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E'zzati's Secret.


10 JULY 2009!. :D
Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.
Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore!. :D

day starts off with sch!. haha X) bumpercars!. met
HottIes Stanley in 88bus. after that met HottIes David,
Poo, Resi n Fir while walking to sch X) otw there, we say
1 of e HottIte Yr 1 dress like MJ!. HAHAHA X). -_-"
LPD!. 1st time i met e new tcher, coz i didnt come e
previous sessions ;P anw, started off with this ppt
"name e song title game", n i won suf by half!. half bcoz
e last one was an old song n i cldnt rmd e full title ;P
L: essay!. ^^ anw, HottIte Mr Lendra [e tcher] saw my awesome
shades n told me that i can get it for $1.50 at HongKong -_-"
HAHA!. i consider that as fashiontalk!. X) ooh. he thinks that
HottIes is e best class rofl XD C: aftersch KFCized, n i bought
e Nachos out of curiousity 8) R: HottIes Resi tried e mentos
machine thingy n he got 5 red ones!. X) just nice, altho
HottIes Liyana was kinda hoping for e 6th one, which was

PRE-EVENT!. so e AYGHottIes decided to meet at KLG Mrt at
1800, so HottIes Liyana n i stayed at Juncti8n :) haha, she
told me that her mum asked whyi didnt say hi to her at e
EPD, well, i was stuck in e middle n she was rows in front :)
after that otw to e toilet to change for e event,
HottIes Liyana: eh you got read e email?. who do you think
ise international artiste?. [they said there's a special perf by
a popular international artiste in e programme :)]
E'zzati Said: i got a very strong feeling it's Nathan Hartono :)
HottIes Liyana: Nathan Har-dno is international meh?.
E'zzati Said: haha entah eh!. maybe regional rofl XD
HAHAHAHA!. XD so we changed, n HottIes Liyana realized
that she lost her purse, which turned out to be at KFC :)
yeah, that made us arrive late for e meet hahahah X)

Mrted, reached, HottIes Yilik was ald there :) means, we
were still earlier than HottIes Zahrina!. HAHAHA X)
L: HottIes Yilik texted saying once we tap out we'd see
him, so i tot he was wearing somein really striking, in e
end he just wore e plain black polo n HottIes Liyana n i were
like -_-" HAHAHA X) C: HottIes Liyana!. shawtyz rule!. ^^
HottIes Zahrina finally reached so we went to e bstop :)
e bus took an unbelievable amt of time to come, so we
camwhored!. R, green arrow: see e woman reading e npaper
in e bckgrd?. while camwhoring, she kept making annoyed
WNA TAKE PHOTO WITH YOU!. i wld gladly crop her out of
e pHOTo, but since she was sooo unglam i decided to blog
abt her ^^ whats even funnier is that e dude beside her
seemed to be peeking into her papers rofl X) HAHA!. ^^

INDOOR STADIUM!. finally reached e place rofl XD
L: registered n got our cert n tix!. ^^ R: i wanted to take
pHOTos of us with e cert, but as might hv noticed,
HottIes Zahrina ald kept hers n was too lazy to take it
out agn so she just held he ticket hahaha X)

off we went to take e goodiebag!. entered n had to pass
thru e Security guards, n they wanted to check our bags.
he asked me to open my bag, so i said "nvm uh, it's okay
you can open :)" in e end he just asked if i had any vidcams?.
so i said "sadly, no" n got thru :) turns out that pHOTos
were okay, but for personal use ^^ HAHAHAHHA ;)

since HottIes Liyana was at a different location for AYG,
she had to seat waaaaaay far away from us!. HAHA, well not
many ppl turned up so i decided to call her to come sit with us :)
L1: e host!. think it's a local radio dj :) i liked e way he started
e show. ;) after that they played a video of e AYGVols at work,
n HottIes Liyana was inside!. "ENRICHING" ROFL XD rather hilarious
to me, coz e 1st thing that comes to mind when i think of
"enriching" is none other than SLICED WHITE BREAD!. HAHAHA XD
R2: got to know e international artiste is Stefanie Sun Yan Zi!. X)
she was in town for her "The Answer Is..." tour, duh rofl XD

Stefanie Sun's "The Answer Is..." finally started :) hotdamn, her
stage set is sooo awesome!. ^^ it's like a white coral-like thingy,
n throughout e concert animation displays r projected onto it X)
sounds normal, but e coral actually can open n closes, n it's
like you can project e image at specific parts of e corals. rather
wicked to me, wished i tot of somein liddat 1st!. HAHA X) but
it was rather mindblowing anw, it's like, a visual remix?. ^^

she came out n belted this girly cheena song, totally tryna
sport e Lady Gaga look -_-" we were all quiet coz we didnt
understand, n HottIes Yilik, he's just naturally quiet rofl XD

i was still in awe of e stage set!. too bad e design is floral -_-"

soon there was this Egyptian themed act, which i love!. ^^
designs were enchanting, n i miss Scorpion King rofl X)
ooh. they sprayed yellow confetti after e act haha XP

