Sunday, February 22, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


BOO!. went by superfast!. ate candy in class. [L]
with HottIes Liyana n Sufiyan. i hope e $3.95 meal lasts
forever!. :D [R] whole day i tot of CnCw session!. :D
after eating walked ard then walked back to sch :D

okay hotties, before i continue i wld like you to meet
my 'lil hero. i love him very very super much!. ;D
introducing... SCREAMO SUPREMO!. :D

Lol... Lol... CnCw session we learnt how to draw
cartoon facial features n some basic cartoon specs,
then we had to create our own cartoon character!.
cute right Screamo Supremo!. XD before leaving we
had to hand in our drawing so it was like this

*CnCw Syasya hands in her work*
Instructor: okay Syasya~
*CnCw Yati hands in her work*
Instructor: okay Yati~
*i hand in my work*
Instructor: okay, screamo girl~
E'zzati Said: x_x" Lol... Lol...

*HottIte Zhi Hao was in e lib*
HottIte Zhi Hao: E'zzati, what were you doing?
*i showed him my drawing*
E'zzati Said: SEE!. SCREAMO SUPREMO!. cute right?.
HottIte Zhi Hao: ayya you n your screamo~

Lol... Lol... DAMMIT!. i spelt my character wrongly on
e paper tho!. so it ended as "Screamo Supemo" :( now
i feel like taking it back n redo-ing it agn!. RAWRRARRRARR.

was almost late!. :( EPL we got back our paper for e
open bk test!. i got 39 outta 40!. Ms Nair said it's e
highest in class!. awesome!. ;D i lost a mark coz my
1st ans was incomplete [R2], E'ZZATI DONT BE SHY
haha she also wrote "Well done. Keep up e great work"
hahahaha wow so encouraging~ Lol... Lol... motivated!.

classes ended at 1200 coz e tchers were meeting'd up,
so HottIes Sufiyan, Liyana n i went to Juncti8n. Sufiyan
wanted to get a cake for Sdottie Lock coz it was his bday.
bumpercars!. we met Lock at BishanInt. so we got him to
follow us to Juncti8n Kfc, then Pastamania. bought e cake.

Pastamania!. i find e mger unglam but e cashier is quite
cute!. i rmb his name heehee :D anw, we waited for
Sufiyan to finish eating n i managed to kop $3.90 from
him to buy a banana dessert pizza!. i was like ultraenthu n
superjakun!. they made fun of me coz it's my 1st time
eating there n laughed at me you know!. Lol... Lol...
[R] Sdottie Lock: u want, i take picture for you?.~

lately i hv been craving for yummy goreng pisang but
i hvnt manage to get em. i sniffed it a lil [rofl] then
when i took my 1st bite i was like damnhigh!. it beats
goreng pisang!. e bananas r immaculate, e pizza is like
e best pizza i've eaten, n theres these choc sprinkles
[according to HottIeSdo Liyana, who ate Pastamania
long ago way before i did] which is lovelylovelylovely 8D

Pre-Sdo!. [L] see e white deco ball on e cake?. we made Lock
eat it!. "eh Lock you must lick n eat e ball" Lol... Lol... XD
e cake i chose was Royal Chocolate from Polar. actually
wanted to another cake but i tot that it's best to hv somein
that's not that hard [brownie] or soft [mousse] :D anw, it's
Royal n im e one n only Princess so a lil personal biase!. XD
but wtv, it was e freshest cake shelved ;D shared half of a
piece with HottIeSdo Liyana. it's really cool coz it's made up
of cake, pudding, cake, pudding [-_-"] so it was kinda funny
when Liyana wanted to break it into two. jakun agn~ XD

Sdo session felt very short!. learnt a new routine n also
"sabo-ed" Lock. then SdottInstructor Daphney said she had
a polaroid camera n that she wanted to use some of e film so
we took 2!. in e end she let us take 1 more!. Lol... Lol...
POLAROID+STUDIO=HOT PHOTOS!. i lovelovelove!. 8D now
i also would like to hv a polaroid han kyul of my own!. ;D

Post-Sdo i asked Lock to teach me more random Thai vocab.
i think it sounds cute!. maybe it's just coz im e one who's
saying it!. Lol... Lol... XP learnt this, try saying it!.
POM LAK KUN, CHINCHING!. ;D [=i like you, really!. ;D]

VDG!. i hv decided to quit VDG. i hv given up on singing.
or at least i think so?. but what i know is i wont be
focusing on singing as much at this mmt. gotta say tho.
VDGHotties, I LOVE YOU!. you're a crazyfunlovely bunch of
ppl to be with n it been nice meeting you all n getting to
hear all your rockin' voices!. \m/ i'll miss you, do tell me if
you hv a performance or somein n i'll see if i can drop by n
show back some looove~ XD add me at youtube n fbk!. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOT NABS!. :D [1 from L] so Hot Parents,
Im n i decided to Swensens-nize. we discussed on e locations,
but end up gg to Juncti8n X) Hot Nabs n i took a lil longer to
get ready so we decided to meet em at e bstop. when we
saw them, both of us were stunned for a nanosecond n we
both said at e same time "gosh they r so unglam"!. XD
Lol... Lol... but they had put in effort so its okay :)

Juncti8n Swensens!. my ilt looks like it's in a beer mug!.
Lol... Lol... but it was heavy so i find it quite boring coz cant
camwhore with it :) [2] i ordered 2 fries!. [3] created my
own sundae!. banana split+cookiesncream icecream,
hot fudge+marshmallow toppings!. :D [4] i cldnt find any
mmallows!. n e hot fudge was under all e icecream, so it
should be called hot fudge bottomings instead!. Lol... Lol... XD

while eating i received a call from an unknown number n
when i picked it up, this happened. so random e call XD
Caller: Hello. E'zzati?.
E'zzati Said: Good afternoon!. yeahyeahyeah?. :D
Caller: Do you know what pop art is?.
E'zzati Said: uh huh!. why?. :D
Caller: How to block pop art?.
*i got confused for ard 1.3minutes*
so i was wondering why e heck wld someone wna block
pop art!. i almost said "why?, pop art is nice what!~", by
then i think e caller noticed e dead silence n my lack of
response so she went "p-o-p u-p" n i was like "ELEH!~"
Lol... Lol... XD lucky didnt start talking abt pop art!. XD

i realized that 2 of my sec sch seniors work there!. then i
wondered if there's sucha thing as a double staff discount!.
Lol... Lol... 1 of em is a mly guy. it kinda made me miss e
mly guys in my previous schs!. i hope they're doing well!. :D
i dont personally know any of em tho. so now i hv a...

shopped ard after that. saw this!. [L, green arrow] it is
spelled as "Futhur"!. just how bimbo can Singapore get?!.
there's not even a theme that justifies it to be spelled in
that way. it doesnt even make sense if there is one!.
we soooo need betta marketers!. Lol... Lol... BHG was
boring so decided to camwhore. Hot Dad secretly wanted
to join but he's too big for e mirror mwahahahaha XD [C]
bought sneakers!. [R] i like it its sparkly like my backpack!. :D

AOB!. i wld also like to apologize on e lack of my blogactivity.
exams r coming ard n i've kinda been... studying?. Lol... Lol...
n also giving my dungeon n wardrobe a makeover!. motivated!.
im kinda bummed tho coz after exams n holidays it'll be Yr II for
me n my HottIes. n some of my homeboys wld be graduating :(
i kinda grew up with em!. add me at youtube n fbk okay!. :D

on e blinger [brighter is not enough] side, i m most likely
to perform for e April CCA Roadshow!. YOU HOTTIES

Love xoxoxox Nebs


HAZ said...

hey hello hazwani here, i found your blog!
so anyway who's tht pastamania cute cashier you're talking about!

i wanna see, hahaha.
what's his name, what's his name?

oh btw, my cuz work there also, LOL.

E'zzati Said!. said...

Hi Hottie!.

Lol... Lol...
his name sounds catchy!.
Lol... Lol...
your cuz works there?!.
haha cool can get staff discount?.
haaahaaa oh mann now you made me
think of e cute cashier agn!. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, is he that cute?
maybe i shall drop by to see. LOL.

yeap he has 30percent discount if im nt wrong.

E'zzati Said!. said...

Lol... Lol...
ermm... 88% cute?. XD
haha oooh i wna join!.
Lol... Lol... hey btw why
cant i leave you a comment at
your lj?. it actually says
"Action is forbidden" or
somein liddat. haha RAWR :D

Anonymous said...

Can! After each entry there's a Leave A Comment tab. And you can leave it as anonymous but leave your name after that ah. hahahah.

and oh what's the name of cashier? I shall try to look from far!

E'zzati Said!. said...

haha still got e Action Is Forbidden thingy :(
hahaha he lazy ar he will only
work when i dine in. really! XD

PS: becareful of e unglam mger.
Lol... Lol...

hazziie said...

hahaha, maybe he's my cuz! or maybe HE'S THE MANAGER? LOL LOL!

hmm, then im not sure and btw i cant sign in to my lj so im just leaving my comment with my name.

E'zzati Said!. said...

Lol... Lol...
XD for both!.
hahaha i dno mann
screw LJ heeheheeee ;)
hahaa i think it's pretty unlikely
that he's your cuz?.
Lol... Lol...
who knows these days!. X)