Wednesday, December 23, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. finally i've cleared Aug yay me haha :D
xmas is ard e corner [not that i celebrate it], so
currently Mr Bean [as in e shop] is selling this
Winter Wonderland drink n I AM ADDICTED!. ^^
comes with a pretty pricetag of $3.20!~ :D totally
worth it i tell you. got that Starbuck-ish feel but
without e guilt HAHA ;) really awesome, tastes like:
1. soymilk [duh -_-" altho not that strong]
2. oreo cookies+chocolate flavour [almost to e extent
of being equal to Oreo Choc Ice Blended!~]
3. CANDYCANE!. [which is actually Peppermint
flavouring, but still, it got me for a second :)]
best part, when you drink it, you'll be left with
this choc-soymilk taste in your mouth, n this
cooling minty feel down your throat :D as close to
alcohol as i can/wld get. n yes, no matter how
many times get one it still feels healthier :D
get one n make all e boring ppl in e queue behind
you jealous. it's sooo gd that i'll go out with
anyone who gets me this drink ;) you'll nv know.

*mon 31Aug
got to know that e next XLM session with Mr KF is
postponed coz he got e Dj finals to attend -_-"
i knew it haha. according to Xlm Damian it's e
following fri, which is 11sept. what a date :)
also got to know there's an excursion on fri :)

slept after sahur, but it's like only halfasleep
kinda sleep?. woken up, slep agn, weirdest dream,
woke at 1230 X) L1: e rest went to Causeway Pt n
Hot Mum found choc oreos!. :D 1 was at value$,
for $1.20. R1: chic tenders!. she even took
ketchup with it :D THANKS HOT MUM!. ^^
L2: fastbreaker!. refried e chic tenders :)
R2: coffeerush!. :D i like this pHOTo of Hot Im :)
found out that his fav is G Dragon :D he kept
talking abt him :) i also drank mine, it's quite
nice actually. just very light coffee :) unlike
caramel, which e coffee was quite strong n e
almost painful supersweet caramel taste. now
Hot Im n i kinda scared abt e cinnamon rofl XD
hmmm. it's rainy days like this when i wonder
how Hot Dad works :) bathed, cut my hair :)

R1: HGSGHGPG final report!. finally~ :D
gave HottIte Mr Foong his tchers day cadeau
n he was like "AH?. chocolate uh?." i actually
replied that e design is so him [Lol... Lol...] n
he was like "oh thank you thank you" HAHAHA XD
bought donuts otw back, n e Donutstaff was
like [at e other staff] "student la deh.", then she
looked at me n said "bad auntie she dont want
give your your money back." in truth, i didnt
even know there's a student special. also, e
"auntie" wasnt really that "auntie" so i kinda
felt bad. but wtv goes!. thanks anw :D

i took this pHOTos in e bus to show n
remind you that i hv my own mouth, so
to speak. for your future reference :D

N: they had this "free bumper cd" which
i didnt really understand at 1st -_-"
RS: tot it's cute?. nice to touch too!. :D

030909!. submitted everything ^^ \m/

left ard 0707, e voiddeck light was still on!. :)
bus took quite long to arrive -_-" just missed
88bus, almost got hit while jaywalking -_-"
410wbus driver uncle waited for me, thanks :)
L1: today's session was mostly boys, n most r
leftys. nice :) there was another "Izzati" too haha :)
R1: found a diamond :D blah3, went hm :) finally
reached AMQ n e song was Mas Que Nada haha :)
e person smiled at me, then point me to e office,
in e end she help me call e Ustad :) he was like
"oh, baju ya?. letak ajer di sini~ terima kasih~ :)"
HAHA wish i cld say somein nice in return, without
sounding like im "RAPPING" XP ahh. till now, it's
e only place i feel safe enough to take off my
Vans in plain sight :D haha, i didnt take off my
socks tho, so Sr was in my mosque!. HAHA XD
13bus came fast!. :) woohoo, e deed is done :D

all those times, it came to this. thanks for
not crashing on me in e middle of my work,
thanks for not lagging when i fbk as i work,
thanks for being so entertaining haha ;D

otw hm there was this blindguitarbusker dude,
he played this wicked riff so i gave him some
change, he was like "thank you", so i said
"you're welcome". almost immediately after
that he started playing some Air Supply stuff -_-"

ordered pizza online!. so cute they send email :)

R1, green arrow: Hot Dzul kept eating e
cookies i made, n then he'll give me one :)
went on for quite a few times, n he'll make
sure he gives me e greencup!. haha, cute :D
today Ch5 aired Corpse Bride agn!. :D

got to know that in e morn Hot Gmum gave
Hot Dzul some cookies to take hm but he didnt
coz he said "later finish" OMG SO CUTE!~ XD
another batch of cookies. i found a more
efficient [n faster] way to make em ;D

L: SYTYCD!. :D R: heehee ;) [if you get it.]

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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