Sunday, March 22, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


I AM SO ADDICTED TO MY BLOGSONG!. *shyiok sendiri*
RAWR!. soyabeancurd!. Ref: babylookatmehereigo. :)
i mentioned that i was gna go bloghopping n if e blog
that i go to isnt updated, then e blogger will hv to treat
me Mcd Hot Fudge Sundae with Oreo Cookie toppings!.
dimelo?. all of em blogged!. RAWR!. Lol... Lol... XD
okay this is a superdamnlong post!. please do
take a seat 1st... sit down ald?. really or not!~
dont lie!~ haha okay so here it goes rofl XD

Ref: fearmeifyoudare. :) so yeah i mentioned abt
my crush, n here i am to tell you that i've officially
given up!. i almost wrote a song abt him today but
i tore it all up n threw it away :) so yeah!. now i will
only blog abt my heartcandy!. :D n stepdads X)

i was totally emo!. so i decided to hv a haircut :D
trimmed my back hair [i KNOW some of you hv been
waiting for it to happen haha]. then i still had some
emoness left to ditch n i sooo wanted to get back to
fashion n dance n singing!. somewhen later Hot Mum
asked us to go to Msia tml, Ldottie Skye said there's
session on wed, n HottIeSdo Sufiyan said there'll be
session with SdoIntstructor Daphney on fri, n
HottIte Mr Cho said there's session on sat. so yeah.
fantastic timing btw!. Lol... Lol... emoxcited~ ;D

anw i find it weird coz when im emo ppl think that
it's funny. then i'll start laughing too. wth right?. rofl XD
e scenario below happened to me a few times before.
*i get emo n call Guyfriend up, he didnt pick up*
*a few mins later he calls back*
Guy: E'zzati!. what's wrong?~
E'zzati Said: eh how you know ar!. eh i call you back later.
Guy: why?. why?~ what happened?.
E'zzati Said: erm. i call you back later...
Guy: why?. you wna talk abt it?.
*like duh i call means i wna talk abt it right*
E'zzati Said: LATER I TELL YOU!~
Guy: why?. nvm i not busy you can talk~
E'zzati Said: ...i dont want to cry inside e bus...
*so we hang up*

*i alight e bus n called back*
Guy: E'zzati!. you very cute leh!~ 1st time i hear
someone emo still can say dont wna cry in bus~
E'zzati Said: RAWR ppl emo still can say cute!.
*i will start laughing until i cry*
E'zzati Said: eh i really cry!. see, lucky i alight e bus ald~
Guy: why?. e bus driver hurt your feelings ar?.
E'zzati Said: haha nope nvm haha ok thanks. TTFN!. :D
Guy: what e~ you very cute leh haha okay bye :)

Lol... Lol... then they'll start questioning my emoness!.
Guy: just now you emo you listen to noisy songs right?~
E'zzati Said: actually i not emo also i listen haha :D
E'zzati Said: *laughs like crazy* AVERAGE?! rofl XD
Guy: ya, why?. correct what Average Sevenfold~
E'zzati Said: it's AVENGED SEVENFOLD!~ XD
Guy: oh, sorrylah i download they type that what~

Lol... Lol... lucky he nv go to e concert if not confirm
will get beaten up rofl XD but i think that e cutest
thing abt being emo is that when THEY r emo, they
come to me!. "SUDDENLY", MCR e beat very nice!~
"SUDDENLY", Chop Suey e guitars catchy!~ XD

LD session today at BishanStud!. :D otw i contributed
to e Society for the Physically Disabled!. "Encouraging
Independence Enriching Lives"!. i donated to show my
support... n also coz i think e sticker is quite cute. -3-"
Lol... Lol... XD keep it moving hotstuffs!. myhipsdontlie ;D

before reaching i bought my latelunch at Juncti8n Mcd.
okay, ima tell you all somein personal. e Mcd staff that
likes me was on duty!. e mger was there so i faster2
pay n walk away :) luckily e mger nv pakat with him!.

when i reached sch n was changing i heard music!.
i tot it was my mp3, but i was wondering why so loud.
then i tot it was from e BishanStud, but when i went
out it wasnt. in e end, it was e HottITechers!. XD
they were testing e new soundsytem!. i think Mr Fareez
saw me n told Ms Nair so i \m/ed her n she \m/ed back!.
Lol... Lol... then Ms Ema laughed!. me excited much!. 8D

LD had very lil turnout, but was sodamnfun!. jived, then
learnt how to lock n do windmill [as in e Latin one] :D
after that did chacha n i kinda panic so i just followed.
they said that can see i seldom practice chacha. :S
moving on, otw back there was an ahpek on a bike n
he saw me n was like "ooh~" without e sound. whatth?!.
Lol... Lol... okay nvm AI VIII!. did you listen to Adam's
Ring Of Fire!. i cld totally bellydance to that!. Lol... Lol...

went online ard midnight n this happened!.

