Wednesday, September 2, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. this lagg is getting depressing, RAWR!. :(
all i need/want/wld love to hv now is just...
_____ __ [see if you can guess correctly!. first to
get it right gets a chocolate from me!. ^^ top 2
smartest answer gets candy!. ^^] HAHAHAHA XD
btw, inspired by e Ramadhanista spirit, this is
at heartcandy's place :) as in his real district ;)

*mon 13Jul
Mrted to sch coz lazy. was early for SW!. soccer at
e court :) everytime i had e ball, HottIes Poo will say
L: felt like sewing somein n making use of em as
mannequins X) R: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!. okay!. :D

HAHA!. of coz i went ard e court checking out e
graffiti 1st before playing soccer rofl XD L: Naruto!. haha
kind of uh. e unedited version of this pHOTo looks really
dramatic, e drawings with e angles n buildings n all rofl XD
R: my fav!. RELAX!~ ^^ somein i still need to master rofl XD
it's my fav coz i love how e design n how it's a design within
a design [i know i've been using e line alot, it's catchy X)] ^^

blah3 e soccerball got stuck in e tree, so they used e vlyball.
during brk an ahbeng quarrelled very loudly with a minahrep,
wanted to kpo but Egg Thosai [L] comes 1st :) in e end i think
she cried. heard e topic in argue was lame, lucky i continued
eating :) in class i visited HottIes Zahrina's twitter abt last
fri, damn funny!. "Yilik, look around. E'zzati crazy. Liyana
drinking Milo. Me tweet(: Welcome to AYG Appreciation Night",
"Omg im sat beside e'zzati and its annoying coz she's shouting
so loud. And people looked OMG no. And hi" "Omg zzzzzz irl",
"Im starting to like Stefanie Sun a lil. However you spell her
name lol. Her songs are pretty cool even though i dont understand
what it ..." "And so it goes and so it goes and you're the only
one... who knows" "Nathan Hartono, jazz cutie. Can i just make
some more romance with you my love" "Hungry irl :( When will
her concert be over ahhhh"!. HAHAHA XD also, earlier i changed
my fbk status to somein like "is happy coz she got a same old
brand new phone!. :D" n Vip Ain replied "omg did you just quote
a1?!?!?" HAHAHA i just cldnt find a betta way of putting it XP
R: aftrsch went to Mcd to eat icecream. bummer tho, they dont
carry toppings anymore -_-" e summit[?. haha] was cute tho :)
Mrted back, cldnt tap out=monday blues :( went hm n slept from
7 to 11!. haha :) WHAT A PARAGRAPH!. gimme all your bullets ;)

i was online at ard 0335, n AYGuy Faisal was too so i asked if
he was really awake n online?, n he said "eating mac now." -_-"
he repeated it more then 3time throught e conversation -_-"
somewhen in e middle chatted abt design n stuff, but
actually i just wanted to see if he was really awake rofl XD
in e end i woke up late didnt make it for LPD. also, i forgot
SonE'zzati [new name for my Sony X)] so went back -_-"
missed 88bus, luckily 2nd bus was quick :) DSG!. a woman
sat in to observe i suppose. haha so i enthusiastically watch
HottIte Mr Foong happily use Clipping Mask :) im not being
sarcastic :) after that e woman asked him a pretty lame
question then she left, so i went to google all my fav bands :D
otw outta class HottIes Poo went "I WALK~, nobody nobody
but E'zzati!." HAHAHA it's a 'lil bit awkward to hv awesome
Green Day preceding e Kpopstuff. HAHA, feeling2 Asian ^^ -_-"

typing abt GreenDay n Kpop, lately i've come to realize of
an Asian establishment that existed on my way hm via e
GreenDay routine!. X) out of curiosity, i dropped by :)
nothing much, but there were some lovely stuff there!. :D
realized that there's quite a few of it ard e area, i grew up
in e district n i had no clue they existed -_-" funny :)

