Friday, March 5, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


haha omg im sucha simple crier, altho i've hvnt
cried in quite a while. like, CRY LIKE RABAK!~ T.T

out of boredom in class, i created my acct. many things were shared there, and i dont hv anyone else to thank :)

i rmb during my early ITE days, HottIes wanted to see me perform, but i wasnt ready enough to do anything. HottIes Stanley suggested that i record somein and put it on ytb, "who knows, skali you bcome popular bcoz of your video!~" ;) it wasnt until my BOBD cover when i had a vid, so i decided to upload it for memories purposes. there were a few views, but soon it died and i just posted more videos for fun's sake, thinking no one wld watch such stuff. imagine my shock when i returned and saw the increase in number of views!. what i know is, that you watch my videos and laugh at them. what i want you to know is, this channel was made for you. and thank you. if it wasnt for you, i wldnt hv made friends and gotten feedback from all over the world, and discovered so many things abt myself. i know im not the best singer/dancer/designer/writer/person in the school/class/club, but i hope that what i've done gave you an excuse to smile :)

THE MAIN REASON WHY I CRIED WAS THAT... i lost my feel of blogging, so i went to see my archives. this screen of words you're reading, is the very evidence of what a blessed life i had. i rmb creating this bcoz i wanted to keep all my memories since i entered ITE, n i damnwelldid. reading back, i rmb all the stuff that happened. inclding scrambling tgt to blog, bloghopping during classes,++ ;)

"WHAT IS ONE MINUTE OF CRAZYNESS COMPARED TO A LIFETIME OF MEANINGLESS?." -The Waterboys. somein liddat. that was my philosophy when i entered. i tried things, failed some, aced some. all i wanted was a few solid minutes of awesomeness, and now i got a lifetime more to live with. thank you :)

i know some ppl say ITElife sucks, waste time, blah3. i think that it all depends, i mean, i got into ITE and had quite an awesome time!. seriously, someimes i compare myself with my other friends who "made it", and i thank God for what i got. someimes i did wish i was as lucky as some others, but all in all, i know i was just asking for too much. so yeah you may hv tot you had a meaningless life in ite, maybe you just didnt use your minute. coz i said i'd do it and i diddit. yeah there were times when it was mendak, but everytime it happens, the only way life went is up :) in fact, i even kinda got complacent here and there, to the extend that moving forward seemed impossible. hell yeah, i am ready to progress. now i leave with much attachment of the heart [and gathered all my guts] for future life. obviously i wont be able to retain everything, but you know that i had a part of my life with you and that that's somein in itself ;)

NICE RIGHT THE PHOTO!~ HAHAHA ROFL XD my take on the comm/course card. anw!. alot of ppl prefer Vitamin C's Graduation [Friends Forever] song, but to me the perfect song is the one below. a 'lil bit romantic blah3, but it has everything, from where we're from, to where we're at, and where should we go. we'll meet agn, when both our cars collide!~ [MCR's Helena, emo a bit uh as always haha X)]

Run. Running all the time.
Running to the future. With you right by my side.

Me. I'm the one you chose.
Out of all the people. You wanted me the most.
I'm so sorry that I've fallen.
Help me up lets keep on running.
Don't let me fall out of love.

Running, running. As fast as we can.
Do you think we'll make it? (Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running. Keep holding my hand.
It's so we don't get separated.

Be. Be the one I need.
Be the one I trust most. Don't stop inspiring me.
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running.
We work so much to keep it going.
Don't make me want to give up.

[Chorus x2] (The future) [Chorus]
-Running [No Doubt]

ROCK N... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ ^^ \m/
[altho i bet we're gna camwhore otw, maybe
drop by e refreshments table, check out hot ppl, ++]

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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