Thursday, June 25, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


13 JUNE 2009!. :D
E2 Max Cathay Cineleisure, Orchard!. :D

E'zzati "Event-anista" Reporting!.
from E2 Max Cathay Cineleisure, Orchard!. :D

first of all, a shoutout to some hotstuffs!.

uhhuh uhhuh!. im a Banganista like that!~ ;D
alright i wna start off by saying that i had
an awesome time!. :) im glad that i get to be
e part of e inaugural [haha X)] n it can only
get betta from then on yeah?. ;) ^^

supposed to go for AYG Vols event, but since
HottIes Zrn n i had a devious random last-min
plan that we agreed to execute, i decided to
play truant!. it was an easy decision hahaa
you can punish me when i get back ;) anw, it
turned out that we kinda went to 4events rofl XD

haru begins n it was so hot even e dustbin
was under e tree for some shade!. [L] rofl XD
so yeah went to shop-hopping to get some gifts!. ;)
R: for obvious reasons ;D *inside story* ^^

Mrted to DG!. n it was kinda awkward coz sooo
many ppl were looking rofl XD i had no clue
how to react so i just smiled hahahhaha :)

so yeah went to Hottie Zrn's castle, i asked
her which unit does she stay in n she gave
me e rd name!. Lol... Lol... -_-"

uhhuh uhhuh it's nice to be in someone else's
castle that is kinda like mine!. altho hers is
more like posters n accessories while mine is
poster[singular haha X)], pHOTos, n apparels!. XD
haha style is not to be compromised!. X) ^^

decided to leave earlier coz i wanted to go eat :D

LJSized. R2: this was e last pHOTo i took before
i lost my beloved hphone!. it dropped into e
toilet bowl n it's spoilt forever now :"(

anw!. otw to Cine, there was this Cosplay event!. X)
it was kinda weird coz i realized that 40% of e
ppl that were there were my friends of some sort!.
Lol... Lol... it was even weirder coz some ppl were
looking at me more than e Cosplaynistas!. i think
it's all bcoz of e flower!~ n my expression was like
"dont look at me!~ look at e cosplay!~" rofl XD

so yeah!. saw Deidara, Inuyasha, n suddenly!~
Hottie Zrn: E'zzati, tadi kao nampak hello kitty?.
E'zzati Said: nampak!. haha eh aku dare kao jadi Pokemon XD
Hottie Zrn: haha!. abeh kalao aku Pokemon kao aper?.
E'zzati Said: serious!. kalao kao jadi Pokemon, aku
jadi Domokun. DOMODOMO!~ hahahahhahahhaahah XD
after that we went to Somerset Mrt to meet e rest :)

SS Mrt we stood 1side n watched e Cosplaynistas :)
i actually cld've gotten away with 1 of e grps coz
i was wearing e same color scheme as them!!. rofl XD
after some time we finally went up to Vip A-drienne!.
Lol... Lol... chatted a 'lil then Vip Bryan started
playing songs from his hphone so while waiting for e
rest we were like singing n daaaancing!~ rofl XD

everyone reached n off we went!. haha we actually
went e longer route but wtv X) R: haha look at
Hottie Zrn!. "WHAT A FACE!~" Lol... Lol... XD

L: quite a number turned up!. :D
R: wanted to take a slenger pHOTo, but look at
e others!. hahaha Vip Bryan's e funniest!. XD

outside Heeren there was a Coca Cola event!.
e Muttons Dj were there so it was kinda cool,
n i was like shouting from across e rd!. rofl XD
i like e theme of their evt!. "open happiness" X)
Lol... Lol... i love e cola wars!. :D

e only reason why i truly believe!. ;D

finally reached E2Max!. XD hyperexcited rofl XD
n we had a 'lil brown goodie bag!. Lol... Lol...
so yeah we were all set n ready to rumble!~ X)

settled down, then we had to write our names on
e pink post-it notes X) i found a 'lil clip in
e bag so i clipped it on e ncklz rofl XD

uhhuh uhhuh!. it was all decked out!. XD \m/

rofl!. XD so it started with a dance off!. X)
[aka Vip Ain "halal clubbing"] haha it was kinda
weird coz everyone was standing at e sides of e
rm n e middle was a runway then Hottie Zrn kept
pushing me to e middle so haha everytime i drop
forward i'd just walk like nothing happened rofl XD

THEN!. they played strong baby n i just danced2
a 'lil bit, after awhile Vip Ain + Adn volunteered
to be my sexy backups so yeah!. :D i dno what
happened after that rofl XD anw!. THANKS FOR
DANCING WITH ME!~ XD keep it moving yeah!. ^^

au fond, i just did e female version of what he'd do X)
actually, that's e thing i love abt him. if dno, just
do what your heart says, n when you're doing it, you
MUST hv this SWAGGG!~ Lol... Lol... XD i dno, it's
just like... an inner UNBEATABLE CONFIDENCE!. :D

was kinda suprised that no one from TY's side came
forward?. it wld be nice if there were some TY moves!~ :D
haha anw, hope they enjoyed my 'lil dance item rofl XD ^^

L: haha won a can of Caffe Latte [Mild Coffee]!. :D
Vip Ain: how many times did you hv to watch e vid?. :)
E'zzati Said: haha!. alot!, but i liked it ;D
so my "dance item" can be considered as e opening act!.
rofl!. XD R: haha then i randomly asked if anyone had
S_____i's bkmark n is willing to trade, n a Vipbabe was
sweet enough to do so!. haha i didnt manage to catch
her name but i rmb how you look like so yeah THANKS!. X)

L: after that we all took turns n shared e biiig love!. X)
n we're reminded agn why we love em so much :D
so yeah i said somein like how i got to know abt em,
"but i hvnt made any decision yet" rofl XD after that
mentioned abt how i "researched" n "realized that he's
born on e same day as me", then i didnt know how to
end so i just said "so yah, totally felt a connection"
n everyone laughed rofl XD R: JENGJENGJENG!~ XD

i was so excited i didnt know what i was saying 40% of
e time!. XD i wanted to sing along but i got confused n
stumbled on my words but i dont think anyone knew!. if
they knew also it didnt matter!. Lol... Lol... XD so
we were screaming our hearts out n everything [esp me],
n e security guard came to shut us up coz it was
over-complained!. Lol... Lol... in e 1st place, i tot
e rm was soundproof!. rofl XD hahahah too bad!~ XP

we were almost kicked outta e place!. XD e guards n
other ppl were like ard e area n kpo-ing ard, i
think they wanted to join but they shy2!. rofl XD
anw!. e concert DVD was damn tight!. XD n duh i
loved heartcandy's solo dance item!. 8D ^^

anw!. got to know that Ch [V] Thailand was supposed
to come n give us a biiig shock, but e flight got
delayed so yeah. WISH YOU WERE HERE!. mwahahah XD
after that we handed out "dirty" cash to Vip Ain,
n took some pHOTos :D "last one last one" rofl XD

haha see we even hv matching eyebags rofl XD hee ;)
R: haha!. while editing i was browsing thru e haru's
pHOTos, n after all e banging ones suddenly there
was this!. XD frankly i hv no clue who he is or
even more clueless as what he's dressed up as
but we were wearing e same color scheme n he was
cute+sweet+polite+cute [repeating for emphasis XD]
so i pHOTized with him!. rofl XD haha see!. he even
switched on his blue light saber magic stick thingy!~ X)

so yeah went back to SS Mrt n there were lotsa
skaters so we just walked pass got checked out,
vice versa rofl XD HOTDAMN!. what an awesome way to
kickstart my holidays!. :D Lol... Lol... IT WAS
BIG WITH A BANG!. XD cant wait for e next one rofl XD
inspired!. ;) Cheers!. ;D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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