Saturday, January 24, 2009

E'zzati's Secret.


hey sexy!. it's me~ Lol... Lol... finally get to internet!. :D
hvnt been leisurely online for awhile. this wk is a whole
mess of everything. faster read!. Lol... Lol... :D

*mon 19Jan
EPL i was really late, so decided to meet HottIes Liyana.
she came like 5 buses after mine!. RAWR. somewhere in
betw met HottIes Zahrina n she was late too so we sat at
e Juncti8n bstop n waited. my mp3 lowbatt, superbored!.
today i called HottIes Liyana "Leon" as a bday sabo or wtv ;)

when we reached it was ald breaktime. a bit sadded coz e
class was splitted into 2 n we sat at e 2 opposite ends of e
cteen!. but nvm. after eating we all went to D302 for BZC.
so Leon n i were following HottIes Fir up e foyerstairs, then
somein funny happened. Lol... Lol... somein like this:

*Leon n E'zzati follows Fir up e foyerstairs*
*suddenly Fir changes direction so we got confused*
Leon: eh, Fir you dno how to go up stairs eh today?. haha
E'zzati Said: ayya, he BRIDGE leader what~ not STAIRS leader!~
*everyone laugh* Fir: o-kay~

Lol... Lol... haha see, that's what it's gna be like if you
know my secret!. MWAHAHA okay. so Leon n i came into
conclusion that today is e day when all our class boys had
lost their sense of direction!. Lol... Lol... BZC i finally decide
on my ppt+pst topic!. i've ald "locked it in" Lol... Lol...
i really hope e crowd loves it!. ima reveal a PERSONAL side of
me you hvnt see!. hee, those who kpo n know, dont tell!.

aftrsch went to AMKLib. they're repainting it blue :(
so unglam!. didnt find many gd bks n not many boys :(
today i tot abt boys n directions. i realize that im somehow
always lost [sesat], n everytime it happens i will ask e
guys for help!. n e chances of em knowing is to girls is like
5:2!. who needs street directory when you hv boys!.

as soon as it was midnight i had an emo freakout!.
RAWR i hate to hv to think abt it so much. T.T
fell asleep at ard 0200. everything's gna be alright!. :)

SW!. was late coz HottIes Coach D gave me a superlate
wakeupcall!. in e end i still reach earlier than him!. heh. ran
1rd n stretched for warmup. e HottIesHunks played soccer n
e HottIesBabes played captain's ball. i kinda half-arsed thru it :/
mendak!. so Ms Regina joined in. funny with a capital FU!.
at BRK i ate "chickenuggetrice" [according to HottIes Shimah],
n i [for e 1st time] finished my food in public!. so i told David n
he was like "eh you just finish ar?. so slow!." ELEH!~ Lol... Lol...

BZC we realized that HottIes Poo shaved his facial hair haha X)
Liyana forgot to bring her pbox n i dont hv one, so Mrs Quek
commented "purse so big but no pbox?." Lol... Lol....
PURSE MORE IMPT OKAY!. VeryImportantPurse!. Lol... Lol...
then she said that my handwriting is kinda boyish. [?] so i
rewrote n HottIes Liyana was like "CHEH! YOU REWRITE AR!"
Lol... Lol... how on earth does one write girlishly?!. RAWR!. XD

at BRK we randomly talked abt non-alcoholic drimix [drink+remix] :)
so many things came out!. Lol... Lol... at 1pt some of us got
confused betw rose syrup n fruit punch, n e rest tried to
differentiate. quite difficult!. i mean, how do you explain?!. X)
in e end we just said "rose syrup, u nv make bandung before ar!"
Lol... Lol... finally everybody understood. after that we got bored so
we just played pranks!. supersupersuperfunny!. Lol... Lol... XD

MKZC [MKTG+BZC] i managed to change my $ agn!. woo hoo!.
haha :) otw back we walked past this sports equipment shop
betw e foodcourt n BishanInt n i saw somein really cute n i
bought it!. sooo happy haha X) when i was paying this happened:

Cashierauntie: do you hv a pump at hm?
E'zzati Said: *super excited tone* huh?. what pump?.
Cashierauntie: ball pump~
E'zzati Said: oh ya ya hv [stupid right ofcoz it's ballpump duh XD]
Cashierauntie: haha okay :)

of coz i dont hv ball pump!. Lol... Lol... at hm tried to use my
balloon pump but got impatient so i decided to just blow it up.
took 3 seconds!. Lol... Lol... im so so cool ;D it's $3.30, n it's
as big as me!. okay maybe it's me that's small but wtv. sooooo
cute right i name it APE'Z WOOHOO!. [APE-E'Z, not APERHZ]:D

aftrsch met Hot Nabs n we ate at AMKTCMcd!. :D
it's been so long since i ate a full Mcd meal!. Lol... Lol...
all e things that had a smileyface [c:] r mine haha X)

at AMKHub there was a Ch8 actor so we were like
"EH!. cepat~ STARE STARE STARE!." Lol... Lol... i think
his friend saw us it was sooo funny. after that i think
he gossiped abt us in chi, coz if i were to gossip in chi
it'll sound somein like that. Lol... Lol... WE SAID SO McD!. :D

anw, does anyone has today's Today paper?. i want!.
it's back!. haha gimme all your hearts!. [folded or not :)]
Lol... Lol... everybody let's make L<3VE!. [see below haha]

at hm Hot Mum said that she has a headache coz she
went for Dental earlier today. then she asked me when i
wna go for mine coz Hot Nabs also started hers long ago.
im so excited n paranoid n e same time!. Lol... Lol...
i cant wait to get my teeth fixed!. BE BRAVE E'ZZATI!. ;D

ALMOST DIDNT GO TO SCH TODAY!. fell off my bed n i
think i broke my L forearm ToT prepared n went out at 1000.
met HottIes Nat at BishanInt so we met up with e rest n
walked to sch tgt. reached quite early, so went to StudHub.
watched Hi5 n got carried away until we were late :/

EPL we did abt etiquette. also talked abt chivalry. then
Ms Nair asked why nowadays guys carry girl's handbags.
girls pity em their bag so ugly [n usually torn] so we just let
em be glam for awhile!. got glam must share~ Lol... Lol... XD

damnlovely BREAK today!. 8D also!, Ms Nair told HottIes that
Co-op is giving away freebies to their members, so with
encouragement from HottIes Tj, we checked it out~ ;)
guess what!. i got a free cap!. Lol... Lol... Co-op is e
closest thing to shopping in sch!. :D THANKS CO-OP!. :D

CO-OPANISTA!. Lol... Lol... :D
they shld use me for their print ads!. ;D
Fee: 1Nutrisoy/wk!. Lol... Lol... pics so unglam~ XD

i think it's kinda sweet that they gave out free caps for their
15th Anniversary!. Lol... Lol... i was like, "eh, it's their 15th
anniversary?! i cant believe they managed to last that long!.
Lol... Lol... am i supposed to wish em Happy Anniversary?."
Lol... Lol... who knows?. at hm i successfully cleaned e mug ;)
HottIes Sufiyan didnt want his cap so he gave it to me :)
HottIes Matilda didnt want her mug so she gave it also :)

didnt go for LD coz arm superpain!. RAWR. otw hm i saw
a PURPLE version of APE'Z!. anw, HottIes David said i didnt
hv to pay him back $0.30 for APE'Z. THANKS DAVID!. :D
at hm ate cha'ppati!. Lol... Lol... that's e new spelling.
inspired by my name haha. so cool!. i was just thinking abt
eating it ytd n it just so happen that Hot Iman was too so
today we decided to make it. yumlove!. Lol... Lol... :)

reached early for MKTG. today HottIes Yilik told me that
e project submission is NEXT wk!. Lol... Lol... lucky!. ;)
coz my L arm hurts even more i cant even clap!. to e
extent that i hv to type using only 1hand!. :( how to finish
quickly like that!. Lol... Lol... got myself some Nutrisoy :)

aftersch went for lunch at LJS, HottIes Sufiyan said that i
cld be a secretary coz i always blog abt everything that
happened!. Lol... Lol... n that i shld be e Hon Secretary coz
they said im horny!. Lol... Lol... actually im not really horny,
it's just that i m usually high n since boys always think abt
sex i guess they interpret it as horny?. Lol... Lol... XD

at LJS they played Just Dance when i entered!. :D by right
sch ald end, but tml's EPL is brought forward to today cos
Ms Sarah Martin from F1 GP came down to give us a talk :)
R: e cert envelope!. i traded with HottIes David a pic of
Fiona Xie n he gave me his extra envelope!. Lol... Lol... :D

today Ch5 aired Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Concert!.
compared to Xtina's last wk her's is like... POWER!. :D
Lol... Lol... haha okay maybe some fashionbias is involved
but her concert is hothot!. n her crews r really gd!. :D
Lol... Lol... hmmm i also want my own Harajuku Girls!. :D

was late for MKTG, so i went to e toilet. BZC was funny,
Mrs Quek showed us some vids :) ended at 1100, so i went
hm 1st. supposed to go for Sdo session at 1400 but i had
cramps so i just slept it off at hm :( also, im not required for
tml's VDG session!. sad right!. T_T i totally didnt go for any of
my CCAs!. :( as you can see, this whole wk is PITIFUL!. also
gotta apologize for not attending almost ALL e 1st lessons of
e day for this wk!. :( it's like when i wake up my whole body
hurts so i stone until i feel betta so i bcome totally late -_T"

UNLESS IF GOT AL OR MC!. really!. Lol... Lol... :D

AOB: [haha im starting to enjoy BZC class!. :)]
#1: if you are jealous bcoz your eyecandy is talking to
your friend, does that makes your eyecandy a crush?.
#2: how can you save if you dont spend?.
#3: GO TO YOUR STUDPORT n check your exam ttable!.

check out my March!. so many things to do ooh ooh~
Lol... Lol... e last column has no particular meaning i
just tot it fits e table so i leave it in!. Lol... Lol... :D

Love xoxoxox Nebs

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