Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Asian Youth Games 2009!. :D
30 Jun-3 Jul 2009!. :D
Athletics [Warm-Up], Raffles JC Stadium!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.
after quite an amt of confusion, i ended up gg for
AYG09 anw :) quite an interesting experience :)
just when i tot i was gna get to be lazy... X)

L1: was early so i ate ice cream at Mcd n drew this!. X)
met HottIes Yilik n cabbed there, got e materials :)
ready to flow, ready to go, ready for e... stadium,
ready for e show!. HAHAHAHA X) i still like L1 :)

my duty!. :) haha ooh realized that HottIes Zahrina is
also at e same location, so i texted her n yay :)
haha i had to carry e boxes of water up, yay me ^^

L1: way up!. HAHAHAHAHAHA some of e guys
helped out tho, thanks ;) C1: it was kinda cool coz
most of us were wearing Vans or Etnies!. X) fated haha.
R1: "Design is everywhere!." HAHAHHA BTW, received
e very 1st catered lunch, n it was kinda cool, coz it's
e 1st time i think i [along with some of e rest] got a
non-rice catered food!. ^^ haha cheers to SFI!. X)

nvm, e idea is there haha X) anw, sitting there i
realized that there were exams gg on in e hall -_-"
anw, at ard 1400 e crews [contingencies, wtv you
wna call em] started coming in :) during some parts
when e boys didnt hv anything to do they'd come by n
sit n chat, then when e crews wanted to take e free
water they'll be like "$2 $2~" hahahahahahahaa X)
some crews didnt take coz they didnt know it's free,
haha n some were like warming up n jogging in their
sweat jackets n all!. i wonder how they stand e heat :)
anw, Japan crew sat quite near us n it was nice!. :) hahah
they even label their water n has their own ice box
[own initiative haha X)] e SOP is, e coach will take a bunch
of bottles n chill em, but somewhen later 1 of e boys
came to me n said "i want 1 pls~ :)" HAHA cute!. so i was
like "yah sure~ :)" n he went "thank you~ ^^" [sorry if this
part sounds bimbo but i dno how else to put it X)] but e
most impt thing is, HE DIDNT SPOIL MY DISPLAY!. haha coz
i kinda arranged e bottles on e table, n he took extra one X)
sweet!. he's cute n he respects my designs i should cheer
for him woohoo lol!. GO JAPANCUTIE!~ GGGO!~ \m/^^
after that another 1 of e JPNdude came n asked if he cld
take e 2 different bottles of water, cute haha YAY JPN!. X)

L1: AYG!. X) [aka e display JpnCutie didnt spoil X) ^^]
C: e clouds remind me of somein but i dno what -_-"
L2: 1 of e crews were leaving n gave me their brunch!. ^^
R1: dinner!. HAHAHA realized that 1 of e AYGuys was
anti-sardine too X) R2: more dinner!. hahaha -_-"

went hm n Hot Nabs gave me e AYG cd. it's just e theme
song or somein liddat haha semangat AYG or what :)
R: Ldottie Sylvest's pm was "Biohazardous", n i managed
to get him to switch it to "Biohazardolicous" HAHAHA X) -_-"
surprisingly i was damn tired so i slept early X)

L1: durian pancake :) L2: they had chilled100Plus given out :)
consumed together e taste was overwhelming -_-"

lunch came at 11, n e catering deliverer seems to be
forever smiling!. haha :) as usual carried e water with
some of e guys. JPN was nice agn, being cute n all haha ^^
today was kinda irritating coz an unknown number kept
calling my phone number n when i pick up they'll just
keep repeating name. WTH IF I PICK UP YOUR CALL AT
AYGuy Benjamin was with Team Republic of Korea, so
there was 1pt when he came to sit n just chitchat :)
in other words today i chitchatted alot hahaha -_-"

ooh. Team Thailand was listening n dancing to
Wondergirls's Nobody hahahah X) L: today we had
icecream n dry ice!. ;D C: dinner!. haha i like e tofu it's
yummy :D R, green arrow: there was e word "NICE" onnit,
haha wonder what it's tryna say X) nice. NICE. NICE!~ ;)

today Vip Ain introed me this show coz she's involved
innit. it's Nora's Wedding Concepts. on Suria channel.
HAHA!. obviously i dont watch Suria, but to my delight,
it's kinda cool!. it's just very wedding-ful n MALAY, but
with a rather contemporary twist?. anw, it's "part of my
course" haha i think it's e only mly show or anything on
Suria that i actually bother to watch?. HAHA!. other than
Berita!. ahh Berita's so boring but i love it when men in
suits talk proper mly!. HAHAHAHAHA HEEHEEHEE ;)

