Monday, June 8, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


haha bummer!. 1st!, my hphone is semi-spoilt!.
apologies if i didnt pick up your calls or
replied your texts, i probably didnt receive or
see em either :) 2ndly!, MY DUNGEON COMPUTER
IS SPOILT TOO!. means, i hv to do all my work
at e living rm or e other computer. e living rm
one is pretty advanced but it's kinda very
public so yeah. e other one is like very -_-"
bummermuch!. RAWRRARRRARR!. :) but wtv!.

*mon 25may
ard midnight played Uno with Hottie Zureena n
i happened to be green player n she was purple,
so she said "they know our fav colors"!. X) -_-"
Hot Nabs saw n said that maybe they watched my
Green Day vid rofl XD -_-" i won 2 outta 3, n
it was kinda funny coz we had to shout "Uno"
using e computer voice, n e voice sounds so...
holy?. Lol... Lol... XD Hottie Zureena calls it
"opera uno" rofl XD -_-" after that i just lied
on my bed n cldnt sleep till ard 0500!. -_-"

left hm earlier coz i wanted to go to BishanLib,
in e end got carried away till i was almost
late :) hahaha so yeah 410[w]ed then went to
put e silverpaperbag in my locker :) otw for SW
met HottIte Haru n he confused my name with
HottIes Liyana!. -_-" anw, class hvnt start yet
so i went to cteen n sat with HottIes Poo!. :D
then more ppl came n we left for SW!. :D

SW2!. temptaked!. surprisingly, there was
NO WARM UP so i bdmntd with HottIes Liyana!.
i got to use my purpleracket agn haha :) ha
some HottIes went off to change early!. so
we were like e last few to leave!. :) otw hm
i was sitting at e bstop n i realized that e
Mcdstaff that likes me is a Mcdrider!. -_-"
omg he was like smiling2 [pervertly] at me as
he passed by!. nvmnvm. next time he comes by

bumpercars!. saw Hot Nabs+friend Amirah at
e blk e downstairs [wtv you call it X)] so
i went up to em n Amirah fleed e place -_-"
then Hot Nabs wanted to go buy icecream so
i had to stay n take care of our stuff coz
i didnt wna bring everything n walk all e
way back :) stuff inclds her "boardfriend" ;)
a few of my neighbours [n some strangers]
passed by n STAYED N WATCHED ME n it was
kinda embarrasing!. 1 of em after walking a
few metres away he even turned to see if i
skated forreal n gave me that shocked look ;)
so yah. like RAWR like that right!. heee X)

L: so yeah, at 1st i act shy2 a 'lil,
put 1 foot on her boardfriend :) R: then
put e other one... hahahhahahaha ;)

off i went n nv came back!. hahaha ;)
or at least until e icecream almost
totally melted!. hahhahahhaahhaha X)

C: Hot Nabs said that my boobs looked
bigger in this pHOTo!. -_-" hahaha
i was sooo jakun i looked like -_-"


i was actually proud of myself!. 8)
i mean, e last time i skated was like...
8yrs ago!. so it totally brought back all
e memories n everything!. I MISS SOMEBODY!.
[im not emphasizing, really got 3ppl ;D]

i was abt to fall asleep when i felt somein
at my legs, so i just grabbed it n flung it
in e opposite direction!. then i switched on
e lights n IT WAS A COCKROACH!. heh!. it was
like dying!~ ha so yeah dont even bother to
try n get into my pants or you'll die!. ;D
but it was kinda gross -_-" RAWRRARRRARR!.

had to wait 10mins for 88bus today, then e
busdriver's is like so i didnt board n
had to wait for 10mins for e next one -_-"
DSG!. HottIes Tj was like browsing thru
fbk n she showed us some wedding pictures of
her friend n i was like wth they spent sooo
much $!. Lol... Lol... but quite cool!. ;)

BRK!. haha so i took out e silverpaperbag from
my locker, n e HottIes asked abt it, after that
i was like saying to em how wld i know who
they r!. hahaha if gave wrong person confirm
embarrasing!. XD so we kinda circled e foyer
area looking for possible suspects[?] n there
was this dude setting up tables so i was like
is that em?. then we waited at e side but
HottIes Resi was hungry n wanted to go eat so
i asked him to ask e dude!. so we were like
walking2 then e dude brought out a big sign with
e name n i started laughing n HottIes Resi was
like "YAH, CONFIRM CORRECT!~" rofl XD hahahha
was kinda embarrassed when e dude saw X) -_-"
so yeah finally gave it to him n he was like
"THANKS EH~" :) hahahaha -_-" hope no one saw X)

wanted to buy cchop but got impatient so i went
to buy rice. L: e person gave me so much rice!.
-_-" nuggets sucked tho today :( R: i cdlnt
finish so i made heartshaped -_-" while eating
i got pranked!. Lol... Lol... e HottIes asked
me why i didnt come this morn n said that there
was a test!. so i was like "how come!." -_-"

IEP!. HottIte Ms Nair didnt come so yeah -_-"
L [green arrow]: ROCKSTEADY!. R: so yah bean
aiseukrim!. :D otw hm bumpercars!. met Hot Im n
friend :) at e blk e downstairs i wanted to take
e elevator then Hot Im was like worried!. then he
asked me if i brought my hphone so i said duh.
then he told me he actually didnt wna take e
lift coz he scared stuck!. Lol... Lol... XD -_-"

i was like confident that i'd be late, so
Mrted!. reached Bishan Mrt n rmbed that
classes start at 0900 -_-" bumpercars!.
met HottIes David so we 410[w]ed, then
met HottIes Tj while walking in :) no
IEP today so sch was 9-11!. Lol... Lol...
so yeah we went to eat at Juncti8n :D

KFC Buddy Meal!. Lol... Lol... all e ones with
e pink smileys r mine :) haha e KFCstaff
gave us matching chickens!. Lol... Lol... XD

got key from Ldottie Kelly, so i opened e door.
L: took a while to pull e key outta e lock!. -_-"
R: was so bored so i brushed :)

while waiting i studied for tml's LPD test!.
haha not really i just action a 'lil bit coz e
rest were studying rofl XD then camwhored!. :D
C: i like this pHOTo!. look like my arm got
muscles rofl XD n i love my new ponytail!. ;D

so yeah e Ld Juniors r gna get diff color shoes.
i still think my batch one's glammer!. ;D so yeah.
wtv ;) SHOW ME E MONEY!~ Lol... Lol... :D

learnt performance routine today!. :D i really like
e new concept, cant wait for it to happen forreal :D
no PR V today coz of "Flood pt 1" -_-" haha didnt
really matter anw was damn tired so i crashed at
2200!. earliest i've slept this yr!. Lol... Lol... -_-"

woke at 0730 but still ended up late -_-" ate in
sch today!. L: was eating n suddenly we heard a
loud thud coming from behind!. we turned n saw
a dislocated[?] rubbish bin!. Lol... Lol... it really
seemed as if it fell from e sky!. hahahaha that
like brings killer litter to a whole new lvl!. XD
C [green arrows]: there were renovations gg on!.
kpo a 'lil bit, wonder what's up hahhahaha :)

BRK!. we heard that there was a fire drill today!. X)
n e firebell rang, nothing happened n no one panicked :(
so we started exchanging previous firedrill exps!. X)
we concluded that e best thing abt e previous ones
were e fact that e Principal will go to e field n wave e
red flag like semangat2!. rofl XD really what!. XD

haha so yeah also heard e DJClub's wkly radioshows, n
they played 3OH3's Dont Trust Me so HottIes Liyana n
i sang n danced along to annoy HottIes David!. XD
hahha realized that HottIes David can talk like ahpek!.
funny mann!, after that we ran outta jokes so we went to
BisHottIte Lib!. they were playing Transformers so we
watched :) DSG!. realized that HottIte College Central has
a new website!. there's a poll [green arrows] innit for
e campus with e most babes n hunks, so VOTE BISHAN!. 8D

today Hot Wak Lan dropped by in e new SMRT uniform!.
so yeah chatted abt it n e circle line n everything :D
i still prefer e previous uniform!. hahahahaa i think
e new one's kinda unglam n look kinda cheap?. hahaaa
kinda bummed actually!. i really liked e previous one!. :)

ard midnight i felt like i stepped on somein, n
when i saw it, i tot it was cute!. Lol... Lol...

