Sunday, April 19, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


HOLA!. ;) refreshing wk!. HottIte Yr II kicked off
with a mad rush!. :) -_-" Lol... Lol... i still hvnt
gotten over some of e stuff that happened ;D
damnlongpost so betta get yourself a drink n
take a seat before reading!. Lol... Lol... XD

ytd postblogging this happened!. X) i wonder why
this always happens to me!. it's like e mmt i finish
blogging, someone will come online n ask me why
i hvnt update my blog!. Lol... Lol... fantastic timing ;D
Ld Ys: hi.. haven upDATE ya blog
E'zzati Said: JUST DID!. Lol... Lol... i even tagged you!~
Ld Ys: hahax saw it y u dun have tagboard?
E'zzati Said: hahahahhaa secret only some ppl can see
Ld Ys: oh my uni is different from other ppl's uni?
is it obvious tt ive tailored it?
u sure r free to draw the drawing hahas
E'zzati Said: Lol... Lol... i know but some ppl tailor
still like normal roflroflrofl
Ld Ys: oh ok..glad u like it~
E'zzati Said: hahahahhahah i love it!.
Ld Ys: hahas wa..u update alooot
u can rmb so many things and stuff in ur mind
E'zzati Said: roflroflrofl still got more leh
i got diary hahahah
Ld Ys: oic no wonder

Lol... Lol... haha she blogged that it'd be e last
time she sees her ite uniform. NVM!. if you miss it,
just visit!. XD
i am certain i will camwhore innit!. Lol... Lol... at e
same time, we were also chatting at her tagboard!.
E'zzati!.: Lol... Lol... you can hv your uniforms back
after im done if you still want em!. Lol... Lol...
thanks btw!. all e best for thu's performance!.
SYS> Ezzati: Nah..u can keep them as a memory of
me.. (im not dead yet) Thx!! will be seeing u on wed
and thurs rite?!
E'zzati!.: Lol... Lol.... hahaha "e nightmare before
performance" rofl XD uh huh uh huh!~ 2, 3, 4, and 1

Lol... Lol... anw!. presenting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.5,...
my HOTTITE YR II life!. it started with a fabulous
morning of shyiok sendiri in e bus!. :D THANKS TO
Lol... Lol... was ald awake but nvm :) a lot of ppl
found my new top nice!. [L] i know!~ ;D in e bus
there were some blinganistas!. [R, green arrows] X)

left a lil late n forgot abt "detour". furthermore,
being a Vansvirgin[?], i didnt really know how to
walk properly!. n i think my feet shrank too coz
my shoes felt bigger!, like 2 nuggetspaces big!. X)
i dont think it has anything to do with e laces tho.
but i think im supposed to wear thicker socks -_-"
Lol... Lol... wtv!. i just walked like how id walk in
high heels ;) i alighted e bus to e presence of 3mats
n 1 of em went "dier ni pakai vans mcm primadonna!~"
Lol... Lol... surprisingly, 88bus came on time!. so
reached stylishly [a lil bit] late ;D otw realized that
HottIes Liyana n i were in e same bus!. cool~ ;) we've
mastered e telekinesis syncronized timing!. rofl XD

"ITE, GLORIOUS ITE!." Lol... Lol... XD

class began at D305!. Lol... Lol... then went to
StudHub for Dj Club meeting, did some stuff for e
CCA Roadshow, then met up with e HottIes!. :)

