Sunday, May 31, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


SW2!. otw met HottIes Fir so we went tgt :)
temptaking session i was 34.6degC!. then
Mr Borhan didnt believe so in end i managed
to get 35.4degC!. he said low bodytemp
means blood circulation not gd, so i told him
that my name is short for ZOMBIE'zzati or
VAMPIRE'zzati!. Lol... Lol... -_-"

warmup ran [supposedly] 6rds ard e hall, but
we just followed e boys n laughed at their
jokes X) kinda lost count of e number of rds
so we stopped when e boys did XD then
wanted to bdmntnd with Hot Didi but she
dont want -_-" boooooo!~ so bdmntnd with
HottIes Coach D X) n was losing kinda rabakly,
then HottIes Zahrina joined!. yay so we had
her height as an advantage n were evening
out e game. blah3 HottIes Wan joined us,
Coach D left, somehow Raynard n Nana came
into e game :) i unknowingly ended up playing
with Coach D, vs HottIes Tj n Liyana!. :D

after that there was a free court so i battled
with HottIes Liyana!. FINALLY SOMEONE MY
OWN SIZE!. Lol... Lol... XD it was really fun
n funny!. :D hahaha i suppose coz we hv our
own style of playing bdmntn!. slide2 instd of
running, if cannot hit then pose, but at e end
of e day, we still stay true to e aim of e game,
which is to hit e shuttlecock to e other side!.
Lol... Lol... it doesnt matter if we hit it above
e net, under e net, outside e court, in someone
else's court,... anything!. XD Lol... Lol... so
yeah had fun but weather was damnhot we
were sweating even before we began?. -_-"

DSG!. i think ima do another design ald -_-"
L1: it's kinda annoying when it rains in e morn
coz my pants will be mudded!. L2: found a
purpleracket for SW!. :D R1: my meal!. i even
bought an extra pkt of lemon barley!. [it's
squeezed into e bckgrd of e pic :)] R2: hahaha
im starting to get addicted to Cooking Mama!. X)

LPD!. i actually cldnt find e classrm bcoz i
kinda nv really went for e previous ones?. X)
BRK!. bummer mann. e queues were damnlong
n we cldnt decide what to eat so i suggested
that we stand in e middle so we r queueing for
3lines at once!. Lol... Lol... in e end i queued
at e western fd stall n A FAT MATREP BOUGHT
E LAST CCHOP!. bummer much!. queued for
nothing -_-" got bored n pissed so i went to
BisHottIte CoOp for some mini retail therapy :)
expiry date was catchy!. 20 01 2010 :D

IEP!. otw HottIes Coach D asked us a funny
question, so a funny answer he will get!. X)
HottIes Coach D: what's our class ar?.
HottIes Resi + E'zzati Said: I-E-S!. 8D
Lol... Lol... while waiting outside rmbed that i
did a fbk quiz n it said that im too shy, so some
of HottIes came up with e idea of waving to
everyone that goes up e spiralstairs!. XD
anw!. took songs from HottIes Tsr n realized
that he also knows Son Of Dork!. Lol... Lol...
so yeah talked abt Greenday n stuff :D otw
hm bumpercars!. met Peirceanista Cik Asnah!. :)
ha. had many interesting convs today!. :D

otw saw HottIes Stanley at e bstop!. haha he
was doing his emo pose which according to him
is his happy pose -_-" X) DSG!. Mr Foong asked
if im doing a "ROCK FESTIVAL" XD IEP!. found a
bluechalk so i started drawing on e table!. XD
RS: had to wipe it before leaving but e silhoutte
was kinda still there!. ;) SCREAMURF SUPREMOUF!.

L: went to TP to eat!. :D while eating a grp of
guys came n 1 of e guys asked e other why his
drink is not fully filled, n e other guy was like
"oh, i drank ald otw to e table~" hahaha e cup
was like 69% full n e table was like only 3steps
away from e cashier!. Lol... Lol... -_-" otw back
to sch i missed a bstop!. so i took another bus to
get to BishanInt n another one back to sch!. rofl XD
concession life is fun. :D walking into sch 1 mat
asked me what time it was hahah so poor thing
wait outside sch for girlfriend nv bring watch so
yah had to wait long2 rofl XD *sings a mashup of
Right Here Waiting+E Man Who Cant Be Moved* XD
LD!. otw to BishanStud i was like walking across
e office n doing my hair n i almost collided into
HottIte Aizat!. rofl XD n he was like "fuuuh!~" XD
R: got to bring this hm today!. woooo~ :D

