Monday, September 14, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. theres just too many hotstuff waiting to
be blogged, ahh i feel so lagged compared to other
ppl who hv ald updated abt stuff i wna blog abt,
exactly how do they post so often!. -_-" many
things happened lately that absolutely worth
blogging abt, n it sucks to hv to keep it as drafts
coz i hvnt posted abt e other :'( pls ignore my
grammatical erros :) i will try to type less too, this
blog is turning out like... E'zzatipedia!. HAHA XD -_-"

L1: my "new" earpiece!. haha, e cord is like sooo
long, n it still doesnt fit my head nicely despite
it being adjustable. yes, i am hinting somein ;)
off to Tmp!. didnt bring my purse tho :( reached,
met Hot Didi so i said "Annyeong!~" n she was like
telling me how she knew it was me from afar!. XD
she said she "psst-ed" from e room above rofl XD
HAHA, next time, make louder noise or just shout
my name XD L2: Hot Didi "for a mmt" tot that
Hot Dad was wearing e ITE uniform rofl XD HAHA XD
L2: e ILT from e shop below!. think it was imported
from France or somein rofl XD funny how i didnt type
abt column R!. hmmm in short i just like e designs :)

so we chatted, laughed at Msia cartoon ads, chat,
laugh somemore as we watch time [L1] pass by us
3times XD R1: haha!. this pHOTo turned out emo -_-"
anw, i like e whole blue & white [or variances of
e same family] concept :D R1: i also like e
'lil handbag thingy!. think it's damn cute, like
"for you, with [the] love of labels" XD YAY!. ^^

some phototaking, n then Hot Didi said to me
"lucky you nv \m/" haha -_-" R2: i find this
funny, coz e "devil" headband was there haha XD
Hot Wak reached n upon seeing me: wah, kakza!. XD
then Hot Gmum came n Hot Didi said that she
[as in my Gmum] is cute. i agreed XD she also
said that i seem "fierce" in sch coz i was in
a bus i didnt smile back or somein. HAHA RAWR!.
then she added that she assumed i was half-awake.
CORRECT!. haha, im half-awake n in my own world XD

Row 1: "Alhamdullilah im a superhero" rofl XD
suddenly [it was rather sudden to me, n she's not
usually "sudden" XD], Hot Didi mentioned somein. my
EVMnistattitude kicked in so i asked her what kind
of venue wld she choose, she answered n asked me back.
i said e 1st thing that came to mind, which happens
then we started hving visions of e "concert" rofl XD
Row 2: somein abt e cake decoration was hilarious ;D
it's 1 of e things that i love abt events, e...
mess ups!. HAHAHA, i just think that e life's too
short to be as boring as planned X) so it was all
laughter until... E'zzati Said: hey, what's that?!~ ^^

L1: Hot Mimi: *with no expression or whatsoever* backgrd.
*Hot Didi come to us 1 second later n asked e same thing*
HAHAHA XD so we made full use of e SEAMLESS BCKDROP!. XD
looking back, film was as hilarious as e shooting itself XD
pHOTos were "spoiled" coz we didnt wear our shoes -_-"
R2: "i'm strong, baby!~" *inside joke* ;) so yeah it
carried on for quite awhile before running outta ideas XD

Hot Didi: he's dazed, ninja sch is tiring. HAHA!. XD

L1: PUNCH!. XD also find it funny, wld you like
punch or hot water?. sounds rather dangerous rofl XD
R2: another EVMnistaction!. ^^ \m/ PUNCH!. haha ;)

L: meal 1!. Hot Dad "praised" me that my choice
of chicken was smart, it's meaty rofl XD C: cldnt
finish -_-" R: meal 2!. ard 5hrs later tho haha X)

somewhere betw meals bumpercars into Pkcik Jani,
1 of Hot Dad's friend. he was like "E'zzati!." XD
he said "long time no see" n claimed that i dont
rmb him, in which i said i do rofl XD he asked if
i rmb that he used to pinch my cheeks when i was
younger so i said yah rofl XD i know, im soooo
cute!. XD he asked "hows sch, sch where, what
course" n stuff so i told him n got back e usual
ITE "ENCOURAGEMENT", which i didnt pay attention n
wasted his breath rofl XD he ended off by saying
"wah, dah lama tak nampak~ BADAN AMPUH!~" rofl XD
im not sure if "ampuh" is a real word or just a
sound effect, but i got what he meant n i like it ;)
bumpercars into Hot Nek Na after that n she was
[n earlier today Hot Mum said i was fat -_-"]
i got muscle rofl XP haha okay2. AMPUH!. \m/

L1: i tot this was kinda cute?. IF you're thinking
what i am ;) R1: father-son bonding time, methinks X)
Row 2: think it's cute!. X) i put some of e paper in
my 'lil handbag, realized that e sides of e handbag
has diff things X) we sat there e whole day n we
only found 3guys!. -_-" they were skaterboys, 1 of
em was tall, e other was short, n e last one was
fat. what a combo rofl XD somewhen in betw we ran
outta fruitpunch, n they replaced it with rose syrup
so i said to Hot Didi "eh rose syrup, we can make
bandung!~" n she asked me to "go uh, buy e milk~" -_-"

ard 1700 e most quiet [there wasnt even A SINGLE
to call e event, n if you're not innit you dont hv
to know either :)] ended :) went up, AGT finale was
on, Terry Fator won i tot it was quite cool?. :)
so i got bored n started grabbing e things ard me n
for camwhoration purposes X) R: Hot Didi, notice
anything familiar?. HAHA XP other then e crazy hair ;)

then i found e bouquet+fan!. ^^ R2: Hot Nabs say
my face so steam. my eyes were open when i took e
pHOTo, but i dno why it turned out like that -_-"

I LOVE MY HAIR!. 8D so did everyone else that day 8D

L: before leaving took some goodies!. :)
R: it was $2.70 for 18pckts=$0.15/packet!. :(
next meet, on fbk i suppose rofl X)

like i [E'zzati Said] said [HAHA XD], if you're not
innit, you won't get it X) ^^ you might think you
get it but it's still not "it" ;) anw, it was nice
in a way to just hangout :) also!. new inspiration for
Project Dsg :D MOTS: EAT RICE!. Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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