Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. i've kinda lost e momentum to blog, so now
im trying to get it gg on back :) with that [E'zzati] Said,
[yes, i just attempted a pun on my own name -_-" X)]
i hv loads to blog abt, n i hope that you will stick ard :)
i mean. who knows, i might just mention you in my blog!. ^^

went online today, n Hottie Zrn suddenly said on msn
"ur langkawi bed so nicee" so i was like "WHAT HOW
YOU KNOW!." HAHAHA. anw, on a "darker" note, i found
out that 1 of my relatives in Msia just passed away, n
e sad thing is, i nv really talked with her before -_-"
it's kinda mean [or i dno what], but on e blinger side,
her deathdate was rather near to MJ!. so yeah :)
i think im still undecided on my feelings abt death.
until then ima stick to MCR, WE'LL CARRY ON!~ :)

random tot. recently some ppl hv told me that
im "boycrazy", but i just cant find a reason not to!.
it's interesting to know how many girls r "manhaters",
n will scringe at knowing that i think guys r lovely :)
it's even more interesting to know how many guys think
that girls hate em so much!. at 1st i tot they're just being
paranoid, but now i think it's quite true?. i mean, even
as a girl, i've seen girls hates guys so much. haha, i did
3quizzes on fbk n got e results that im 60% girly n
40%guyly[?.], n that i get along with both genders :)
so it's kinda weird someimes coz i'd end up in those
"all-male" cliques, or "girls only" grps, n they start
b!tching abt each other [guys b!tch too, they just dont
admit it :)] it's usually awkward n i'll just laugh, n e
cliques will get bored of me coz i wont take any sides :)
i just think that it's nice to hv a different species
[i know, SPECIES rofl XD -_-"] ard, or i might just get
bored of life itself. i know some of you might say that
who am i to say all this, after all i dont hv much
"experience" n im rather antisocial in general, but
E'zzati Said so!. HAHA XD anw, recently this happened :)
*i see a celebrity that i like*
E'zzati Said: i wna take pHOTo with him!. :)
Guyfriend A: psycho uh you!. you know her or not?.
Guyfriend B: no i also dno her. she psycho uh.
*3 seconds later*
Guyfriend A: eh she[unknownbabe] gave me her shirt~
Guyfriend B: you go hm you dont wash you smell uh :)
Guyfriend A: YAAAA GOOD IDEA!~

you know who you are. haha :) i think it's weird that
guys think im a psycho coz i like to take pHOTos with
e guys that i enjoy, when they emselves do more
dramatic[to me] stuff such as clothes-sniffing!. XP
haha!. imagine if one day girls go to e bikes of e
guys that they like n start bike-sniffing!~ WEIRD.
haha, n yeah, as i type this i think there's a probability
of it coming true -_-" someimes i find it weird when
girls go mad over a guy who rides, n even weirder if
e guy starts a conversation regarding his bike. it's
like, for me i dont know what to reply, coz i think that
they're sooo attached to their bikes that what i say
might offend em [maner tahu, they "sensitive"~ HAHA]
usually, i'll just start talking abt HELMETS!. really, HELMETS!~
to me e whole pt of getting a bike is so that i hv a
helmet to decorate2 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD
or maybe i'll start talking abt bike stickers n things liddat.
worst case, i will say "IT'S GREEN!~ I LIKE GREEN DAY!~" ^^
TA-DAH!. topic smoothly changed!. HAHAHAHA XD -_-"
just another random tot. sort of :)

today i went ard on msn looking for things to steal :)
got this from HottIes Poo, which i think is rather
true for my case!. "The Mind Found The Answers...
The Heart Changed The Question AGAIN..." HAHAHA!.
also got "Lol, Move B!tch." from Vip Adn :) she was like
"go on" "np" HAHAHAHAHA X) then we started talking
abt blogs, n kpop, so i asked her if she listen to it alot,
n she was like "sometimes, when i have the mood."
HAHAHAHAHA XD i agreed n ask her otherwise what,
n she was like "english stuff" :) HAHA!. i find e term
funny!. "english stuff" X) anw, chatted abt how "they"
r changing bcoz of e "jpnese influence" n that "they"
r kinda trying to "change him" :( then we joked abt
e "evolution recipe" that she mentioned, so i replied
"i understand it's difficutlt to make a decision" HAHA XD
after that i chatted with Ldottie Sylvest n we discussed abt
sch n H1N1, n if anyone's gna come wearing masks X)
as in Naruto Kakashi's mask HAHAHAHAHAH XD

zooming on, im not ready to go back to sch!. haha :(
*sings Ok! Go - Here It Goes Again ^^ HAHAHA X)*
anw, i showed Hot Nabs e stuff i was supposed to do
during e holidays, n she was like "R YOU INSPIRED
so yeah!. SUDDEN INSPIRATION!. e fundamental idea
has been all over e place in my mind, but it's like i've
finally figured out a way to put all e discombulated[?] tots
into a biiig tot :D im not sure if you experience e same
thing in any parts of your life, it's like you hv all e
separate puzzle pieces in your hand, but they just cant
fit each other. at 1pt you just feel like giving up coz
it gets frustrating, then agn, you take another look at
e biiig pHOTo, n slowly e pieces fall into their place?. :)

L1, R1: yumyum!. HAHA half of an overdue durian cake
[Mothers Day passed long ago], and 2 donuts :D
R2: was chatting with Hot Nabs n i made her put
"NANK ni NANK ni PEH PEH" in her pm rofl XD

this holidays... made me think a lot :) ppl hv been telling
me that holidays r for you to relax n "free your mind",
but i will always end up thinking more than usual!. plus,
being awol from my world [islandlife, sports event,...] just
makes me wonder what my Hotstuff r up to!. yeah it's nice
to be away from e usual things, but when being away means
negative wasted youth, then it sucks!. other than that,
"his" voice was e soundtrack of my summer!. 8D

HOTDAMN!. what an awesome way to spend my holidays!. :D
Lol... Lol... as e title goes, [MOTS:] AND THEN WE'LL DO IT AGN!. ;)
i hope you had damn gd holidays too :) Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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