otw to sch met some HottIes at BishanInt, so
we all 410[w]ed :) LPD!. i sold a stamp to
HottIes Liyana!. :D otw hm we heard music,
so HottIes Liyana was like "eh where's e music
coming from?. who's phone is that?." then we
turned n an ahpek cycled pass us!. Lol... Lol...
so i was like "n yeah!, that's e living definition
of "i come with my own bckgrd music" fo sho!." XD

was at e blk e downstairs, when bumpercars!.
met Hot Nabs[agn, i know -_-"]+friend Shafiq!. :D
sat n finally had my late lunch :) WE SAID SO!. :D

so yeah he had his bike [as in bicycle-bike] so i
decided to try it!. :) it was kinda heavy but wtv!. ;)
so yeah i was like confidently riding away!~ then
a few mins later i was like... "eh!. how to stop?!"
hahahah n they were like "uhh... lompat ar!." in
e end i slowed down to a stop n they were like
"uhhh, tak pakai break eh?." so im like wth!. X)
it was there all along n i didnt even noticed it!. -_-"

after some fun cycling i started to skate on
Hot Nabs's boardfriend :) haha anw!. realized
that i use e goofy stance!. so yeah they laughed
at me -_-" anw!. INSPIRED BY FBK'S NAME
FOR MYSELF!. :D Lol... Lol... ;) jengjengjeng!~

basically i was abt to start skating when i
realised that i forgot to swallow my chicken so
i kinda choked on it hahahah [-_-"] n did this
pop-your-butt-move on e board!.Lol... Lol... XD
they saw it n immediately started laughing!. XD
im wondering if you actually get what i mean ;)
L: i was doing e Beyonce body pumps!. XD
R: i see e light!. -_-" almost had an accident
here coz Hotties Shafiq was cycling too :)

after that i went up for awhile coz i wanted to
put some stuff n weewee :) met Hot Dad who
was pretty much surprised that i was gg back
downstairs to continue skating :) went back
down n Hot Nabs was using e board so i just
sat ard. then heard some mysterious singing n
tot it was her!. when she returned she denied it
n e singing was still gg on so we went to check
it out!. Lol... Lol... we didnt find who but it was
really funny/spooky!. XD after that waited for
Hot Aidi coz he said he was coming!. :D
so yeah he finally reached n we just watched
him skate n get jealous :) n yeah i also think
that Hottie Shafiq was jealous of my ilt bottle!.
he denied it tho!. Lol... Lol... ;) -_-" XD

before i left we chatted abt an inspiring story!.
Lol... Lol... it started when Hottie Shafiq told us
abt 1 of this pkcik he knows who drinks coke
everyday, then 1 day he got diabetes n his
legs had to be amputated. then he told us that
he calls e pkcik HARDCORE SKATER coz he
everyday uses a skateboard to travel instd of
a wheelchair!. XD rofl it was like damn funny!.
Hot Nabs n i were giggling nonstop n then
Hot Aidi suggested that we teach him how to
ollie n we giggled even faster!. Lol... Lol... XD
so i said "skali he manual!." n all of us kept
laughing!. then Hot Nabs n i almost stopped
laughing but Hottie Shafiq said "tak ar ramp2!."
n we continued laughing until thirsty XD -_-"

E'zzati Said: i wna learn a routine!. :D
Guyfriend: wat routine? i dunno any routine..
E'zzati Said: you know!. like skate+stunts
from 1pt to another!. hahahaha :D
Guyfriend: HAHAHA run la wat routine!
-_-" moving on!. so yeah GW3 ending is just
that we know when Melinda's gna die -_-"
but e ending was really sweet!. heh Jim picked
her up n went to e street where they 1st met n
had their wedding there with e spirits n all :)
yeah ima miss Jim now hahahahhahaha ;)
Cheers!. \m/ TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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