Tuesday, September 29, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


8 AUGUST 2009!. :D
NEBO@E!HUB, Singapore!. :D
E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.

BIGBANGATHON!. X) 2nd "date" in a row, haha
feel so loyal XD went to Yck but flowershop closed -_-"
L: annoyed face!. C: summary of what i wore!. :D
R: inside e EW train i met Russel!. XD haha e mmt
i sat down Vip Ain called n said "small 130 big 180" X)

so off we went, haha :) otw she was like saying that
she "was like thinking, in e video, it wasnt that big" XD
me too!. rofl XD anw, decided to appear as 2NE1 n
we happily chose who we wanted to "represent" rofl XD
was short of 1person, so Vip Ain suggested that we
just grab someone later XD reached Nebo n we
wondered what it stood for, coz their tagline is
"Not The Usual Club", which is actually NTUC rofl XD
met Vip Suhaila + Atiqah, hvnt started so yeah chatted
with e rest then got our "entry" n everything settled X)
the organizers were kinda surprised at my rose n
just our "entrance" in general rofl XD HAHAHA ^^
then we to e toilet first, which Vip Ain said "always
smell like lemon barley" [haha XD] n then to NTUC as
in supermarket, coz i smartsmart say "later we
singscreamcheer loud2 then thirsty~" HAHAHA XD

while looking for drinks got a random call!. XD
returned, n Vip Ain let us see e scrapbk she made!.
HAHA she brought it!. ^^ so i was like curiously
touching it, i even sniffed it XD sodamncute!. 8)

camwhored a 'lil bit!. L: "Z-Ez"!. ;) R: 2NE1LAH!~ XD

okayokay. here's [we like] e real $hit!. :D press play :)

INTRO!. N: you know, cinemas hv those kinda
"switch off your hphone" trailer ads?. yeahyeah, their
"concert etiquette" trailer ad was a cartoon of emself,
damncute!. XD they even did e voiceovers n everything,
even you dont understand just watch e cartoon!. ^^ haha ;)
S: they went to their fav amusement park, but they had
to wear masks!. haha will type more abt this later ;)

Virus parody, obviously i didnt really get it coz
i nv really followed, but it was very funny!. :D
it's kind of this "audition call" thingy, i think X)
DIMELO!. L1: heartcandy was a pink ballerina!.
funny but so lame!. XD -_-" Top had curly hair, n
GD had his mophead back :) kinda awkward,
ballerina, pretty "intense" rofl XD *pirouttes*

back to e a-masked-ment park action!. :) they
were splitted into 2teams n had "challenges" to
accomplish!. funnyfunny XD 1 of it was to take
off their masks on a ride without getting caught,
but 1 of e teams took theirs off in a cave but...
they got photographed!. HAHAHA XD seelah, so
clever!~ XD watch-i-y, wont spoil it for you X)

N: this was HILARIOUS!. XD they had 3shots of this,
each with a diff routine, n it was just sooo funny!. XD
then heartcandy "called" me!. HAHA XD L2: kisskiss!. X)
R2: accidents happens!. so much for "i wont let you
down" rofl XD HAHAHA sorry for laughing HAHAHA XD

after that took a [not-so]biiig brk!. :) FOOD!~ :D

L1: see e girl behind me?. she was like saying that
we can take e food n everything, but everytime
i turned i cant see her!. haha somewhen later
Hottie Zrn pointed out to me that she kinda looks
like Top!. n i tot so too!~ HAHA XD nv really got
to talk to her n ask her who's her "favourite" tho :)
R1: paparazzi photo courtesy of Vip Ain's digicam :)
L2: LOVE THIS PHOTO!. :D ^^ Vip Ain wanted to take
a pHOTo of Hottie Zrn n i n i suddenly had e idea to
fidget really quickly to see what will come out, n
Vip Ain managed to capture this!. HAHAHA XD ^^
R2: i dont know why i kept posing with e hotdog -_-"
yumyum, then back to our "duty"!. :) PRESS PLAY!. :D

L1: opening act was this Kdude singing opera!. XD
then Vip Ain asked Hottie Zrn n i if we've watched it
before, both of us said no, n she was like "good,
virgins, i like~" HAHAHA XD L2: opening song!. e song
that got me ytb-ing abt em!~ as they sang, theres this
part where e beat kicks in, so i CONFIDENTLY went
"Bm Bm Bm BmBm!~", to which Vip Ain turned n said
"ni acousticlah darling!~" n i was like "OH~" rofl XD
R1: heartcandy feeling!~ X) R2: this part i accidentally
said out loud "alamak, takder lyrics eh?." n some laughed X)

OPENING SOLO ACT!. R1: heartcandy really kissed
e girl in e vid!. n some of e Vips in e rm who ald
knew that i "favourite" him all turned to look at
ACT SEXY ONLY!~ HAHAHAHA XD at e end the lights
went off then on back, n some of e Vips turned to
me agn!. HAHA X) -_-" he can act n act sexy uh!~
anw, there was this fireworks kinda part i like :)
next solo act was TaeYang, he had a flying piano,
but after watching Stefanie Sun's concert in person,
his flying piano wasnt that amazing :) nextnext is
Top, who in e vid asked e girl to "GET OUT!~", which
followed by HIM getting out rofl XD "they" "broke up"
bcoz she "said" he leads an "indecent life"!. XD i found
this totally funny!. coz i think he's e most decent out of
all!. i've nv seen more than a quarter of his upper body!.
i mean, he doesnt even strip!. HAHA XD not like he
had to anw, his performance was "intense" enough ^^
DS's trot act was kinda cool, i guess he was just in
his own element?. haha but to me e best solo act is...
R3: GD!. :D GD DJ solo act, he did a medley of his songs,
plus some digital stuff "TONGTONGTONGTONG!~",
"G THE DRAGON!~" HAHAHA after that he sang
This Love :D even e other girls agree :)

ooh!. somewhere in betw they went one by one n
said what kind of girls they like, haha i "qualify" for
i dont mind hahahahaha XP heartcandy said
"i'll stay single so everyone can love me always~"
n we [as in us VIPbabes] just looked at each other
n burst out laughing!. HAHA, heartcandy not only
act sexy, anyhow sweettalk somemore!~ HAHA XP
moving on, some of us left halfway, then i went to
e toilet. when i got back they were performing
Always, n they were on this aerial thingy rofl XD
after that was a medley of all their popular songs,
so i suggest all those who r new to em can just
listen to it?. its like a crash course rofl XD
heartcandy also said "im happy bcoz i love you
all n you love me~" HAHAHA can say so?. XD
anw, moving on, i love their screen displays
throughout e concert!. :D HAHAHA also love e
last part when e concert "ended" n they were like
"go hm safely~" "we'll miss you~" HAHAHA XD
how candid, haha. okay i will cross when greenman -_-"
N THEN N THEN!. this percussion grp came out!.
their drumsticks even glow!, which makes it...
glowdrumsticks!. XD n they came out singing
after that they sang Geojidmal. woohoo, OMG,
they performed OMF, like finally?. HAHAHA XD \m/ ^^

with that, e concert closed :D of course we
cant just leave without leaving some doodles
behind!. :D HAHAHA tongtongtongtong!~ ;)

took more pHOTos!. "back to e bang~" :D

e rm was rather orange, so e pHOTo turned out
orange too haha -_-" i want e rest of e grp pHOTos!. :(
cant rmb where i got this, but thanks!. :) HWAITINGLAH!~

walked out n they were playing You Said No on e
radio!. 8D ^^ woohoo, last time it got airplay was...
i had 21+more came'kal memory shots tho :(
anw, saw e LG arena phone!. X) R: i'm a VIP!. ;)

reached hm n i otw i caught a flu!. -_-" haha X)
I FIGURED OUT A NEW REMEDY!~ L: decided to go
on a concert dvd marathon!. :D awesome, i was in
Korea, Manchester, n Mexico,... all in 24hrs!. 8D
haha somewhen later Hot Dad told me he watched e
Fire mv, n he asked me to send him Nobody, n added
"i want e original Chinese one" HAHA XD R: also
ate this 'lil pill [try saying it quickly] :)

i've realized that it's ald their 2nd concert dvd that
i've watched, which is even more compared to my
fav bands!. 8D interesting, how i was previously
extremely confident that i do not like Asian music n
whatmore, a BOYBAND!. all Hot Didi's fault!~ ^^

i've also realized that i dont go out much, n if i do,
it's usually spending my saturdays on events like
this!. HAHA!~ XD hmm... e "mly community" r
suggesting that i need a boyfriend to spend my
saturdays with, but when my saturdays r as
awesome as this, who needs a boyfriend?. oh wait,
i AM watching my boyfriend!. HAHAHAHA ;P -_-"

pls pretend you didnt realize that i just prioritized this
over NDP09 itself. im just... SINGAKOREAN!. HAHA XP
THANKS BBSG for organising e screening!. ^^ :D
was nice meeting you all :) HWAITINGLAH!~ \m/
THANKS VIP AIN + ZRN for an awesome day!. ^^
THANKS NEBO for not asking us to shut up!. ^^
Lol... Lol... MOTS: WEAR WHITE SCARF!~ ;)
*inside joke* XD HAHA!. i should continue doing this,
n maybe do it more often rofl XD -_-" okayokay,
think this is a biiig [enough] post :) Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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