while changing somein happened!. i think e
toilet was haunted coz e lights suddenly went
off!. you might say that it's e lightsensorsthingy
but some girls went out but it didnt went on!.
so yah when i stepped outta e cubicle then e
lights went back on. i told this to some ppl n
they said e ghost saw me n got scared so it
left!. rofl XD -_-" today e Ldottie seniors came
back so it was kinda cool!. got to see some of
their routines n it was like... hotdamn!. XD haha
at brk Ldottie Kelly asked what kind of guys i
liked n i accidentally said "KORE-ASIAN"!. XD
so yeah finished e kinda short basic routine, then
learnt e intro for e next performance routine ;D
hahahhaa i love e new song!. :D memories X)

AI VII!. hahaha i loved Adam's performance of
Mad World!. hahhaha n e new song when he
[kinda] screamt "u can go hIIIIGGHEEEERR!~" :D
hahaha so yeah "THERE'S NO BOUNDR'EZ" XD
PR V!. haha it's sooo cool that DvF was innit!. :)

L: finally ate MiloMcFlur!. :D today i only went
for DSG -_-" R: HottIes Sufiyan gave me a
confusingcandy!. it's like kiwicola X) anw, e
mmt i stepped into class i knew e results of
AI VII!. saw that HottIes Liyana was emo!. XD
Lol... Lol... im kinda happy that he's 2nd!. it
brings e boringness back into e universe!. X)

aftrsch i changed n went to DG Mrt!. :D

after some walking n climbing,... i finally
collected my cert!. :D [L] they even put
my name e way i wanted it!. was like...
very happy!. X) -_-" R: i took this pHOTo n
tot that e bckgrd looked nice!. :D Lol... Lol...

so i took this pHOTo!. hahaaha i tot that e
bckgrd still looked nice n e trees were kinda
zoological garden-esque so i got inspired n
did e Zoolander "Blue Steel" look!. rofl XD
btw!. i walking a lonely rd!. or was i?. X)

e sky was also lovely!. XD hahah i actually
took this pHOTo with intention coz when
it's held up to a source of light somein can
be seen but my cam'ekal cldnt capture it
so yeah nvm -_-" still happy tho!. :D

L: had to like walk e way down agn -_-"
R: when we finally reached e bottom was
like fungry+thirsty so ate at LJS!. :D

as usual i ate slower then i tot, n talk2,
n got carried away so had to rush back to
BishanInt n 410[w]ed :) didnt hv time to
change back into e sch uniform so when i
reached StudHub for DJClub meeting i was
like superpink!. with my pinkphone n all~ XD
MAGAZINE COVER. so yeah rofl all this while
i really tot there's only 4pieces todo!. -_-"

R: went hm after that n Hot Dzul immediately
ran up to me n started krumping!. rofl XD
L: it started since morn!. Lol... Lol... XD

ITE World Event Day Thingy!. :D so had to
come to sch at 1045. i woke up at 8, n
bathed until 10 -_-" so yeah walked to sch
to dry my hair :) reached n HottIes Wan was
there so i waited with him then Nat, Zahrina n
Fiqah reached n we started. so i gotta be
Customer #2!. :D so there was a Tism student
from another college n she had to layan me as
i wna book a travel package. nice meeting you

hahaha i anyhow booked for 2, so she asked me
who's e other person n i was like "got lah~" haha
in e end i just said JiYong X) dno why it just
happened to be on my mind. there was 1pt when
she asked me for my pport number n i gave her a
random set of numbers, then she asked why it
doesnt hv a letter, so i replied "just put letter E" XD
after my session ended at ard 12 i stayed ard n
watched HottIes Wan cyberflirt!. Lol... Lol...
poor thing e girl had to layan him if not she
might fail her module rofl XD back to e pt!.
e total pckg that i bought costed $722.22+tax.