*i see somein of my [extreme] interest n picks it up*
KAuntie [Shop Owner]: B__ B___?. [censored for fun XP]
E'zzati Said: neh, S_____i!~ ^^
KAuntie: *takes out a whole box from under e counter* :)
E'zzati Said: HAHAHA, saranghae S_____i!~ ^^
KAuntie: *says in Hangul to a Ksupplier beside e counter who
was watching me get all excited* haha she likes S_____i!~ ^^
K'LilBoy: i like J_____!~ ^^
*pays quickly n leaves e place laughing to herself X)*

APPEAR FROM!. HAHAHAHA XD who knows, maybe they
had an underground establishment that i didnt know of?.
HAHAHA XD anw, finally compiled e GoodiE'zzatiBag for
Hot Didi coz she was e 1st person to get 100% correct for
my fbk quiz X) hope she likes it!. ^^

rained in e morn!. :) HottIes Matilda asked if i wanted to
go to e "toilet", coz e rest hvnt reached n if she went
with HottIes Coach D it wld've sounded funny XD
DSG!. finally, i showed HottIes Resi my poster abt e
competition i decided to just go for :) his reaction sums
up pretty much what i wanted, so yeah. then he gave me
a disclaimer ["dont laugh uh" rofl XD] n he showed me his ;)
i laughed all e way!. it was sooo cute!~ haha, wish i tot of it
in a way. HAHAHAHA XD his tagline is "Just Bin It", so i asked
if it was inspired bt MJ's "Beat It", but it wasnt, it was Nike :)
it was really cute!. he ald submitted it, so aftrsch i went to
submit mine but e tcher wasnt there so i asked another
tcher to help put my cd on her table :) hope she gets it ;)
was just a step outside e sch gates, when Hot Didi called
so i went back in n passed her her GoodiE'zzatibag ;D
went to eat, blah3, collect LDstuff from HottIte Mrs Foo :)

new accessories!. haha quite very pretty, but i like it :D
LD!. clean routine, kinda :) i didnt tie my hair, so i think i
hairslapped LDj Sylvest a few time XD was rather emo that
day n Ld Skye kept saying to me "gimme some energy!." n
i'd just go "HAHA -_-"" then Ld Sys, Jessica n Nicholas came :)
got to know that next wed there'd be an NDP vid filming thingy,
Ld Mas n i picked e purple dress XD while resting at e seats
HottIes Tj, Resi n HottIte Ms Nair walked pass n looked thru
e doorwindow n waved rofl XD otw hm at AMKTC bstop i was
standing behind an old Indian woman + skinny 'lil boy, n they
kept looking at me :) haha, woohoo i look suspicious rofl XD
it went on for a few minutes, until e old woman came up to me ;)
HAHA!. so i smiled n winked at her rofl XD she didnt wink back :(

she stood infront of me n stared at me in e eyes, then she
asked if she cld "borrow phone to make a quick call." :)
E'zzati Said: fo' sho!. HAHA XD
*Old Indian Woman [OIW] gave me a confused stare*
E'zzati Said: i mean, yeah :) [she didnt get my joke -_-"]
*Skinny 'Lil Boy [SLB] laughs, comes over n asked me to dial*
SLB: 9, 1, *some numbers in Tamil*, 23 :D
*my turn to give em a confused face XD*
SLB: 91, uhh *repeats English-ly rofl XD*, 23 :D

it took me some time but i managed to get e correct number!. :D
i dno how i did it but i diddit!. WOOHOO im so smart rofl XD
after e call, she said somein to me which made me happy :)
OIW: *with feeling* thanks ah girl, NORMAL PPL WONT LET~
HAHA!. how fantastic, i just let her use 1 of my precious
private possesions n she calls me ABNORMAL!~ XD i should
do it more often rofl XD ahh e simple joys in life ^^

