Saturday, August 29, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. im really wna get back e feel of blogging,
so now im like tryna churn out my blogposts -_-"
also it feels kinda weird to blog abt things that
happened wks ago. n apologies in advance, for
i might've left out some details that i conveniently
forgot :) lastly, thinking back, everything sounds
funny!. HAHAHAHA XD so yeah. just for giggles ^^

also!. e fasting month has begun!. sup RAMADHAN!. ^^
[it rhymes X)] i love Ramadhan bcoz i think it's
e month where everyone bcomes gd n "decent"!. HAHA~
mats curse less, minahs cover up more, pkciks go
for prayers, mkciks bake yummy cookies, n all of
us donates generously into stuff that we barely
know much abt!. HAHAHA~ X) above it all, i think
fasting is what that keeps e mly community intact :)

thankfully, e mly HottIte Bishanistas r lovely
lovely ppl, n NO, THEY DONT EAT IN PUBLIC :)
if they do, forgive em during Hari Raya, but
dont let em come into your house n eat all e
yummy stuff n take e greenpackets!. they didnt
deserve it :) typing abt greenpackets, i love
Green Day!. HAHAHAHA 21st Century Raya!~ ^^ \m/

haha, what i wanted to type was, i miss those
old skool packets n cards!. it's like, there's
this mly-style old skool comics on e cover, n
i rmb growing up enjoying em n being disappointed
when i get 2 packets of e same comic!. haha, it's
rather uncommon these days :( i rmb last yr someone
gave me a packet that says "Selamat Pengantin Baru",
n it makes me wonder if they're being sarcastic rofl XD

it's sad that nowadays ppl give out e greenpacket $
without e packets itself, BE MORE CREATIVE PLS!~
at least fold e note into a crane or star origami!.
STYLE IS PERSONAL!~ ^^ ;) eitherway, i think that
mly comics on packets n cards r a dying art!. :(
what to do, ppl these days appreciate money more
GIVE OUT $ IN 'LIL PACKETS!~ [those who've
received wld get what i mean] ^^ it's always a
pleasure of mine to help em glue e envelopes,
[i do find it kind of bonding in a way rofl XD]

moving on, i feel that i hv many trad outfits n i
wna give some of em away :) ideas?. ;) n!. i m
looking forward to bake AG kueh!. HAHAHA if you
wna know what AG is, ask Hottie Zrn!. ;) anw,

*mon 6Jul
was all up n ready, put lotion everything, semangat2 ald,
then HottIes Sufiyan texted saying that SW is cancelled!. -_-"
means, sch today is only for 2hrs!. DSG class somemore!. ;)
Lol... Lol... so i switched on e dungeon comp n started
blasting music :D was late so Mrt-ed. reached n it started
raining :) haha. showed HottIte Mr Foong my project
prototypes [Paint version] n he said it's okay :) so now i
just hv to redo everything using Adobe Illustrator!.
fantastic gg E'zzati!. ^^ XD HottIes Poo saw me n sang
"i want nobody nobody LIKE you", which gives me a funny idea ;)
HottIes Tj: eh!, necklace!~ whats that scream err~
E'zzati Said: haha yah.
HottIes Tj: langkawi where you make?.
E'zzati Said: langkawi uh.
*everyone else who was listening: -_-"*
haha!. which reminded me, i've yet to give her her
delayed bday cadeau. n, my phone cant text agn :(
weird how much i rely on texting :) but i love it :)

L1: HottIes Matilda is back from Canada, n she gave us
maple candy!. ^^ THANKS HOTTIES MATILDA!. X)
R1: tempstickers!. 8) L2: i think it's e 1st time i've seen
Pizza Hut coupons!. haha XP R2: HottIes Tj's bday cadeau!.
i just taped everything tgt into a bouquet-ish thingy ;P
haha i myself dont know what to call it!. XD hmm whatelse.
oh!. Hot Mum boarded e 166bus as i alighted. haha X)

woke late, Mrted. my temp was 36.3 DegC!. haha,
im getting hotter as time pass by!~ Lol... Lol... ;D
HottIes Tj on F1: let's go see what we r becoming!~
E'zzati Said: TRANSFORMERS!~ *does e sound effect*
*everybody else who heard it laughs*
L, green arrow: "Do Not Panic if you do not see your name"!.
haha it's sooo HottIte Ms Nair!. Lol... Lol... i can just
imagine XD R, green arrow: i looked at e list n my
name was e top!. YEZZAH!~ I'M YOUR NUMBER 1!~ ;) XD

