Friday, March 12, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.



many kpop artistes r coming to Singapore these days, or ard e area [msia, thai,...] i feel like crashing some of their events to gain exposure so that Big Bang will take notice XP but i dont think im ready yet for em to come. i think i hv another new dream now. 121212, BIG BANG, NO BRAIN, 2NE1, AND ME IN SINGAPORE INDOOR STADIUM!. :D i hope, wish, pray. till then, wait for me okay?. i promise i'll work harder :)

oh btw!. i read somewhere that Backstreet Boys know of Big Bang and think that they're gd stuff :) HAHA!. now i feel guilty for laughing at em when i accidentally bumped into em when they were in town. i dno, it's just funny to see ppl you like when you least expect it. it made me think, you know. like... FORREAL?!. X) anw, 9MAR!. Wondergirls, Singapore, Bugis, Illuma. XD if im not wrong, i think 1 of em twitted "I love the weather here and the views..!!“ HAHAHA XD dammit i should stop complaining. also!. i think BEG went to Spize?. seems like there's much east side action. okay that doesnt make much diff, since i live in a somewhat middle?. but cool per... UNNIES OI!~ :D

Lol... Lol... 3days ago, 6MAR!. super inspirational day. haha. will update more abt it in like, i dno. 10mths later?. haha jk. i went to an event in e heartlands, learnt alot. like how i missed being in an event ald. and even more stuff. i've been thinking abt sounds lately, and i randomly recalled how AMKPS back then had quite a number of bells for diff reasons, and some r well... kinda catchy. so i laughed to myself thinking how much i've been tryna avoid, but keep being exposed and naturally inclining to arts. so now im pretty much raring to go for my next phase of life... after 13hours of gd sleep!. :D anw, a taste of what happened earlier that day. image courtesy of Hottie Zrn. pretty awesome!. ^^ \m/

phwoar~ karma is so cute. papers were pretty neat, i guess it's e tcher's way of retribution for my lack of attendance?. haha XP well exams arent everything, but i hope everything's all gd yeah~ :) okay i know i mentioned i'll continue updating abt life, it's coming okay haha :) another live feed from brain!.

*12MAR!. :D
finally it's "brk" time. i dont know what to feel anymore at this pt. lately, my heart has been beating quite fast [figuratively :)] and i dont even know whyth for. not that im in love or what [at least i dont think so?. haha] hmmm i hope to find some awesome stuff in Msia, coz i desperately need to kickstart my next stage of life with somein. i ald know what i wna buy tho haha X) and... I HATE PACKING LUGGAGE!.

i love to pack goodiebags and e likes, but i dno why i seem to just dislike luggage packing. a guyfriend once told me that packing should be done ard a wk before leaving, so that in case anything is forgotten there's still time. how sensible. my style?, just enough clothes to get thru!~ as long as it match with e rest of e family [so e pHOTos will turn out like a family lookbook HAHA] :D most impt, i just gotta bring my survival kit [Sone'zzati, spare mp3, hphink, earpieces, batteries, charger, pen] in some sort of purse. :D also inclds stuff like... accessories, mini-sze'chbk n some color pens in case i feeling2 wna graffiti :D

The Saids Mger!. :D haha btw, i realized that Good Charlotte's Benji Madden is also born on e same day!. HAHAHAHA omglah, imagine if he was my dad!~ "THIS IS E ANTHEM THROW ALL YOUR HANDS UP!~" see, discoveries all ald happening ROFL XD anw, i've come to realize and be thankful that Hot Dad's still alive. yeah he annoys me someimes, but some of you might not even hv your dad ard anymore. thanks Hot Dad, for not smoking/drinking/clubbing++. it seems that every other [esp mly dads] does so n isnt alive. so yeah, ROCK ON HOT DAD!~ ^^ \m/

The Saids Tour Mger!. :D haha. march is 1 of e mths i get broke easily, bcoz i hv to buy many presents haha. hmm, congrats for surviving 19y3m of me!~ ROCK ON HOT MUM!~ ^^ \m/

what else. SOMEONE ASKED ME GOOD QUESTIONS LATELY!. :D "HOW COME YOUR SCREAM SO HIGH PITCH BUT YOUR VOICE LOW?." haha, it's always been that way?. i just naturally talk in a lower raspier voice, but i can scream with much ease. even previously i've received some comments like "you can be a professional screamer" and "ni mesti screamo"!~ HAHA :D usually e following questions will be "doesnt it hurt when you scream at sucha note?." but to be honest, HELL NO!~ :) Alhamdulillah, i am blessed with powerhouse vocals HAHAHA XD seriously, it feels natural. i suppose part of it comes from my natural grit?. :) and e last question will be "if you can scream at sucha high note, why can you sing in a higher/normal girl's key?." this, i dno. think it has somein to do with technicality?. like when i scream, i use my highest chest voice for e basic sound, and e whole of my head voice for a range of highpitch notes control?. haha. in other words, my singing voice [voice mix or wtv], is something i hvnt mastered. so i can do low stuff like rapping, and high stuff like screaming. anything in betw, someimes i get it and someimes i dont. will work on it tho. THANKS!~ :D

10MAR, my fbk's fortune cookie: Plan for many pleasures ahead.
wldnt it be nice?. ;) heehee~ hmmm does anyone actually reads my blog anymore?. esp till here ROFL XD

in this mmt, i am emo. okay im always liddat HAHA XP -_-" but i find some comfort in knowing that it's a small world and we'll fosho bump into each other someimes, esp since we're in e same industry :) coz above it all, there r things i wna keep and know. heh. i will blog betta when im feeling betta. okay, let me leave you with somein to discreetly headbang to. ONLY THIS SONG SUITS!~ ^^ \m/

by Josh Miller X) CHEERS!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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