L: my lips looked purple!. muuuuahhh!~ Lol... Lol...
cool huh!. dno why tho :) R: e HottIesHunks played
Cs n i got bored so i did some stalking :) check
out my list of Top 5 Men I Want!. ;) inspired by
Hottie Zureena XD Lol... Lol... ;D YEZZAH!~

also!, i found this at Hottie Zureena's blog!. she actually
repost-ed my whole poem along with some pictures!.
Lol... Lol... when she told me i tot she just wanted to
take a line or two rofl XD she commented that "This
poem totally hit me like a ray of sun. ='("!. Lol... Lol...
frankly, i didnt intend it to hv that effect at all!. XD
rather than "a ray of sun", it's more to a bunch of
fireworks!. kinda dangerous but still glam, noisy but
nice to hear, n it's best experienced when dark, coz
it lightens up e area when it happens!. :D *explodes*

was kinda hungry so bought 8nuggets!. also!.
recieved a vintage $2note :) [L] sat at grandstands
while waiting for SW. i only finished 2nuggets -_-"
small intestine hurts!. R1: aliens exist!. XD

camwhored somemore after that with e rest :D
L: "i'm strong, baby!~" *inside joke* XD
R: all step jambu, esp HottIes Sufiyan!. rofl XD

while waiting somein weird happen!. i saw a newguy
walking out on e field, so i was like saying to e
HottIes "eh why that guy, trek a lonely field~" n we
HIS FACE INTO IT!. it was so drama mann!~ O.0 at 1st
i tot that he's just pissed coz he had to wear sucha
unglam uniform, but then he was getting drama-er[?] so
HottIes Liyana n i made HottIes Sufiyan approach him!. X)
after some hesitation he went n e guy put his shirt back
on -_-" he should've done it without e face-shirt bashing!.
at least it'll seem that he's Ghosts Yeller-er!. rofl XD
HottIes Sufiyan said that e guy was screaming into his
shirt coz a janitor called him "a lil boy" when he's actually
27yo!. SO LAME!. MEN N THEIR EGOS!. -_-"

met Mr Borhan then he chatted with us a lil bit. since
no one had SW outfits session was cancelled so we
went to StudHub agn. after that class was at A302!.
[L] Lol... Lol... back to e place where we began!~ :D
Mr Foong intro-ed us to Adobe Illustrator Cs 3, [C] n
asked us to explore e software. created stalkerpHOTos ;)
i did a tshirt [R] n he said it was nice n asked me what
tool i used n i was like "err... pandai2 tool?!. ;)" XD

aftrsch HottIes Matilda, Liyana n i went to Mcd to
eat icecream. e Mcdstaff that liked me was on
duty n he gave me a "loving" look when i ran past
him [i really ran!. ;)] bought my MATpie McRUFFly X)
then i told em abt him while eating then they asked
me to ask him to treat us icecream toppings!. XD
Lol... Lol... so funny+lame!. ppl ask guys for those
kinda expensive2 things we ask for icecream toppings!.
Lol... Lol... XD didnt ask btw :) anw, i suppose e
best thing abt e day was getting to meet e HottIes!. :D

Hot Gmum was so cute!. she woke me up, then said
"oh, a'ah eh niari start lambat~" Lol... Lol... XD
88bus came on time agn!. :D met HottIes Liyana,
Matilda n Zahrina so we walked to sch tgt :) LPD!.
i got called 1st to intro -_-" anw, today e HottIesHunks
started wearing polos ald!. thank gdness my class has
HottIesHunks that can make it work. :D DSG!. we
managed to convince Mr Foong to let us off at 1100 :)
so HottIes Liyana, Matilda n i went to sit at e foyer
with HottIes Farah coz she was BL-ing [bling!. rofl XD]

B2B kicked off with a crazy performance by Vogue!.
i find em sooooo cool coz they're just so... em!.
Lol... Lol... n above all they r really2 gd dancers!. :D

after that e competition started. 22Beats [L],
then B'delicious 1!. [C] they did well!. also got a
free can of Redbull coz they sponsored e event [R] :)

then it was B'delicious 2 [L], n TMC [C]!. i enjoyed
TMC's performance!. :) at this pt i started screaming!.
Lol... Lol... pissed of some ahlians in front, then a
mat said to his friend "ni confirm screamo~" rofl XD
ooh!. e part that i was looking forward to finally
happened!. i screamt even louder ;) its... beatboxers
Naz+Jannson!. [R] *screams* when Naz asked Jannson
to bbox n sing i tot he was gna do I Like To Move It or
4 Minutes like he did at e rehearsals, but then in e end
he performed RIGHT ROUND!. OoO hotdamn!~ XD

