Monday, July 28, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@coz i say love makes the world go round.

3rd wk of sch, updates!. haha wth here goes :)

rained hard in e morn!. got caught :/
did BZF test. very contextual :) then i actually
skipped BZF [again] to printout TPS project!. hurr.
then cabbed back to sch for tps session.
finally bought my teehoodie!. :D

i was so proud of myself for 13mins :D
haha also submitted TPS project at last :D

RHD!. decided to be a gd sport n turn up in
my white Baju Kurung. at first i tot e class
just wanted to make fun of me coz i m sucha
fashionholic, but i was quite happy coz there
where those who did join in e fun n got
dressed up too!. took lotsa lotsa pics!. :D
for those who didnt next year okay!. :D

managed to catch some of e stage events :)
PR Hairul on guitars n vocals!. :)
then a mini capteh competition haha.

i actually think that his baju kurung is
damn nice!. i guess coz it's somewhat similar to
mine? like a gd cutting with just some nice
embellishments at e side?. but it was really nice!.
haha quite impressed at his choice this time :)

this is actually an umbrella that Amrit brought!.
Lol... Lol... i saw it n i was just like...
"woah, this totally goes with my outfit!" Lol... Lol...

haha upon further investigatn it was actually not
his, he got it from a friend so until now i dno
where it is sold at!. haha btw i decided to put a
colorfulthunder coz it's just so colorful n it was so
windy my hair looked like it kena thunder haha :D

e 2 fashionqueens!. hee hee. really!. :D
Fiqah got more bling then me, am so jealous but
we seriously rule the world!. mwahahaha \m/

my "bodyguard"; a verynice person!.
Lol... Lol... AIKARAMBA!. Resitharan didnt
dress up, but he said he promised to wear
somein next yr!. haha he betta!. he was actually
especially funny that day i was just laughing along :D

e Indian Booth let us use some color chalks
n draw on e floortiles for free so i wrote my
blog n almost my number!. haha then i think
there were some visitors n they wrote
"Singapore Rules 'Germany', I LOVE U ALL"
so i decided to reply n said
"WE *heartshape* YOU TOO!. LOL"

haha i took a final pic that day with
cuz Didi who didnt dress up [boo~]
i think she was rather shocked!. Lol... Lol...

haha contrary to popular belief, i actually
managed to maintain my whole look for
e whole day!. only dirtied my kain a lil at e
end of e day coz e cteen floor was wet.
oops. haha but it's washed off ald now :D

i didnt go for Latin Dance agn, no reason this time.
i still love e dance, but somein feels like it's
missing n i cant put my finger on it it's driving me
bonkers so i may not capitalise on LD now?.
also cant mess up with MD so yah. hmmm :$

BZF results r out!. Cheers to Ms Cc's efficiency!. :D
i got 92%!. woo hoo!. see!. i just need to
focus n sketch alot n i'll do justtt fine!~ :D

had this in-sch event, TPS got cancelled.

opening act was a dance from Tra'irat Seni.
i like their grp name!. maybe coz it also hv e
aphrostophe? hee hee. i tot that it was quite
a gd dance!. really like how they made use of
their prop [fan], costume n formations!. :D

then there were some singing, followed by
a drama to e song What I Go To School For
by BUSTED!. i love busted i love that song!.
they totally ruined it. so pissed coz i think that
they didnt do justice to sucha great song!. *shows fist*

by some Aussie mates :D if you were innit n
is somehow reading this, add me at msn k!.
hee hee :D

show was satisfactory to me, some of e
designs i really love. some were normal, e rest i
love too but due to some awful modelling i kinda got
turned off!. anw, this is my fav outfit outta em all!.

here's e runway lineup.

see e red arrow?!. my fav outfit!. i think ima
feed off from that idea n make somein that
i wld be able to fit in!. hee hee :D
see e green arrow?!. i think that e outfit was
really beautiful n e model is damn pretty too!.
am kinda jealous!. hee hee :D
see e pink arrow?!. i like e top!. but tgt e
pieces didnt really make muchofa statement as
e rest of e outfits. still nice tho!. :D

after that there were somemore singing,
then a closing Silat act by Tra'irat Seni.
there was this part when they "tried" to
infuse some "hip hop" elements into their
performance, which end up looking so weird!.

i love this pic that i took of em!. Lol... Lol...
really isnt my photography skills amazing?!.
like i said, someone shld sponsor me a
digicam!. hee hee. e males look so cool in
this picture woo hoo :D

after that there was a make up contest,
which i think was a bit misleading here n there!.
like when e styles were labelled "bohemian"
when it wasnt really, n some makeup products
were wrongly name-dropped. however, they
actually managed to get Za to sponsor em.
hmmm?. hee hee :D

Modern Dance Session!. Lol... Lol...
i got kicked outta e Run The Show routine :(
so now doing Moving Mountains by Usher :)

was quite a wk, i must say. i just feel like
chatting with someone in a rhyme!. haha okay
i still hv some things to go sort out darling.
i hope you hv a gd time so far.
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs


SuFiYaN said...

hmmm...where's the blog abt ur crushes eh?

E'zzati said...

HAHA i still dont hv some of e
pictures!!!. boo :$

Lol... Lol...