Monday, July 28, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@coz i say love makes the world go round.

3rd wk of sch, updates!. haha wth here goes :)

rained hard in e morn!. got caught :/
did BZF test. very contextual :) then i actually
skipped BZF [again] to printout TPS project!. hurr.
then cabbed back to sch for tps session.
finally bought my teehoodie!. :D

i was so proud of myself for 13mins :D
haha also submitted TPS project at last :D

RHD!. decided to be a gd sport n turn up in
my white Baju Kurung. at first i tot e class
just wanted to make fun of me coz i m sucha
fashionholic, but i was quite happy coz there
where those who did join in e fun n got
dressed up too!. took lotsa lotsa pics!. :D
for those who didnt next year okay!. :D

managed to catch some of e stage events :)
PR Hairul on guitars n vocals!. :)
then a mini capteh competition haha.

i actually think that his baju kurung is
damn nice!. i guess coz it's somewhat similar to
mine? like a gd cutting with just some nice
embellishments at e side?. but it was really nice!.
haha quite impressed at his choice this time :)

this is actually an umbrella that Amrit brought!.
Lol... Lol... i saw it n i was just like...
"woah, this totally goes with my outfit!" Lol... Lol...

haha upon further investigatn it was actually not
his, he got it from a friend so until now i dno
where it is sold at!. haha btw i decided to put a
colorfulthunder coz it's just so colorful n it was so
windy my hair looked like it kena thunder haha :D

e 2 fashionqueens!. hee hee. really!. :D
Fiqah got more bling then me, am so jealous but
we seriously rule the world!. mwahahaha \m/

my "bodyguard"; a verynice person!.
Lol... Lol... AIKARAMBA!. Resitharan didnt
dress up, but he said he promised to wear
somein next yr!. haha he betta!. he was actually
especially funny that day i was just laughing along :D

e Indian Booth let us use some color chalks
n draw on e floortiles for free so i wrote my
blog n almost my number!. haha then i think
there were some visitors n they wrote
"Singapore Rules 'Germany', I LOVE U ALL"
so i decided to reply n said
"WE *heartshape* YOU TOO!. LOL"

haha i took a final pic that day with
cuz Didi who didnt dress up [boo~]
i think she was rather shocked!. Lol... Lol...

haha contrary to popular belief, i actually
managed to maintain my whole look for
e whole day!. only dirtied my kain a lil at e
end of e day coz e cteen floor was wet.
oops. haha but it's washed off ald now :D

i didnt go for Latin Dance agn, no reason this time.
i still love e dance, but somein feels like it's
missing n i cant put my finger on it it's driving me
bonkers so i may not capitalise on LD now?.
also cant mess up with MD so yah. hmmm :$

BZF results r out!. Cheers to Ms Cc's efficiency!. :D
i got 92%!. woo hoo!. see!. i just need to
focus n sketch alot n i'll do justtt fine!~ :D

had this in-sch event, TPS got cancelled.

opening act was a dance from Tra'irat Seni.
i like their grp name!. maybe coz it also hv e
aphrostophe? hee hee. i tot that it was quite
a gd dance!. really like how they made use of
their prop [fan], costume n formations!. :D

then there were some singing, followed by
a drama to e song What I Go To School For
by BUSTED!. i love busted i love that song!.
they totally ruined it. so pissed coz i think that
they didnt do justice to sucha great song!. *shows fist*

by some Aussie mates :D if you were innit n
is somehow reading this, add me at msn k!.
hee hee :D

show was satisfactory to me, some of e
designs i really love. some were normal, e rest i
love too but due to some awful modelling i kinda got
turned off!. anw, this is my fav outfit outta em all!.

here's e runway lineup.

see e red arrow?!. my fav outfit!. i think ima
feed off from that idea n make somein that
i wld be able to fit in!. hee hee :D
see e green arrow?!. i think that e outfit was
really beautiful n e model is damn pretty too!.
am kinda jealous!. hee hee :D
see e pink arrow?!. i like e top!. but tgt e
pieces didnt really make muchofa statement as
e rest of e outfits. still nice tho!. :D

after that there were somemore singing,
then a closing Silat act by Tra'irat Seni.
there was this part when they "tried" to
infuse some "hip hop" elements into their
performance, which end up looking so weird!.

i love this pic that i took of em!. Lol... Lol...
really isnt my photography skills amazing?!.
like i said, someone shld sponsor me a
digicam!. hee hee. e males look so cool in
this picture woo hoo :D

after that there was a make up contest,
which i think was a bit misleading here n there!.
like when e styles were labelled "bohemian"
when it wasnt really, n some makeup products
were wrongly name-dropped. however, they
actually managed to get Za to sponsor em.
hmmm?. hee hee :D

Modern Dance Session!. Lol... Lol...
i got kicked outta e Run The Show routine :(
so now doing Moving Mountains by Usher :)

was quite a wk, i must say. i just feel like
chatting with someone in a rhyme!. haha okay
i still hv some things to go sort out darling.
i hope you hv a gd time so far.
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.