n!. i got e position that i wanted. i dont really
know any of e others, so hope things work out ^^
L: CoOp now sells goggles!. HAHAHAHAHA XD
wth for!. hahaha, swim in e pond or somein rofl XD
C: indian stall!. HottIes Resi told me 1st, n i didnt
believe him. there is, n they use GREEN PLATE ^^
R: egg thosai!. for 1buck each X) haha also, we
realized that my thosai was gravy-free, while
HottIes Tj bought e same thing but hers was e
exact opposite of mine!. HAHAHA X) seems thin
[as in e thosai rofl X)], but i still cldnt finish one -_-"

HottIes Tj realized that im using e temphone n
she said that she was "so used to my pink hp".
i said likewise ;) HottIes Poo had moustache n
beard today rofl XD i gave HottIes Coach D some
chocolates n he was like "guy-LIAN" [it was e
brand] rofl XD few seconds later he went
"eh your chocolate very nice uh", so i said that
im glad he likes it, n he replied "actually im
trying to hint that you must gimme another one"

got to know that all sch events r cancelled coz of
H1N1 -_-" almost immediately after e announcement,
HottIes Stanley said "so by default, it's an A!." rofl XD
L: tempstickers were blue n white!. hahaha nice X)
L, C1: mysocksrocks!. ^^ L, C2: i decided to just go for
it since HottIes Resi's e only one from our class who is
joining -_-" RC, green arrow: HottIes Liyana pointed out
that there was a "ramp", so i tot like skateboard ramp!. X)
so i told her i dont see any ramp, n so she pointed it out
even more. then i tot maybe it's just a 'lil ramp like those
for wheelchairs, so i still cldnt find it. in e end it's a,...
PAVEMENT!. Lol... Lol... XD after that i wondered n asked
where it leads to n HottIes Coach D said "skali it goes
straight to e circle line!~" HAHAHA!. rofl XD R: aftrsch we
were sitting at e waterfollyer then HottIte Ms Nair asked
us to help her move some stuff for e F1, so we went to...
E BOMB SHELTER!. 8) it really looked like there were bombs!.
anw, e place was smelly n over dusty, it made me proud of
my own dungeon rofl XD anw!. HottIes minds think alike ;)

left a 'lil bit early n met Hot Mum+Hot Nabs at Juncti8n
Pastamania :D they didnt know how to order at first!.
HAHAHA XD today Mcd was closed for renovations :)
while eating our pizzas, most of e other patrons left,
until there were no one else inside e rstrt except us!.
HAHA XD so we felt pressured to eat quicker rofl XD

L: "AR Money Exchange"!. gd one, hahahaha XD
walked ard, shopped!. 8D C: received a sudden text
from Vip Adn, which was beyond funny XD R: was tryna
photize e bubbling water tube thingy -_-" shopped
a 'lil bit more, then off to head back to dungeon X)

YEZZAH!. bought e tshirtdress from Cotton On!.
"Rocking Out"!. supposed to share it with Hot Nabs XP
also got e hotpink shades!. $5 with purchase ^^ B)
also bought 2silver hairbands, altho im not sure
when i will actually use em HAHAHAHHA XD

"What's On Tv?." ;D

reached early!. 2nd :) anw, realizedthat e competition's
for classrooms complab n toilet settings -_-" which
throws my whole idea outta e window coz i was
thinking of like natural setting like oceans!. -_-"

L: HottIes Poo "i want nobody2 but you, takde org."
LC: HottIes Matilda draw a flower on my hand upside
down haha :) RC: my superpoke pet!. "I GREW UP" ^^
R: LJS was closed!. dammit hahahaha X) n Mcd was
half-open?. hahaha but nvm -_-"

recently i've been shutting up for no particular reason n
i'm pretty amazed at how much fakesh!t there is in e world :)
anw!. also just wna mention that when i make a vid [or basically
anything else] i dont intend to convey that "i'm gd" or wtv, n
i also dont intend to e ultimate goal is to just offer my
perspective on things, n hopefully entertain at e same time :)
so if you think that my standard is gd, i am truly thankful n
it's very nice of you to say that of me. i still think that i hv
a long way to go, so hopefully e next one will be betta. if you
hv taken your time to watch it, i thank you :) if you hv taken
even more of your time to gimme your feedback, i thank you even more :)
pardon me if my work quality isnt that gd yet, i do my best n
im still learning n i hv a long way to go, so if you'd like more
stuff with "gd technique" or "higher quality stuff", im sure that
you may find lotsa em in other more proffessional sites. if there
isnt, then why dont you make one yourself since you think that
you're e best?. i dp know myself betta to tell if i suck, but i
believe that theres nothing is this world that cant be achieved :)
also, take note that im not paid to do any of those things, im
not saying im doing things for e $, but sometimes only so much
can be done within a budget. well nobody ever died from me :D

