Saturday, July 12, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@what i go to sch for!.

SEXY SCH IS BACK!. uh huh.
holidays was just brilliant sexy,
so many things happened!. :D
Lol... Lol... i miss e canteen food, jokes,
my workstations, e dance studio, SW+++ :D
n of course all e tchers n IES ourselves!.
haha hotness consolidated in a building!. :)

guess who was e 1st cmate i met?!.
Colin Nothingness Chia. Lol. i was like -_-"
was feeling really unwell, hopefully i didnt
annoy e hotties ard me!. Lol... Lol...
TPS was nice. session was kept compact!. :D

had a new found love on a particular word.
nv felt it cld contain such impact, n is still
possibly positive!. the word: DAMN!.


went to doctor. there, i realised that e last time
i was sick enough was in 2006!. Lol... Lol...
had rashes that time, coz of new soap wth lol.
wow i hv been healthy for 2yrs yay me :D
settled for a 1day mc coz e next day was SWday,
missed SW so much, sooo not gna skip!. :D

Ms Gladys was away on some course, so we
had combined SW, mainly for warmup. 1lap [phew.]
then stretch. i got pretty tired just by laughing!.

haha then Liyana n me played badminton in e hall.
she managed to find herself a blingracket!. hurrrhurr.
was jealous for ard 1.3minutes. then we played 2on2
with Zahrina n Nana. after that handicap; Liyana,
Serene n me vs Zahrina n Nana. had a gd game with
gd laughs!. Lol... Lol.. was so tired but felt like dancing.
still sick, didnt go for latin dance :(


Liyana n i reached sch to find out that
there was a performance for us!. how yay.
abt harp music. e harpernista [haha] was just
so pro in her own element!. she also played
some songs that r so close to my ears,
[yah i seriously put ears instd of heart haha],
such as if we hold on tgt, colors of e wind, titanic,...
im not really into string instruments but i tot that
e performance was really really nice!. n it wasnt
boring or those "no-feeling" shows. lovelylah!. :D

at OFA Liyana pointed out somein to me. i tot that
it was just so cool. who wld've tot?!. after that Ms H
mentioned abt... BODMAS!. then she broke e acronym down
into some really funny ones. i just wanted to keep e joke gg!,
i mean she got me laughing so i shall get others laughing too!.
haha my example: Buckets Of Donuts, Mcwings And Salmon.
Bouts Of Dancing, Merepek-ing And Singing. and my final one is...
Lol... Lol... beat that!. XD

BZF was damn boring!. decided to count down
from 1 million to 1 to kill time haha :D
TPS. to me, test was rather accomplishable.
pretty straightforward. sitting at e back sucks!,
cldnt get any aircon!. haha :D

OFA we learnt how to do excelgraphs. then ms H
asked us to play ard with it so that we'll be comfy.
i was doing some online stuff n looking for materials
to put on my ppt over e wkends, so i didnt manage
to play ard before she dropped by my workstation.

she was like "e'zzati im sure you're more creative than that."
"you're just distracted". haha!, so true!~ for both statements!.
Lol... Lol... decided to pause n focus on excelgraphs for awhile.
i recalled she mentioned abt making our graph sexy, so i
managed to come up with e joke of e wk!. Lol... Lol...

e barchart is actually made up of my headshots!. Lol... Lol...
i won e title of Most Narcissist in IES. Lol... Lol...
E'zzati "The Narcissist" Said?. haha crazyfunnysexybaby!. XD

after that, Modern Dance Session!. gosh i miss dance!.
danced to Moving Mountains by Neyo [happy ar Liyana].
i m to choose which song i wna dance to, but i love em all!.
well shall give one n all a go or more n see how. okay,
come let's do project now. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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Didi said...

Hi!!! Your lovely cute cousin here (: How can your eyeballs&throat hurt at the same time? Oh, the shoes! Hahahahaha UHU glue didnt work! I guess 'the price was wrong'. You need a tagboard, need my help? One dollar only!