Sunday, April 6, 2008

E'zzati's Secret!.

i ripped e title outta Victoria Secret haha :)
let e alarms of RAPTURE ring!.
i hv decided to start a blog here mwahaha :)
so everytime u log into fster please rmb to read my blog!. :D

Hi Hotstuff!.
day after boring day, i was happy it was night time.
my teenlife hiatus sucks!.
it was dead boring so i went to my room

to lie down on my bed.
then i tot abt Ryan conferido,

which is not a bad thing to think abt!.

how random.
he wrote e original version of e poem below.
i decided to use it as a basis for

my 1st intro for my 1st entry. ha.

this one man. he had the ammo
to captivate me with his one-liners.
and with all due respect
i'll try to emulate on him
for a minute. charming.
but i know it. even if i put my work in.
my mind can't help but fail him
before his minute is up.

as always. all out.
and i won't even be able to tell you who this is about.
why it's important.
or why i wrote it.

Hee 8D
a hottie can only take so much slack n skint,

n then she really needs to MOVE.
so it was all laughs n jokes at in my room today.

farewell, dearInertia.
see u in september. tho we wont see e same, of coz.

lately i realised that SOMEONE has high expectations of me!.
[SEE!. that makes e 2 of us.]
he said i was gg to hv to work

even harder-er in e months to come,
but he was looking forward to accompany me

for my first $500 shopping spree.
i said likewise. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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