Sunday, May 18, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.


im so glad it has started. when it's done,
i can get my bness up ald. after all, i only
hv 2yrs 7mths left!. i think Ms May has
some gd experience & ideas, there's still
sooo much i can learn from her!.
Cheers Ms May!.

i still find some comfort in computers,
must be bcoz of my IT Media Club bckgrd.
it sucks a lil tho coz the computers
arent as advanced as the sec sch ones.
at least we still hv Ms Harasha!.
she thinks each of us r g*ddamn special!.
haha. i esp love e fact that she's making
us think abt success often, if not always.
Cheers Ms Harasha!.

*TPS.i feel like it's a dejavu of my pure geo days.
someimes i think her lessons r quite boring.
but i kinda like her exp stories!.
altho someimes they're kinda looongwinded.
but kinda sad tho. i mean. i, for one,
dont think tourism is a spectator sport.
& i think she shld get a betta microphone.
Cheers Mrs JeanYeo!.

i love S&W!.
Ms Gladys's sessions rocks alot tho, despite
being exhausting. that's okay, ever since
JAE came out i hvnt had much solid exercise.
frankly blogging, i deserve all that conditioning!.
i think im on e right track tho, e sessions
quite well-structured.
Cheers Ms Gladys!.

PS. gimme feedback on my blogs ald!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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