WNA SEE MY POSTER?!. too bad, chances r, if you're reading
this line, you wld hv scrolled enough to peek at it XD
it's more like a template, n e focus is on e taglines :)
i came up with 4diff ones :) i wanted nothing complicated,
n i didnt want to obviously put e classrom or lab or
toilet picture setting :) so to instill e sch-cleanliness
theme i used e ITE style instd ;) you know... e colors n
e lines at e bottom ;) i think a lot of ppl overlook it,
it's like i can take a pHOTo in sch not wearing sch uni,
n ppl will still know i took it in ITE bcoz e obvious
red railings wld give it away X) it's kinda plain to my
liking, i added a picture of a dustbin at e bckgrd :)
thinking twice, i wanted to keep e "clean" look more so
i delete my dustbin into my recycle bin -_-" haha :) at
e end of e day, it's BASIC COURTESY n PERSONAL HYGIENE to
clean up after yourself!. yes, i know we hv cleaners ard,
TRASH!~ ;D it still disappoints me when i see guys
[esp mly] who leave their empty bottle drinks ard. i've
been a litterpicker for at most 1.3minutes n i hardly
enjoyed it. if wna leave your litter lying ard at least
decorate it n make it look nice or somein!. im not a
supertidy person myself, but for example, i ALWAYS
draw on my tissues or put my leftovers on my plate into
some sort of a "design" before leaving it on e table
[if you read my blog often you should know] :)
it's as simple as that :) KEEP GLAM!. ^^

PR V finale!. ^^ haha JLo cldnt come, n was replaced
by Tim Gunn :) TIM GUNN BEAT JLO ANYTIME!. ^^ haha,
Kenley's collection was rather cute!. like, it pops X)
i didnt expect to like some of her stuff but i did :)
Korto, i love some of e pieces, e rest r okay2 to me :)
Leanne's is e love!. mainly coz it's turquoise, haha,
but i love e architectural side of it ^^ she won :D

reached sch, temptaking HottIte Mr Sam was with
Mr Faris, n he was like "they know me. they know me."
*i reached their station n push up my fringe*
HottIte Mr Sam: gd morning!~
E'zzati Said: HAHA!. morning~ ^^ :)
HottITe Mr Sam: 36.4!. WELL DONE!. you get to...
go to sch :) E'zzati Said: HAHA!. thanks~ XD
i felt somewhat a 'lil bit motivated for sch rofl XD

postIEP preLPD, HottIes Zahrina n i went to D302
first, suddenly, HottIes Coach D ran into e class
saying "they're outside at e foyer!~", followed by
HottIes Khairi who was saying "outside monkeys!~"
HAHA. i went outta class to check it out coz i tot
he said "ARCTIC monkeys!~" HAHAHA. it wasnt :(
DM Edmund chased em away using umbrellaellaella -_-"

LPD!. HottIte Mr Lendra showed us Britain's Got
Talent Diversity dance perf vid ^^ surprisingly,
i hvnt watched that vid of em yet :) i loved e
transforMCR-ish style, n it's sooo cool how
they use their costumes in their dance X) BRK!.
followed HottIes Tj to Bishan cove, where i
found this graffiti [L1] X) R1: after that
went to eat!. ^^ after after that we went to
e foyer :) HottIes Liyana got her guitar from
HottITe Ms Nair, so i was like "can i carry this?.
i wna feeling2~" n she went "CAN!~" HAHA XD
reached foyer n at double chocolate mochi icecream,
it was $2!. cldnt finish n gave liy e other mochi :)
after that preDSG HottIes Resi said to Liyana "can
i carry your guitar?. i want to feeling2 popstar" XD
HottIes Liyana points to me n we both started
laughing rofl XD aftrsch i went to Tpy to hunt for
shoes. Tpy is my fav place to find fancy2 shoes
under $25 X) otw back there was a tranny dancing
in e Mrt Cabin at e pole, he was wearing a scarf ard
his neck n he playing with it suggestively rofl xD
i admired his confidence to dance in public even
when e aunties were sneering at him. hahaha X)
n... another guy is checking him out!. HAHA XD
e tranny alighted at Amk also rofl XD -_-"
reached hm, slept at 5pm, woke up at 5am -_-"