@my heart beats like a drum can you hear it?.

2nd wk of sch, updates!. this wk left me
rather discombobulated, n i managed to
lame my firm ass thru it!. haha wth here goes :)

i actually skipped BZF to get a grip of
my TPS project!. hurr. felt so relieved
when everything got discussed proper.
i think that e project was given at sucha
bad timing!. i mean who on earth can
think abt sch stuff in their holidays!.
no damn momentum to keep e project strong.

TPS also, got back test paper.
results was okay, but pretty devastated!.
like i-knew-i-shouldve-done-this-instd kinda
feeling. i really think that i shld start focusing.
it's like im starting to underperform recently :"(

Ms Cc wrote my name as "Ezzari" on the board.
Lol!. i was 1 of e 7 to hv bfast with her for CAH.
n we were like "who's Ezzari?!". hahahahahaha.
MY FERRARI OF COZ!. Lol... Lol... Hee :D
E'zzati "LABAOD" Said!. :D

was e 3rd person to arrive for CAH.
tummy pain so went to toilet to rub2.
haha he actually wanted to eat nuggets,
n i was like "huh? mcd has nuggets for bfast?."

finally joined e rest at e table, received
$7.50 from Ms Cc. she was like "enough?"
n i was like thinking that she was joking!.
haha in e end i decided to get 2 hbrowns,
n a large ilt. n by large, i mean LARGE!.
it was so big haha. total spent: $5.95

SW warm up was so damn fun.
did some jump rope n medi ball :D
was quite surprised coz there wasnt any
running?. then played netball with some of e girls.
it was sucha boring game tho this round.

plus!. e sun was blazing, our blackshoes got
hot n we had "Canned Heat in our heels!." ;D
decided to join Vivien, Serence n Elicia for some
short bball. after that skipped Latin Dance agn coz
my mind was just outta it n i was just so screwed!.

my forearms were aching!. haha :D did TPS agn,
taking 5 every now n then to just think abt dance tml.

Modern Dance Session!. i loved it!. Lol... Lol...
decided to do Moving Mountains by Usher.
[Thanks ar Liyana for reminding that it's Usher not Neyo].
n also Run The Show!. haha learnt e 2 choreos that wk
so it was like no rest in betw?. Lol... Lol...

after 1 gd afternn of dancing, i treated myself with...
haha n e dessertbabe was like supershocked!.
she was like "nice eh?~" n i was like "NICE!." Lol... Lol...
okay, i guess i also gotta say THANKS MRS JY!. :D
submission extended to monday. which was crap, coz
we're gna hv a BZF test too. but im pretty thankful anyways :)

n to top it off, Hot Dad bought a huge durian cake!.

haha so yummy so sweet. THANKS DAD!. :D
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

Saturday, July 12, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@what i go to sch for!.

SEXY SCH IS BACK!. uh huh.
holidays was just brilliant sexy,
so many things happened!. :D
Lol... Lol... i miss e canteen food, jokes,
my workstations, e dance studio, SW+++ :D
n of course all e tchers n IES ourselves!.
haha hotness consolidated in a building!. :)

guess who was e 1st cmate i met?!.
Colin Nothingness Chia. Lol. i was like -_-"
was feeling really unwell, hopefully i didnt
annoy e hotties ard me!. Lol... Lol...
TPS was nice. session was kept compact!. :D

had a new found love on a particular word.
nv felt it cld contain such impact, n is still
possibly positive!. the word: DAMN!.


went to doctor. there, i realised that e last time
i was sick enough was in 2006!. Lol... Lol...
had rashes that time, coz of new soap wth lol.
wow i hv been healthy for 2yrs yay me :D
settled for a 1day mc coz e next day was SWday,
missed SW so much, sooo not gna skip!. :D

