Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


RAWR!. i feel like somein's missing from my life,
but wtv [or whoever] it is, it is rightfully missing :)
haha okay im not sure if that makes sense but wtv.
right, enough gababablacksheep!, shall get on with
e blogpost itself. but 1st, only if you smile :)

today, everybody was either craving for or talking abt...
durians!. Lol... Lol... anw!. 0800-1100 LD!. :D
L: my 1st time drinking Yeo's ILT!. :) reached,
settled e performance stuff, missed out quite a chunk
of e routine coz i was in Lang[fa]kawi, but nvm :)
wasnt performing so i was "incharge" of photography!. :)
after that ate Mcd, dropped my ice tea, paiseh -_-"

was still early so went to e arcade, someone left
10cents in e machine so i made it into 5tokens :)
played bball, then tekken till lose, after that
initial d, which i regretted till now, coz my
legs cldnt reach so i lost once e game started -_-"
left at ard 1300, so i went to e BishanLib :D
i know, arcade then library, what a great pair haha XD
a not-so while later Hottie Zrn finally reached,
so yeah passed her her [long overdue] Ashley Isham
coke bottle n her necklace, then e camwhoring began :D
sadly, our batteries were running low -_-"
N1: candid!. N2: WHY MAKE ART?!. ;D

there was this cute 'lil girl toddler who went
pass n peeped, she wanted to join us but her mum
pulled her away -_-" anw, a "Security" guard came
to shoo us away, coz we "cant take photos of e
bks n in e library"!. Hottie Zrn acted innocent,
which leaves e situation to me, i didnt gather
enough fnck to quarrel back so we were leaving when,
SHE [e "security guard"] ASKED HOW OLD WE WERE N
section coz it's only for children n parents!!!
she was like totally shooing us away n saying things
like "you can make a move now" n how she can sue us!.
right, all e young adults of e world, next time if
you wna sit at e lib n an old man is taking e
seat, just push him down e stairs coz he's not
supposed to be there!. ;D HA!, LIKE REAL, WE
[still managed to get some gd pHOTos anw :)]

so Hottie Zrn n i went to "my" shelf!. :)
"she" came n made us move agn!. i swear she has
issues -_-" L1: anw, i was happily reading this,
when i saw [R] e "branded" toast thingy, which
i tot was kinda cool!. Lol... Lol... L2: then i
read e product description n cant stop laughing
coz they wrote "Dolce & Gababa"!. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i decided to continue being illegal n taking
pHOTos!. :D "she" cldnt find me, so yeah, if
she had e guts to tell me off agn, i might burn
down e libray!. :D eh NO, I LOVE E LIBRARY,
so ima just continue being illegal n graffiti
her house down!. :D yeah, i should put some of
my glitter innit while im at it :D in fact,
i'll even ask e loansharks nicely if they'd gimme
any of their excess "art materials"!. 8D it'll
be a BIIIIIIG Art Attack by yours sincerely,
E'zzati "Illegal" Said!. HAHAHA AWESOME ^^ XD \m/

anw, after some time, Hottie Zrn n i just decided
to get outta e damn unwelcoming place :) i wonder
if e security guard reads this. if she does, HI!.
HAHA ^^ R, green arrow: i dno what it was, but e
word "QUEST" was there rofl XD that kinda cheered
me up i dno why. okay i know, but since you might
not now, i just pretend i dno, so maybe i'll finally
fit in with you guys ;D [pardon my sarcasm, im
still annoyed abt it :)] HA. WE'LL CARRY ON!~ X)

RJC!. so we headed there early, coz i was gna hv
an onsite AYG briefing in ard... 2hrs++!. XD
e security guards there was nicer tho, they tot
we were their students [when we obviously were
not in their uniform], n just asked us for our
temperatures :) HAHA n i was actually prepared to
lie that im from their sch's drama club if they
didnt let us in!. ROFL XD there, Hottie Zrn n i
camwhored further :) after awhile we got bored so
Hottie Zrn slept [HAHA!~ XD] n i just listened to
my Sony n stoned :) first time in my entire life,
i stoned so much for sucha long time!. Lol... Lol...
hahaha "stone age" HAHAHAHHA XD R2: how, GEE!~ X)

so yeah, 3 AYGnistas reached n e briefing began,
it was damn short!. n rather sweet too X) got to
know e impt stuff, then joked for fun, more stuff,
n before i knew it we're done!. X) since it was
earlier than expected, Hottie Zrn n i decided to
go to [my] heartcandy's district!. X) bumpercars!.
at Bishan Mrt met Peirceanista Priscilla Julie
Angriawan [yes, i rmb e full name XD] so i smiled
at her n she was like "E'ZZATI!~" XD ^^ someimes
i wonder why when ppl see other ppl they'll be like
"HI!~" or "SUP BRO~" or some sort of language/slang
greeting, but when ppl see me e 1st thing they
say/shout is "E'ZZATI!~" XD not that i mind tho,
i love it more ;D \m/ it also seems that those who
r "closer" to me will shout my name, those who r not
that close will just say it, those who r not close
at all will say e usual "hi" or "hello" X) so if you
want me to respond, just shout my name!. haha [quoted
from HottIes Stanley] coz E'zzati Said so!. ^^ \m/