im wasnt really much of a scrapbk fan until i saw
her bk, which i tot was so awesome that it looks
rather edible!. ^^ to TOP it off, it had a whole
damn pg on me!. HAHA THANKS VIP AIN!. XD ^^ \m/
L: can you see my Halo's shine?. haha -_-"
R: funny how face looked smaller in comparison
to hair rofl XD "I AM WATCHING VICTORY"!~ ;D
*somewhat inside joke* HWAITINGLAH!~ ^^
E'zzati like this, it's E'zzatimotion ;D \m/

was abt to leave hm for sch n Hot Dad went "BBS!."
so i was like "what?." n he happily said "BBS!.
Be Back Soon!~" HAHA!. XD -_-" outside realized
Hot Gdad planted some roses in e pots rofl XD
how coincidental ;P took a very slow 88denguebus
today, inside a girl dropped shoe n she cried.
i understand :) reached sch n smiled at random
ppl n e temptaker asked me "afternn class?. just
start or 2nd set?." i love how he used e word
"set"!. like feeling2 concert rofl XD \m/

L: had to wait 26mins for e slow 88denguebus!.
i understand rofl XD LPD!. got back e LPDessay,
n his overall comments were "good ambition",
"interesting!", "B+" n a paragraph that went:
You have expressive thoughts
and creativity. Try to write a bit
mor formal for your next assignment.
Overall, I can see that you are
a talented girl."
i saw this n laughed to myself XD C: another
essay!. topics were: men r more logical.women r
more emotional., men need less cuddling n
communication., men r more indie n need more
space. :) i chose topic 2 :) aftrsch bumpercars
into HottIes Tj at BihanInt, who was gg back
to sch X) R: then went on to LJS n saw it's
new designs, incldg ketchup packet!. CUTE!.
haha, e interior seems more cram tho -_-"
at AmkInt an old Indian man asked me "hello,
ni bus ader pergi upper thomson rd?." :)
it makes me wonder, why do strangers like to
talk to me in mly when it's easier to just
say it in English?. i dont think i look
unintelligent [i m GreenDay's Idiot tho ^^] :)

before "aftrsch". LPD!. HottIte Mr Lendra wanted
to say "YOU RETYPE", then he accidentally said
"RETARD" n it was sooo funny rofl XD after that,
i cried in sch today -_-" :'( BishanStud for SDO!.
just briefing, which made me miss e SDO sessions
so much now that im getting rusty :( met e new
instructor, got briefed, it's rather sad tho that
i wont be able to join her sessions :( B207 for
DJ Club workshop!. inside HottIte Ms Joanna saw
me n went "e'zzati!, dontcha hv classes?." so
i told her yes i do, but i also hv SDO n "this",
n she replied "you're everywhere!." HAHAHA XD

EMCEE WORKSHOP!. by Darryl Epimaco from mcube :)
1st was intro :) got to know that 1 of e new
girls in e club [Dj Syakina aka Kina] is an
animelover!. she :just love anime!. haha so
i chatted with her n n she was like "no wonder,
coz that time i saw you you also look like
anime but i nv said anything" HAHAHAHA XD
we even use e same type of pen n were like
saying how we "HAVE to" use it rofl XD she
did say that my "fav band" is boring tho :(
aftr session we even talked abt e sch uni :)
HAHA she's damn cute!~ HAHAHA n e best thing
is, SHE LOVES MY HAIR!~ ^^ power to e kawaii!~

