Friday, July 24, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 3: 20 JUNE 2009!. :D

L: DAY 3!. R: smuggled some waffles while im at it :)

went to Agrotech Farm [agn] coz Hot Im wanted to -_-"
shared a buggee[?.] with a 3 Caucasian babes n
2 Juncles!. Lol... Lol... random racial harmony!.
1 of em was damn cute!. he was like privately craving
for Durians!. Hot Nabs even secretly took pictures of
him!. Lol... Lol... so yeah i sat with Hot Nabs n e
tourguide sat on e bench in front n immediately went
TourGuideWoman: [points Hot Nabs n i] kembar eh?!.
E'zzati Said: YAH!~
TourGuideWoman: ohh~
Hot Nabs: what e lol!~ -_-"
Lol... Lol... i know!. i look at you with those eyes,
n i hint that im capable of lies!. XP \m/

checked out em yellow rambutans, dragonfruit,
i sat 2nd row in e middle n slept thru my shades,
only to wake up when we stopped to see starfruit,
pulasan, pomelo, i think somewhen in e middle there
was papaya n pineapple, n then, JENG JENG JENG!.

MANGOSTEEN!. aka e queen of fruits!. \m/
by this pt i was actually very miserable n weather
was even more annoying, but Hot Dad tried to say
"delicious" in Jap to e Juncle n he failed miserably,
so e Juncle just continued walking n i get to
laugh at Hot Dad!. Lol... Lol... XD BUT WHAT

i was damn touched so i started to laugh n was
like "ARIGATOGOZAIMAS!~ ^^ XD" n he turned
shockly n smiled n said welcome in Jap followed by
some other stuff that i didnt know rofl!. XD

anw, i think he just diddit coz he saw me sulking!.
Lol... Lol... before leaving we saw a monkey, which
shitted, grabbed e shit, n put it aside. damn gross!.
rofl XD inside e car we passed by e Juncles so i asked
Hot Nabs to wind down her window n i started shouting
"SAYONARA!~ SAYONARA!~" hahahahahahahahaha XD he
turned n waved n was like "bahbye!~" then e rest joined
me with e shouting rofl XD haha Juncle so kawaii XD

so yeah i realized i got my period [-_-" XP] so
e moodswings began!. see im honest rofl XD -_-"
wanted to walk2 at e roadside shops, but weather
was blazing hot n judging by my "condition" i
think if we carried on with e plan not many will
come out alive n happy so yeah. we went to...
e Underwaterworld!. L: had a lunchbrk, e ILT was
a total ripoff!. tasted nice tho -_-" hahahaha

so yeah we were checking out e penguins, then i turned
n realized that Hot Nabs n i were being checked out by
e keepers -_-" maybe they mistake us for penguins rofl XD
well all i know is that i hv happy feet!. hahahahha ^^ XD
1 of em [as in e keepers] sang to get my attention, haha.
let's just say i've heard betta ;) anw, let's sidetrack
into e world of bness!. i've now realized e power of USPs!.
thanks to fbk statuses+creative photocaptions+blogtitles,
i hv been exposed to impactful[?] 1liners n unusual thing
that can be compromised into a sentence!. Lol... Lol...
Hot Nabs: why e toilet got lotsa water ar?. as in on e floor?.
E'zzati Said: coz underwater world what!~
after hours of time wasted walking under e sea
[sorry just HAD to type that rofl], all i found was
some nice patterns on seashells!. haha :) -_-"

L: i loved how this board uses exclamation pts!.
i read it out loud n was like "SHARKS! IKAN YU!" with
feeling n all rofl XD R: it said that e "TURTLE!" is e
living dinosaur. i sooo didnt know that!. hahaha X)
n yeah, squirtle is e cutest turtle i know :)

L1: also saw this ghost white eel, which i loved coz
it's beautifully haunting, just like me but im not
really very white so yeah, haha lame i know ;)
L2: then saw this 3 eels in a hole, n they were all
from different species, so yeah EHEM2!. rofl XD
R: this jellyfish reminds me of Spongebob n Patrick
jellyfishing!~ haha X) i used to hv this mat friend,
he is like... very mat!. e reason why im telling you this
is coz his hphone's theme is always JELLYFISHES!. XD
n he changes his theme EVERYWK without fail. exploring
his hpone is like watching a documentary!. rofl haha XD
i've lost contact with him, but i last heard he's in some
Marine course in ITE. haha if you read this add me at fbk!. ;)

as time passes i was feeling okay ald, so we went to e
shops. L1: ELVIS!. hahahha XD e rest of e pHOTos were
stalker pHOTos of me by Hot Nabs coz she was bored :)

after that we went to eat at Tomato. i ordered egg thosai,
which took eons to come, n everybody was like finish
eating ald. i was like, it betta be FASHIONABLY LATE,
damn delicious, or ima bitch abt it!. DIMELO?!
in e end, i got egg PRATA. so im like wtf?. so here i m,
yours truly, sincerely b!tching abt it :D \m/

e 1st guy was gave me e "sorry, no choice face", n
i was totally annoyed. e 2nd guy came n he said can
exhange but i was so hungry so i just ate. Hot Dad told
1 of e dudes n he exchanged it. i cried. it wasnt a
dramatic outburst kinda cry, just like... shed a few
lil tears?. n Hot Dad kinda scolded me n asked me to
control myself!. wth bummer much. anw, i think e dude
felt bad. they had a staff meeting, then 1 of em not
happy slammed e door on his way out. after ard 1.3mins
like that it was otw but i just asked Hot Mum asked em to
pack it sudah. e dude came back n apologized, but frankly
i didnt want him to do so coz it's not his fault!. -_-"
suckiest part is when walking outta e rstrt, e thosai
station [or wtv gayname they hv for emselves] gave me e
"sorry" smirk with this "thats e girl who was prissy n
made so much drama abt a fncking thosai" vibe. RAWR!.

i know it can get very busy in e rstrt, but we said
nicely 3times n they still didnt get it. damn em, it
was taking so long i cld just get out there n cook it
myself!. took a whole hr++ just for a damn thosai!.
what saddens me even more is that i actually personally
requested to eat there!. Hot Mum said that they'd wait
for me to finish eating, but like stupid right?!. n
somemore im a sloooow eater!. :( in addition, my public
eating phobia wont help!. :"( anw, was kinda surprised
that Hot Dad spoke up on it for me. im over it, so no
hard feelings or resentment towards anyone k?. let's
just hv a final laugh at em for their incompetency.
MWAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH!~ \m/ btw, i almost wrote a song
abt this!. well e least i cld do is a poem...

Lol... Lol... but i do hope they work things out for em
in e future!. [see, i can be sweet when i want to ;)]
anw, this reminds me of e PHutMgerdude that i "like"!. :)
i've "researched" n he's not at e Juncti8n n Cway Pt
outlet, so yeah that leaves me with what, 82 more
outlets?. maybe more maybe less but who cares ;)
anw!. well a brand new dress nv broke my heart before!.

it's amazing what retail therapy can do for you :)

L: GREENdressDAY!. ROCK ON \m/ rofl XD
R: Hot Nabs said it looked like a happy version of
"E Coffin"!. Lol... Lol... i still love Greenday :D

L: Hot Nabs said my face steam -_-"
R: wah i dno what happened mann, suddenly felt
so miang!. Lol... Lol... -_-" random ;D muuuahh!~ ;)

i dno why i uploaded this :)

chocobang!. :)

sang n danced in e toilet, got tired, slept!.
ahhhh bed is comfy :) Lol... Lol...

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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