L: see!. i got muscle!~ X) ^^ ignore my squished face -_-"
R: lunch!. some sort of Chicken Rice?. hahhaa
anw, i realized that it's quite quiet at e circle line stations,
so was listening to mp3 n totally shyiok sendiri!~ HAHA X)
reached n everybody was kinda shag!. hahahahaha -_-"

today 1 of e JPNdudes asked for a bottle, then came back
n asked for another :) then e AYGuys accused me of
flirting -_-" HAHAHAHA managed to borrow papers :)
L: FTI "I want a Singaporean girlfriend" HAHAHAH XP
C: even e monkey knows that lemon barley tastes nice :)
R: "Be Yourself Day". these kinda "events" disgust me.
i mean what r they tryna say/encourage?. that e public
are not emself during their daily lives?. it's stupid. unless
if it's like "Be Your Alter Ego Day", coz that's like being
another part of you or someone who you wna be. still,
it's always impt to be yourself, coz not being real is just...
mutual annoyance!. BE NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU!. XD

ooh!. we had chocolate eclairs n snacktreats today!.
quite tasty, kept eating n eating X) THANKS AYG!. ^^
R: but it made us more thirsty than ever X) -_-"

somewhen later AYGuy Benjamin [Team Rep Of Korea]
dropped by so we chitchatted agn rofl X) anw, i realized
somein somewhat depressing!. SINDUDES [as in our
local boys] are rather bad-mannered!. for example,
after eating they'll just leave e litter ard n give bull$hit
excuses like "we got cleaners what"~ ha i also hv a
tight slap!. i mean, it's personal hygiene!. that's like
$hitting n not flushing you know!. i know not all guys
do so, but im just saying... :( e reason why i suddenly
mention this is coz i realized that e JPNdudes dont
leave rubbish lying ard, they'd compile it all tgt at
1corner :) but e best is, e Kdudes!. they dont even
leave any litter behind :D YAY KLEANLINESS!~ ^^

L: anw, i managed to ask AYGuy Benjamin to lend me
his Kpin for me to photize ^^ R: after that i realized e
Kdudes were just standing nearby so i went down to
photize with em!. XD he was like "can?. ne?. photo? ne?."
HAHAHA then they were like "ohhh photo2" then,
somewhen somebody went "only boys!~" rofl XD
it's nice to be squished by e KDudes!. XD ooh, i also
realized that altho they were all younger than me,
they r still bigger in size than me!. HAHAHAHA XD -_-"

L: got brownie from HottIes Zahrina at e tsport side!. ^^
R: dinner!. hahaha quite cool to me, same same but
different X) haha while sitting there 1 of e JPNgirls was
carrying her back n leaving for her race, so i went
"GAMBATTE!~" n she was like a 'lil shock for a mmt,
then she said "thank you" n left XD HAHAHA they're
really cute, even their socks hv a baby chick on e
teddybear's head!~ HAHAHA XD i also want!. X)

today there were rather loud thunders n we were on
lightning alert, so not much activities happened. some
of e athletes were really cute, they were like jogging
inside e building rofl X) also, not much water were taken
so i didnt hv to carry so many cartons up :) alsoalso, it
was nice just to sit in e chilly weather n think abt how
fast e days hv passed, n that tml will ald be our last day :)
so yeah. as any other wk of events, today my eyes were
small agn, n AYG Vm Angelia asked if im tired, n
HottIes Zahrina said i looked "lethargic", hahaha
sounds so bombastic!. XD anw, inside joke of e day.
HottIes Zahrina: he looks like Uncle Fester~ :)
E'zzati Said: YAH!~ Uncle Fester/Family Guy.
*both of us nodded in agreement, 3seconds later...*

otw outta home Hot Gdad asked if i'll be passing by
any gardening shops. random!. HAHAHA -_-"
anw, today, i listened to mly songs otw all e way.
this is a new achievement!. i only hv ard 13 mly songs
that i like, n ard 7mly songs, so imagine how many
times i had to repeat em X) L1: muscle!. ^^ n surprisingly,
e quote in e bckgrd was rather inspirational?. haha "Our
greatest glory is not in nv falling but,..." R1: lunch!.
it's some sort of satay/bbq chicken X) AYGuy Joel said that
"no matter how they cook it, it still tastes e same" which i
tot was so true!. haha. today was rather boring, n hphone
cant text so i cant disturb HottIes Zahrina rofl XD anw!.
today being e last day of Athletics at AYG, most of us wanted
to exchange memorabilias with each other!. sadly, i had
nothing to trade, so i dug my bag n went "i got batman shirt!."
n e AYGuys were like: -_-" that one thailand also hv!. HAHAHA XD
L2: today's treat was icecream!. ^^ haha 1 of e JPNdudes saw
us eating it n went "icecream!." HAHAHA XD R2, green arrow: ooh!.
Bahrain was near to our booth, n some of em were rather hot, so
i got bored n quasi-flirt with em when they take e water!. XD
i asked em if they cld gimme any of their stuff or their pin X)
i was surpried n totally excited so i just said "THANKS!~ ^^ XD"
haha damn touching!. XD she was like, "UAE, their one. :)"
anw, it turns out that i hv UAE's pin, n it's 1 of e nicer one out
there, so lucky me, n thank you YOU [e AYGBABE]!. ^^ 8D

