Tuesday, August 12, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@keep it moving!.

1st half of e 4th wk of sch,
e heart does go on :)

OFA, recapitulated MExcel. Liyana came,
left for singing. i came in late for BZF coz
tummy pain :/ researched abt e types of companies.
kinda cool, but didnt manage to get much info.

agreed to meet Didi n walk to sch tgt. i was late,
but jokes still went on as usual haha. made it to
TPS morn session agn!. yay me! Liyana had
singing so she didnt come at all. at break, went to
Popular Bookstore for a lil shopping. i was so
damn bored!. dropped by Bishan Library,
read some fashion magazines,...

MExcel test was quite okay!. haha altho
at first i was like "HUH?~". took ard 13mins to
understand it!. Lol... Lol... stoned at my seat n
just experimented ard. YEAH!.

after e test Ms H was like "you guys owe
E'zzati..." n i went "1milliondollars!." Lol... Lol...
Ms H continued "for saying abt e Subtotal stuff!"
Lol... Lol... i heard some of em is willing to
treat me a drink?. haha!~ i just laughed it off,
i mean, it's my pleasure to just help ppl in things
that i know i can!. :D Lol... Lol...

then she suggested that e class get me
somein, n "it doesnt hv to be a brownie", so
i was like "kiss!. kiss!." Lol... Lol...
until now still no kiss... hahaha haha joking ;D
i was just trying to be funny to cheer e class up
after e discombobulating test ;D

got back to ppt for OFA. BZF was rather slack
coz it was her last lesson with us, we're quite
ahead so i suppose we just wanted to lepak ard???
haha~ caught up with Liyana after her short disappearance :)

accompanied Liyana to B302 for her to
finish her OFA test, n Ms H let me in e lab!.
haha, hunted for more material for my ppt agn :)

haha, i wld fall asleep if that happened in my
lessons!. Lol... Lol... i was so giggling inside!. :D

lunch: J8. on my way there, i was so damn
annoyed!. when i got back Sufiyan asked why
was i so pissed, but i was too lazy to talk abt it :/

only 7 girls came, n only 6 girls were playing.
had to jog 1 rd at e carpark. Ms Gladys wasnt
satisfied with e way we did it so she made us
jog agn!. haha she ran with e girls. :)

at 1 pt she went "is everybody okay?" n
upon turning she saw me n said
"e girl behind is still smiling so everyone's okay"
n i was thinking to myself "wth!. lol!."
haha im either smiling, posing or sleeping!. :D

kinda suck tho, e other girls were e fit bunch
so i was e last one n was kinda breathless!.
haha so lazy running is so boring can i dance?. ;D
wasnt enough girls so we didnt play anything.
WEIRD!. i was like... "is that all?!."

thanks to e IEScs who booked B207, we
practiced there for tml's Ms Cc's farewell show.
Sufiyan mentioned abt singing Damaged so i said
that he'll perform it n i'll be his bckgrd singer.
next thing i knew it was gna happen for real,
n i was actually supposed to "performance battle"
with him!. Lol... Lol...

went along with e plan coz i wanted to participate n
contribute. asked Liyana for some random singing tips
coz i didnt want to screw up e item so badly.
practiced a lil at hm, recorded myself, realized i sound

read my next post to find out how it all went!!! :D
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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