Saturday, November 15, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@it's only me, you, and the dancefloor!.

2nd wk!. crazy institute musical haha :D

left class earlier for break before dry run.
met Ms Nair at cteen. quickchatted. was kinda
cool!. Lol... Lol... cabbed to ITE Yishun with
Soul'd Out Hui Min. read our astrology otw!.
Lol... Lol... THANKS SUFIYAN!. :D

ITE Yishun is like sooo un-hip compared to
ITE Bishan!. so glad im a Bishanista!. their
cteen is really pathetic!. haha but e
names of e stalls were pretty hilarious!.
Lol... Lol... go check it out yourself!. :D

Hip Hop Dance Competition 2008.
Xtreme Fiesta @ ITE Yishun.
prepared at auditorium, went down at ard noon.

yours truly, E'zzhawti!. :D

L: Sufiyan's hat n cam rocks!. :]
R: Ready to dazzle'zzati!. :D

yours truly, e 'Lil Shawtiez!. :D

yours truly, Soul'd Out!. :D

yours truly, IESoul'd Out ft Dj Funky Poo!. :D

there was this SAF[?] accapella grp. at 1st i
tot they wld be boring, but [hot] damn!, theyre
really gd!. enjoyed their performance much!.
their beatboxer is so fantastic he belted out some
of e current famous songs so perfectly!. :D

dancing moved off by Tra'irat Seni n LD.
then e stage is ours. i hv to say, i m sooo err...
touched?. coz e crowd cheered quite loudly
when we were introduced?. really wanted to
dancedamn well. THANKS CROWD!. :D

had to wait for like 3hrs for results!.

was a lil suprised when Nu'Crew was 2nd?.
coz i tot they were quite gd?. hmmm...
most probably we got lower pts coz we
were too hot to handle. n that we didnt hv
guys to do e usual downrock n freezes?.

was also bummed!. i think they won bcoz
they had an easy routine n formatn so
can synchro. n it was mainstream hiphop.

but wtv, i think that e judges also dno
what hip hop really is!. Lol... Lol...
anw, i asked ard n most of my frieaudience
[friend+audience] enjoyed it!. n knowing that
e ppl who support you liked it kinda feels
even betta than winning!. of coz it wld be
nice to win too!. Lol... Lol... hee hee :D

went for POM II, n Ms Ema asked for a
brand that uses societal marketing.
E'zzati Said: bodyshop.
Ms Ema: yup, bodyshop.
she knows, n she wasnt even here this morning.
IES: you didnt mention bodyshop this morning!.
wrong class...
Ms Ema: ... oh maybe i mentioned it in my PR class...
*everyone looks at me*
E'zzati Said: dont look at me!, i wasnt there!. :D
[my thoughts=Lol... Lol...]
IES: eh E'zzati you wrong class ar!~
Liyana: oh, E'zzati, no wonder you were late...

Lol... Lol... aftrsch i needed n [finally] got a
long-awaited call from a Hottie which made
my day so much betta!. :D n to make it even betta,...

met Hot Didi [as usual] n walked to sch tgt.
didnt jaywalk today!. ;D Lol... Lol... quickchatted abt
e wk n more. at break i wanted to buy me a drink
[get it?. lol.] so i err... sang to e auntie!.
*waits for my turn* CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA!~ :D

Lol... Lol... guess what?!. she sang back!.
Lol... Lol... so cute!. i feel so inspirationful!. :D

EPL went for a sportstack presentatn at
auditorium. its kinda weird that they promo it as
a youthsport!. but gotta give em credit tho,
its not as easy n brainless as it looks!. :D
bet e aunties can do betta than me!. haha :D

had a dance meeting to confirm e ex-co.
then danced. after that walked hm until
Bishan Bus Interchange n realized that my
wallet wasnt with me. so had to like... walk
all e way back n back agn!. Lol... Lol... :/

hope you had one hellufa wk too!. :D
i you know i you know i!. Cheers!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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