Tuesday, December 15, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA okay i took out these 2 days as they
were my "highlights" of e wk. basically they r
just e longposts haha XP DAMMIT I HV SO MUCH
BLOG WAS IN COMA?. :) awww dammmnnn,
someimes im just tired n i dont feel like telling
you anything. i just wna lay in bed n
listen to SonE'zzati n think a lot more :D
but im back now. and i miss you. HAHA XD

plan was sch, hm, lib, ld. in e end snoozed until nvm -_-"
early [before my next session] so dropped by e lib :)
L: Baybeats brochure r so cute!. e rest r just coolstuff :)
i rang e alarm otw out, so at e counter n e BishanLibMkcik
explained everything to me in MALAY, it was kinda awkward
haha so after that i just said in an amazingly [for me]
soft-spoken sweet voice "Terima Kasih ^^" HAHA XD
after that i wanted to wish her Happy Fasting, but i went
"Selamat Hari Raya!~ ^^" instd rofl XD her immediate
response was "Selamat Har", before she realized that
it's barely 5 days into being a Ramadhanista, so in
total she replied "Selamat HarHAHAHAHAHA" XD

haha!. played with XLd Sylvest's... accessories?. XP

got Ld Rachel to join in!. XD

today we spent time dissecting n cleaning e
routine :) somewhere in betw i asked em how their
OFA exam went n i had quite a laugh. we decided to
drop e upcoming Teacher's Day performance :)
didnt wna but had no choice :( no sessions during
hols coz fasting. i "YESSed!." n HottIte Mrs Foo was
like "YOU AHHH!~" oops XP Ld Rachel n Oi liked e
Kawaii bk that i borrowed!. ^^ haha. took grp photos,
n Ld Mas was like "tak equal!~" AHAHAHA XD

got 1 of e Indian Dancers to help us take a "proper"
grp photo lol. cant wait for e real cca photoshoot.
should be fun. i think. HAHAHAHAHA XD

L1: e name of e LJS person who served me is "Song!."
i tot that was pretty brill!. haha, so i made an imaginary
mat korean, n i named him RHYTHMONE ["ridhwan" but
with a twist ^^] also an imaginary bff named E'rammuh
["irama" rofl X)] any other ideas?. back to e pt, she was
rather efficient n VERY friendly in compared to my
lazy ordering today. efficient coz, she was like "wna try
e golden deal?. offer~ ^^" so i said yah okay. basically
she asked everything n i just had to give at most
3words replies. save my breath!. HAHAHA ^^ she even
separated e fries for me :) heh nice. C2: awesome bk!. ^^
L2: damn cool!. :D R: anw, got TWO REPLIES from AMQ!~ :D

LABELS R LOVE CAMPAIGN!~ i know, it's nothing much
but i suppose it's a start to my LABAOD charity ^^
tasted e Caramel Macchiato Caffe Latte today!. X)
i dont take coffee, so i swallowed e 1st gulp quick, which
was not a very gd idea coz e coffee taste stayed in my
throat -_-" at 2nd sip, i cld taste e caramel!. taste exactly
like e one in Mars chocolates :) i told Hot Im n he was like,
"oh i think we forgot to shake it so e caramel's all settled"
HAHAHAHA XD managed to get him to finish it hahaha
THANKS HOT IMAN!. ;D anw, e cup was rather distracting,
i wanted to say "Caramel Macchiato" n i kept wanted to
stumble n say "Caramel MACHOto" hahahaha XD
E'zzati Said: my 1st time drinking coffee!.
Hot Im: n it's cold. oh wait. i drank cold coffee before haha.
E'zzati Said: n it's PACKET. wah e Kopiko taste rises up
my throat seh!~
Hot Im: ni bkn kopiko lah kakza, ni coffee latte!~
E'zzati Said: HAAHHAA it's caffe latte uh not coffee!~ XD

woken up by a cockroach on my toes n horrible music
from next door -_-" reached sch n chatted a bit with
HottIes Faris abt Baybeats. not many ppl came -_-" n
no tcher also. which was rather sad, coz e main pt of
me gg for class today was just to wish em advanced
HTD n kill time before e Dj workshop later :) in class
Xlm Damian called HottIes Poo, n he told me so i left :)
reached B207, n Xlm Damian was like "E'zzati!~ im
like praying for someone to come~" "only 1 person me.
fafa tchers day event, john cabut, anita not coming"
HAHAHA sad -_-" so i got him to enter first. then
HottIte Ms Joanna came n slowly e rest appeared -_-"
waited a 'lil bit, n then Mr Koflow [haha] went
"today~, im gna give you a LECTURE on turntables :)"
HAHA!. what an opening line -_-" thankfully Xlm Juju was
there, so we asked him stuff like why his name is KoFlow,
what's his real name, how he got into Djing,... :D
HAHA he used to skateboard too. cool or what haha XP

finally XLd Sylvest n Xlm Andre came -_-" after that
one by one, we had to 4 to e floor :) talked abt rhythm n
groove n stuff like that X) then went on to samplings
n XLd Shafiq asked for Right Rd, which i asked for
Calle Ocho coz i wanted to see him put his spin on it.
in e end he chose XLd Sylvest's request, which was
Firestarter :D during beatjuggling he used Yeah -_-"
haha all my "memories" came back -_-" HAHAHA X)
talked abt e diff kinds of music n how nowadays
hiphop isnt hiphop [mwahaha so true :)] n how
local audience is like in comparison to overseas :D
then talked abt undergrd vs commercial. n finally,

baby scratch!. i wanted to be e 1st few to go but
out of embarrassment i let e enthuboys go first!. :D
so it was Xlm Damian, XLd Sylvest, Xlm Sir Tong,
then me!. :D followed by Xld Syafiq, HottIes Poo,
Xlm Andre n Juju :D after i went Juju asked me if
it was scary, to which i replied "no uh, paiseh~" X)
so yeah. scratched n talk n scratched n talk n scratch n
talked somemore :D haha anw it's like every hr he'll
give us 5min brks but none of us will go for it haha :)

combie!. freestyle, OTOT. i think he knows that
i wna go n try mwahaha XD i forgot e scratchtypes,
so i simply ignore e crossfader n made babies
[n in e scratching ones of coz] n i think some
forward ones?. managed to do 1 outta 3 combies
that i had inside my head. at switching time no
one wanted to switch, n i was running outta
material, finally HottIes Poo came on :) haha, it was
a 'lil bit more difficult coz e rm was cold beyond
control [kinda] n my fingers were pretty much
ald frozen -_-" after combie we had a hardcore
qna session, which turns out to be more Zen then
i expected!. HAHA, i think only 20% of e question were
technical based?. anw, it turned out rather lovely :)

i asked him [somewhat] generally, how to like,
overcome shyness n just get started into e scene
[no "specific" scene in mind tho haha] n he replied
"just know your stuff~ get used to e things."
"stay clam" [haha so true?.] "n just be composed :)"
which, at 1st heard, i tot he said "JUST DECOMPOSE"
HAHAHA ROFL XD somein to rmb down e road :D

took Mrt with Xlm Juju :) otw back somewhere in
Amktc i saw HottIte Mc Taufiq. he police!~ :) haha
damn sooo missed him n Bala, awesomeness X)
L1: Hot Nabs's blog!. haha R2: wrongly pasted haha.
R1: Fandi Ahmad!. he actually wanted to carry me but
i was scared so he carried Hot Nabs instd. haha.
this is what i hv to make all e soccermats jealous.
other then my fantastic skills of coz, HAHA ROFL XD

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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