Wednesday, December 23, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. obviously i wont be able to blog
everything quick [n gd] enough by NYE, so
i will continue happily posting in [somewhat]
chronological order so as to not mess up
e flow. will still do a final year summary post,
only that i'll publish it later ;) feel that it's weird to
blog abt things that happened mths ago. it's like,
gg thru every single detail agn. but it kinda make
me appreciate my life more, in a strange way.
just e fact that it's fawesome, n how YOU,
reading this, makes you fawesome too!~ ;)
HAHA. but seriously. only fawesome ppl visit
this place :D okay stop it E'zzati. MWAHAHA XD

*mon 7Sep
woke up ard 1600, went sockless :( Hot Gmum was
so cute, when i asked her if she wanted bble tea, she
like kinda lighted up rofl XD at Amk Mrt there was this
Euro-Skaterboy, i think he's a popular skater in town
for e event opening of e new park. i saw him n my
shades broke :( [im not tryna imply anything tho] :)
HARBERDASHERY!. :D tot it has a nice rhythm to it :D
got hm, i fixed my shades B) R: e 'lil black circle on
e top Rcorner is not a prototype, it's an Oreo. haha :D
supposed to use it as motivation but ate it up -_-"

woken up by 2 lovely texts :) saw Hot Im n he said
"kz, today is tuesday.", so i asked why n he replied
"coffee rush." haha :D RC1: tot its cute, haha
RC2: fastbreaker for today. L1+LC: fastbreaker for
tml. R: fastreakerfor tml's tml. [i compiled all e
pHOTos tgt, they were not made/bought on e same
day haha] anw, today i realized somein impt ;)

090909!. RYANNEBS ANNIVERSARY!. ^^ \m/
how awesome. e day that started everything :D
to this date i still rmb e whole incident with vivid
visuals n all e soundtrack n more :D just thinking
abt it now even brings me back e happiness :D

haha Threadless got sale, "ALL tees are $9! Happy
9/9/09 everyone!" HAHAHA Hot Parents were
saying how now no one is truly up for sahur, to
which i said it's now like "sahur-vivor." HAHA XD
woken up by a text agn, took a long bath. took a
long time on e net also ;) chatted with Hot Didi on
fbk quite alot today rofl XD funny, haha ;)

Hot Didi: heehee
E'zzati Said: heehee you too
Hot Didi: heeheeheheheehhehee
i sms you the other day you knooow
E'zzati Said: i know|i was abt to blog abt you
hahah|nvm later2

Hot Didi: heehehehe|okay cant stop giggling
anw hari raya i got alot of UPDATESSSSSS
E'zzati Said: okay|i dont think i hv any on my side|haha
Hot Didi: wei|why you so emo today?
[*in my mind i was like "what do you mean!~
im like this everyday!~ hahahahahaha X) *]

E'zzati Said: haha dno|suddenly antisocial like that
anyone sms also i dont reply
Hot Didi: i think you are hungry!
E'zzati Said: hahaha|k gtg|see you ard|TTFN!. :D
Hot Didi: goosebye cheer up :)|i love you|hahaahah
E'zzati Said: i love you too

followed by an msn conversation, funny also ;)
Hot Didi: heheheheheehehehe|*giggly mode*
E'zzati Said: RAWR|*emorocker mode*
Hot Didi: but that IS your usual mode.|very ninja warrior
[*HAHA so NOW she knows!~ HAHAHA XD]

at Hot Nabs blog, tot it's damn funny n quite a
gd idea, put tagboard downstairs, so ppl hv to
scroll n scroll before they can tag rofl XD finished
watching The Bachelor: Rome :D i think it's e only
i actually bothered to watch till e end?. haha X)

it's 0700 n i cant sleep. think im on an emotrip.
dont think it's abt anyone/anything specific.
i was thinking very much abt somein i dont
even know abt n how to put it. fantastic.
e whole paragraph above rhymed haha XD

it's like, i gotta feeling [im not singing rofl X)]
that someone somewhere was trying to tell me
somein via gutfeel :) woke at 1600 -_-" realized
that No Doubt is coming for F1Rocks. wahlau!~
i wna meet Gwen Stefani!. harajuku baby,
hougangjookoon rofl XD btw, PR 6 next thu
10pm!. :D ANTM 12!. my favs r: Celia, "nice to be
saturated with fashion" :) n Allison "nosebleeds!~" :)
love e pHOToshoot concept abt beloved childhood
games, n how girls nowadays grow up too fast n
they bcome bad. i agree :) haha hulahoop!~ :D

was chatting with XLd Shafiq abt ytd n scratching,
when Hot Dzul suddenly came up to me n said
"can you scratch for me?." haha i didnt, he left
then came back asking "how come you dont
want to scratch for me?." HAHA so cute :D was
listening to songs on e computer n he asked
for "TU AIR-MERR-RERR" he was referring to
TU AMOR!. HAHAHA XD cute or what~ :)
Hot Fadz was also cute today. he saw me n
immediately said "i wear ben 10 shirt!~" HAHA :)

also!. realized that i've kinda indirectly [somehow]
almost completed my Hip Hop Evolution!. :D now,
i just need to master Mc-ing!. HAHA ;) seriously.
i've been bboyed [Ryan], hiphopdance [Daphne],
graffed [Mr KG], dj [Dj KF], n even e 5th element
[i think?. haha] bboxed [Jannson++], so all i need
is mcing!~ i can do it!. XD haha funny how i was
sooo sure hiphop wasnt my thing. not that i think
it is now. but i love it more than i loved it ytd :D
altho i still cant/wont/dont intend to brk away
from my 1st "true love" with punk/pop rock :D
someimes ppl think im mad coz i listen to
vastly different genres in 1 life. i agree :D

i mean, let's face it. music is music. when
words fail only e music can speak. it's somein
that you'll nv know when you need it!. :D
[rhyme agn haha ;)] which is like, always, for
me haha. dammit SonE'zzati is like my life
support system!. :D for future references [agn],
i shall list e languages: english, latin, korean,
japanese, mandarin, arabic[really!~] +++
n no e genres [to me] for future references :)
poprock, punkrock, poppunk, kpop, latin, reggae,
reggaeton, "real" hiphop [n some subgenres like
dnb, a bit of dubstep here n there], alternative
rock, pop, dance +++ n e list goes on~ :D

slept at 7am!. woke to watch WDITOT2, re-slept n
woke for SYTYCD 3!. :D clean up room a 'lil bit ;)
outside, Hot Parents were blasting e usual cheesy
Hari Raya songs -_-" there r a few gd classics,
e rest, still leaves me wondering why nobody has
remixed/cover/improv it. one semangat day,
i will disintegrate all files n do my own twist on
it. mcm seronok gitu kan!~ HAHAHA ;D

hv you ever gotten an email that made you
smile even before you open it?. today i did :)
of coz i had to feeling2 perasan a 'lil bit, but hey,
nobody knows but you, me n Hot Nabs haha XD
L: ytd's fastbreaker!. :D R: fastbreaker!. :D

Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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