Sunday, May 18, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@physical development.

*after much consumption of Nutrisoy,
im glad that ive reached my targeted
upper body mass!. woo hoo!.
now, i just hv to work out more
to get em more sculptured.

*so yah, word is out that i
fell down during a dance session.
true!. injured my tailbone a bit.
so thankful for hving a speedy recovery,
altho i still hvnt fully recuperate yet.
i still cant bend n straighten my
upper n lower body as quickly n effortlessly
as i used to. i also cant wear heels yet.
lastly. i also cant really jump as hard
as previously coz e impact when
landing wldnt help in e convalescence.
i hope it gets betta in time for NAPFA!.

*NAPFA!.situps, all that dance esp bellydance helps.
i hope to improve it to ard 50-72 situps/min!.
i'll hv to work on my rhythm n torso agility tho.

sbj requires more effort!. i shall do my best,
n i betta land properly n salvage my tailbone.
im aiming for 200cm+-+.

sit&reach shld be ok after somemore practice!.
n lotsa stretching!. plan is to hit 40cm++
this time, or 50++ if my tailbone's well enough.

pullups shld be improved!. hmm. i hv to
work on my rhythm for this too, & i hv to
get my bulked-up arms to be more nimble.
i'll stick to my 13 minimum, but gg for 17++.

shuttle run, i need to practice so much!.
hopefully i dont panic like i used to after
picking up e object n lose my sense of
direction. im gg for 11seconds+-?. haha.

2.4km run.
i shall start running agn!. i am aiming
for 13minutes+-, & top 10 IES females.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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