Sunday, April 4, 2010

E'zzati's Secret.


WAITING SUCKS!. :( Lol... Lol... a 'lil update on wazzup before i post some real update... soon ;P

i actually stayed up by my phone!. lied on e bed and did nothing, just plain waiting. waiting sucks. weird tho, i've nv stayed by my phone without doing anything. haha -_-" at 080744 "Course: FHBSE. Your Mar 2010 exam results are: EM22010=Good;EM51070=S;EV4001PA=D;EV5001PA=C;OA49170=B." like as if i understand what e codes are. so TADA!~

most surprisingly!. got a B for PR!~ ^^ \m/ highest grade of mine in this batch. which is strange, coz i skipped more lessons than i did in POM, which i ended up with a C -_-" sadly, i got D for MICE, which is like kinda impt for events?. -_-" thankfully, i passed LPD and SWII. Alhamdulillah~ :) looking at overall perf, i missed e ABs in e earlier days. but hey, still a gd run of 3As 5Bs 2Cs 1D :) btw, D IS A PASS. i didnt know that!. haha okay got a credit more than required via elective mods, which is also strange coz elec mods r PR and TPS!. Lol... Lol... last but not least, GPA = 2.887!. sad how i dropped from e 3pointers grp :( there's a saying that your income is e incomes of e 5 closest ppl to you divided by 5. i guess it applies to GPAs too. it's funny to hv near 4pointers friends, and those who are hovering on e 2pointer mark.

THANKFULLY!. [again, i know] i hv 0.2 extra credit from my CCAs!. :D TOTAL GPA = 3.007!~ ^^ \m/ yay i barely scraped thru e 3pointer mark. haha mirror image e 3, and my GPA = E.BOND ^^ \m/ HAHAHAHA ROFL XD

released at 2PM [ha ha -_-"], but i overslept an hr :) presenting... Contender #2: Diploma in Design for Interactivity (R36)

i know, Design for WHAT?! X) honestly, i cant recall applying for it. but ta-dah!. it's weird how i keep getting my 4th choice. PSS was my 4th choice in PSLE, if im not wrong BnF was my 4thchoice [i appealed duh], and so i digress. clueless, i went to e official website for more info ;)

"About the Programme: The premise of Design for Interactivity is situated at the intersection between product (object), service and environment design. The aim of the programme is to familiarise students with the interactive nature of design thinking, and to foster them to think critically about the design process.
Programme Objectives: Students will examine the impact of design on everyday life, and conversely, the influence of everyday life on design. They will be challenged to address fundamental questions such as: When does interaction ever cease? How interconnected and interdependent are we as individuals and communities? How do we manage information systems and technological networks? In their quest, they will help define the meaning and extent of “interactivity” through design and design thinking."

seems decent, but it appears to be mroe on e "talk abt it" side?. i dont wna just talk abt it, i wna be abt it!. ;) that aside, gg to poly might be less of a cultureshock. as in: SLA [Student Life Activities] ;) they hv Interest Groups [IGs] that inclds LD [which i dearly miss :'(] and i know of friends who wanted to go to RP for dance's sake. and i also miss math & science :( also!. HottIes Liyana will be in RP to for Sonic Arts [how dope!.] i think RP like talented shortys like us HAHA X)

LSL vs RP. i also considered which sch has betta men HAHA XP so i was in a mini-dilemma!. wanted to cry but no tears came up and i end up laughing HAHAHAHA -_-" yeah im all abt making somein and getting somein back, it helps e cycle of life :) still!. I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY THOUGHT THINGS OUT. seems so... grown-up!. HAHA XP

HottIes Liyana tweeted that "As long as you do what you love :]", but i swear i love both. and it's not like, sports vs economics you know, design and dance hv an intricate rship!. just like fashion and music. since there's only one E'zzati Said, i suppose i'll hv to balance it out :) but i guess her next tweet helped much more "@ezzatisaid *-____-* your head laa! I think u go LSL cos Im not sure abt design interactivity bt i think da course u applied @ LSL better." :D

DUH not much of a doubt, but it hurts. decision-making is the new heart-breaking :( FOR A MMT I FORGOT ABT HOW "POLY IS BACKUP CHOICE"!~ so yeah ;) also!. it's that "i liked you but i moved on and NOW you like me?!" situation. if they had taken me before ITE, i wld've accepted. now after gg thru ITE, i think i deserve more hehe XP plus, intake starts in mid-Apr and they had just emailed over e forms. not efficientleh!~ Sorry RP, i like your feel and environment, but it's too late. Sorry Poly'ezters [those who keep insisting on me gg to poly no matter what], I NEED TO MOVE ON!. I NEED TO PROGRESS. FASTER. in e tweet of HottIes Resi:

*KUANTEEN!. MY HEART IS ACHING INSIDE!. Big Bang was in Thailand really recently. i cldnt sleep knowing they're so near. in fact, they're so near i can hear VI singing!. just kidding, HAPPY APRIL SMART!~ ^^ \m/ I EVEN KNOW HOW TO GET TO THAILAND AS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!~ :'( i feel so unjustified... thankfully some SingaVips were still up at 3AM to chat with me :) how pitifully funny. DAMMITLAH!. RAWRRARRRARR~

what sucks even more is they keep emphasizing on how great e turnout is and e girls. yes i know it's just e showbiz industry, Singapore is only a damn dot and it might not bring you as much profit and exposure. i cant promise you numerous attendance, but i can assure you that whoever that turns up, you have all of our Singalove. that's multiple times more than anyone else's ;) and if you like older ppl, aunties and uncles usually will drop by due to our natural kpo-ness!~ haha :'( [im just tryna console myself -_-"]

I FEEL SO UNLOVED RIGHT NOW!. :"( im not anti-Thailand btw, i hv great Thai friends who are really nice ppl. im just questioning. anw, since you're so nearby, why dont you stick ard Singapore during late apr?. AFF is coming up!~ HEEHEE XP i promise i'll treat you a Milo Dinosaur!. ;) make that 2 Milo Dinosaurs!. haha oh well i should learn to deal with it. slowly, a small step at a time, and you will reach here. I AM IMPATIENTLY WAITING. on e blinger side, [not to mention how his songs are sooo suitable in this mmt]...

his Asia tour. starting from Japan, to Korea, then to SINGAPORE~ ;)

this is really nice, very comforting indeed HAHA ;) ticket sales from 26Mar, still time to earn and save :) limegreen watch!. i wanted one but cldnt find, so mine's hotpink :) haha btw i like e "angel" picture. and i hope he piggybacks Katy Perry along here!~ HAHAHA XD i really wna go. JE TAIME MIKA, YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE KICK A$$!~ ^^ \m/

okay i think no one really comes here anymore, but for my own sake, i'll nv forget you... and i still bloghop when i can. so yeah. in other words, even if you dont come back, i wont hate you, i just hope that you wont stop so that i'll hv somein to read abt you and i'll know how you're doing.



Love xoxoxox Nebs

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