me sincere
encouragement n support abt e incident,
i am truly grateful. here it goes!.

#1: IES.
Resi says "one day IES will be the most
popular class in ITE bishan", for being e
most spirited and well disciplined.
why only in Bishan?!.
might as well also in e rest of e world!.
i believe we all wna succeed in life.
i think that IES has millions of potential.
we r a team. let's work tgt.
i wna breathe that fire agn.

first of all, i think Ms May deserves
so much more credit.
it's really honorable of her to
genuinely want e best for her students.
she even goes out of her way
& pull for you & wants you to win
if you're not in the wrong.
i dont think her leniency is to be blamed.
in fact, i think ppl shld learn from her,
esp on how to give e botd.
i hope she sticks ard bcoz the world
cld really use more ppl like her.

for me it's not really a matter of ego.
i hv other more major things to be egoistic abt.
it's not really a matter of looking gd either.
you can put me in a potato sack n i'll still look gd!.

i wasnt really rejecting the system at all.
if you are really my true friend, you shld
know that i am very particular abt uniforms.
i hv nothing agnst e uniform concept.
i love it to bits. i still keep my previous
uniforms as memories for gdness sake!.
nothing beats representing gd, nice clothes.

e problem is, pls do not abuse e rule &
make us wear horrible uniforms. e uniform sucks.
or at least e female's pants.
e top doesnt really suck that much,
that's why ppl do wear it.
however, e female's pants sucks!.
that's why students out there wld rather wear
other pants in comparison to e uniform pants.

i've walked ard n talked with e students.
most of e time, it's not a matter of us wanting
to rebel e system. or even, to e teachers.

it's not some petty problems like e legs of
e pants is too big. [altho in truth, it is.]
that can be altered n done in a blink of an eye.
yes. e feeling between our thighs is
not really very adequate.
plus, e fact is that e crotch
is not really an easy spot to fix.

if i'm e only one who thinks that way,
then it's really my problem.
but if there r pantswearers & ex-pantswearers
students out there who thinks e same way,
then we shld start reviewing e root of e problem;
e pants itself. thats why i brought it up.
if i didnt do it on my own,
they wldnt respect me,
& i wldnt respect myself.

i think that e money issue abt how gd pants
require gd money can easily be settled.
in fact, i think that if e pants r done well,
it can actually save us more money in general.
eitherway, there's always a million & one ways to
stick to e budget. example? take e Bishan Library.
it's 1 of e best designed buildings in singapore,
even without hving to come with a heavy price tag.
my only interest to protect is our interest.

some of us may only be here for e cert.
some maybe for experience.
i'm here to do my best to make
everyone's life much more rewarding.

im not gna hold any
hard feelings towards anyone.
i think that e proper word is goodwill.
at e end of e day, i can't do it without you.
it takes two to tango.

should we ever decide to take this seriously,
i'll be more than happy to volunteer my services. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


*1st Virtue Learnt in ITE: COMMITMENT.
i shall keep my words like what i gave to e rest.

*so i know i can dance!.
haha i really think that i'm actually
quite gd at performing dance!.
considering from my backstage bckgrd,
being onstage itself is totally new.
still, i need to learn more skills n
tighten my techniques...

*i've ultimately declared my secret!.
so i suppose it's not a secret anymore?
Lol... Lol... :D

it started out in OFA.
im still surprised that e class is
positive abt it. esp coming from e
older classmates. like Resi for example.
he's e most supportive so far.

at first i tot he'll be very negative.
i mean since he's like older n all,
i tot he'll be like "you're still young"
"u dno what e outside world is like"
"becoming a millionaire is impossible"
"dont think too much" n all that rubbish.

proceeding that, Ms H had a combined class
coz her gd friend Mr Faris came over to
share his journey. it's really nice to hear abt
other ppl's POV & stories.

Resi++ encouraged me to go onstage
& share with e rest my dream/secret/mission.
i said it out LOUD AND CLEAR!.
& e tchers were actually there!. omg. haha.

my heart is beating so fast right now...

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@physical development.

*after much consumption of Nutrisoy,
im glad that ive reached my targeted
upper body mass!. woo hoo!.
now, i just hv to work out more
to get em more sculptured.

*so yah, word is out that i
fell down during a dance session.
true!. injured my tailbone a bit.
so thankful for hving a speedy recovery,
altho i still hvnt fully recuperate yet.
i still cant bend n straighten my
upper n lower body as quickly n effortlessly
as i used to. i also cant wear heels yet.
lastly. i also cant really jump as hard
as previously coz e impact when
landing wldnt help in e convalescence.
i hope it gets betta in time for NAPFA!.

*NAPFA!.situps, all that dance esp bellydance helps.
i hope to improve it to ard 50-72 situps/min!.
i'll hv to work on my rhythm n torso agility tho.

sbj requires more effort!. i shall do my best,
n i betta land properly n salvage my tailbone.
im aiming for 200cm+-+.

sit&reach shld be ok after somemore practice!.
n lotsa stretching!. plan is to hit 40cm++
this time, or 50++ if my tailbone's well enough.

pullups shld be improved!. hmm. i hv to
work on my rhythm for this too, & i hv to
get my bulked-up arms to be more nimble.
i'll stick to my 13 minimum, but gg for 17++.

shuttle run, i need to practice so much!.
hopefully i dont panic like i used to after
picking up e object n lose my sense of
direction. im gg for 11seconds+-?. haha.

2.4km run.
i shall start running agn!. i am aiming
for 13minutes+-, & top 10 IES females.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


im so glad it has started. when it's done,
i can get my bness up ald. after all, i only
hv 2yrs 7mths left!. i think Ms May has
some gd experience & ideas, there's still
sooo much i can learn from her!.
Cheers Ms May!.

i still find some comfort in computers,
must be bcoz of my IT Media Club bckgrd.
it sucks a lil tho coz the computers
arent as advanced as the sec sch ones.
at least we still hv Ms Harasha!.
she thinks each of us r g*ddamn special!.
haha. i esp love e fact that she's making
us think abt success often, if not always.
Cheers Ms Harasha!.

*TPS.i feel like it's a dejavu of my pure geo days.
someimes i think her lessons r quite boring.
but i kinda like her exp stories!.
altho someimes they're kinda looongwinded.
but kinda sad tho. i mean. i, for one,
dont think tourism is a spectator sport.
& i think she shld get a betta microphone.
Cheers Mrs JeanYeo!.

i love S&W!.
Ms Gladys's sessions rocks alot tho, despite
being exhausting. that's okay, ever since
JAE came out i hvnt had much solid exercise.
frankly blogging, i deserve all that conditioning!.
i think im on e right track tho, e sessions
quite well-structured.
Cheers Ms Gladys!.

PS. gimme feedback on my blogs ald!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs