Tuesday, December 15, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. i doubt that you'll get e flow of this
coming blogposts :) gd luck with that. ;) btw.
did another Screamo Supremo at The Gorillaz
website ;) back when it was september ends :)

*mon 24Aug
skipped sw :( realized that i took e same
denguebus for all e journey to n back!. HAHA -_-"
had this as fastbreaker :)

damn late, i just realize how tea-dependent i am :)
n Hot Didi's word ["intense"] was starting to
grow on me X) DSG!. HottIes Amrit presented on
FTT Nov 09/Halloween thingy. tot it was quite a
gd idea!. ^^ sat at Bishancove. i wonder how ppl
actually study there. it's like a jungle "resort"!. -_-"
HottIes Liyana n i were talking abt incredible tales,
suddenly MJ's close up face picture came on at the
HottIte BEC screen!. shocked a bit rofl XD sat at
waterfollyer, windy!. a HottIte tcher asked us to go
into e Auditorium coz there was an event gg on so
we went :) they were playing some non-related
boring old rock songs, until suddenly Calle Ocho came
on n everyone cheered [especially HottIes Poo] XD

started at ard 1320, e host is Haziq?. Hazid?. HAHA
i dno X) TAB=Take A Break :) Sound Garden was 1 of e
guys playing a guitar solo, n HottIes Sufiyan went
"i walk a lonely rd"!~ HAHA -_-" sounded so mly altho
it wasnt, even HottIes David asked me if it was XD they
also did a Twilight Parody. gotta give em credit tho,
i mean, they "ACTED" it out emselves live!. :)
after that this girl came on n went "i am, e-za-idah~"
n some of us laughed coz we tot she was gna say
"E'zzati" too haha X) "Eh!, i know e song game" was
e next segment n HottIes David immediately said
"i will only shout eheh!~" n e HottIes rofl XD
inside joke. we managed to get HottIes Beng n Amrit to
go up XD it's just 1st verse of some familiar similar
songs. then they got a girl n a HottIte tcher n she
said "eh, whats e song" instead rofl XD winner was
decided by a "dance battle" haha X) HottIes Amrit got
Fire Burning but he said he cant dance alone n called
on HottIes Raynard haha X) they did some mini "routine",
then rayn did this 1hand chestclap pumping thingy rofl XD
in e end Amrit had to solo catwalk to power ranger's
theme song n he won rofl XD some of us[+me] left at
e 2pm interval :D nothing else happened after that ;D

dropped hpink :( it was a really cold night!. :)
i took e shorter shelter-free route. it rained.
incredibluckily, i brought my whiteskulls hoodie ^^
sun came out in a few :) 410w was rather slow -_-"
bumped into XLd Sylvest at sch gate. saw a snail at
e grd n i went "eh!, snail!~", n he *opens eyes by
a millimeter* n replies "im not scared..." haha -_-"
got to know that HottIte Mr Lendra got transferred coz
of somein, n HottIes Resi suggested that "we all go n
attack her!~" HAHA XD HottIes David asked Matilda to
help him log outta fbk, so i ask her to post somein in
his status. she put "is craving for pink donuts" rofl XD
HottIes Fir asked why pink, i wanted to type pink is
e new black but i kept typing blog instd -_-" LPD!.
showed e Baybeats brochure to HottIes Liyana,
Tj, n Faris. discussed2 :D suddenly!.
HottIes Liyana: why you...
E'zzati Said: huh?.
HottIes Liyana: just now you were staring at e table...
E'zzati Said: oh~ yah, i was tryna read e graffiti haha X)

point is, nobody really gets what i do -_-"
during attendance, HottIte Mr Zaidi said "see you
on e flipside." to someone, n i went "jengjeng jeng
jengjeng" n HottIes Liyana "du dudududududu" HAHA XD
Apollo 13!. :D e subtitles were funny. they kept
putting things like "sentimental melancholy solemn
tense suspenseful dramatic intense triumphant sweeping
instrumental music" [1 or 2 adjectives at a time] XD
somewhere in betw i asked HottIes Liyana that if
we were to fall down in space, what happens?. will
we just keep falling until we land on a planet?. HAHA XD
L1: "packages" haha XD C1: Apollo 13 reflections!. :D
R1: at foyer. it was a fun time :) L2: BRAHAHA!. XD
R2: cool!. it's like graffiti to me, but on e floor haha X)

at e foyer quite a few funny things happened XD
joked abt how if we were to go home now, i cld
boil a pasta at a time n still complete e dish for
fastbreaking -_-" then it was gna rain, so we
went to find another place to avoid e waterfall,
only to end up sitting with HottIes Poo n his
beloved friend. HAHA!. of coz Poo made fun of
me [kinda] n i had quite a laugh. after that we
[as in e rest of us] suddenly started rhyming.
winner goes to HottIes David for "a life without
hope, is like toilet without soap." HAHAHHAHA XD

after that HottIes Poo asked us if we're gg for DSG!.
haha duh, we ald stayed for eons at e foyer. then he
kept saying "why he not our classmate!~" HAHA XD
hmm. i dno how/what to refer to him as haha :) btw,
in e end HottIes Poo went hm -_-" bumpercars into
IEGs, so did e dance haha XD N: otw to D3 HottIes Fir was
like pointing this poster for e tchers day card design
comp to me, so i saw n was like "27 august?. niari kan!."
-_-" HAHA. DSG!. borrowed HottIEs Fir's earpiece.
he had 2!. oh in e end i didnt fastbreak with pasta -_-"

L: bought this otw hm!. R: HottIte Teacher's Day
present :) e one on e left is for Ms Nair, n e one on
e right is for Mr Foong. cant help it but think that
it's sooo him!. i mean, e moons n stars n everything...
if you get what i mean :) i realized that i hv a "new"
semi-routine: fastbreak, watch avatar, pray rofl X)
i love Aang!. haha X) at night Ch5 aired Emporio
Armani Red: One Night Only. an inspi(red) evening of
fashion n music. e opening by Beyonce was awesome,
but my fav part was when Razorlight came on :D

woke at 11, slept, woke at 1230. Hot Dzul dropped by
n he was being totally cute as always. Hot Mum was
like, totally tryna help me get somein to eat?. from
wrong nuggets to wrong fries to wanting to help
peel n fry potato. but nvm, it's e tot that counts rofl X)
fastbreaker!. haha e imam went on n suddenly
Hot Aidi: suara dier ni, romantic seh...
*Hot Nabs n i burst out laughing*
Hot Nabs: aperlah!. aidi ckp romantic, ituari
kakza lagi satu ckp screamo!~ HAHAHA XD
*aidi laughs out very loud*
if you dont get it then nvm. haha. funnystuff :)
L: fastbreaker!. C: all that i hv. to give. for now :)
R: Hot Mum bought this for $70 bcoz it was e only
piece i liked at that particular yr. i only wore it once.
i cant believe im giving it away. neither cld she.
i hope that whoever gets it, she cant believe that
i gave it away too!. haha. twisted minds think alike ;)

listening to Gday makes me happy :) finally did
e not-so final report while Gdaying, love :)
managed to net n blog today :) HAHA!. had a
funny wallincident on fbk with Xlm Juju XD
N: yummy. RS: feeling fe ee ee ling!~ X)

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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