Thursday, March 18, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


MIDNIGHT, 18 MARCH 2010!. :D i sat in my living rm to read e npaper [yeah i always read npapers at night, and in reverse order, backpage to cover] and guess what i saw!~ :D haha okay ignore my bad cropping, mly npaper is big so i had to scan 1 side at a time and paste all tgt -_-" i've seen BB and 2NE1 been featured on msia's entertainment mags and BB on a local entertainment mag, nothing much this time, but to see em appear on e local's main [and only] mly npaper, it must've meant somein ;)

btw, ST12 is coming to Singapore and im wondering if i wna go coz im so bored. i heard they suck at live performances so i wna check it out for myself, and it's at Rock Auditorium, which i hv nv heard of before, so i wna see e place!~ haha i wont lie to you, i only know one song from em XP tickets r quite ex tho. might as well just keep my $ for a concert that i actually like e artiste. YG, when you come to Singapore, pls dont sell tickets thru Sistic. they rip our pocket $ :( and you cant decorate your tickets :( e only gd pt is, they hv an online system where you can see e floorplan and book your seat :) but i trust BB!. that if they hv a concert here, they'd hv an awesome stage set that no matter where you sit, you'll still get a gd view no matter where you sit. therefore, e last and only gd pt of Sistic proves meaningless. sorry Sistics, but bcoz of you i didnt catch 3 of my all-time fav bands play, and i mostly blame you for it :D

that doesnt incld many other concerts that i'd love to support, but due to your bad pricing, i had to give em a pass. anw!. back to e article!. translating it was funny, i should've paid attention in mly class~ :) so now i know why Hot Dad's rtone is Fire!. HAHAHAHA XD

[PHOTO CAPTION] ENTER INTERNATIONAL MARKET: This girl group 2NE1 from South Korea music video was published on America's popular blogger website, Perez Hilton.
[ARTICLE] Looks like the heat and greatness of K-Pop or Korean Pop groups now begin to get a place in the West, especially in America.
Popular blogger, Perez Hilton, had uploaded the latest music video clip of K-Pop group Big Bang, Lollipop 2, and latest song from group 2NE1 (pronounced: twenty-one), Try To Follow Me, on his blogsite.
But this is not the first time Perez Hilton featured a music video from both groups.
Before this, song Lollipop sang by Big Bang and 2NE1 had also been featured in his blog,, that is commonly visited by millions of citizens from different countries.
A few month ago, Hilton's blogsite, whis is usually filled with recent gossip about popular artists in America had also featured music video from group The Wonder Girls, that is popular with the song Nobody, SNSD, and female actress Uhm Junghwa.

Jatuh by Adam :) CHEERS!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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