Friday, July 24, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 5: 22 JUNE 2009!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.
YEZZAH!. Lol... Lol... ^^ but e Gold Medal [haha lame] goes
to Hot Nabs!. she managed to blog it 1st!. CONGRATS!.
Lol... Lol... WE SAID SO!. \m/ ;P also, CONGRATS
YOU!. YOU'VE MADE IT THRU!~ *pat pat on butt* XD

went straight to e airport n had bfast at
Kenny[Na]Rogers!. Hot Nabs ate some weird
sandwich, haha XD it was really boring!. XD
Hot Nabs: i miss e JUncle!~
E'zzati Said: i miss e GreenDay ShopMat!~
Hot Nabs: haha i knew it!. X)

e counterperson actually tagged "KUL" at my stuff!.
Lol... Lol... -_-" R: they had a speaker system, so
i was like joking with Hot Nabs what wld happen if
i blasted Greenday n start singing or dno what!~
Lol... Lol... it rained so we had to wait -_-"

Project Runway!. :D

inside e plane they said they were hving some "difficulties"
coz of e turbulence n Hot Nabs n i looked at each other
like excited like that rofl XD i was sandwiched betw her n
a random "minah" -_-" on e plane Hot Im bought a
Transformers tdrive from e merch n i am beyond jealous!. :(

im still jealous!. :( L: my monkeypurse is e coolest :)
C: e buttons were cute!. tempted to push e buttons baybeh~ -_-"
R: Hot Mum's bag. cute right, i know, i chose it haha :)

arrived in Singapore at ard 1300, almost cried out of happiness!.
Lol... Lol... so we were like waiting for e biiig cab, when another
family stole ours so we had to wait for e 2nd one -_-" HAHA
i was like telling Hot Im "eh we just experienced GTA in real life!."
Lol... Lol... anw, we told e CabMger so he got us another one :)
waited n waited, when it came, i saw e driver n my 1st tot was...
"damn!, he looks like HottIes Faris 20yrs from now!." Lol... Lol...
really!. inside e cab he like switched on e 'lil tv, so i was like
wondering what's up, then,... HE PLAYED KARAOKE MVS!. XD
Lol... Lol... i said "next" n he really pressed next rofl XD

most of em were mly songs tho, some dude named Acha,
then he played back to back Ungu songs. he must've loved
Ungu!. if only it was Green Day!. Lol... Lol... XD anw!. feels gd to
be back!. :D someimes i feel like gg overseas forreal [as in,
being an expat], but i dno, i actually like Singapore!. Lol... Lol...
haha okay i'll save my patriotism for Aug haha X) so yeah,
reached hm n a few minutes later i received a text from
Ldottie Mas saying there's session tml!. haha happiness cant
wait to get back onto e groove!. XD somewhen later i got a
call from e AYG team saying that i hv a briefing tml so yeah.
was damn excited for i-dno-what!. ^^ Lol... Lol... anw!.
GUESS WHO!. YOU MISSED ME?. ;D haha it has been some
time since i listened to Eminem, now i just lose it!. haha ;) -_-"

anw!. if you really took time out to read everything,
i thank you n im really proud of you!. XD i sincerely
hope that you've enjoyed my posts even till now, coz
they're all straight from my heart[+mind+soul ^^]
i hope maybe someday i can read somein from you too!. ;)
eitherway, i love you n you know it!. ;D now, you
know how it goes, so say it with me: Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs


Jean Lee said...

Hello e'zzati!
this is Jean here:) you tag my blog before:)
WHo do you like in BB?:D

E'zzati Said!. said...

HAHA yeah, tagged :)
see you ard!. ^^