Ms Gladys was away on some course, so we
had combined SW, mainly for warmup. 1lap [phew.]
then stretch. i got pretty tired just by laughing!.

haha then Liyana n me played badminton in e hall.
she managed to find herself a blingracket!. hurrrhurr.
was jealous for ard 1.3minutes. then we played 2on2
with Zahrina n Nana. after that handicap; Liyana,
Serene n me vs Zahrina n Nana. had a gd game with
gd laughs!. Lol... Lol.. was so tired but felt like dancing.
still sick, didnt go for latin dance :(


Liyana n i reached sch to find out that
there was a performance for us!. how yay.
abt harp music. e harpernista [haha] was just
so pro in her own element!. she also played
some songs that r so close to my ears,
[yah i seriously put ears instd of heart haha],
such as if we hold on tgt, colors of e wind, titanic,...
im not really into string instruments but i tot that
e performance was really really nice!. n it wasnt
boring or those "no-feeling" shows. lovelylah!. :D

at OFA Liyana pointed out somein to me. i tot that
it was just so cool. who wld've tot?!. after that Ms H
mentioned abt... BODMAS!. then she broke e acronym down
into some really funny ones. i just wanted to keep e joke gg!,
i mean she got me laughing so i shall get others laughing too!.
haha my example: Buckets Of Donuts, Mcwings And Salmon.
Bouts Of Dancing, Merepek-ing And Singing. and my final one is...
Lol... Lol... beat that!. XD

BZF was damn boring!. decided to count down
from 1 million to 1 to kill time haha :D
TPS. to me, test was rather accomplishable.
pretty straightforward. sitting at e back sucks!,
cldnt get any aircon!. haha :D

OFA we learnt how to do excelgraphs. then ms H
asked us to play ard with it so that we'll be comfy.
i was doing some online stuff n looking for materials
to put on my ppt over e wkends, so i didnt manage
to play ard before she dropped by my workstation.

she was like "e'zzati im sure you're more creative than that."
"you're just distracted". haha!, so true!~ for both statements!.
Lol... Lol... decided to pause n focus on excelgraphs for awhile.
i recalled she mentioned abt making our graph sexy, so i
managed to come up with e joke of e wk!. Lol... Lol...

e barchart is actually made up of my headshots!. Lol... Lol...
i won e title of Most Narcissist in IES. Lol... Lol...
E'zzati "The Narcissist" Said?. haha crazyfunnysexybaby!. XD

after that, Modern Dance Session!. gosh i miss dance!.
danced to Moving Mountains by Neyo [happy ar Liyana].
i m to choose which song i wna dance to, but i love em all!.
well shall give one n all a go or more n see how. okay,
come let's do project now. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


in loving memory of my bugis shoes!.

probably 1 of e best designed shoes ever.
this is why craftsmanship is so impt to me.
was so reluctant to dispose it, but no choice :(

1 second of silence, then carry on with life.
decided to get a new pair of shoes, also to
kick start e new sch season on e right foot
[with e right shoes n on e right note!. haha :D]

at hm i realised that this pair is more
similar to my sketch?. haha e laces n all.
it's actually silver, some sort of glitter.
i sooo love how it sparkles when exposed to
light. just so brilliant!. :D

till then. it's only me, you, and the dancefloor!.
forever on the dancefloor. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

E'zzati's Secret.


i really do!. Lol... Lol... usually i dont really
like to watch male reality tv shows coz e guys
always turn out to be rather catty!. that, or they
r really boring. but The Contender Asia, i love!. :D

when i 1st saw e ad i didnt even intend to
make time to watch it. now im like... addicted!.
haha love it love it love it. im so upset it's over!. :(
other than e awesome fights, i also love e loft stories!.
season 2 betta starts soon!. Hee :D

my fav contenderasias r... JOHN WAYNE PARR!. [duh~]
[i saw him at a bus stop before haha] Zidov, Sean,
alright stop!. before i include everyone else!. i love em all!. :D

Lol... Lol... i feel like screaming that I AM OFFICIALY A...

Lol... Lol... i feel sooooooo motivated to
train now, esp for my NAPFA [free tshirt] Lol... Lol...
this doesnt mean that ima turn sportish tho!.
i wld rather design e Muay Thai shorts!. :D
btw, bcoz of this, Ren Wei said that im "MEN-HOLIC"!.
Lol... Lol... what to do, i just love men!~
[well most of em at least!.] :D

Lol... Lol... I LOVE The Contender Asia!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs