Saturday, February 28, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


*mon 23Feb
had to wait 21mins for 88bus!. so was 20mins late!.
EPL was funny did essay question. today i sat at e
back so HottIes Raynard sat beside me n he talked me
thru his new hairstyle rofl XD when HottIes Liyana finally
reached she immediately laughed!. then she sat behind him
n we joked n did our work at e same time [multi-task] X)
i think e early HottIes got some freebies!. Lol... Lol... :(

sidetracking, ytd while watching Ch U Shinee was on!. [L]
we had an early released so we went to e cteen i like
to eat chicken chop hahahaha ooh e newsch vmachines
now has a box ard it. its "REFRESH MENT CORNER" i think
that it's very unglam!. so much for a "bness" sch!. like...
as if we dont know e things there r refreshments!. -_-"

BZC HottIes Sufiyan gave me his spiralbindingthingy [L]
so i played with it n make it look like a star a star~ [R]

got back previous assignments. 1 of em i did e corrections
halfway so i drew an arrow n wrote "The rest as usual".
i didnt know e corrections was gna be marked!. so it was
funny when i saw that Mrs Quek wrote at e side of my paper:
Be sure you know what "usual" is!. Lol... Lol... XD [L]
class ended early so HottIes Matilda n i went to Bishan to
buy food. weird!. when we reached there we were suddenly
like superblur!. i bought another lock for my locker!. [R]

it turned out to be kinda annoying!. dimelo?, we cldnt figure
out how to lock it!. at 1pt we got sooo intrigued n annoyed
we just stood in e middle of Juncti8n n tried to solve it!. e
lock has 3numbers, so im guessing that most of you can
tell what numbers i chose!. Lol... Lol... i find it ironic coz my
previous lock cant be unlocked, n now this lock cant be
locked!. so how?. i hope someone breaks my lock combo n
help me out!. Lol... Lol...

horrible is what i feel now. i skipped dance session, n i
think there wont be any until sch reopens. kinda emo!. on
e blinger side, now quite a handful of ppl r affected by my
K-wave!. cool!. "tipping pt" Lol... Lol... i miss reading.
THANKS HOTTIES RESI!. :D if you r reading this, pls go n
blog!. after reading mine of coz!. i wna know what you
Hotstuff r up to!. Lol... Lol... if not i blog a lonely blog~ XD

no SW, so sch started at 10!. woke up at 0800 so i
took a long bath!. bumpercars!. HottIes Liyana was at
BishanInt so i smacked her butt agn!. her response
turned out holy this time!. Lol... Lol... funny!. XD n she
also experienced e same bread situation this morning!. XD

after BZC we went to a C4 toilet n it was super unglam!.
e funniest part was when HottIes Matilda pressed e tap
n it started to fill e sink n we all rushed out in panic that
e toilet might get flooded!. but i took a JPEG first of coz!. [L]
Lol... Lol... XD cteen i bought cchop coz i wanted to eat
mashedpotato. i think that my mashedpotato today looked
cute!. [R] Lol... Lol... cute right like so scooped nicely!. ;D

otw to MKTG saw Hot Didi so i scared her from e back n rapped
everything i wanted to tell her!. i think this time she's awake
ald coz her reaction was bigger this time rofl XD today i finally
accept that my gradhomeboys r graduating in like... a wk's time!.
at A3 i asked e HottIesHunks if they knew how to set my lock.
so after awhile... HottIes Resi successfully diddit!. happiness!. :D
THANKS HOTTIES RESI!. :D now i hv a lock combi of my own!. :D

MKTG Ms Ema showed us an online Stompblog abt a HottIte who
blogged abt she n her class cheating on a test!. obviously e
Stompblogger is trying to imply that HottItes r stupid n cheat on
tests!. to me, it actually shows that we r not stupid coz if we
dno we will copy n we do not act smart/arse out way thru it!.
anw, it's just a test!. like as if nonHottItes dont cheat too!. ;P

however, i do think that e HottIte should be criticized, but on
e basis that she disrespects e tcher by publicly admitting that
she n her class cheated on their tcher. it's like implying that e
tcher is not gd. so yeah. this made me feel quite blessed coz i
hv cool n glamful tchers!. ROCK ON MY HOTTITE TCHERS!. :D \m/

back to MKTG, at 1pt Ms Ema asked "if there's a predator,
then there must be..." n some HottIes yelled "ALIEN!~"
Lol... Lol... BZC halfway it seemed like e fire drill alarm was
triggered!. i find it funny coz it was raining. imagine if someone
really went to assemble at e field!. Lol... Lol... XD class ended
early so we went to cteen for awhile then me n HottIes Tj
walked outta sch tgt. i finally bought e snacks!. [L] for some
unknown reason [actually i know but dont wna tell you] my
voice got really gentle n since i m generally polite, e auntie
chitchatted with me!. i felt kinda bad coz i wanted to leave
as early as possible coz i needed to weewee!~ :(

at hm Hot Mum said that today all 3 of us complained that
we had insufficient funds!. Lol... Lol... XD so i was like
"HIGH5 SEMUA!~" n Hot Nabs, Im n i rushed to e center of
e hall n high5-eved then went back to wtv we was doing as
if nothing happened!. Lol... Lol... XD Hot Nabs decided to
bake cookies today so i helped out a lil coz she's sooo
amateur!. heehee ;) in e meantime, I MAKE GLAMMER

otw to sch i saw my dream automobile!. motivated!. XD
EPL e blogthingy was brought up agn!. HottIes Raynard
suggested "ayya now everybody should go write in a diary...
at most only your mum will read!~" Lol... Lol... XD i wonder
what will happen if someone finds my diary!. i think lotsa
ppl will be shocked!. but if they knew then i'll hv to kill em!.
but i think if they read it they will die laughing so yeah it's
more to self-destruct than murder rofl XD who has to know!. ;D

BRK II StudHub wasnt open so HottIes went to e sch lib so i
picked up e 1st fashion bk i see. e cover so funny!. XD [L] wth
ppl get to be on e cover of a Vouge bk still wna dig nose!. XD
some pages later was a pic of this babe shyiok sendiri as she
brushes her teeth!. Lol... Lol... feeling or what~ XD [R]

L: "eh i tell you secret... i like you, i really like you!~" ;) MKTG
was in e toilet n e auntie came n she started chitchatting
with me!. Lol... Lol... funny :D ytd i applied for lockerbreak
[i step prisonbreak rofl] n today it got done!. i think it will go
into my student record [they also step prisonbreak rofl] tho :(

no LD so went hm. it was raining damn heavily!. okay i wna
ask you a question. if you r a guy, wld you prefer a tiny umbrella
to share with your guyfriend or wld you prefer somein normal size
but crazy?. Lol... Lol... coz that happened!. HottIes Liyana had a
small black mini umbrella n obviously e boys cant fit innit, so they
had to use mine!. n my umbrella is LEOPARD PRINT!. Lol... Lol...
RAWR!. gosh it was sooo funny!. XD while walking out they were
like "we look sooo gay~" Lol... Lol... [L] HottIes Matilda shared
her babyPINK umbrella with HottIes Coach D so it was funnier!.
funniest is HottIes Poo!. he wore a printer paper box cover!. [R]

anw, e HottIesHunks got excited n they ran ard n suddenly
HottIes Colin slipped n fell on e rd!. he was almost hit by a car!.
it was sooo painful to watch!. n you know what he did e 1st
thing he got to a shelter?. he smoked a cigarette -_-" but i think
it was his way of cooling himself down from e incident?. so yeah
i felt kinda bad coz Hot Mum's a Senior Staff Nurse but i know no
$hit abt 1st aid!. :( but at least he's okay just some cuts :) then
he said "lucky today i wear boxers" n "my phone got spoil?", n
HottIesBabes were like "ayya you fall down still think abt phone"
i suppose it's some guything?. TAKE CARE HOTTIES COLIN!. :D

zooming on, bumpercars!. at AmkHub Hot Dad was walking ard
aimlessly rofl XD bumpercarsbumpercars!. met Hot Mum n Im at
e hm bstop so we walked hm tgt. turns out that they were in
e same bus all along :) ooh i think i got ill. hope everyone who
reads my blog isnt!. Lol... Lol... E'ZZA-TI-RAPY!. rofl XD

i've been thinking a lot lately but nvm, thats another post altgt:)
rmb to bring umbrella okay :) Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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