E'zzati Said: COACH!. 1st time i see you online~
HottIes Coach D: hihi cos u just added me wat
E'zzati Said: oh ya haha
HottIes Coach D: this gal ah
E'zzati Said: what what me hahahaha
HottIes Coach D: haha, tdy we went 2 play soccer
wanted 2 call u but knew u wouldnt come
E'zzati Said: Lol... Lol... im so touched
haha my coach knows me well haha
but if you called i think i wld come sia
HottIes Coach D: hehe u can lie ah i bet u wouldnt come
E'zzati Said: coz i had dance session in sch at 4pm
so before that actually can come
HottIes Coach D: haha ok, next time i'll call u
E'zzati Said: Lol... Lol... i only hv dance on wed
n maybe fri n sat so unless it's those days then
i think you can forget it ahaha
HottIes Coach D: still can say only okok

E'zzati Said: why you not sleeping yet
chatting with who ah? *raises eyebrows vigorously*
HottIes Coach D: thinking of my galfren u le?
thinking of all da cute guys ah? haha
E'zzati Said: haha ooh btw wanted to tell you
i think i give up on _censored_ ald
HottIes Coach D: wth havent even kiss him yet hahaa
E'zzati Said: i dont wna kiss him i wna dance with him!.
HottIes Coach D: really??
E'zzati Said: YA~ _censored_ you know what i mean haha
HottIes Coach D: yup i know never mind
there r other fishes in da sea
E'zzati Said: yeah nemo
HottIes Coach D: huh? dont choose nemo
E'zzati Said: other fishes got nemo
HottIes Coach D: if not u 4ever have 2 find it
E'zzati Said: why nemo cute what wth lol omg
HottIes Coach D: really wat its finding nemo
so u 4ever have 2 chase after it
E'zzati Said: haiz i abit sad sia
HottIes Coach D: y?? cos of _censored_?
if u still like him, y not go n confess yr feelings 2 him
see wat he says
E'zzati Said: haha why
HottIes Coach D: cos u might stand a chance mah
u never know no harm trying
u ask him wat he really feel abt u la
then at least u know wat
wat if he say he feel something 4 u le
E'zzati Said: then i dedicate a goal to you haha

i know, he says e darndest things!. Lol... Lol...
after that he went offline, then Hottie Zureena
prompted me another darn thing made me laugh in
e hall like nobody's bness!. she asked me if i think
that her Dp is hot rofl XD it's actually her wearing a
white cloth n long hair "like ghost" XD haha ooh you
can also see e laughingboy emoticon i've blogged abt
before ;D after chatting awhile more went to crash :)
i spent e rest of e day singing my heart out!. :)
[we all know what im thinking abt!. heehee XD]

met HottIeSdo Sufiyan earlier for lunch at
Juncti8n Ljs!. turned out that both of us were
earlier than earlier!. Lol... Lol... anw, i was kinda
disappointed coz now e LjStaff has changed :(
i mean yah e new LjStaff r friendly n all but i still
prefer e previous batch!. BOO sad mann homeboys
graduated, now LjhottieS left... I WANT MY FOOD E
WAY I WANT IT TO BE!~ [feeling2 primadonna~] XD

otw to BishanStud i saw e Mcd staff that likes me!.
he was gg for Friday Prayers. he wore fulldress!. -_-"
luckily he didnt see me~ XD haha but i think it's
kinda touching that he's holy!. Lol... Lol... haha i
hope God doesnt give him "hell"[me]!. Lol... Lol... XD

was were early n BishanStud wasnt open yet so we
went to e waterfollyer. then i rmbed that i've been
wanting to photoshoot there for quite awhile!. 8D
in case you dno, waterfollyer is e top of e foyer!.
i've done many foyer pHOTos but nv at e top!.
so off we went!. it was more beautiful than i tot!~
there were some gd pHOTos but i like these most!. :D


L: FEELING HEROIC!. *sings Hero Heroine*
C: HIPHOP FOR E WORLD!. Lol... Lol...
[as in e cone, i dno why but i wanted to photize with it]
haha it's sooo fun i still wna shoot there next time!. 8D

pre-Sdo session!. while waiting this happened!.
L: check out Sufiyan's moves!~ Lol... Lol... XD
R: i hv no idea what i was doing but i like my
butt n shoes in this pHOTo!. Lol... Lol... anw!.
check out Sufiyan in e bckgrd!. WEEE he goes!~ XD

Sdo session!. was sodamnverysuperfun!. XD
learnt many things!. POMSARK!. *inside code*
otw hm i saw an exclassmate of mine!. fancy
bumping into him!. was kinda happy wanted to
chat but he was kinda sombong so i just continued
walking :( also!. i was wearing e supershirt right?!.
then i was walking innocently behind this 3mats n
they met 2mats n 1 of em went "asal girlfriend kao
diam ajer?. marah kat kao kan?~" n he pointed to me!.

instd of denying, e supershirtmat went "sorrylah,
i tell you ald, it's not that i dont want, it's i really
cant~ i know it means alot to you, sorry~" -_-" so
i decided to play along. "ok Ez maybe next time."
I WAS INTERNALLY ROFL!. so he replied "yah,
IS EZ!." Lol... Lol... he blew our cover!. RAWR!.

Lol... Lol... so his name turned out to be Ezwan!.
Lol... Lol... chitchatted until my bus come then...
*we exhanged bloglinks*
Ezwan: okay, i'll visit your hotblog then :)
E'zzati Said: *board e bus* TAG EH!. :D
so yah while sitting in e bus i realized that
i dont hv a tagboard -_-" i should really stop
this habit of mine of asking ppl to tag!. rofl XD

otw hm there was this guy riding on his bike
wearing orangepolotee n he stared at me so i
stared back n he fell from his bike!. :$ see!.
toldcha polotees r unglam!. Lol... Lol... YEZZAH!.

at hm i realized that HottIes Liyana also cut
her hair on e same day as me!. Lol... Lol...
hot minds think alike rofl X) in continuation to
I HV A NEW REAL PET!. not PetSociety or
SuperpokePets or Tamagotchi rofl XD
introducing... SPIDE'ZZATI!. *RdOfApplause*

it's so cute!. [like me but i cuter XD] when i
found it it was lying on it's back n it seemed
like it was gna die so i picked it up n put it in
a box!. :D after awhile i showed Hot Nabs n
was a lil bit upset coz i tot i didnt manage to
save a a spider but she showed me that it was
still alive so i decided to keep it!. YEZZAH!~ :D

haha ooh Ch5 will be airing a drama series called
Fighting Spiders too!. cool. i wonder if it's a
sign for me to do somein. moving on, i miss my
very 1sthomeboys!. i wonder where they're at now.
e last time i saw em they bcame mat reps n dont
keep in touch with me anymore [idiot!.] everytime
i think of em n talk abt it, ppl will just reply "MATREP?.
KAT BAWAH BLKLAH!~" Lol... Lol... 1sthomeboys if
you're reading this add me at fbk!. n tell me your
bloglink!~ Lol... Lol... XD muuuuuuuahhhhhh~

hmmm. i really felt heroic today *sings Enrique's Hero*
anw, i watched Ghost Whisperer n i cldnt sleep!. :$
there was 1part abt "reaching out for somein more" n
things that i find identifiable with my current situation.
spent 3damnhrs lying on my bed just thinking -_-" :)

DANCE ELECTIVE!. okay i didnt get thru but
HottIte Mr Cho texted me to come n i prepared
everything ald before gg to sleep. then!. i woke
up only to realize that it's ald 1hr before session
so i texted him saying that i cldnt make it :( then
he asked me to come on mon. kinda relieved!. hope
i didnt miss much n that everyone who went blogs
abt it so i will know what happened heehee ;)

i think it wld be cool if there was session on mon!.
then on tue there'll be Sdo session, n LD on wed!.
Lol... Lol... today it rained heavily n i cldnt sleep
so i made green n pink sugar!. :D [L] Lol... Lol...
konon2 "drugs"~ haha jk. it's not as pink n green as
i want it to be tho :( N!. HotSaids went to Tpy n
they bought... [SURPRISE!~ JENGJENGJENG!~]
CANON POWERSHOT A480!. 10Mpx!. O.0"

so i tried it out. who knows, it might be spoilt or
wtv~ Lol... Lol... there's this long shutter mode,
it's really fun!. esp if you do retarded faces!. XD
Lol... Lol... but i think e microp [micro-p] is not that
gd. so cannot use to make music video rofl XD

i've been crashing late recently. it's like i'll wake up
at 0900 or 1000 but i'll only fall asleep at 0400 or
0500. i think it's emomnia [emo+insomnia] haha nvm :)
Cheers!. :D TTFN!. :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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