N [green arrow]: check out e usher avatar!. :)
it's like leaning forward but not falling XD -_-"
S: see e bckgrd!. so drama right!~ hahahaha
moving mountains!~ X) n yeah i didnt know
how to end e thing properly so before leaving
i virtually danced n just posted: FREAKING

im happy that i gotta be a part of it n now
that it's over ima miss it!. :) yeah i mean
there were times when it pisses me off
[server down, debug like 5times, lagg,...]
but wtv!. :D it's really very revolutionary!. i
used to think The Sims r e $hit, but ITEWorld
is like The Sims+Habbo Hotel n more!. :D if
ITEWorld gets further developed it wld be
so cool!. hahaha ITEWORLD ROCKS!. :D

L: before gg out for lunch i went to replace
my ezlink n dimelo?, there was a tudungnista
n her name is Izzati!. Lol... Lol... otw back to
sch bumpercars!. met HottIte Suria so we went
for BPW tgt :D e mmt Mr KG saw me he said
"cabut lagi eh?~" so i was like "huh?." n he said
"cabut class!~" Lol... Lol... -_-" somewhen during
e waxing i unknowingly used Paint Dino's canting n
it's nice!. :D R: my 1stpiece of e day!. :)

L: i wasnt happy with it!. so Mr KG suggested
that i do another one. i was kinda bummed n just
doodling for ideas on e npaper, then i saw those
ads that has faces of ppl, so i started drawing
moustaches on em. then i got inspired!. R: so i
decided to draw squaggles [squareish squiggles]
that come into e middle which has what else but
"e'zzati!." 8D Lol... Lol... hahaha n yeah while doing
both pieces i actually forgot to make e box before
waxing!. -_-" Lol... Lol... hope no one saw ;)

Paint Dino also did a 2ndlayer on my 1st piece,
so repainted over it n everything!. :) hahaha
n i like e top half pattern that he did!. :D but
e 2ndlayer of colors that i chose kinda suck :(
i dno... it's like everytime i see e piece i feel
a different way abt it!. hahahaha okay nvm :)
i think this piece is confused hahahahaa X)

N: there was a grp pHOTo thingy n i realized
that i was e only one who did 3pieces!. :D
hahahaha jakun what!~ Lol... Lol... ;D also!.
S: i managed to kop another set of gerbubbles!.
Lol... Lol... hahaha damn ima miss e sessions!. :D

otw out with HottIte Suria a car passed by. :)
okay i hv a riddle for you. HOW MANY MATS
e car that passed by had like 8 mats innit!. -_-"
seriously!, they were checking us out n stuff, n
i was laughing at em coz some that were in e
backseat was like sitting on e other guy's lap n
it looked sooo unglamly gay!. XD Lol... Lol...
back to e pt, we were supposed to leave our
pieces behind but i took one hm heeeheee ;)

as of today, i am officially a BATIKANISTA!. XD
i used to be uninterested in batik coz i hate
leaving shops confused bcoz of e patterns!. X)
n also other reasons like ending up being floral, or
being tempted to count e number of triangles!. X)
but im not e kinda E'zzARTist who doesnt explore
other mediums coz it's not my "thing", so yeah i
decided to just go for it :D hahaha i dont think
im very gd at it tho!. -_-" Lol... Lol... n yeah i
also think that if you get e chance to try
batikanizing you should!. esp if you're interested
in textiles :) haha at e end of e day, batikanizing
makes me wna eat chocolate fondue!. Lol... Lol...

so yeah. ScreamtikSupremo accompanied me hm!.
L: waited for bus at e bstop :) C: this sticker
confuses me!. to me it kinda means "show off
your face!~" Lol... Lol... R1: sat beside me in e
bus!. :) R2: waited for me at e 2nd bstop!. XD

then a 166bus came n Paul Twohill was inside!.
rofl XD -_-" GW III!. hahahah omg Jim is sooo
lovely!. hahahah also love it when he went
"melinda gordon, will you marry me... AGN?." X)
hahahaa btw nxt wk season finale!. :( till then,

NDP session!. i hv decided to quit. it brought me
no pleasure in making that decision, but i think
it's e best way. it's rather sad that i left without
saying "TTFN!. :D" to e rest tho!. gotta say, i did
meet a lovely bunch of friends n it's been nice
meeting you all n getting to see all your dancin'!.
\m/ i really hope i get to see you soon [other than
on tv] :) add me at fbk!. :D keep it moving!~ ;)

so yeah. N: i accidentally set my computer date
wrongly n "Sometime this millenia" appeared X)
S: Hot Dad went for OBS recently n when he
came back he was like happily showing me that
he cld climb e rockwall n everything -_-" XD

anw, managed to update blog in e aftrnn!. :D
while blogging Hot Dad suddenly sat in e livingrm
n spreaded a whole bunch of dvds n he told me
he just bought em n he like waved e Quantum
Of Solace dvd so i semi-sarcastically asked him
"then got what?. monsters vs aliens?." n he was
like "THERE!~" n he picked e dvd up n waved it
ard -_-" so yeah!. multitasked!. XD Lol... Lol...

