Monday, April 7, 2008

E'zzati's Secret!.

i last to greet the day
despite monsters underneath my bed.
i made this poem
of what's inside my head.

i climbed up a tree
with every drop of all my zeal
to stop n see
what life has to reveal.

on top of the tree
i turned behind
to see what landed me here
to look what i've done.

i saw white apparitions
that hv lived and die
and my little spirit still
couldnt find a the reasons why.

a little pain littered ard
lots of misleading clues
a bit of everything all over
some i didnt mean to lose.

some stolen memories
some solitary, some shared
some empty hopes and dreams
some things i never had.

some vivid moments
some safe kept
some ambiguous times
some i've forget.

everything that's there and done
those things that i learned
i felt that it is time now
for me to once agn turn.

bcoz of what i might find up front
i might never really know
where i'll be n what it's like
which way do i go?.

i cannot stay for long
on top of this tree
and keep myself from experiencing
what is mine to see.

i then looked down n stared upon
these cold hard floors
to realize that this path i walk
was made for a cause.

i'll make sure my path is clean
with carpets on the ground
bright lights shining to guide me along
as i parade on.
put on your shoes, let's enjoy this ride
don't forget to take my hand
as we take a step side by side
and see where we'll land.

and with the end in sight
my heart will go on
day after day, night after night
let's keep moving along!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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Zahrin0r said...

HIIIIII, im nt that into poems but i like urs. [: