Tuesday, July 14, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


Overseas Family Outing IV 2009!. :D
18-22 Jun 2009!. :D
Langkawi, Malaysia!. :D
PART 1: 18 JUNE 2009!. :D
ima blog e days in parts, so that you wont be
bombarded with an extremely loooong post, altho
i've left out quite a number of stuff ;)
let's get ready to rumble!~ :D \m/

NO, I DIDNT WNA GO :) i stayed up overnight just to
enjoy my final mmts of my life in Singapore!. Lol... Lol...
who knows!, i even wrote a mini-will in case i die of boredom
or insufficient dosages of my favourite music!. ;) thankfully,
Hot Nabs is forced too so at least i hv someone to be
sarcastic with!. Lol... Lol... WE SAID SO!~ \m/ ;D

okay so i slept for abt an hr or so, but it's just to enjoy my
bed ;) anw, before leaving Hot Mum said we gotta be
scissorsfree, which is even more depressing!. i love my
'lil pink scissors!. :( oh yeah!. hired cab leaves at 0630!.
just imagine my mood!~ HAHAHAHAA XP \m/ hahah ;)

you know i cant live without you~ :)

took e tickets, blah3. hungry or what!~ :)

T2!. skytrained to bfast at LJS!. :D L: e dude made me get
a kids meal!. C: i bought e crossaint sausage burger thingy,
it looked light so i was confident that i cld finish it, but in
e end i didnt!. it was superfilling n btw i bought fries also
[pre-travel jet lag rofl XD] so yeah!. Lol... Lol... ;)

L: skytrained back, then walked2 ard. dimelo?. there were
free internet access kiosks!, so i spent time doing some
fbk quizzes [sempat!, im fast rofl] :) kinda sucked tho,
coz you can only open a window at a time so yeah. n
finally boarded e plane!. :D so yeah e flight # is AK5343,
n it's hilarious to hear e flightppl confuse emself up over
it!. was also funny coz they played some taped jingle abt gg
to THAILAND n how wonderful e place is n how rejuvenating
their massages r, n im like "diam ar!. kiter nak pergi
langkawi dier ckp psl Thailand!~" Lol... Lol... XD

so it's a 1hr2hmin flight, n we werent allowed to switch on
any electronics so it sucked to e max!. another thing i
hate abt travelling. also, when im in e air my throat, lips
n eyes get really dry?. not sure if that makes sense but wtv.
lucky for me, there was a white card for me to scribble on!. :)
oh, n e safety precautions demo was live!. haha as in e
air hostess had to "act" it out?. haha anw, they played some
bckgrd music on e plane, so Hot Nabs n i started to unleash
our POWERHOUSE VOICEs!. or at least only me rofl XD so sad,
nobody sang along, n after awhile they lower down e volume. :(
set list was weird [in a bad way] haha started with Say Ok,
Beautiful, Crush, blah3. somewhere in e middle, they played
Miley Cirus's This Is Me MALAY VERSION. sounded hella funny!.
rofl took me awhile but damn now i get it but wtv HAHAHA~
but e weirdiness didnt end there!. Lol... Lol... XD hahahahah

e song that they played at landing time was.... jengjengjeng,
BIRD THONGCHAI'S FAN CA!~ XD rofl!. random or what?!. it
was beyond funny!~ haha but yeah, hvnt listened to it since
eons ago. Bird TC is actually this THAILAND singer n that
song to me is like e Thai pop version of The Offspring's
Pretty Fly!. Lol... Lol... haha anw!. seriously, no idea why
e flightppl kept playing Thailand stuff when we r obviously
heading to Langkawi!. Lol... Lol... i think they're confused
hahaha XD only stupid thing was that e ppl infront of Hot Im n
i were fattybomboms n they leaned their seats back so we had
less legspace. haha occassionally i wld kick em just for fun :)
after that i got tired n fell asleep. anw, it's fortunate that
they played e damn soft songs, mainly so i can keep track of
how long more of a journey :) reached n Hot Im started
sneezing, n all of us caught it so it was damn annoying. anw,
realized that in e end we cld use our mp3!. RAWRRARRRARR!.

so yeah!. L: e airport stuff tore my bag strap!. :( got e
car, went in n Hot Dad blasted Air Supply songs!. -_-"
i cried out of torture :"( i had to switch from listening
to my Sony to e batt-powered one coz Sony was running low n
i wanted to save it for e trip back, but even when e volume
is on max i still cld hear e damn Air Supply!. :( in end i
just asked Hot Dad if he cld shut it coz i wanted to sleep,
but by then we've reached e hotel -_-" anw, checked in n
got complimentary drinks!. R: vodka fruitpunch!, IM JUST
JOKING MWAHAHHA it's some passionfruit drink, altho it
wasnt alcoholic, it made my throat itch anw!. :(

anw!. e thing abt this hotel is, we hv to take e shuttle
from e lobby to e villa n vice versa coz it's in a
zoological/island-esque location n we'd most likely sesat n
i'll get prissy!. XP in other words, when i get back to
my dungeon, i'll be sick enough of anything in relation to
e environment settings above. i miss love n appreciate my
dungeon thank you very much!. :D anw, e shuttle dude expert,
he carried for us 5bags up to our villa all at once :)

my motivation behind this trip is that it's kindufa
batik territory, so yeah im hoping inspirations flows into
my brain like hot wax rofl XD i managed to talk Hot Parents
to postpone e cable car ride to tml, coz most of us were
too tired to do anything!. :) anw, e rm Hot Nabs n i shared
was kinda similar to my dungeon!. all it was missing is my
wardrobe, computer, n GREENDAY POSTER!. :D Hot Nabs said i
should've brought it along rofl X) e only thing that's
missing from my dungeon is a full length mirror :) n!.
e bed is damncomfy!~ i like my bed woohoooo :) ^^


so yeah SOP, e camwhoration began!. Lol... Lol... ;D

i still love my bantal busuk!. :D

lunchized at Tomato rstrt, n there wasnt anyone else so
they switched on e fan especially at us!. R1: bought this
grape icecream, n it was hella nice!. it tastes like a
normal grape flavour, but e best thing is that it totally
cools your throat!. plus, it removes e aftertaste. i cldnt
finish it so i let Hot Im eat it n he agreed!. :) went to
Makam Mahsuri [=Mahsuri Masoleum], so yah nonchalant, esp
coz of R2!. ;) weather was damn hot, n e place was dead
[as in boring dead, not creepy dead :(] i seriously wonder
what abt e place that resonates so positively towards em!.

was bored so i observed e couples there n laugh at their
conversations [love makes you say stupid things rofl XD]!.
was even more bored so i started singing HAHAHAHAHAHA XD
Hot Mum kept gg "e mahsuri a very pretty girl!~" n im like
-_-" i mean, how is that supposed to stir my interest!.
what does she want me to do?. ask her for beauty tips?.
-_-" heh i think only Hot Dad n Nabs knows why i cldnt
care less :) on e positive side!. i saw a nice pattern from
e feathers of a bird [L2], n a huge cotton tree [R2]!. :D
then we went to Langkawi Parade to shop for groceries, n
R1: i found this candy wrapped in cute neon wrappers!. :)
went back to e hotel, otw i realize that i will somewhat
fall asleep in e car whenever im wearing shades!. haha
also realized my new dislike for departmental stores :/

and i saw the sunset glow :)

in e hotel watched Happy Feet!. :D damncute!. :D

i hope you survived this post, there's more to come!. :)
Cheers!. TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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