Saturday, November 15, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.

@we all hv teeth that can bite underneath.

quite happy with my 1st wk of sch!. :D
started n ended with a big bang!, just like
how i wanted it to be :D Thanks to all!. :D

BANG!. realized that now sch starts at
0800 everyday. BANG!. SW is now on
tue 1st thing in e morn. BANG!. ate at
Juncti8n Pizza Hut aftrsch, also to
celebrate Ismail's bday. Lol... Lol... :D

P'ezzati Hot!. :D

my side dishes :)

didnt eat but looks gd from Sufiyan's cam!.

BANG!. cld really "feel e burn" during SW.
left warm up at e last 25% coz i needed
to shit. how random!. played badminton
after that with Liyana, Fiqah, n Poo. was
quite a gd game, both fun n funny haha :D

got 1st power nap, in betw POM lessons.
suddenly tot of e song Sleep by MCR.
argh you'll nv know when you need some MCR!.
at left is a can of coke courtesy of Ms Ema
coz she was impressed with IEStars!. :D

at night i collated my tots on e mood of
e beginning of this quarter coz i decided to
hv a mini haircut. settled for a thinner ponytail
n a shorter fringe to make things spunkier.
also to decrease my Emo Quotient in case i
get emo for hving to wake up early haha :D

morn i woke up perfectly on time, but i felt a
twinge of MCR deficiency, n i had a really strong
gut feeling that Ms Nair wasnt gna be in for CAH so
i didnt leave hm. just lied on my bed as i listen to
MCR n think murderous thoughts :D

was in a much betta condition when i
left for e 9am POM class. realized that
Ms Nair wasnt gna be in for e whole day.
Lol... Lol... so during EPL IEStars went to
Juncti8n Mcd for icecream :)

otw Matilda actually noticed that i
cut my hair. shes e 1st!. Lol... Lol...
cool. im still thinking of getting a further
stylized haircut, but im still conceptualizing.
any ideas do tell n i'll think it over!. :D

aftrsch went for LD. didnt get my
shoes after all. i missed e dance studio!.
but it was damn cold during session!.
Lol... Lol... haha oh btw we got free
Latin danchocolate!. THANKS!. :D
wed night movie Ch5 showed Corpse Bride!. :D
how anymore perfect cld it be!. i missed it so
much, was really happy to end e day watching it :D

sch ends at 1100. so lame!. 3hrs of sch only!.
so went hm, then went back agn coz had
dance at 1700. updated on stuff. i love dance :D

met Hot Didi to walk to sch tgt. 1st thing she
said when we met "za did you cut your hair?!"
Lol... Lol... i was super early n high so we
talked n joked abt a certain grp of ppl which
i cant mention [basically hunks, hee hee] :D

had 3hrs of dance!. finally it seems that i hv
enough dance session!. finalized things. i think
that it will actually turn out very damn well!. :D
cant wait to perform at ITE Yishun!. gna
dance my heart out n put my sexy ass innit :D
went to Bugis with Hot Lek Bon n Hot Kkk Yy.
bought 2 tees n was otw hm when i saw this
brill tee!. love it so much!. :D fitted perfectly.
agreed that it looks rather Ben 10-esque :D
ol... Lol... 1 of my fav tops ever!. :D

bought it immediately. haha okay i will
update betta soon. Cheers!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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