after that G3O [L], Slickers[?.] [C], then Mc Naz went
"whats gna happen?." so HottIes Liyana n i yelled "battle!."
n he was like "clever!." Lol... Lol... they got volunteers n
e guy volunteer was some emodude n we were like
wondering if he was really gna dance!. XD then!. 1 of e
BLs sitting infront asked me to go!. i was like "i same
batch as you!~" Lol... Lol... e battle was very nice!. esp
when e Vogue dancers anyhow came in!. Lol... Lol... ;D

after that i went to HottIes Liyana who was waiting with
Jannson coz i asked her to ask him to stay coz i wanted
to pHOTize with him!. Lol... Lol... ;) when she 1st told
me that he looked slenger i didnt expect him to be
THAT slenger!. i was kinda shocked when i saw him enter
e Audtori!. Lol... Lol... then he started bboxing n i was
even more shocked!. Lol... Lol... totally surprising!. XD

went to cteen to finally eat cchop. it was kinda
pathetic today?. disappointed!. Lol... Lol... but!,
cteen was interesting!. e Vogue dancers were there
n all!. :) after that IEP at B302, then to Bishanlib coz
i had LD Meeting later :) dimelo?, now you cant
borrow bks if you hv ANY fines!. :( hwv!, renewed
items r now free of charge!. :) Lol... Lol... ;)

went back to sch, Mrs Foo briefed abt e CCA Roadshow :)
i realized that all e 3booths that i was suppose to be ard
were very near each other!. [L, green arrows] YEZZAH :D
n!. they called e location "Happening Area" rofl X) in e
studio i was appointed to be in charge of designing e
LD booth :) otw back saw this!. [C] i tot e cartoon
constructionistas were kinda cute!. Lol... Lol... also saw
this!. [R] Teletubbies Po!. Lol... Lol... n i think e Spongebob
one looks kinda wrong n obscene!. -_-" like as if it has a
long peni$!. Lol... Lol... XD no offence Spongebobanistas!.

i found this LD polotee inside e LD locker so i decided
to wear it for e CCA Roadshow coz i was e main
boothanista!. ;) Lol... Lol... no idea who it belongs
to tho hee hope you dont mind i wear your stuff!. :)
treat it as an indirect compliment k!. Lol... Lol... ;D

act miang a lil bit!. Lol... Lol... XD

this happened for L!. Lol.... Lol... XD
E'zzati Said: eh i look like mat rep or not?. :)
Guy: NO~ you so primadonna cannot make it!
Lol... Lol... anw, got our DSG textbk today!. :D
[L] pretty excited!. Lol... Lol... HOTDORK!. ;)

bumpercars!. met HottIes Yilik in e 88bus :)
was kinda late so i sneaked into class ;)
ate this n there were a few boys who saw
n was like "kesiannyer dier makan sikit ajer~"
Lol... Lol... i still cldnt finish it actually!. X)

classes ended at 12 so went hm, then back
for LD. otw i saw another blinganista!. [L] was
kinda glad that we gotta use e studio before e
CCA Roadshow :) LD session was okay, taught e
Jan intake chacha, i was kinda bored. studio felt
rather empty somehow :) -_-" anw!. you know!,
everytime i get emo n look down at e floor i see my
shoes n get happy all over agn!. [R] Lol... Lol... :D

at hm Hot Mum asked me who drew e ske'zch of e
HottIte Yr II so i said me n she said it really looked
like me, with my baggy pants n all~ i was like DUH.
Hot Im agreed n said e face is scary -_-" missed
AI VIII agn coz i fell asleep. PR V was cool!. esp e
part when Tim Gunn went "hollaaatchhaa!~"!. rofl XD
anw, touched up on e LD banners :) excited!.

otw to Ite Mcp for e CCA Roadshow i banged e
signs into almost everybody in e bus!. X) 1 guy
commented "e sign is almost as big as her sia~"
Lol... Lol... there was this tallperson standing beside
me n he was really irritating!. he kept looking down n
staring at my boobs!. wth!. *sings* LUCKY THAT

Ref: itsnotoveruntilthelilgirlrocks!. i "wondered what
ima do with em", usually id most likely make a dress!.
Lol... Lol... but!. Ldottie Marlyn[?.] n i went ard
pasting em n 1 of e cleaners was like "who paste this?."
*points to a specific sticker* so i said "oh, after e
event we take down :)" in e end they helped us peel
it off :) when i was at e booth HottIeSdo Sufiyan who
was just at e next booth went "do you like, paste that
everywhere you go?." so i said "uh huh!." n he replied

i even pasted it on myself!. Lol... Lol... ;)

L: my LD booth!. Lol... Lol... R1: SDO booth!.
R2: DJ Club booth!. Lol... Lol... it was nice to
hv e Sdo booth side by side with LD!. can kick
2 birds with 1 shoe!. [i dont kill birds, i kick ;)]
Lol... Lol... so yeah. can share2 space n stuff :)

L: i wondered where they got this picture!. :(
C: Mrs Foo gave us free currypuff!. :)
R: there were packed food but i didnt take ;)

L: there was this balloonairman thingy?. it's so
weird n unglam!. haha :( n!. R: my fav balloon
escaped[?]!. it was helium-ed so it went
right up to e ceiling, ceiling!~. it matched tho
hahah. but it was a really nice balloon!. :(

somewhen during e event 3 HottITechers came
to visit, so i taught 1 of em e basic chacha, n he
was like "oh still must shake my butt ar?." rofl!. XD
he actually diddit correctly!. Lol... Lol... keep it
moving!~ hahaa I CAN MAKE YOU DANCE!~ ;D

wasnt at e performers side so i dno what happened
but i heard e cd was spoiled e 1sttime n at 2ndtime
e crowd was weak so yeah :/ hmmm during e event
a lot of ppl asked me random questions!. there were
a few ppl who asked me where's _name of place_ n
i'd point to e direction that my gut says ;) hopefully
no one ended up sesat!. Lol... Lol... there were also
those who asked me random stuff like how long i've
kept my hair n who's my hairstylist, n "how come
you're so small but your voice isnt annoying?~" XD

there was also this mat he came up to me n asked
for somein n i didnt manage to give him!. i felt bad!. he
went "nak belon boleh tak?. belon?. pls?. boleh tak?."
in e end he just "belon~" he sounded really upset!.
next time come find me agn i give you 2 okay~ :)
anw, there was this Trumpet Band n they even
performed e Doraemon theme song it was cute!. X)
Lol... Lol... i wonder if they can play Boulevard Of
Broken Dreams too rofl XD that'll be soo cool!. XD

anw, this time rd promoting LD instd, i gained a
totally new experience!. :D quite happy coz we
managed to portray e image that i wanted!. which
is: "Latin Dance!. like cool, like that!~" XD coz ppl
usually think it's old n boring. in e end ard 20ppl
signed up!. not bad huh!, quite satisfied with it.
ive also seen a few promising ones!. ;D

also i realized that... GUYS R PATHETIC!. OMG!~
what a letdown!. most of em were scared to come
near to our booth n went straight to e hiphop ones.
some had to be persuaded by us n their friends before
signing up. some acted as if LD is soo... indecent?.
1 of e guys who rejected made a really fuglyface n
before i managed to say somein sarcastic, Ldottie Mas
went "MUKA BUROK SEH!~" Lol... Lol... XD some even
made fun of LD!. i think it's bcoz they think LD seems
kinda soft?. or gay?. but actually it isnt if it's gd!.
i mean, i know e guys shake their butts n stuff but
e gd dancers do it with masculinity n confidence n
it doesnt seem lame at all!. anw, if you're sooo sure
of your sexuality, what's there to be scared of?!.

usually LD isnt indecent at all, i mean yes it's sexy n
stuff but it actually has some respect involved [or at
least it should!.]!. :) n coming from both e latin n
hiphop side of dance, i'd say that in hiphop theres also
those sexy2 moves, n what?, bcoz it's hiphop it's decent?!.
BULL$HIT!. also!. i sincerely believe that LD reveals e real
man n woman in e dancers!. but wtv mann!~ "when you're
ready to admit you're afraid to dance then come find me"
-Dirty Dancing 2 ;) i was quite impressed by e girls that
signed up tho!. they were more open to give it a go :D
GIRLS RULE!. BOYS DROOL!. ;) gotta say tho, there were
some really DARINGdancers!. ;) they came straight up to
me n asked "where do i sign up?. :)" without hving me to
say anything!. at this pt, it barely matters to me if they
really can dance, coz i admire their guts!. *ROA* :D

JOIN LATIN DANCE!. we shake a$$ n kick a$$!.
JOIN SDO!. JOIN DJ CLUB!. uhhuh uhhuh. i think thats
all that im involved in. wait. JOIN NDP DANCERS!. ;D
L: was cleaning up when i walked ard n saw this so
i borrowed it :D also managed to get a drink from
Ldottie Nicole[?.] [R] e event ended rather late so
i didnt go for e B2BW :( wish i cldve went tho!.
24bus was really fast otw back!. wonder what's up :)

L: decided to treat myself!. :D
R: at e end of e day i was so tired!. i "plonked"
myself on my bed n crashed immediately :D

L: otw to sch [at noon] i saw a half moon!.
it's pretty scary coz in my religious class they'd
say that when "day bcomes night n night bcomes
day", thats when e end of e world is coming. n to
add to e scariness, there was this cloud that looked
like "Allah" [swt] in Arabic characters!. [C] seconds
later a huge plane appeared out of nowhere it seemed
really close i tot i was gna be squashed to death!. :/

in 88bus 2 really cute toddlers kept looking at me n
they parents were like telling em to stop staring at me
coz later i'd feel awkward!. X) frankly, i dont mind!. :)
kinda used to it coz always happens!. Lol... Lol... ;) -_-"
E'zzati Said: i wonder why toddlers always look at me?.
Girl: oh you hv e small-kid look gg on what~ :)
E'zzati Said: i wonder why toddlers always look at me?.
Guy: coz you n your face look like cartoon! hehe~

Lol... Lol... was late for LPD so i didnt bother to
rush, n as fantastically timed, HottIes Liyana texted
if i was in class!. so i replied n she said she was halfway
walking when she detoured!. so we met up n went to
Popular, then to Mcd. saw her bro too!. reached a lil bit
early before IEP so we went to e cteen n sat with e
Sdotties [S-D-Otties!. ;)] to discuss abt today :) L: ate
my lunch, Sdottie Lock's Mcd meal looks yummy!. :( R: got
our LPDnotes. dimelo?, e 1st pg was all abt teeth!. -_-"

L: "eh Colin i wna take picture with your shoe!." ;)
today there was some filming gg on coz HottIes r
1 of e patron pioneers of this new software called
ITEWorld!. they 1st introed it so i clapped [n no one
else did] so e camera panned at me!. rofl XD ;)

it's like The Sims+Battleon[?]+ITE all combined into a
virtual software!. after 3times of re-logging in i managed
to explore it!. :) HottIes Colin commented "forgot to
create a jump button", n HottIes Sufiyan joked "spacebar~"
rofl XD then HottIes Raynard asked "btw how to find
weapon?." Lol... Lol... XD credit goes to HottIes Amrit
[rhymes!.] for discovering that we can fly!. XD [L2]

L+C: can even dance!. R: my favorite rm/runway!. XD
i find it rather impressive, esp for an ITE standard!. :D
[teach me some programming secrets one day k!. ;)]

