Thursday, December 25, 2008

E'zzati's Secret.


went to Melaka Sentral, ate at A&W,
then i started feeling really awful!. seriously
physically i was like dying!. suddenly felt
supercold n tummypain n headache,...

so Hot Dad accompanied me as i
hold on in e car. was like trying not to
lose my mind/temper/soul/life!.
we were in front of a huge speaker at
Mydin, n they played really stupid music!.

when we reached e hotel carpark i
vomitted e moment i stepped outta e car!.
twice!. REALLY TOT I WAS GNA DIE!. funny
thing is e boys just watched in shock!. heh i
think they also didnt know what to do!.

in room i shitted, then washed up n
felt betta. e rest went to e Pasar Malam so
i asked Hot Uncle Joe if it is possible that i
borrow his laptop. so i did!. n there was an
internet connection!. wooo hooo!~

weird thing is most of em r in mly, even
fster!. ya i know i cld change but it was
interesting haha. i decided that life is short,
you'll nv know when you're gna die!.
so i added some ppl on fster n msged those
who i think is em but not sure ;)
i seriously tot i was gna die!.
i'm sooo glad im still alive!.

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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