somewhen in betw e day, i was chatting with AYGuy Benjamin n
2 of e RoK girls were walking out, so he suddenly went "running?."
n they replied instantly without hesitation "no!~ no running!~ jog~ jog~"
n stood infront of us. then he suddenly point to me n said "my friend",
so they turned n smiled, so i replied "SARANGHAE CHINGUYEO!~",
then they turned back n laughed haha. n their jog is fast!. XD
after that e RoK Coach came, n AYGuy Benjamin smiled at him so
he was looking at us, so i said "SARANGHAE CHINGUYEO!~" then
he just continued walking, haha. after reaching e spot he wanted to
go, he turned n yelled "SARANGHAE *someinsomein*"!, it was quite
funny so i laughed. i think it means somein like "love you back?."
haha i dno, it's still funny so i just laughed anw HAHAHAHA X)
ALSO!. e JPNbabe who i wished "gambatte" won gold ytd!. HAHA ^^
anw, she n her friends got e cutest stuff outta all, such as playmats,
n they hv really small feet n freaking awesome Asics shoes!. X)
e Team JPN coach woman went to throw rubbish at my box, so
i said "arigato" n she was like "gomenasai~". after that everytime
she walks past me she will laugh. i think she thinks im funny!. ^^ X)

other than that i tried to use AYGuys Faisal's headphones, which
i still failed coz it'll just slide off when i tilt my head!~ till now,
i hv yet to find headphones that fit me proper X) nvm, one day i
will find e right one~ [HAHA!. XD] anw, i realized that we had quite
a lot of packet drinks left, n this AYGuy was standing near me so
i randomly went "eh, boy!. you want drinks?." haha, you should hv
seen AYGuy Faisal's face!. anw, e AYGuy replied happily "i dont mind!."
so i gave him a whole set [e 6packs] of drinks n AYGuy Faisal was still
giving me that face. we both looked at e AYGuy, n as he walks off,
AYGuy Faisal: HAHAHA aper ajer dier buat!~
E'zzati Said: he happy uh get drinks from me XD
*both of us laughed* [no, i didnt poison his drinks X)]

L1: also had to take care of e batons too today :)
R1: e 2fantastic booths!. ^^ L2: i rocked as a Cateringnista!. X) \m/
R2: dinner came real early today, like before 5?. haha X) e fishballs n
chicken curry was quite nice so i took some extras, n AYGuy Joel was
like "wah you tarpow so many uh?." haha. i replied "i tot you dont want,
i take for you uh." HAHAHA XD anw, before i left i gave AYGuy Faisal a
brand new yoyo that i found, n 3 seconds later he broke it -_-"

L, C: AYG ATHLETICS@RJC FOR E WORLD!. ^^ DIMELO!. i think this is
e most formally arranged pHOTo i took ever since i turned 18!. XD
i dno, we just sat n it appeared that way without any pre-planned
order. it's also interesting how we're all sat in our respectives rows,
tsport with tsport, catering+fop, security,... i find it adorable!. XD ^^
total sweetheart!. altho im quite new in e events world, but i've met a
sufficient number of security guards to make a list of Top 10s!. X)
ignore e rest in e bckgrd rofl X) firstly, when he briefed us on e
safety measures, he didnt like talk down on us n altho he told us e
impt stuff, he was rather friendly abt it. secondly, whenever he sees
us he will acknowledge us. thirdly, it's nice to see him light up [kinda]
whenever i walk ard n pass e treats of e day. just to name a few :)

if you cant spot e difference in this pHOTo, e fav security guard
isnt innit coz he helped to take it, n AYG Vm Angelia is innit :)

anw, at hm i added some of e AYGuys on msn, n AYGuy Faisal was
on!. so i chatted with him, for quite a lot actually!. started abt his
msn nname n dp "im certainly the coolest lo" haha, then i
realized that he's from HottIte Tmp [Graphic Design], so we
talked design, poems n blogs, AYG [JPN won!. X)], more blogs,
n last but not least, KPOP!. n he likes Green Day too. if only i
bothered to asked 4days ago, i wldnt be sooo bored n out of
things to chat abt!. but nvm X) anw, he was like " i speak
japanese fluently." so i started calling him stuff in JPN, n he
replied, after that i ran outta words so i was like "can i reply
you in korean?." HAHAHA XD anw, he was like saying that he's
gna go backpacking to RoK n Jpn, so i asked him to backpack
me along n ditch me in korea or somein!. HAHAHA XD he asked
me to go to his "back pocket so theres cushion when i sit down"!~
-_-" so i replied that "im not that cushion-y leh" X) -_-" HAHA

uhhuh uhhuh!. so yeah anw i think this [as in AYG09] means
e most to me in terms of exposure, coz i've nv really been
in an environment where there's just so many different
cultures n languages at once :) so yeah, pretty cool!. X)
haha, it just reminds me that... thats still so much of e
world that i've yet to see :) anw, seeing sooo much fitness
activity gg on, now i feel even more motivated!. :D
Lol... Lol... I'M STRONG BABY!. XD haha yeah most
probably gna do this agn ;) anw, CONGRATS FOR
E SUCCESS OF AYG!. ^^ Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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