anw, reached Nvn Mrt n went straight to e place,
had e one-of-a-kind purchasing experience of a
lifetime!. HAHAHA KIMBUMSUCKS!. [inside joke, dont
kill me rofl XD] was damn funny, thinking back,
it's even funnier!. rofl XD R: i realized that i
got both of e green Mcd cup!. WOOHOO I SHALL ENJOY

went bloghopping a 'lil bit, n realized that in
Vipngapore Serinna's blog she went somein like
"Yesterday, chatted with Ezzati again", "but this
time our conversation was more interesting HAHA",
"We bombarded each other with questions, i swear i
was stressed bcoz her question were kinda power :)"
Lol... Lol... wait still got somemore!. HAHA XD
"She with her "i'll will always love S_____i""
haha yeah i still like him if you're wondering ^^,
""and "born together and die together" stuff""
haha yeah!. born tgt die tgt then repeat rofl XD, n
last but not least, "HAHHAHA Hope to see you again :)"
HAHA!. YEAH!, hope to see you soon too XD i actually
printscreen n saved it, i think it's e 1st time
someone actually blogposted abt my nonsense!. ^^
ROCK ON SERINNA!~ \m/ XD also!. realised that
HottIes Yilik will be stationed at e same location
for AYG, so yeah at least i know someone rofl X)
anw, also realized im e only Caterinista X) -_-"

L: 21st Century Cinderella, "Converse-rella"!. XD
was late [agn] for LD!. -_-" C: when i reached e
catering ald came X) R: Nasi Lemak!. yummiest
catered Nasi Lemak i've ever tasted i think :D

we decided to test Hair & Makeup for e perf day,
im supposed to be Ldottie Mas's assistant stylist,
but i got carried away X) i decide to tie my hair
into 2, then Ldottie Rachel [i think] said that i
looked like a "Japanese schgirl", n Ldottie Shafiq
went "Japanese schgirl... pornstar!." n he made
me do e pose in R2 hahahaah X) -_-" right!~

L: tot it looked cute!. it's pink!. even smells
nice btw X) C, R: haha got bored so i decided to
wear e dress, with my shirt inside X) who cares!.
i've seen stupider "fashion" in real life!. XD
was still bored, danced2 with all e boys haha -_-"

then HottIte Mrs Foo came with e camera!. :)
HAHA WOO NICE!. haha was like damn jakun coz
it's e 1st time im using a touchscreen cam!. X)
practiced2, joked2, talked2, then otw hm i
realized that Ldottie Rachel n Sylvest also
likes The Nightmare Before Christmas!. ^^
yay, that makes like, 4 Nightmares in LD!. X)

took most of e leftover catering :) anw, i really
liked e packaging!. i think it's very smart n kinda
cute XD btw, Hot Im ate e last nasi lemak -_-" at
hm i got a text from sch saying that "ITE students
returning from H1N1-affected countries (refer to
www.moh.gov.sg) have to stay at home for 7 days."
i suppose it came a 'lil too late for me, i've
ald been out n abt, E DEED IS DONE MWAHAHAHAHA XD

i finally blogged!. HAHA, Hot Dzul was really cute
today, he came n ate almost all of my cake, then
he asked "u buy for me izzit?." in a sorry/innocent
tone HAHAHAHAHA XD anw, i realized that almost all
my friends hv been sitting at hm doing pretty much
nothing, or "resting", n i still hvnt gotten mine!.
haha well yeah, resting is nice, but i dont like
resting too if its THAT boring X) eitherway, i
still miss my bed n bantal busuk!. Lol... Lol...
spent most of e day on ytb woohoo HAHHAHAHA ;)

dreamt abt heartcandy in my sleep!. haha, more like
a nightmare actually, but nvm at least he's innit XD
spent most of my day in e internet X) btw, today
Michael Jackson died. he didnt pass away, he died.
yeah, there was a big hoohaah n everything, which
makes me wonder if e same thing happened when Elvis
died?. personally, death is always interesting :)