DSG was semi-cancelled coz Mr Foong had to attend
a meeting, so e SdottIes rushed to BishanStud coz
it's our last session with SdoInstructor Daphney!. :(
bummer much coz i really favour her choreostyle n
dancing over others!. :( R: "SMILE IF YOU LIKE ME!." ;)
*inside joke* otw back HottIes Liyana n i bumpercars
to her in 7-11 rofl X) anw, this also means i hv to
rethink some of e stuff in my life. RAWRRARRRARR!.

anw!. i really wna give a shoutout to all e Hotstuffs who
hv helped me out recently, be it directly or otherwise :D
ROCK ON!. \m/ ;) RAWR!. to me it depends individually,
but what i know is if you're with me then i'll do my
best for your personal success too,
-Read My Mind by The Killers :)
fundamentally,... i just want you to be happy :)
also, i DONT APPRECIATE men who r unsure of their
own feelings :) i wont hide it, but i dont intend to be
bad abt it either :) it's absolutely otiose. i mean,

NDP session!. reached early n saw this.
cool huh!, they hv lotsa workshops at\
their place!. :( BISHAN OIII!~

while waiting for NdpInstructor Priscilla to
reach borrowed Sdottie Ira's cap for camwhoration
purposes XD Lol... Lol... THANKS SDOTTIE IRA!. :D

L: Sdottie Qida "ni nanti mesti blog!~" XD
E'zzati Said: a'ah!. heehee ;D [R]
Lol... Lol... after that session started :)

uhhuh. today e studio was occupied n we had to
dance infront of e office. means, i hv to wear my
shoes n dance!. damn!, i was sooo scared that my
shoes were gna fly off n hit somein/somebody!.
Lol... Lol... luckily it didnt!. -_-" X) ended ard 1400!.

today some of em told me that they think that my
hair is very nice!. Lol... Lol... ;) some also commented
that my "suara matured"!. rofl!. XD i know i hv this
small-kid look gg on n lotsa ppl expect my speaking
voice to be very high-pitched n annoying so when i
start talking they'd be really suprised!. ;) Lol... Lol...
XD uhhuh uhhuh!. usually i'd just reply back "I KNOW!~

as of today, im officially a Sweettalkanista!. rofl XD
so yeah bought it agn but this time e Stalkstaff didnt
wash e blender so it tasted lik OCIB Milk Tea!. -_-"
anw, buses came at fantastic timing!. went online for
a while!. Lol... Lol... hope he doesnt read this!. ;)
*i exchange designpHOTos with Guy*
E'zzati Said: omg!. i love e _censored_!. sodamncool!.
Guy: hahaah thanks eh! i think yours are cute hehe
E'zzati Said: -_-" rofl X) well seems like you hv e
funky-cool streetstyle gg on!. :D
Guy: yupp. hehe has been doing that since before
you were born -_-" hahakxz unlike yours. sooooo
klakar-seram kinda-primadonna style hehe hehe
E'zzati Said: rofl!. XD Lol... Lol... PRIMADONNA EH!~
Guy: KINDA only.. i don't mean that sarcastically :)
E'zzati Said: ELEH!~ Lol... Lol... true true ;D
Guy: TAU TAKPE~ kecik2 dah pandai2 primadonna..
E'zzati Said: -_-" wtv!. *throws a primadonna act*
why?. think you cant handle it?~ ;)
Guy: OH~ takpe2.. you wait~ hehe
*E'zzati appears to be offline. Email this contact instd*

*as im appearing offline*
*i m still appearing offline*
E'zzati Said: roflroflrofl XD mwahahaha ;)
Lol... Lol... uhhuh i think that's abt it for e wk :)
GET OUT OF MY WAY!. ;) Cheers!. :D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs


hazziie said...

jannson from ur sch? he looked like a guy frm my sch. hahahah.

E'zzati Said!. said...

hahaha nope he just got into poly i think?.
hahahhahahah why?.
interested?. hahaha joking... ;)