bumpercars into HotDance Joshua[?.] our dance instructor for
a moment :) i didnt rmb him but i tot he looked familiar, then
he winked at me so i winked back rofl ;) almost didnt go to
sch today. anw, Nora's Wedding Concepts episode today is
abt Jap-Layu X) n PRV was cancelled coz of MJ's memorial. :( -_-"

i made it for e 1st 0800 class!. ^^ so i knew that it's gna
be held either at C205 [Dance Studio aka hm], or B208 [Comms
Hub], so obviously i went to C205 first!. ^^ otw bumpercars into
HottIes Colin, Faris n Beng, n they confirmed that it's gna be
inside BishanStud :) haha, so yeah. Class A!. Interact With Guests.
might be useful for "antisocial" ppl like me HAHAHAHA jk X)
L: Hot Dzul's slippers!. ^^ reached n not many ppl were there -_-"

Ldottie Shafiq came into e rm, n so i asked him to sit with me :)
he was like "1st name i saw is you" HAHAHA XD hmm taught
him a Kword rofl XD soon more ppl turned up n he got his
cmates to sit at e same table haha -_-" which, i end up being
e only girl :) -_-" session started n first is intro :) i said
i love Fashion n dont like anything boring... n Mr Terence was
SO YOU DONT LIKE SCH?." so i replied "sch is NOT boring!." ^^
i dno what sch he came from that makes him think that way -_-"
yeah it can get mendak at times, but for me im always thinking
of stuff. i suppose i just know how to entertain myself betta :)
sounds wrong, but it isnt. there r definitely more boring things
in e world in comparison to sch :) if you get what i mean :)

pass design time!. HAHA this is e part i got really enthu ^^
Mr Terence saw n said "wah got cartoon, but like this one
look nicer" *points to my selfsketch" ;) wanted to take pHOTos
with e passes :) L2: notice how Ldottie Shafiq's pass was
flipped backwards?. -_-" i tot his one was kinda nice, altho
not really related to F1. found it kinda mod?. like e
geometric lines n colors :) looking ard, 1 of e guys at e
next table flashed his card n i was like "Fian GAGA?."
hahaha turns out he like Lady Gaga hahahha X)

L: E'zzati Said Pass!. ^^ Ldottie Shafiq said it's funny how i
put e sgp website also [it's under e "pink" circuit ;)], but
my website i put so much bigger rofl XD HAHAHA X) ^^ nice nice ;)

back in class i suddenly recalled a time in pri sch when
i did a robot dance n my tcher told me to "walk properly",
coz i might "hit n hurt somebody". random ;) L1: had to
list down benefit pts, so i suggested to make it in like
a circuit-ish shape n we did rofl X) R1: Ldotttie Shafiq
did this, every color 4strokes, i tot it was a 'lil bit
nice in a way?. :) L2: blindvision. X) R2: ate an egg prata
after that, didnt finish. bumpercars with HottIte Btk Suria, n
she asked me how's my F1 haha :) anw e class was rather funny,
altho someimes it felt like im e only one who actually jokes?. -_-"
but my table was rather fun, i consider myself lucky enough :)

abt security guards n how to improve their service.
F1TE Fian: gossip :) F1TE Billy: dont anyhow blow whistle :)
Mr Terence: why e security guard blow whistle at you?.
E'zzati Said: he sexy uh!~ *F1TE Billy's face turns red*
abt physical things we should do when on duty. "dig
your eyes" [supposed to write ears but was rushed rofl XD]
"banging your teeth" *e boys at my table start pretending
to bang their teeth on e table* HAHAHAHA damn funny rofl XD
"funny faces" *e boys at my table suddenly started doing
really funny faces!. HAHAHA kinda interesting ROFL XD -_-"
abt "hair neat n tidy" peer assesment. F1TE Nazri on me:
not very sure, tapi aku tengok muka kao jadi aku tick ajer X)
HAHA, tot that was nice of him, but i wldnt mind if he
didnt tick me either :) dont suppress your strengths!. ;)
abt an unreasonable customer. Mr Terence: so what wld
you all do?. E'zzati Said: call security!. ^^
*F1TE Fian turns n looks at me n laugh* after that was
e roleplay part, n we had to choose a paper which has
e order of presenting. e other grps just made someone
pick theirs, but we all "felt" e lots!~ HAHA, we should
win in terms of teamwork!. ^^ got #3 outta 5 :)

