Wednesday, September 23, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HAHA!. ima try to keep e blog 2wks lagg X)
i know, at this rate, it's 2mths+- lagg :( TRY :)
I CAN DO IT!. -_-" this post=long ;)

*mon 27Jul
otw to sch a Kgirltoddler sat beside me in bus :)
apparently i was blasting heartcandy :) she kept
staring at me :) yeah im just trying to build some
sort of suspense for e intro rofl XD L1+R1: new
flowers today!. seemed like they just mysteriously
appeared -_-" L2+C2: SW!. Gymnista!. i realize that
i've put on weight n height!. i suppose eating more
might work after all -_-" wasnt many HottIesBabes at
1st, so i just spent time laughing at e boys, until
HottIes Resi asked me to follow him go "row boats",
altho i was kinda more focused on my reflection in e
mirror :) then off to treadmill!. i didnt wna run, so
i maxed out e incline!. went at an extremely chillax
pace, damn cld feel my leg fats jiggle n muscle
flexing rofl X) -_-" at 1pt i was tryna to set e weight on
1 of e machines n HottIte Mr Borhan tot i was stuck -_-"
i kept gg back to this other machine, after some time
HottIes Coach D dropped by n asked how my
muscles r doing, so i showed him n he went "haiyo,
this girl uh!." -_-" XD R2: Brk!. i bought lotsa food, n
HottIes Tj went "tadi kao exercise brape banyak?."
HAHAHAHAHA XD cldnt finish but new record :)

DSG!. A302 internet kept getting unplugged :(
aftrsch bumpercars!. met HottIte Ms Harasha!.
she kept saying that i looked so different!. ^^
was like thinking to myself, "MUST BE MY
she asked if i did somein to my hair, it's hard
to summarize rofl XD i managed to rap out
everything in 1min n she was like "NICE!!!~" XD
MY CRAZYHAIR!. [it always does!. X)] ^^

aftrsch HottIes Liyana, Tj n i did e F1duty :) dropped
my broombroompow [XP], n a HottIte Mat went
"opp, jatuh!~" -_-" i tried on e F1 shirts, n e shirt
that i was wearing dropped in e toiletbowl -_-"
after that HottIteMs Nair suddenly asked me
"how r you n telephone calls?.", n i was like "very bad."
HAHAHA they kept asking me to try rofl X) L1: "Fake it
till you make it" R1: "Boys with built bodies" rofl XD
L2: inspired by later ;) R2: "homework!." :D

PREVIOUSLY, i hv been pestering Bbox Jannson to
teach me somein!. so today, i decided to drop by
1 of his sessions!. ^^ was gna be late, so e Bboxanistas
[ROFL XD] ate dinner first :) haha inside e train was
like tryna imagine, what's gna happen. damn excited n
enthu!. no idea what to expect/do. XD finally reached
DG Mrt n met em at PlazaSingapura [i type it out in full
coz i like e rhythm of it when it is said haha X)] LJS!. it
was just Bbox Jannson, Leon, Yuyao. Jannson has an
entourage!~ rofl XD jk. after eating Yuyao was wearing e
LionCityLockers tee so i asked him abt it, n he said
"Jannson also one" rofl XD joked ard, walked to SMU to
session [am i allowed to disclose this?. :S]. otw,...

Bbox Jannson: your name very cool uh,.. got e aphrostophe~
E'zzati Said: HAHA!. thanks, tot you were gna mention abt e "Said" lol XD
Bbox Jannson: it's sa-id right?. haha~
E'zzati Said: yah, there was once when my friends n i wanted to
come up with my "Rap Name" n they said "E'zzati Said FO SHO!." XD
Bbox Jannson: hahahahaha~
E'zzati Said: yours is quite cool also what, J-a-nn-son :)
Bbox Jannson: haha yah, e spelling is different :)
*suddenly from behind, a loud "PSSSSHHHHH!~"*
Bbox Jannson: all e weird sounds come out ald, haha~
turns out that it came from Yuyao or Leon or both!. rofl XD

almost reaching SMU, Bbox Jannson: do you know who
Dharni is?. he's e most popular bboxer in Singapore X)
E'zzati Said: no, i dno~ Bbox Jannson: ah, okay, e world's
not that small after all~ DHARNI, sound like mly right?. 8)
E'zzati Said: YAH!~ *curiousface* Bbox Jannson: he's not!~ ^^
Yuyao: you shoul'dve told her he's chinese from e start right -_-"
HAHAHA X) reached SMU n found a bench in e corner :)

n it all starts now!. HAHA, they asked me to take out a paper n
pen. so i took out e foolscape paper in my bag n my pen from
my purse, n E BOYS WERE SURPRISED!~ [except for Leon, i think,
i know that makes only Jannson n Yuyao surprised, but it's still
e majority rofl XD] they were like "WAH, your pen is inside your
wallet??!" XD great, out of anything in e world that i can do to
surprise em, i take out a pen from my purse!. HAHAHA, woo
ima magicianista HAHAHA X) hmm. i actually had lipgloss n
eyeliner too. n yeah!. A SCISSORS!. nvm, there's always
next time!~ HAHAHA XD bunnies in hats r so passe rofl XD

BBOX CRASH COURSE 182!. [101is also last yr ;)]
Bbox Jannson: okay, i'll assume you dno anything abt bboxing.
E'zzati Said: YAH!~ I DNO ANYTHING!~ 8) *interested ald*
so Bbox Yuyao started explaining briefly e history of bboxing,
then Jannson n him taught me e basic sounds [B t Kch] :D
i scribbled em down on my paper so that i wont spend more
time writing it down vs memorising e sound, n Jannson asked
if i can read my handwriting -_-" B t Kch!, n they added in
some sounds for fun. Yuyao gave me "chewy chewy", which
seems funny when you think back XD Jannson gave me
"chica", which leaves me with "chica chewy chewy", n he was like
"you can also go chewy chica chewy, or chica chewy chewy!~"
after that all of us just laughed coz it was funny to think abt XD

so i tried, then we kept talking, so Jannson decided to use
Yuyao's Ice Mountain to play Spin E Bottle [Bbox Cover Version],
n said that "otherwise i'll break into conversation agn" haha X)
we still did anw, talked abt competitions, then abt dance, back
to bboxing agn n Yuyao said somein which i tot was funny,
true, n can be used as a lovely sarcasm pun, "different ppl,...
different mouth." HAHA. i was happily enjoying listening to
em bbox!. it was encouraging n demoralizing at e same time -_-"

in e end Jannson made me join e game, if e bottle pts at me,
i had to do 1 sound. that was what he said at 1st uh, soon he
asked me to do a beat!. sadly, somewhen, my rhythm got
lost along e way :( after that they gave me some links, n they
suddenly EXCITEDLY went "ooh, cjwoonie!~"
Bbox Yuyao: he's Korean!~ ^^
Bbox Jannson: yah, i think you wld like!~
E'zzati Said: *surprised face*
Bbox Yuyao: um, he's quite gd looking!~
HAHA!. hmmm, what gives?. but THANKS!~ ^^ HAHAHA XD

managed to ask em abt mcing, Yuyao recommended e
vocal scratch [e wicki2 stuff] which randomly made e
game into a mixpart. it's like they had to incorporate
random stuff like Bean [inspired by Mr Bean shop nearby],
which Jannsonn killed n i suddenly craved for somein
soya ;) from then we went to Snow Ice, to beatless at
Yuyao's turn, which according to Jannson was
"almost painful" but nice :) e next part was really
inspiring n demoralizing [double effect rofl XD]

they moved on to "TOPICS", n started with Water, then to
Jungle. yup, JUNGLE. of coz i had no clue WHAT JUNGLE IS.
i was prepared to not like it coz i tot it was some
environmentally-correct music, only to find myself
loving it at 1st heard[?.] HAHAHA JUNGLE'ZZATI!. ^^
"your jungle was sick=your jungle was H1N1" XD

after that was animals :) Jannson made me convert to a
fan of Donald Duck!~ COOLEST $HIT!. wah, it even beats
Mickey Mouse. or Hello Kitty. eh wait. does Hello Kitty even
talks in e 1st place?. hmm. nvm. i was still happily enjoying
myself, when... Bbox Jannson: you hv to leave by 9 right?.
E'zzati Said: yah. Bbox Jannson: it's ald 9-11!.
at this pt i laughed coz of 2 reasons.
#1: he said it in away as if it was a surprising gd news XD
#2: what a nice timing, 9-1-1, altho he said it as nine eleven rofl XD
after laughing, i was like "what?! :(" earlier he was saying
somein like "you know we sit here n session it's only 10mins?."

so it was TTFNtime :( i cld listen to em bbox all night
long!. X) okay maybe i'd fall asleep at ard 3AM, but you're
smart, you get e drift ;) anw, they were really nice abt it,
friendly, funny, not to mention ENCOURAGING!. :D
they were like brothers to me [n im not just saying that or
being sarcastic :)] haha, wanted to pHOTize but didnt know
how rofl XD turns out gd anw, n i was like "haha, can.
CUTE!. L-O-L" [i actually spelled out in real life, dno why XD]
inside e Mrt otw back i was laughing to myself coz of e
chewychewy chica chewychica moment XD i accidentally
said it out audibly n some of e toddlers beside me followed.
cute!. haha, no, im not referring to myself, only... XD

e session that night opened up my heart, mind, n most
definitely, ears ;D if you think this sounds philosophical,
[i like e rhythm of e word!. phi-lo-so-phi-cal ^^], you
should've sat in during e session. i do think it felt
somewhat Zen-esque!. ^^ THANKS JANNSON!.
THANKS YUYAO + LEON!. i BtKch you all!. ^^

i skipped sch coz i woke up with heavy head, really
felt unbalanced haha, then stomach ache -_-"
of coz "CHEWY CHEWY!. \m/ ;D" made it into my
fbk status today, n e comments i got back abt it from
my Hottstuff r even more hilarious. i will nv look at
e word e same way ever agn!. ^^ so i spent today
thinking abt ytd [haha okayokay -_-"] X)

I DISCOVERED SOMEIN!. ^^ that... i've... actually...
met Bbox Dharni [TWICE AS A MATTER OF FACT],
n i didnt even know it!. X) i rmbed screaming like a
fangirl when he performed -_-" i suppose, that makes
e world quite small after all X) it's a 'lil bit sad coz e
pHOTo i hv of us [i know, i hv PHOTO!~ ^^], he was
wearing his SAF uniform n i looked not that nice -_-"
i find quite uncanny that i took a pHOTo with him
without knowing that he is pretty much superpopular,
n had no clue whatsoever. makes me think, you know,
i should really get outta my dungeon more -_-"
still. DHARNI, YEAH!~ ^^ ;) [motivated!. 8)]

texted with Vip Ain till early morn!. rofl XD in sch, spotcheck!.
HottIte Ms Noraini on HottIes Poo, "model student" HAHA XD
after DSG HottIes Resi attempted to steal my bag when i
wasnt looking, n he went "jeng5 smooth criminal~" rofl XD
in case you still dno, my sch bag is a huge silver bag, so,
e criminal act wasnt that smooth rofl XD L: i dont rmb why
i took this pHOTo -_-" C: HottIes David n "his" bag!. XD
R: FLOP is new word!. ;) aftrsch HottIes Resi was like
"i know what you did a few days ago~" [abt e "phone" thingy]
also saw a Phut lorry!. i didnt know Phut has a lorry!. :)

L1: LJS!. e LJSnista [HottIes Tj know whatsername rofl XD]
still recognized me, n she asked how i found e renovation.
i said it's nicer to see her!. HAHA :) L2L: after eating i headed
off to Novena!. :D reached n walked a few rds before finding
e shop, n TADAH!~ R: got minitee done today!. :D love it!. ^^
otw back i dropped $1 at Ntuc -_-" L2R: new LD costumes!.
best so far, n i love how i look innit!. XP didnt manage to
take a pHOTo of it, so yeah. pHOTo of e brastrap?. HAHA XD
use your own imagination!. ;) dont think so far tho rofl XP

BishanStud!. HottIte "The Originals"[?.] were ard :)
i didnt talk to anyone, was on an emo banter -_-"
not many ppl came today, so LD was lacking in our
usual attitude. i just sitting ard, being lazy, occasionally
drifting into light sleep but waking self up e second after.
ha. i think i need to go hide in a dungeon n meditate soon
for a while. Ldc Rachel came n was bored too so we
chatted :) abt rships, weird ppl in general, basically we
just pakat X) after awhile it got REALLY boring, so i took
over e studio :D plugged my mp3 in ^^ it's always
amusing to me, coz i'll nv know how ppl will react to my
SonE'zzati playlist. NEVER!. X) like when FMP's Joutsenlaulu
started playing, LDj Sylvest squealed like a fangirl!. XD
dancedance, talk abt my hair, then i did some hipwork
which LDj Sylvest describes as "dislocate, normal.
dislocate e other side, normal." XD -_-" after session
bumpercars into HottIte Ms Nair who told me that
LDj Sylvest danced for em in class rofl XD

L1: got extra $ from Hot Mum + ppaid from Hot Dad!. ^^
THANKS!. :D C1: tot that e tempsticker colors r nice :)
R1: "DRIVE ME CRAZY." :) L2: HottIes Resi entered n
gave a FREErerro!. :D THANKS!. :D haha btw otw to
D302 HottIte Izzatie saw me n waved!. i was like, "oh?." n
before waving back X) LPD!. had to do this NDP quiz.
1 of e questions was: "who's e 1st singapore idol,...",
n HottIes Faris said "...mother." HAHAHA XD C2: 1 of e
politic logo, n e clue given was that it started with e letter
N, to which HottIes Liyana kept saying "NARUTO!~" XD

L1: they had posters haha XP R1: i bought e other
stuff, n just [really] casually said that their nuggets r
betta :) L2: which resulted in e rest of e HottIes at e
table to buy almost all of e rest of e nuggets!. XD
R2: in conjunction of e ND mood, HottIes Resi used his
nugget to "paint" e Singapore flag in e sauce plate rofl XD
HottIes Fir blamed it on "too much design [class] ald" rofl XD
DSG!. finalized e minitee design, giftbox done!. :D
was kinda falling asleep after that!. XD somewhen later
HottIes Tj SUDDENLY asked me "r you like, feeling sad?." n
i was like "no uh, i not paying attention" -_-"

aftrsch went to Juncti8n Mcd with HottIes Liyana to
murder [drama a bit uh] time!. finally got to eat
Cornetto McFlurry!. :D somewhen later Hot Didi n
her friend came n dined too *ninja wave* X) R1,
green arrow: see e 'lil boy?. i admire him a lot!. e
rstrt was rather full, but he still confidently sat n
ate his McChicken!. so cute!~ XD coz for me, if e
rstrt is full in im eating a lonely bite, then it'd just
pack it n leave!. haha, he was really, i dno...
self-unconscious?. rofl XD inspiring X)

410[w]ed back to sch for e F1class batch today was
not very nice XP altho there were a few who was rather
friendly :) after that went to staffrm n HottIte Ms Nair said
that altho it's just HottIte Liyana n i, we finished quite
fast, so i said that we r "SMALL BUT MIGHTY!~" HAHA XD
really what!. ^^ anw, i decided to sloowly get myself
into e calling stuff :) at 1pt HottIes Liyana was calling
someone named "Liyana" too, so she was like
"Hello, is this Liyana?. this is Liyana calling..." so she
was like talking to herself, it was damn funny n we
were trying not to laugh!. XD i got to call this dude,
n his reaction was really touching!. ^^ i cld feel that
he "light up" inside even thru e phone :) motivating!. ;)

woke up n helped Hot Gdad with his "art project" :)
L: nice tempsticker agn today!. :D outside A302,
HottIes Poo did e Cadbury ad eyebrow thing XD
C: present!. somewhen later HottIes Liyana turned
n asked me softly "E'zzati, ader workshop?.", haha
new meaning to "a gentle reminder" rofl XD so i said
yeah n settled everything else n left :) R: HAHA at
e sofa!. XD also, i know who diddit rofl XD

XLM!. i've decided to use e old Dj Club name coz
it's easier to type :) went in n they immediately
said "E'ZZATI TI TI TI!~" got "echo" rofl XD
learnt new stuff, at 1pt LDj Sylvest n me were
singing rofl XD there was this part when this
artist wld paint n when e song ends he's done, so
we were all amazed that someone cld paint sucha
thing in just 4minutes, only to find that e song was
guess what he was painting tho :) after that got
to use e microp :) haha Mc Darryl was like "gd,
bad or ugly?." n we replied in unison "pretty~" XD
haha i laughed 1st before i told e funnystuff haha XD

L1+C1: i managed to kop e silver one from
LDj Azhar!. :D R1: "balls"!. ;D after that went to
Juncti8n LJS :) R2: bumpercars!. met Hot Nabs+friend :)
had some "sister-bonding" time rofl ;D

spent most of e in e world not-so-wide web!. :)
britrockhunting, everything. found this!. i know,
it should be Friday for my case, but e reason why
this was made me happy. i like to move it move it!~ ^^
if you still dont get it, you're not Questastic enough!. ;)

today e blk e downstairs had an event, think it's some
hairshaving for baby thing [direct translation rofl XD]
they even had an emcee n a karaoke set, so yeah, all e
cheesy mly songs n typical voices for e day!. saw e new
"Korea, Sparkling" ad :) e Dj+Bbox Canon In D was
used as e bckgrd music!. SPARKLE SPARKLE!~ ^^
hmm. Hot Rs came today!. :D wonder what they
wanted haha XP anw!. BtK!. what a reavealing wk!. :D
Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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