MONSTERS VS ALIENS!. XD awesome movie!. X)
i laughed until i cried -_-" hahaha i looooove
Bob!. hahahah sodamncute XD it's really funny,
you all should watch it!. hahah there's 1pt when
e aliens came n "Mr President" went up to
"communicate" with em, n instd of talking he
suddenly bursted Axel F by Crazyfrog on his
keyboards rofl XD other than e jokes it also has
a lovely storyline with a nice twist in e end haha
1 more funny part was when Dr Cockroach saw this
computerlockthingy n he yelled "OH-EM-GEE!~"!.
Lol... Lol... n then he had to like unlock it in a
DDR way rofl XD overall great movie!. XD

but e funniest is still BOB!. XD esp e Bob-Derek
"rship" situation!. XD hahahaha he like totally
dont get it at all rofl XD BOB WILL SAVE US!. ;)

Lol... Lol... after that was online n chatted
with HottIes Matilda who's in Canada :)
[it rhymes!. XD] L: then she said she had
to go coz she's gna go to e mall!. hahahah
i asked her to buy me an eraser n she said
if got funky ones!. Lol... Lol... :D R: then
Hottie Zureena came online so i asked her
which piece she liked most n she replied
"e last one"!. Lol... Lol... so i asked her how
i am supposed to know where she started from
n which one's e last!. Lol... Lol... n she replied
"hahaha right at e bom"!. Lol... Lol.. XD -_-"
i find e word "bom" kinda funny -_-" X)

ooh btw i hv a new bad habit. nowadays,
i keep staying up late n being online!. mainly
it's to charge my mp3, n finish off some
work :) anw, if someone lied to you n you
know it, wld you play along?. hahah coz i
did!. n now im wondering if he knows that
i know that he's lying!. Lol... Lol... ;D

L: ard midnight Ldottie Skye came online n he
wanted to play Reversi but i told him i dno how
so he suggest pool which i didnt really know also
then he was like "wat u know" hahahaaa so we
ended up playing Uno!. Lol... Lol... R: after ard
2rds he said "last round. gg to slp" so i was like
"wait until i win ar"!. Lol... Lol... in e end i really
won!. so i was like "I WON!. OMG HAPPINESS!." n
he replied "finally. I CAN SLP!!" n i replied "OKAY
CAN GO SLEEP!." Lol... Lol... -_-" X)

so yeah was browsing thru e pHOTos i took
this wk, n i found this!. [L] i think e 'lil poster
is cute!. hahaha so yeah it said it wanted
old stuff [clothes incldd] so i just looked ard
my rm n found a few stuff that i nv used :D

anw, i realized that recently i've been to
TP alot, n that e PHutMgerdude that i "like"
doesnt work there anymore!. bummer!. i really
"like" him!. :) he's e only one who'd layan me n
my lameness!. XD for example, he'd help me
out when im torn betw Hawaiian Crispy Thin
Pizza or e normal crust one!. :) n e best thing is,
i can confuse him until he says "Aloha Pizza"
instd!. Lol... Lol... X) i heard that he moved to
another outlet, ima stalk him when im free :) -_-"

also!. somewhen earlier this wk, 1 of my friends
on fbk did this "Which Britney Song Are You" quiz
n he published it. it seemed accurate n updated
so i decided to do it!. haha n i got... TOXIC!. :D
it's been awhile since i listened to Toxic, so e
1st thing i did was to search for this!. 8D

Lol... Lol... I LOVE QUESTOXIC!. :D
they totally owned e song!. rofl n like
Shane Sparks commented, i also love e
feminine vibe it had n everything!. :D im
sooo addicted to this performance!. X) -_-"
A WARNING!. ;D Cheers!. \m/ TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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