then there was this futuristic alien-ish song, weird thing is
that she kept gg to e other side of e stadium. HAHA, coz
her fans were sitting ard just 2 blocks away from us?. after
that was dancy scissorsisters like thingy, some psychedelic pop,
sakura pop, n there was a sudden silver ribbon confetti!. ^^

some urban city thing, but i didnt pay attention to that.
i was still amazed at e coralthingy. it grew on me.
i love e idea, it's like a design within a design within
a design!. XD L2: she sang an english song n there were
subtitles, so e crowd in e pHOTo kept singing but in a
lagg way n dragging e last words of e lyrics line coz
they didnt know e melody rofl XD it was very funny on
my side, but i bet she was pissed!. haha XP got a quote

then some urban chi, "personal" photos, jrock tut
[kind of?.], a rolling song, her version of Ja Jam Bo,
which had more guitars. they also did this dance, e
table routine which they blatantly ripped off SYTYCD!.
lame -_-" crowd getting boring n lesser, n i was like
saying to HottIes Liyana that "they're clapping out
of beat!." n she said "no tempo." n we laughed XP
coincidentally, Stefanie Sun did this thingy where she
said that "lotsa ppl say that Singapore crowd is lousy",
so she asked us to scream n it went on for a few times X)
it's nice to know that i went for somein that i bet some
big fan of hers in China wld've desperately wanted to go :)
it reassures me that life is unfair in its own awesome way ^^

SUDDENLY!. Nathan Hartono came out n jazzed e whole
thingy with his version of Moondance!. I WAS RIGHT!~
HottIes Zahrina, Liyana n i were totally screaming
our hearts out, altho i m barely a fan of his rofl X)
nvm, just scream for moral support HAHAHA XD anw, it
was nice to hear somein ENGLISH n most impt, MAN!. ^^
yeah i'd give up watching women perform to watching
men perform anytime, unless i look up to e women or
has somein to learn from em, or if e men is really
terrible rofl XD HottIes Liyana went "sorry ah
Yi Lik, girls." rofl XD then Nathan performed his
1st chinese song debut. HAHA. i miss :)

Stefanie said she's gna perform her "last song",
but her "last" is like "last last last song"!. -_-"
anw, she came out n playing keyboards on this torchlike
thingy. i was like "wooh!~ wtv that thing is." HAHAHA
hers spin below, cute haha, slowly more mini-version
of her hershey kisses appeared, more cure hahaha X)
she was performing this piano ballad, which was my
favourite song performance out of all :D e song
after that she was like on this stage platform, like
i mentioned before, i love e stage set!. ^^ they
were like play with lvls, n ramps [READ: RAMPS] will
appear out of nowhere!. i love e stage set!. 8FD

then it was some acoustic thing. this part blew my
mind just bcoz it was kinda spooky in a way i love ;D
i want one in my concert!. HAHAHA it's like she
appears on this really thin screen, n e image is
pretty realistic!. not sure if it was livefeed tho.
halfway she came out from e side of e stage n i tot
it was cool. it's like performing with another you XD

after that she performed a song which she said that
"if you're a fan, it'll be familiar to you." :)
she thanked e crew n everything, finally. after that
was kinda cool, e "big white coral rocks" thingy was
suddenly lifted n there were lights under it!.
who wld've guessed?. :) at this pt, it was total
Mando-pop for me in a time period of 24hrs!. HAHA XD
HottIes Zahrina was like saying she wna hear somein
"rock", n i said i want somein "english", then we
said "english rock", so she replied "indie", which
i tot she said HINDI rofl XD im not e only one!. ^^
concert ended with this popular song thingy, might've
heard it somewhere else before :) R5: look at our shadows!.

POST EVENT!. Hot Mum texted some gd news, so i went
for it X) otw hm at my blk e downstairs there were 2 mats,
1 of em is younger then another one looks like 1 of my
ex seniors?. HAHA he had ear piercings n was playing
his guitar n singing. so boring, i think i can do betta :)
at hm i watched this show on Ch5, Hot Guys Who Can
Cook :) might watch e next few ones haha XP L: goodiebag!.
only my shades wasnt included innit ;P LC: i love my i love
milo badge!. ^^ RC: envelope :) R: e cert!. quite nice haha :)

C: Fraze'ati!. yes, it's on my bantal busuk ;) R1: notice
how we hv e same hairstyle rofl XD n i RAWR!. ^^ R2: my
interpretation of e mascot. what a face rofl XD HAHAHA

L: finally i hv somein to put in e HotSaid's family display!. ^^
most of it is Hot Im's stuff like Gundam n blah3, altho
there's 1 part that's Hot Dad's collection of used hphones
which i tot is rather wicked for him ;) R: more to come :)
cant wait to get my own display shelf!. ^^ HAHAHA

random!. i tot this Mentos packaging was nice!. ^^

so yeah i think this is by far e biggest concert i've been to?. :)
kinda forced in a fated way to go to, but nvm. HOTDAMN!.
what an awesome way to kickstart my schterm!. :D Lol... Lol...
inspired!. ;) Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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