while brainstorming, i was rather happy that i ended up
in e same table as em. e first thing F1TE Nazri said
was that we should do somein like fun n with humour ^^
heehee i agreed n said that we should use props ;)
more brainstorming, F1TE Nazri n Dinie started singing!.
HAHA, so i was like "kiter buat musical skali ar!~"
HAHAHA XD when it was our time to present,
F1TE Dinie went: okay, today im gna sing,
wondergirls nobody. ROFL!. XD other funny stuff inclds
Ldottie Shafiq used my purse as a walkie talkie -_-"
n F1TE was describing my bag, he went "silver bag, brown
at e bottom. then got silver skateboard keychain. DOPE!."
*i start laughing, was just too funny to control myself*

L1: colorcoordinate!. ^^ R1: "so you think you're competent?."
rofl X) ooh it was purplecoverpaper btw X) L2: deal or no
deal!. ^^ R2: walking out F1TE Dzulfikri suddenly went
"nak chocolate?." so i said i didnt mind :) HAHA!. he got
it coz he was e class leader F1TE Dzulfikri won :) anw,
as expected, i was called out 1st for contract!. :D haha
feeling2 ANTM rofl XD then tried on e Tshirts :) was kinda
torn betw e female M n S size, but chose S coz e fit was
sorta just nice :) got to know that e pasar malam was
until 16july, n realized that Paul Twohill took e same
166bus as me agn haha X) i still like my pass :)

chatted with AYGuy Faisal today. turned out he didnt
come ytd coz he overslept -_-" told him abt e concert,
n he said he shld've gone!. HAHA, he was like "wad a
waste of a free concert." n "den i went zouk, paid
30 dollars to use the toilet." n "i puke like mad lo.
for 3 whole hrs at toilet can." "if they had said
stefanie wld come id be up and ready by 12 lo" rofl X)
then i told him how i didnt understand 99% of wtv
she sang/said, n he was like "i cld have understood
btter! u shd take my plc and slp lo!" HAHAHA XD
anw. Ch5 aired 'Lil Nicky agn!. ^^ this probably makes
it e fifth time im watching it?. n it still cracks
me up like as if it's e first time XD RELEASE E GD!~

today was online n chatted with AYGuy Benjamin :)
he was there on fri, but we didnt manage to find
each other -_-" i hope he still has my Kbkmark!. XP


Lol... Lol... i know, it's weird that im quoting A1,
but it's e only thing i know of that matches e
situation!. HAHAHAHA XD anw, i switched e covers
from my previous Hphink, so it's now like this!. ^^
HAHA 8D i still rmb when i 1st wanted to buy it,
e Hpdude said that e hphone model is created for
guys, so im like WTH I WANT MEANS I WANT UH!~
he was really stating it like he didnt want me to buy
it. e reason why im typing this is bcoz now i think
it's bull$h!t!. it cldnt even last me, n you say it's for
guys?. i know nowadays got gentler guys, but nvm XP
or maybe im just too hot to handle ROFL XD HAHAHA XP

haha, i asked Hot Dad what's e bank name that i use,
Hot Dad: bank name?. bank uh!~ -_-" then he asked
what i was gna treat him from my F1 pay, so i said
ima give him donuts, then Hot Iman said he wanted
a PSP -_-" at night i was sleeping happily n another
cock[roach] went up my leg!. :( i smacked it n it dropped
on e floor then i lost it :( then i went to wash myself :)
i know it didnt die so i had to like spray ard under my
bed. soon, it came out :) when i killed it, i cld hear it
clattering under e spray can :/ e whole rm smelt like
pesticide -_-" anw, had some bites on my right ankle n
left palm, i wonder if that makes me Girl Roach
[Papa Roach+Spiderman] HAHAHAHA X) but i dont care,
i was still tired, need to sleep. so i did. otw to sleep
[wtv you call it haha X)], i tot to myself, it's like
i dont mind em in my rm actually, i just hate it when
they touch me or is tryna get into my pants :)
Cheers!. \m/ TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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