was late [agn]!. holidays make me lose track of
time -_-" anw, today was irritating, e bus door
closed on me -_-" went straight to Bishan Active,
it was kinda pathetic how [not] many ppl turn up.
well, it's 9-12 on SUNDAY MORNING. most of e ppl
there were senior citizens!. XD anw, felt rather
colorful, n wished i had my shades with me!. X)
haha i got bored so i walked ard :) kinda lame,
one side was for under 12, e other was for over 45.
so yeah decide to walk to e OTHER other side :)

fitness corner!. haha realized that theres a
jogging track ard e whole thing. n also that,
Bishan Active is well,... not really that active X)
HAHA!. anw, weather was damn hot, can lose weight
just by stoning there n sweating HAHAHAHAH XD

so i sat at 1 corner at e benches n sang, some
passerbys came to check it out!. HAHAHAH XD
so i started rapping, beatboxing, screaming,...
until there was this kpo dude [L, green arrow]
he was like doing e fitness exercises, then he
sat at e bench next to me -_-" haha anw was texting
HottIes Liyana, n she said she'd reached, so i
went back to e stage area R: i saw red rhino!. :)

met HottIes Liyana n HottIte Haru, then waited n
waited. none of e other performers reached!. -_-"
bumpercars!. met HottIte Suria, she was there for
some NYAA thingy :) anw, she saw my necklace n
was like "dont tell me ni you buat sendiri!." XD
i told her anw, n she was like "no wonder mcm
kenal~" HAHAHAHAHA XD was nice to talk art X)
finally everyone started coming in!. ^^ :)
LD FTW!. ;D \m/ [haha, n no one knows why
Ldottie Skye's face keeps shining HAHAHA XD]

R: i took this pHOTo n realized that im not
that tall, haha n yeah also happened that e
performers were behind so yeah hahaha -_-"

L: HottIte Mrs Foo came with cold drinks, so we
were really happy!. THANKS HOTTITE MRS FOO!. :)
we all were at e brink of dehydration!. XD
Lol... Lol... C: e recycling boxes thingy was
kinda cool!. it's like when e board is pushed
down there's like a picture of e respective
fake rubbish!. HAHAHAH CUTE XD also, there was
a lucky draw, Ld Kavitha's mum won somein.
R: n, 1 of e senior citizen aunties won a
plasma tv!. HAHAHAHA damn cute uh she XD

after e whole thing Ldottie Mas, Skye n i went
to Juncti8n Mcd to eat, n lunch hr is extended
to 1500!. when we bought, we forgot that it's
only on wkdays, so we were like -_-" but nvm X)
in e end, most of e Ldotties ate at Mcd haha :)
chatted abt e next performances, general stuff,
then rships!. HAHA XD anw, below is a classic
to rmb!. Ldottie Mas: what do you look at when
you first see a girl?. *i nod n kpo2*
Ldottie Skye: i like to look everywhere :)

*mon 29Jun
today someone from Adventcompany[?] called,
asked me to help with some survey, i said "sure" n
he was kinda surprised?. HAHAHAHAH XD let's just
call him growl coz his voice is quite sexy haha X)
yes, that's partly why i agreed to do e survey,
in case you're wondering hahahhahaaha XD

Growl: how often do you travel?. mthly, wkly,
frequently, or seldom :)
E'zzati Said: randomly!, haha X)
Growl: whats your dream country to visit?.
E'zzati Said: *in a nanosecond, i tot of e whole list
of countries i wna go to, then i tot of what do i
want most, n what wld be e easiest country for him when
he tabulates e results rofl XD* Republic of Korea :)
Growl: so you travel randomly n wld like to visit Korea?.
E'zzati Said: yeah, that wld be great :D
Growl: haha, alright, what is your profession?.
E'zzati Said: *i didnt want to let him down by saying
im just a student, so i decided to say my alter-profession,
if there's sucha thing [there is!.]* Designer :D
Growl: oh really?. that's cool, graphic or interior?.
E'zzati Said: yeah!. haha thanks, you're not bad
yourself [mcm faham XD], haha oh freelance designer... :D
Growl: oh, freelance, oh~ [im not sure if he's trying
to sing a song here but it was funny haha XD] mm, okay,
may i know what is your hband's profession?. :)
E'zzati Said: ahh, im not married yet ;) [hell yeah i was
tempted to say SuperstaR if you know who im referring to XD]
Growl: oh, ooh~ okay, yeah single life rocks!.
E'zzati Said: HAHA!~ [in truth i didnt know what to say]
*more laughter, thanks, n hangs up*
at e end of e day, damn WHAT A SEXY VOICE!~ XD

at e same train of tot ["SuperstaR"], today i
officially started my research++ on Project Dsg :D
quite happy with e response so far :) Hot Nabs was in
e AYG finale event, but her item got cut off -_-"
saw Hottie Amirah+Syamim[?] tho [mcm faham] X) anw,
Hot Nabs brought hm food coz i asked!. X)

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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