in workshop learnt abt e qualities of an emcee,
then he asked what kinda events needs emcees?.
so i said "launches :)" n LDj Sylvest *turns*
n said "fgnadjgna GREENDAY!." haha so i just
yelled back "YEAH GREENDAY!." rofl XD anw, e
duties of an emcee is to OEI, n Mc Darryl was
like "o is organized, what is e for?." n almost
immediately LDj Sylvest+Andre went: E'zzati!~

then we had to write up a 'lil script abt
"my fav band", after that played this msg relay,
game thingy where Mc Darryl mixed us up. e msg
starts from Dj Fafa, n she had took quite long!.
by e time it reached Dj Azhar, then to me, it
was barely 30seconds -_-" i told LDj Sylvest in
like... 13seconds?. rofl XD e last person was
Dj "President" Damian, who ended up with "BBQ
from 7 to 11.", when e original msg was somein
like "BBQ on _date_ from 7 to 11. bring
_person1_ n _person2_ _blah3_" rofl XD -_-"

after that was e "my favourite band is..." pst :)
LDj Sylvest said Nine Inch Nails, which i later
questioned him coz he was wearing e Opeth shirt
inside his uniform n i told him he should've
just said Opeth n "stripped" rofl XD at my turn,
i stood up n immediately, LDj Sylvest: GreenDay!~
HottIes Dj Funky Poo: wondergirls!~ HAHAHAHAHA XD
guess who i said was my fav band!. HAHA XD after
mentioning it i somewhat regret it in a way, but
it's okay :) Mc Darryl asked if e grp name is
really what it is, n if they hv breakbeats :)
they kinda used to :) e end of session :)

at hm i opened my hotmail inbox n CONTINUOUSLY
read my fbk notifications!. :D depending on what
type of friends you hv, you might not get what
ima say. au fond, i started laughing alone coz
their replies were hilarious. im always amazed
at what replies they can think of. it's quite
uncanny, coz usually i cant rmb what i posted
that they replied, so usually i wont get it
until i log onto fbk itself!. HAHAHAHHA XD
yeah, HAHA im laughing as im typing this HAHA XD

woke up n realized i dreamt of Christian Siriano :)
spent e day online with Hot Nabs disturbing ppl :)
today i chatted with this HottIte from ECH Yr I,
n it was kinda fun+funny coz her name is none
other than... "Izzatie"!. HAHA!. n both of us
were like excited abt e knowing of each other's

it may seem normal to you, but it was my
FIRST!. usually i'd just dump e responsibility
to someone more "experienced"!. Lol... Lol...
ordered pizza. called, then i put down.
went online to order, then i went offline.
in e end i called -_-" n it went like this!.
E'zzati Said: i dno, e pizza in picture :(
Call Center: what picture?.
E'zzati Said: e coupon picture...
Call Center: oh~ would you like anything else?.
E'zzati Said: oh yah can i hv e 6pc chicken KARATE
Call Center: oh you mean chicken karaaGAY?!
[i know, e spelling is gae but i put gaY just for giggles]
E'zzati Said: yah, e karaGAY n also 10pc DRUMlets.
Call Center: *repeats my order*
E'zzati Said: YEAH!. that's right!~
[haha, actually i dont rmb what i ordered rofl XD]

you know what?. e person at e other end was
like KEYBOARD BASHING!. it's like after i
confirm my order details, i wld hear very
loud typing!. Lol... Lol... so yeah, got to
know e rider's name, n then when asked who it's
to be delivered for, I PANICKED!. rofl XD
so i said e 1st person that came to mind,
Ms Leen. rofl XD i forgot breadsticks tho :(

at nigh i chatted with HottIes Coach D abt e
"situation" n he just kept saying "wasted,
u should have left _ _ tat time" n "yala tat
guy ah" n laughing at me!. -_-" when he ran
outta things to reply he'd just reply "nvm,
don think so much abt this la", "i think
everything will turn out fine", "don think
so much", "everything will be fine la" :)
n when i was done he replied "ok, see u tmr"
"i wan go play ps3" "remember don think much"
"everything will be fine :)" HAHA but -_-"

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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